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Monday, December 31, 2007
Figured that a flashback was in order since the last time the Dawgs played in NOLA, I was still a Redcoat.

Here's the highlights....

Hope you enjoyed that. It's nice to look back and have some fond memories. Let's make some new ones on Jan. 1, OK?

Until next time kids.
Be safe.


Sunday, December 30, 2007
Sorry for the lack of posting. I've wanted to, but I've had writer's block something fierce. The good news is that it's cured for the time being with the break, so my suggestion is to pop on some Bob Marley (below) and enjoy the post. Preview coming tomorrow.

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Well well well.

It seems that this little Sugar Bowl is going to have some spice to it. Those fans in the Rainbow Warrior Nation seem to think that they’re fighting a bigger battle than just “who scores more.” Passed on to me from Ally, here is a post from the Hawaii Scout Message Board.

When the Warriors rumble out onto the Sugar Bowl turf on New Years Evening, America will witness in them everything we hope to become as a nation someday. For in the warrior nation... America will see a coalition of race, creed, and culture so diverse yet so dynamic and wound together so tightly that together they have forged a brotherhood so powerful that they've vanquished every opponent put in their path. The Warriors represent what our nation can become if we ever put race, prejudice and hatred behind us and work as one toward a common goal.

The Warriors as a team have embued their spirit into their fans and into their State. When America looks into the Hawaii stands at the Sugar Bowl, they''ll see the same rainbow coalition of faces joined in spirit behind their team. Every race living and working together in the spirit of Aloha forging a powerful force and a mana so strong that very few can overcome it.

In contrast, across the field we'll see the past... a part of our nation we'd like to forget. In the stands a sea of white faces many of them decended from former slave owners cheering on a team where 90 percent of the starters are decended from former slaves. These African American players from Georgia will witness the spirit and power of the warrior nation and when it's over win or lose they'll wish they were a part of the Warrior nation, instead of being the white man's mercenary at the University of Georga.

Beware Bulldog nation you may be Goliath but a whole lot of Davids of every color and creed are decending upon you and their sling shots are loaded....

*One thing to note, that post is taken word for word. Improper spelling, punctuation, and all.

Well, I didn’t realize the Civil War was going to be rehashed on January 1. Let me go get my Confederate Flag. I tell you one thing, though. For a guy that’s battling a severe case of writer’s block, the idiot that posted this gem was just what I needed. At least I have to thank him for that.

Now I could go on and on about how June Jones is white. That would be fun. Or we could talk about how Colt Brennan is white, went to the University of Colorado at first but left due to an “incident” where he exposed himself to a coed (in most places, we consider this a crime…Alabama excluded), and again, is WHITE. So the two people you put most of your faith in are the two of the “whitest” people on the team. You know, white, like those slave owners who don the Red and Black.

"Sup Homey?" "Pimpin'."

What I’d love to do is take this bumbling moron’s words and post them in the locker room for every Dawg to see. I’m sure Dannell Ellerbe would LOVE to know that the team he’s playing against sees him as a descendent of a former slave instead of grown man who has made his own way in the world. I’m sure he’d just think “thank God the white man set my family free or I wouldn’t be here today.”

This guy’s comments are as offensive as it can possibly be. There is absolutely no doubt he is from a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. I’d put $200 down right now that says this fool has never been to the States (or the “mainland” as they like to call it), much less the South. Maybe when he comes to the game, he might just realize that has no idea what the f*ck he’s talking about.

Sure, racism and prejudice exists. I’m not saying it doesn’t, but isn’t the same thing he’s saying considered racism? Just because it’s against white fans doesn’t make it OK all of a sudden. Besides, not only is it racist against white people, but incredibly offensive against our African-American players, who I as a white man look up to. I’m not only offended for myself, but for them as well.

Of course, he might just be right. Maybe when the Rainbow Warrior Nation lands in Louisiana, they’ll bring with them pineapples, volcanoes, their language, and tans for all those whiteys. Then, all the Dawg fans and Cajuns they come across can live happily ever after while sipping pina coladas and calling each other “brah.” Maybe for entertainment they can sit around and watch Dog the Bounty Hunter. He’s a great representation of the Hawaiian culture.

Oh wait. Nevermind.

You see, I’m a little offended, but not surprised. PWD has some articles linked up showing how much this Sugar Bowl means to Hawaii fans and residents. It’s only natural for them to act like their brains are on fire in a game this huge. While it’s no excuse to be slap MORONIC, it’s understandable given that they’ll be on an island so large that over here we call them “continents.” Normally, if they were to drive 200 miles in ANY direction, they’d be 100 miles into the ocean by the end of the trip. I imagine it takes some time to wrap your head around being in NOLA.

So bring on your insults and your prejudices, Rainbow Warriors. We’ll take them in stride and then respond by hanging 50 on you guys.

As for me? I'm not worried about our preparation for the game. Obviously the game is huge to the Rainbow Warriors, but it's arguably just as big for us. I just have that feeling you know? And after seeing this picture, I just know.

"Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright..."

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I'm relaxing here in the metropolis known as Perry, GA until Monday and then it's back to Atlanta for some Xmas action.

Anyway, last night I attended a Christmas party thrown by some married friends of mine and, as always, the Dawgs came up as a topic of conversation. Most of my friends either grew up UGA friends like me or went to UGA, and while I moved around the state after college, some went back home to Perry.

