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Sunday, March 06, 2005
So here is the official first post, and even though I have a house full of no-one and my mind is as clear as [NAME REDACTED]'S glass after a Dawg win, I can't think of anything to write about...

Not much happened this weekend. Got some nice clothes from the GAP via Kaye Kitchens who was kind enough to visit for a couple of days. Apparently my style isn't as bad as I previously thought because for the past couple of shopping visits I have picked out some pretty decent clothes. Saved a little money along the way too.

Work is a bitch. I'm not the only one that thinks that because I'm sure whoever reads this and happens to be out in the "real world" will agree. It's always a bitch, no matter what industry you're in. I'm in a job I hate and love at the same time and I'm not looking or closing my ears to any opportunity. My whole experience down here in Savannah has really renewed my faith in God in a weird kind of way. You never realize how things are supposed to happen for a reason until things happen without reason. I mean the timing of my change coupled with changes in my personal life was just ridiculously bad, or good if you think about it. I mean I learned a lot about myself in that I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was. You damn right I cried a lot that first month. The craziness about it is that I never cried about the job. I loved the job since day one. I cried because work was my solstice from my personal life. Now I don't cry and I just take life as it comes. Am I overly happy? Not really, but I'm definitely not as depressed as I was, which is a vast improvement over last June and July.

The diet is rocking along pretty well. I started Valentine's Day (the date was a coincidence) and have lost 6 full pounds...probably 8 by the end of the week. The goal is to be about 30 pounds lighter by football season so I can only add 15 pounds by next December. You see, the Dawgs add more weight to my ass than having Jud jump on my back before I hop on the scale. Because of all the beer and whiskey, the metabolism slows and we hold on to that perfectly grilled filet mignon I happen to have every gameday. The best tasting one so far was when we beat the hell out of LSU this past year...that's just random FYI for those interested.

So I think that has caught everyone up pretty well. I just want to go ahead and let everyone know that I appreciate you reading my ramblings. And I'd also appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. By the way, I will be naming some of you in some of my rants. Don't be surprised by it, but you're more than welcome to be pissed off about it. I wouldn't write what I'm going to write without you pissing me off first. So, with that I'll leave one favor to ask. When I write what I'm going to write about and when your nuts get stepped on, please feel free to respond and add your side of the story, but PLEASE don't be a coward and not say who you are. Annonymous postings are for weaklings and girly-men (thanks Ah-nold). So when the time comes and you get tired of watching me speak "just to hear myself talk", by all means, add your two cents, but remember, you're money's no good here.

Blogger Roy said...
way to go kit... now I need to catch up with ya and start my own blog

Blogger Brett said...
I am honored to have made the second blog, but who waits til after?

Blogger Russell said...
There is a setting under one of the tabs that you can change so you have to be a registered member to leave a comment. Just a thought.