I ran into one of those friends last night and asked them about Johnnie Farms, the OL from PHS. He's been mentioned a lot lately around the recruiting boards due to his huge frame, insane strength, and impressive footwork. The kid could easily be the top OL in Georgia, and could be a contender to be the best in the nation next year.

Well it seems that the Dawgs got a late start on this kid and my friend, who teaches at PHS, told me last night the kid is a near lock to go to Florida right now. The principal of PHS and most teachers are Dawg fans, so the jury isn't out yet, but for all those folks on the recruiting boards wanting to know where this kid is leaning, there you have it.

It looks like Florida got the jump on him early and have showed him the most love so far. As of right now, the Dawgs aren't even in the race (it also hurts when he isn't even holding an offer from UGA), so if they want him, they have a lot of making up to do.

So consider yourself scooped.

I'll be back on Monday with my annual Xmas post.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
You could look at 2007 and think “we had one helluva season,” “we were only one loss away from a MNC,” or even “man if we don’t dance in that endzone, this season would’ve been horrible.” The truth is this season for the Dawgs was absolutely riddled (in the good way) with various “turning points.” Times where if a certain move WASN’T made, it could’ve destroyed our entire year. So, this week’s List is about the 10 Turning Points the Dawgs had this year that lead to another 10-win season.

The 10 “Turning Points” that Led the Dawgs to Another 10-Win Season:

10. One and done baby! – This play was the evolution of Mike Bobo as an offensive play caller. He called a great game the first few of the season, lulled in the middle, and was superb at the end, but I think this call was the one that gave him the confidence he needed to put together a great gameplan for Florida. He methodically stuck with the run the entire game just to set up one big play and Stafford made the throw when it needed to be made. The rest, isn’t history, but a dog pile that is still going on in the corner of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

9. Opening the season at night on ESPN – Well, technically ESPN2, but still a nationally televised game against two teams poised as dark horses in their respective conferences. OSU ended up not being the spread-happy, couldn’t-stop-them-if-we-paid-them offense that many expected, but they were still a formidable opponent. The big win here showed that the Dawg Offense had some bite and that our Defense was like a Walmart Radio (i.e. doesn’t play). The game against USC loomed large and I think we got a bit overconfident (obviously), but we knew after the OSU game we could win and be physical while doing it.

8. Thomas Brown goes for 200+ vs. Ole Miss – The significance may be lost on many, and by no means am I totally right on this one, but I believe his performance against Ole Miss brought a dimension to TB and our running game that we haven’t seen before. Kregg was still out with his thumb injury and Knowshon hadn’t quite emerged as “the guy” yet. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think it was a good idea to play TB a year removed from his knee injury, but he proved me (and a lot of people) completely wrong. He also used that game as a reference point for defenses that now had to account for two running backs with two completely different styles of running.

7. The fumble against Vandy – Some people view this as the play that started our hot streak. I don’t see how many people could argue with that. Vandy drove the ball down the field for what seemed to be a sure score, but they just ran too much, exhausted their RB, and when our guys went for the ball, he coughed it up. The Offense and Bobo used the momentum to drive down the field to set up Coutu’s game winner. The logo incident followed shortly thereafter and the media made more out of that than the good game they just witnessed.

6. The debacle against UT – How can a loss be a turning point? Well, when you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up. UT went through us like Rosie O’Donnell through a pack of Ho Ho’s and we had no chance from the moment we stepped into Neyland. Say what you want, I don’t know if there was a team in the country that could’ve beat UT on THAT day. We were flat out embarrassed up there and many people (including myself) didn’t know if there was another game on the schedule that we could definitely beat. Our team had to decide if they were going to be poor, mediocre, or great and they unanimously chose great. What followed was dominating performances over Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, and Georgia Tech and led to the Dawgs being mentioned for a MNC shot.

5. The hiring of Stacy Searels – Is there a bigger hire since Mark Richt became the head coach? I seriously considered “the leaving of Neil Calloway” as the turning point since we were so inconsistent it would’ve been tough to find someone who WASN’T better, but the decision to go with Searels was huge. The guy coached up one of the greenest O-lines in the nation and turned them into grown men. Because of his superb effort, we have young players ready to play for years to come, have recruited well this season, and have an offense that allowed some of the fewest sacks and highest rushing yards in the entire conference. In my opinion, there is no way Stafford stays healthy enough to play the entire season if he takes the kind of beating that Greene took in 2003. Stacy Searels deserves a raise among raises and I’m REALLY looking forward to 2008 and 2009 with the line we’re building now. Those guys are going to dominate up front.

4. “Crank Dat” debuts versus Ole Miss – The popular Soulja Boy tune was blared over the PA system during the Ole Miss game while an official review was taking place. Very few in the stadium knew what was going on, but the players were right on top of it. The sideline began to move a little bit, the defense on the field began to shake it some more, and then Knowshon started doing his thing. What followed was the crowd starting to get jacked up over what they were seeing and the team getting jacked up over what they were hearing from the stands. Sure, we dominated Ole Miss during that game, but the Athletic Association found something else that could be done on their end to fire up the Dawgs. The song was later played during the Blackout game and fired up the Dawgs and the crowd in a way I’ve never heard before. After the Georgia Tech game, the Redcoats played their version of it since everyone knew Georgia Tech surely wasn’t going to; regardless of who they’re trying to market to nowadays. The Crank Dat Phenomenon played in integral role in one of the most fun seasons on record for the Dawgs.

3. Do you Knowshon? – The hottest thing to come out of NJ since The Sopranos kicked off his freshman year with a bang. From the very first snap in the OSU game, people have fallen in love with the kid who runs hard, gets skinny, and hauls ass back to the huddle after getting tackled. His true emergence came in the first drive against Florida where he ran the ball every single down and then accounted for the six points scored at the end. Since then, his unselfish play, team first attitude, and sideline dance moves have launched him into the Bulldog Nation’s heart while his statistics, raw talent, and uncanny ability to make people miss have rocketed him into Heisman hype. Defenses have to gameplan for him and even when they do, they still can’t stop him. Last year he was the next big thing. This year he lived up to the hype and then some. The next few years with this kid is going to be amazing for sure.

2. The Blackout – The game plan was perfect. In the summer, the seniors approached Mark Richt and asked for black jerseys. He ordered them but everyone in the know stayed quiet about it. The seniors were told if they practiced hard, led well, and played like their brain was on fire, they'd get to wear them later on in the season. Richt had the Auburn game circled from day one. He was coy in the interviews after he announced the Blackout on the call-in show. He never lied...and this new "fun Richt" was quietly putting into motion one of the most electric ideas in the history of the program. The buzz around the black jerseys was non-stop from photoshopped photos to people "in the know" promising that boxes were delivered to the UGAA on Wednesday. Come Saturday, the crowd could not have been more decked out in the dark color and could not have been more amped up in their demeanor. Auburn never had a chance...and this was before the team even ran out. Once they did, it was over. It was all about playing football, hitting people in the mouth, and having fun while doing it. Some people go an entire lifetime and not experience something like that. I'm very fortunate that I got to.

Whoever recorded this, thank you. You made my point.

1. Dance Dance Revolution versus Florida -- Seriously, was there ever any doubt? Evil Richt's decision to send the team out sent a message to our team, our fans, the Gators, and the nation that this Dawg team was here to play football. We ran the ball until we scored and then we boogied-the-f*ck-down. It is what it is. People say if we lose that game then the whole move seems idiotic. I tend to disagree. I think the message and NOT the outcome of the game is the most important part. Richt's handing over the play calling duties allowed him to be the motivator and great leader that he really is. His calm demeanor is gone and he's now here to win football games, damn it. The dancing in and of itself sent confusion to the Gator sideline and from there on out it was a game of "How big a boy are you? When we score, we f*cking dance!" Sure, it caused the same officiating crew to try and screw us twice in one season, but f*ck them too. We won. Penn Wagers can eat sh*t. Anyway, when we became "Lord of the Dance" it sent a message to everyone, including future opponents, that this team has fun playing football, this team wants to win, and this team will not quit until AFTER you do...and if you don't like us dancing, then go ahead. Shut us up. We DARE you.

Another superb video from The Bulldawg Blawg.

So there you have it. I know there can only technically be one "turning point" but I figured the debate about this season will go on for a while and I wanted to throw my $.02 in. Besides, you can't point to one thing and say that was the reason we went 10-2 this year.

Well, check that. You can point to one thing and say "that's the reason."

But it only works when you're pointing at the team.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Monday, December 17, 2007
I promise I'm not trying to be a bad blogger. Things are just nuts right now with work.

A decent post soon. I swear. In the meantime, check out the links to the left and right. Other bloggers, who write better than I do, are filling teh internetz with wholesome goodness.

I can't even sign off like regular. This doesn't even qualify as a good post.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Since the regular season is over, I figured The List would be better moved to Thursdays since I won't be previewing Saturday's games. Sorry The List has been missing for a few weeks. It doesn't necessarily come back with a "bang," but I'll take a decent "pop."

Saturday was a sad day for me. Not because Tim Tebow won the Heisman (which, by the way, I could care less about), but because the only college football was PLAYOFF football and none of those games included teams that I care about.

So, in honor of my sad Saturday, I figured the best way to bring The List back would be to take you through “a day in the life” and let you feel my pain.

The Ten Painful Experiences I had on my Football-less Saturday:

10. Wake up hungover at 1:00 PM – Yeah, this is what happens when Russ and I hang out in Atlanta the night before. We end up at a bar at 2:00 AM talking about doing a podcast for our blogs. Shot specials at Olives? Bad idea, people.

9. Go to the computer to check ESPN – Oh that’s right, they’re talking about the end of the season, the need for a playoff, and some crappy thing called the “Heisman Trophy Presentation.” Apparently four guys who will not be playing in a National Championship game are the candidates. I’m sure one of them will cry when they win it.

8. Move on to various blogs – Well, it seems that everyone else got the memo that UGA wasn’t playing today. Same stuff as Friday. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Hell, I didn’t update mine either.

7. Realize that UGA Hoops is on at 14:00 – Sweet! Something to cheer for. Turn on the tube to see the Dawgs turn it on Wake Forest. I will admit that I felt weird when I screamed “tackle him!” on a fast break, and “take a knee!” when the lead was comfortably in our hands.

6. Fire up the Xbox 360 – Boogity Boogity Boogity, let’s go racing. Forza Motorsport 2 was my drug of choice and after pimping out a 1970 Chevelle and 2007 Bentley, it became painfully obvious that I haven’t gotten laid in a while.

5. Time for lunch – Microwave a couple of the greasiest frozen pizzas known to man. About halfway through the meal I noticed a weird feeling in my stomach. Oh yeah, that was the liquor from the night before getting pissed off that something was invading its territory.

4. Get ready for company holiday party – I’m a Xmas nut, and my company usually doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality holiday functions. This year was a little more toned down, but as I go to get ready (i.e. shave and shower) I realize that my beard trimmer wasn’t charged. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but since I haven’t shaved in two weeks, it was an issue. I trimmed up what I could to keep from looking like a total hobo, and got ready. Then got pissed because I’ve gained about 8 lbs due to the holiday season.

3. Get to Holiday party with all intentions of not drinking – Yeah, that lasted about five minutes. You give me five drink tickets and you’ve got yourself a recipe for me throwing all intentions of staying sober out the window. Nevermind that I spent most of my day hungover and nauseous. We’re talking about FREE ALCOHOL, people.

2. Look at cell phone at 10:00 PM and realize you’re more drunk than you should be – Time to start slamming water. We ain’t driving drunk in Buckhead with all those bars kicking the REALLY drunk people out onto the streets. I do stupid things, but I’m no fool. Wait, here comes a Dawg fan from my office. One shot of Jager to celebrate that Tebow has more Heismans than wins over UGA as a starter? Yeah, I’ll drink to that. What? He cried when he won? Another round, please.

1. Realize about halfway home that there was no football on today, so therefore no highlights to watch – Time to go to Krystals at 12:30 AM for some comfort food. Eat and weep myself to sleep knowing that I’ve now gained 9 lbs. over the holiday season.

So there you have it. Painful to read wasn’t it? Well, try living through it.

God I hope the bowl season starts soon and NEVER ends. I don’t know what I’m going to do on January 8.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
There's a new coach you can add to my List of Ten Coaches I'd Like to Kick in the Nuts.

Today, Bobby Petrino quit the Falcons to go be the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. It's a great hire for Arkansas who was REALLY having a hard time trying to lure potential replacements for Houston Nutt. Apparently most coaches have a problem with boosters rummaging through your business.

Not Petrino, though. His motto is "if you can't beat 'em, take your ball and go home."

I tried to write something funny here, but I can't get over how much this picture SCREAMS "bitch ass pouter."

You know, I was willing to give the guy a shot. He came into an impossible situation and his offense looked like it might have life in the future, but the always apparent off the field issues and personnel problems kept him from even getting three wins out of the team.

But to quit like this? Are you serious? One season? FOUR MILLION F*CKING DOLLARS? For a QUITTER? The questions and ironies surrounding the situation absolutely kill me. How can he ever look a player in the eye ever again and tell them that he consistently wants their best effort? Seriously, do you think any Razorback donning that uniform is going to take Petrino at his word when he says to "always give it your all?" Do you really think those players are going to keep going when they're getting throttled in the second quarter?

This whole situation, combined with the ridiculous stunts pulled on MNF last night reeks of a team that absolutely hated this coach because he wouldn't let them get away with their half-assed attitude and thugish ways. It's a shame that good guys like D.J. Shockley get caught up in a mess like this and have to suffer through the media scrutiny that will inevitably come as people realize that Petrino turned his back on his team after he realized they (yet again) had already turned their back on their coach.

I pay taxes in Atlanta and I have even paid to see a game or two of the Falcons, so I believe I have the right to say this...I hope the front office of the Falcons organization dismantles the team, rebuilds it from top to bottom, and restores some dignity to a program that, honestly, hasn't had any for quite some time. This is the football representation of the city I call home? Are you f*cking kidding me?

Thank God I'm a Dawg.

Oh, and Petrino...

Take this dipsh*t with you, PLEASE.

I have a college education in journalism and even I'M at a loss for words.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

To debut the new look of the site, I wanted to kick it old school with a classic poster created for Clean Old Fashioned Hate Week 2007. That way you guys can know that it may look different around here, but it's still the same old place.

Oddly enough, it works perfectly with PWD’s post entitled “Tech Straps on a New Johnson.” Ahhhh, Nerd/Sex humor. Oxymorons are fun, kids!

So hopefully you’ve noticed a few things are different around here. Let’s run through the high points, shall we?

Things that changed:

1) Three-column template: The idea is for you to say “this looks a little more organized.”

  1. The left column is full of links to some of my friends’ blogs that I read (almost all of them daily btw), the archives of the site, and then when I get the RSS and other feeds set up, there will be links for those at the bottom.

  2. The right column has a brief description of me (the newest thing is the “E-mail” me button, which should be sending e-mails to KitZeus99[at], then links to UGA sites, followed by links to other UGA blogs, non-UGA sports blogs, and then some Web site links that came with the template builder I used.

  3. The main column is obviously for the posts. The smaller width will cause some pictures from older posts to bleed over. I have a fix for that going forward, but it’d take too much time to fix the older posts. Sorry, but you have to excuse my laziness in that area.

2) The color scheme: I tried to stay as true as possible to the colors of the other template. The red is more of a dark red (I think it’s called “fire brick”) and the background is a dark blue with a small tinge of green. The reason I did that is because the previous template was easy on the eyes and I wanted this to have the same type of effect. Even though this is a blog that deals primarily with UGA sports, I found that traditional red/black with white type is VERY rough on the eyes. Anyway, I hope the readability wasn’t affected that much.

3) New banner: One thing I liked about the old template is that I had that watermark-type banner at the top with some pictures of me and friends of mine. I just built a new collage with some old and new photos. Hope you like it.

4) New links: There are some very deserving blogs that I hadn’t linked up just because it was on my “things to do” list when I changed to the three-column template. One thing I wanted to do was show which sites I read daily and, if you haven’t already figured it out, those are the ones in bold with three “***” on both sides. I also added some new blogs that I’ve found recently in conjunction with those I was already reading. The new blogs added are:

Get The Picture – We’ve discussed this plenty, but if you aren’t reading The
Good Senator every day, you’re missing out.

Dawgs Online – Written by the Zen Buddha of the Bulldog Nation, Groo, it offers more detailed insight about UGA sports. Every time I read his site, I sit back and say “I never thought about that.”

Hunker Down Dawg Blawg – Good analysis top to bottom, lots of pictures of Dawg fans doing what Dawg fans do.

Bulldogs Blog – This is the blog written by Macon Telegraph’s Josh Kendall. He updates it about 1/8 of the time that Ching updates his, but he’s getting there.

Hedge Clippings – This is the ABH’s blog. Never linked it before and meant to.

Dawg Blog – Just recently discovered this site, but it seems more news based than analysis based. Very well put together, though and a very professional looking site.

Odell's BBQ -- Written by my buddy (and regular commenter) Matt T., this takes another spin on UGA football. More conversationalist than anything, which is a good thing.

The Bulldawg Blawg -- Last but not least, your source for UGA video highlights. This guy knocks it out of the park time and time again.

5) The font: Most of the larger type and the links are in “Georgia” font since I’m a dork, but the main column is in “Arial” font. On the old template, I found some of the longer posts to be difficult to read because the font was 1) so tiny and 2) not too clear. From my college days as a PR major, I found out that “Arial” font is the friendliest to the eyes on a Web site, so I went ahead and made the change as well as making it a touch bigger. Hope it’s more readable.

Known Issues:

1) Juke box is having a problem in Firefox: I don’t deal a lot with Firefox because my computer never really could support it. My comp is not super old, but the processor and RAM just couldn’t make it work. Anyway, I have been told that everything works well excluding the Juke box for the Munson Mixes. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. It might be something as simple as changing the width/height in the code, but I might need to place the code in a different part of the sidebar. I’ll tinker with it some and see what I can do.

2) Photos bleeding over boundaries: Like I said, this is something that should not be a problem going forward, but it is an issue in older posts.

3) Not mobile-friendly: Most of the sites I visit, I read on my phone during the day because I make it a point to do NOTHING when I get home. I pulled up the new template on my phone and it basically does the LHC, then the main column, then the RHC, so you have to scroll down to get the post. I don’t know of a way to fix this yet, but I’ll do some reading on it. I’d also like to do some research on making a mobile version of the site anyway so that people can still check it on the go.

Ok, that should be it. Like I said, there will be some tinkering just to get some of the finer points down. The most important thing in creating the template was making the site more organized and giving other peoples’ blogs that I read a chance to be seen. The other template was NOT friendly in showing all the links I had on the site and this one is.

Above all, if you guys don’t like it, let me know. Give it a shot and let it grow on you, but if you absolutely hate it and will never come back because it’s so god-awful that your retinas are burning, please let me know. Also, if there are any other issues that I have missed in the “Know Issues” part, such as comments looking funny or Google Ads going crazy, please let me know ASAP.

Thanks in advance for the feedback and, as always, thanks for reading. Things have changed a lot from the original site and hopefully gotten better along the way. Please know that I appreciate EVERY person that reads, links, and even disagrees with what I write. It truly is a blessing when you can turn something you love into a hobby. Now if I could just land a job at the UGAA and live the dream for pay and benefits :-).

Thanks again for reading!!!!!

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Special thanks to PWD who linked up the PsycHo Template Builder used to build the new site.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007
In case you didn’t know, Dennis Felton still has enough players left on his roster to field a team and that team beat Delaware State two weeks ago 58-47, followed it up with a narrow escape of 1-AA Augusta State (81-74) a few nights ago, and then throttled Wake Forest (72-50) yesterday.

This is the look of hearing "We're up by twenty points" from the band.

I got to catch some of the Delaware State and Wake Forest games on TV and from what I saw, the talent is actually there for this team to piss a couple of opposing teams off this year. Are we NCAA tourney bound? Not by a long shot IMO, but there is enough talent on this squad to possibly pull a few upsets.

Offensively, we still take too many 3-point shots and we’re still having trouble running an actual offense instead of the “look he’s open, throw it to him” style we’ve been accustomed to over the past few years. The defense is not as tenacious as some of Felton’s defenses have been, but part of that has to do with the youth and the other, much smaller, part has to do with playing cupcakes. Hard to get jacked up when you’re playing in front of a standing-room-only crowd of 5,000 – 6,000 fans.

In fairness though, yesterday's effort against the Demon Deacons was this team's best so far this year. They understood how tough this game could have been, and played up to the level of the challenge. Wake Forest is a young team as well, but is very fast in transition; something the Dawgs kept them from utilizing a lot. Our youngsters played quite well, and shared the ball effectively. I'm hoping to see more of that offensive and defensive effort, but again, I'm not sure this team is old enough to make that a possibility.

I think our biggest problem is going to be the lack of a dominant inside game. We have good size all the way around the court, excluding Humphrey and Gaines, but is Dave Bliss really going to be healthy enough to become a physical Center? The lack of progress in Reshad Singleton and the suspension of Albert Jackson hurts us because those are the two most physically imposing players on our team. In “relatively good news,” Jackson came back this weekend against Wake Forest, and played quite well. He actually scored his first points of the year with "boom shaka laka" type jam. Reshad Singleton also had a decent game, but decent is where I would draw the line. No points from the biggest man on the court, but he did net seven rebounds and had two blocks.


All in all, if we could get have that inside presence to make defenses account for someone in the paint, then we could be dangerous. The one thing Takais Brown did for us was make other teams account for him, even if he wasn't producing that well. We need that type of presence to loosen up the outside and give our guys chances to hit some mid-range jumpers (which we shoot really well).

Aside from that, our biggest problem that I see is going to be cohesion. This team has not played together long enough to establish a chemistry that makes a player responsible for his assignment, and give him faith in his teammates to handle theirs. From what I saw, we’re going to constantly over pursue on defense due to some players trying to do too much. That will leave opposing teams wide open to drain run-ending 3’s or get us physically dominated in the paint.

This season is going to break down to how well the team can follow the gameplan, and how well we can play in the paint. Period.

Going forward, I expect Felton to play a ton of zone defense until the youngsters get comfortable with the system. Again, IMO it’s a talented team; they just don’t know how to play together yet.
Just my thoughts. I could be wrong.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Just an FYI people. This might have a bit (i.e. a LOT) of profanity in it. I would venture to say it's NSFW.

Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome.

Anyone care to know why I did that? Because if you even looked at Google with "Jim Rome" in mind, it most likely brought you here. Before we go on, let's just say I hope you're not a fan of "The Romey."

You see, I understand that Sports Talk guys have to beat their chests and say outlandish things to get other people going. If you're a talk radio guy (and that's ANY form of talk radio for that matter), it's best if MOST of your audience disagrees with you. They'll tune in, call in, and even argue at their stereo when no one else is around JUST to prove to themselves how wrong you really are. When your listeners are doing this, you enjoy success.

See, Jim Rome is a Sports Radio/Television ranter. He bloviates more than beat all I've ever seen and sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don't, but most of the time I look at the television in amazement that he hasn't been cancelled yet.

Sort of like Jim Rome, it's been noted that I also rant. It's kind of what I do. I either write shit that I find inspiring, or I tell you what a douche bag you are. One is naturally funnier than the other. I think it's safe to say that this will be one of the funnier ones; even if I'm the only one laughing.

So, let me give you some back story on this particular "rant." I was told earlier today by this person that Jim Rome wrote a piece blasting Mark Richt for defending the Dawgs on ESPN. Then pointed me to yet ANOTHER piece where Rome blasted him again, but not quite as lengthy. Now, I'm not going to get upset with you, Rome. As a blogger it is my duty to be rational, responsible, and keep a level head.

Ah fuck it. You're a douche bag. THE douche bag, in fact. Nope, nope, nope. You are the TOOL, as in the ACTUAL MECHANICAL DEVICE, used by Summers Eve to literally put the douche IN the bag. That's what you are.

Now in "I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about" scent.

Let's take a look at your biography and point out a few key things that I will use as facts for my case:

  • You work for Premier Radio Networks...a division of Clear Channel. *CHECK!*
  • Jim Rome is Burning is your FOURTH television effort. Which means you have officially sucked on three other occassions. *CHECK!*
  • You got your ass kicked on your own show *CHECK!*

But your background only gives us a very basic idea of why you're a bumbling, babbling moron. Let's take a look at your most recent articles and just tear them apart shall we?

From the second article:

"Georgia has one of the two best teams and the single worst argument by a coach this year! Mark Richt’s ‘take’ that there’s no rule which says you have to at least win your division to play for the National Title. Hey coach, they don’t make rules where common sense applies. They don’t have to! You know something else? If you don’t eat, you’ll starve! If you don’t breathe, you die! Do we need a rules for those too?!"

Well, Jim. Apparently we do need rules regarding the whole "conference champion" thing. You see this type of scenario has happened before. In 2001, a non-champion member from the Big XII (Nebraska) played Miami and lost. In 2003, a non-champion member also from the Big XII (Oklahoma) played LSU and lost. You see, it had happened before and if it was such a travesty then, it should have been made a rule.

Now, we're not talking about life and death right? We're talking about football where there are rules and regulations. Of course, if you're comparing football to life and death matters (I mean isn't "starving" a problem in today's world? I'll bet you hurt someone's feelings in a Third-World Country), you probably wouldn't have any problem with what Nick Saban said about his team's loss to Louisiana-Monroe. I mean that's about life and death too, right?

"Hey Mark…they don’t make rules where common sense applies. They don’t need to! There isn’t a single person walking around on this planet, besides you and your players, who thinks that Georgia, a team that didn’t even win it’s own division, should be playing in the BCS Title game over LSU, a team that won the SEC!"

Granted, I see your point, Jim. I don't know of a truly rational football fan that DOESN'T see your point. However, my beef with the whole thing is that if we had no shot, completely undeserving, and shouldn't even SNIFF the national title, why did the media vote us ahead of LSU the prior week? Why were we in position to claim one of the top two spots if everyone knew we shouldn't be there? I mean didn't the voters have good enough sense to know that when they voted us at fourth, we HAD NO SHOT at winning the SEC Championship?

The answer is...well, there is no good answer. None. If you give me one, I'll take you to Ruth's Cris Steakhouse in Atlanta and buy you whatever meal you want. I'd love to hear one of you media types explain why Georgia is one of the two best teams in the country (by your own admission, I might add), but not one of the two most deserving teams.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not bitching about missing the MNC. Trust me, I'm not. I'm just asking are we to assume the "most deserving team" is being voted on the last week of the regular season, as opposed to the "best team" in the other weeks? If the reason for the polls is to help place the two teams in the MNC, then why wasn't LSU ranked ahead of us the week prior? Oh yeah, we won our last game and they lost theirs. But they did play one extra game, didn't they? Surely their lackluster performance in the SEC Championship wasn't better than OU's absolute domination of Missouri.

So, is the most deserving team the one that played the extra game? Out of the teams that Ohio State beat, only one of those is currently ranked in the top 25 (Wisconsin for those scoring at home). The SEC has five teams currently in the top 25, with LSU and Georgia both beating two of the five. Oklahoma beat the one-time No. 1 team in the nation TWICE, and one of those times was in an extra game (*cough* conference championship *cough*). So wouldn't Oklahoma be more "deserving" than Ohio State?

I got it, let's just do away with the polls altogether and vote on the whole damn thing after the last week of games. That way I don't have to hear assholes like you talk out of two sides of your mouth just to try and be "right."

Moving on. In your other article, you kept going with the same argument:

"How about this: if you don’t eat…you’ll die! Do we need a rule for that too?! Hey, if your car runs out of gas, it won’t run….not true! Not true! There’s no rule for that! No, there’s not…it’s just a fact! Just like a team that doesn’t win its division doesn’t get to play in the BCS Title game over a team that won its conference is a fact!" (emphasis added)

We've actually already covered this above. Do your research.

More from the second article:

"If you can’t even win your own division, you don’t get to play for the National Championship. That’s the new rule! I just made it! Feel better now, Coach! It’s now in the Jim Rome “Book of Rules”!"

Wow. Is it just me or does this "man" sound like he's having a hissy fit? Rome, you're the kind of dad that uses the "because I said so" technique aren't you? Way to take some higher ground, asshat.

And finally, from the "one of these things is JUST like the other" file, I give you the last paragraphs from the first and second articles, respectively:

"Stop crying about something you don’t deserve and start worrying about your Sugar Bowl match-up with Hawaii! Because no matter how much you win that game by, it still won’t be nearly enough! And if you lose, it will stick to you, your program and the conference forever! The ultimate “lose-lose” proposition!"

"Instead of crying about something you don’t deserve, you better start focusing on Hawaii. You better just be careful you don’t get “bitten in the butt” like Oklahoma did by Boise State last year in the Fiesta Bowl. Enjoy your “lose-lose” proposition, Coach!"

Damn, and I thought the writers' strike was only affecting Hollywood. To think that you can be successful by recreating the same article TWICE and idiots will read it thinking it's brand new. I guess I could've breezed through journalism school had I known that. And here I was writing all these ORIGINAL arguments and shit.


Rome, I'm tired of hearing you go on and on and on "smack talking" your way into better ratings. Say something rational. Say something people can sit back and think "damn, i never thought of it that way." Of course, you won't need to do that. You've made a living of being a blowhard bitch who couldn't argue his way out of a paper bag.

Too bad it's a shame you'll never see this post. I'd love to be on your show and watch you "destroy" me with your logic. In fact, I can almost write the interview for you if you'd like:

Rome: "So Kit, you think UGA deserves to be in the title game."
Kit: "I never said that."

Rome: "So you agree that I was right."
Kit: "No, I said you were wrong in your logic. UGA was unfairly jumped after what I believe was a quick cover up to the 'no one thought Pitt would upset West Virginia' debacle the media had to experience and then make up for."

Rome: "So you're saying UGA doesn't deserve to be in the title game."
Kit: "Deserve? No. But yes, I do think we got screwed when Pittsburgh found an unintentional loophole."

Rome: "And there you have it people! By his own admission! I'm right again!"

Save me the time, Rome. I'd rather wipe my ass with porcupine needles covered in hot sauce than to hear you talk about this "travesty" again.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Monday, December 03, 2007
Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way shall we?

The Good:

We’re in a BCS Bowl – Did anyone think we’d actually wind up in one? I remember being so frustrated and depressed after the UT game that I was going to be surprised if we even sniffed the Outback. At that point in time, EVERY team on our schedule had the strength to beat us and the Florida and Auburn games loomed large. We turned a potential 6-6 season into a 10-2 one and are playing in the Sugar Bowl instead of the Music City. I hate to pull that “it’s an honor to be nominated” crap, but just the opportunity to play in the MNC was nice enough.

We are still considered one of the best teams in the country – Sure, it sucks not being in the MNC, but has anyone heard a pundit say that UGA is not a good team? We all know opinions are like a$$holes, but it still is nice to know that teams don’t want to play you. Hawai’i might, but seriously, I think they’re just excited to get off the island. Couple that with an article like this and you realize that not ALL of the media wants to hose the Dawgs, which is refreshing.

The Bad:

Being jumped like we were – I could understand maybe being jumped by LSU, VT, or Oklahoma based on the computer rankings and/or their dominant performances on the field MIGHT have made a couple of writers say “well, we guessed wrong about X Team,” but the problem I had was that we were in position as the #4 team in the country. In normal weeks, we move up to #2. However, we were told this wasn’t a normal week. So let me get this straight…are you saying the other weeks aren’t as important or that this week was just extra important? I understand it was the final week of voting, but all of a sudden saying “You know, we really didn’t mean UGA was ready to jump into the title game ultimately, we just felt they were good enough for THAT week.” The whole thing sounds fishy to me and had Nebraska ’01 and Oklahoma ’03 not happened, we’d be in the title game. In other words, it was a “face-saving” move to have us jumped.

The coaches voting LSU in – Make no mistake, I think this is media driven, but for some ungodly reason, the coaches saw that a weak-@ss LSU was a better option than a dominating OU, a back-from-the-grave VT, and a hotter-than-thou UGA/USC. It really didn’t seem like they voted on the best team as much as they did the best team from the best conference. Lee Corso actually summed it up perfectly when he said “I believe the SEC Champion will be in the MNC game” after LSU had already won. He was basically tipping his cap to his belief that it was the strongest of the strong that should fill that #2 slot. Now would UT have filled that spot had they won? No, but I believe UGA would have had they beaten LSU.

The Ugly:

The media hype around the whole thing – As soon as Pitt showed they weren’t going to go quietly into the night, the media machine started turning and everyone had something to say about it. As The Good Senator pointed out, it took Herbie and Brent M. little to no time to start declaring Ohio State and LSU the natural selections. Conference champions or not, the media should’ve had enough integrity (sorry…hold on a second while I stop laughing……ahhhhhh, better) to look at the resumes of all teams, look at their most recent victories, and then go from there. Was anyone impressed with how LSU won? I sure wasn’t. Was I impressed how OU won? Absolutely…who wasn’t???

The system in general – The BCS is built around finding a way to place the two hottest teams in college football in the title game. It doesn’t look at the body of work so much in that two-thirds of the voters could give less of a crap about the body of work. They look at #1 Did they win or lose? #2 Where were they ranked previously? #3 Who won or lost ahead of them? Past that, I think the voters rarely (if ever) look at the “body of work” until (obviously) the last week. Hence the reason why we have this dramatic reshuffling. The computers look at the body of work. That’s their job.

The lack of change – Every year there is a BCS debate. The only time there isn’t is when two teams from BCS conferences go undefeated. At that point, the BCS works (like training a monkey “works” if you give him a square peg and a table with only square holes) and no one can complain. However, corporate money negates any real change and the Rose Bowl continues to show its @ss by constantly passing over good matchups in favor of tradition. All I know is that this year the Rose cost themselves a lot of money and viewership by going traditional. They’re also the last cog in the desire for change, as they don’t want to lose the “traditional” matchup in favor of joining a “Plus One” system. Cool traditions are OK. Traditions like the Rose Bowl blow my sack.

So where do we go from here? Before I write that post, I’d like to hear your arguments. There are a lot of good ideas out there and I want to hear them. Do me a favor and don’t just say “playoff.” Explain what type of playoff you’re looking for. 16/8/4 team playoff? Do you like the current BCS system and think it worked this time around? Or do you want a “plus one” approach?

Let me know.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007
Other than "Go Dawgs!"

Yes, it sucks, but as Russ pointed out via text. No one got hosed as bad as Mizzou.

More thoughts tomorrow. Go get some rest Bulldog Nation. We've got a chance on Jan. 1 to prove we deserved to play on Jan. 7.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Let's do this in bullets...

  • I have always thought a National Champion contender should have to win their conference in order to earn a shot at the title. However, the RULES do not state that as a factor.

  • If pundits are saying it should be between LSU and USC, then it's merely because they're trying to ultimately be right in regards to their preseason ballots. Most of them had USC playing LSU and there is no reason in the world why LSU deserves to go play in any bowl but the Sugar. They didn't finish strong and if all were on a level playing field, I think they'd get destroyed by seven of the top 10 teams in YESTERDAY'S standings.

  • The voting should be treated like the Blogpoll voting. You have to look at it as "on a level playing field, this team would be this team and therefore they should be ranked higher." If you try to get into all this extra-game bullshit, you lose sight of the reason you have a poll in the first place. The voters needed to ask "could UGA beat LSU?" If they said anything but "yes," they're full of shit.

  • As Mark Richt put it yesterday on ESPN, "we were ranked fourth in the country before today when everyone knew we weren't going to win our conference." The man's got a point.

  • It's 11:00 AM and I have no idea what's going to happen. There are three things I'm certain of, though:
1) Whoever plays UGA in the bowl is in for a rude awakening.

2) If LSU jumps us, I feel sorry for them when we play them in 2008.

3) No matter who plays in the title game, about seven teams have
legitimate reasons to say "we got screwed."

You people yearning for a change in the system got your wish last night. There's no way the BCS looks anything like it currently does come next year.

Until later tonight, kids.

Be safe.

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