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Sunday, August 31, 2008
Man, from listening to ESPN and reading the comments on message boards and at the AJC, you'd think that Matt Stafford, Knowshon Moreno and Mark Richt all went down Saturday and will be lost for the season. I've never seen so much white-flag waving in all my life after a WIN.

Speaking of which, if you believe all is lost, I'm looking for tickets. I'm sure myself and the rest of the Bulldog Nation would rather you not be at any of the next few games anyway.  

Seriously, you folks that are drinking the Doomsday Kool-Aid need to put it down. Even though the Jeff Owens injury looks bad, all is not lost. While it may be tough to replace a guy like Owens in terms of intangibles like leadership and focus, we have players that can (and hopefully will) step up and handle the production. Guys like Atkins, Weston, Irvin and Tyson are all names that you should be familiar with. Also, don't rule out Wynn sliding over from DE to help out some. All you need to know right now is that thoughts and prayers should be with Owens and that he makes a strong comeback from the injury. Whether he's lost for the year or not, we will see him in a Dawgs uniform again.

Moving on from the injury bug, a lot of folks also seem to think that because GSU scored 21 on us, that we're not the No. 1 team in the land. Initially, I thought the same. At first glance, I thought we played uninspired football and looked like we felt some sense of entitlement to the ranking. Then I looked over some key stats that made me think otherwise:
  • It was 38-0 before GSU scored...IN THE THIRD QUARTER!
  • We ran and passed the ball very efficiently. To the tune of 535 yards of offense.
  • In the first half, GSU only racked up 88 total yards of offense.
So when you look at those three things, you have to think that SOMETHING was going right yesterday. I'm not saying we put the second string in and then GSU ran loose on us (because we didn't...they ran loose on the 1st team), but we did some things right before I think the team felt like they "earned" the chance to slack up. Now, you and I know that's incorrect and that's why I think Richt left the 1st Team Defense in so long, even after the 1st Team Offense came out. They started playing sloppy, so he left them in. Sounds like tough love to me. 

Look, all in all, some people had career days yesterday. Kris Durham got his first career TD catch, as did A.J. Green. For those people terrified about how our O-line is going to hold up, just remember that on Knowshon's 24-yard scamper to the endzone, he ran LEFT. We still have work to do on the line, but we didn't get dominated, either. I think by South Carolina, we'll have some necessary things locked down and we'll begin to find our stride in that area.

So please stop with the bellyaching and whining about yesterday and how we're gonna get killed by so-and-so, and they're so much faster than us, and USC is the best team in the nation, and how our injuries will be the death of us.  Seriously, stop it.  Anything of that nature needs to be left up to Larry Munson to do.  He's better than you at it.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
You've read a million previews, I've read a million previews, so let's make this quick and give the world one more look into the X's and O's of the game this weekend.  

When GSU has the ball:

Right now GSU is a team that lost its offensive identity last year due to graduation and something called the NFL Free Agency. By "identity" I mean the Eagles' main weapon, who was Jayson Foster. The guy was a converted WR to QB, so he ran a lot, he threw sometimes and he could be seen playing bridge with the ladies on Thursday nights. So, he was a "do everything" type of guy.

However, he's gone and GSU has instead decided to suspend 8 players on top of that, with one being their starting tailback in Zeke Rozier, who looks like he might be a good player somewhere down the road.  However, the road right now leads to Athens, GA and he won't be donning any pads and carrying the rock.

GSU's Offense is looking for any glimmer of hope and they just might find some of it in their QB position.  You have Lee Chapple of Greater Atlanta Christian fame, and Antonio Henton, who is a transfer down from Ohio State.  Both guys have played at good football programs in their own right and I'd be willing to guarantee that both are pretty decent players.  

Since GSU is young and is trying out the new Offense, expect them to take as much pressure off of the QB as possible early on.  There will not be a lot of forced throws, probably very little shots downfield early and expect a lot of running plays and rolling the pocket until their QBs feel a little better about playing in front of a crowd literally 3 times what they play in front of at home.

The real bonus is that this time around there will not be an Adrian Peterson waiting to steamroll us every chance he gets. That kid was a monster. Also, there's no "here's the ball, no there's the ball, no HE'S got the ball" kind of triple option attack like our last meeting in 2004. Although finding a way to defend the option early might not be a bad thing, given Georgia Tech's thumping of Jacksonville State tonight.

Anyway, real production from the GSU Offense will be light, not only because GSU is testing out what amounts to be a brand new offense, but also because we're going to give them hell up front and Rennie Curran has been drinking Muscle Fuel non-stop for 5 days in anticipation of gorilla pressing someone's ass into the dirt. On top of that, our corners and safeties are begging for an opportunity to show the world how much more they've improved in the offseason. When you mix an Offense trying to find its way with a Defense that is out to embarrass people, you have a recipe for some ESPN highlights.

Besides, we're loaded and lightening fast on Defense.  Aside from being a little thin at the Safety position, we're absolutely stack and we might be the best and quickest Defense to take the field in decades, or possibly ever, looking at the talent that we have at the two-deep. It really is scary as hell when you think about it, but man we're going to stomp some ass when given the opportunity.

When UGA has the ball:

Well, I hope you're ready for the debut of guys like A.J. Green, Caleb King, Richard Samuel, Tavarres King Israel Troupe and Walter Hill.  I expect you to be able to see all of them by the middle of the 3rd Quarter. 

Other than that, to me this will be more like a glorified G-day game.  I'm not saying GSU is an opponent that we shouldn't pay attention to at all, but I am saying that if our Offense is as good as we think it is and our playmakers are as good as we think they are, this game should be out of hand by halftime. Don't get me wrong, Mark Richt's not going to pour it on thick just to embarrass GSU or make a statement (he might against South Carolina, though), but according to the "How to win games big to get the media to talk about you without looking like a douchebag" handbook, you're supposed to establish a comfortable lead, sit your starters and let some other guys get in there to get some quality time, just in case.  Don't blame me, that's what the book says.

You should get 100 yards out of Knowshon easily after he breaks one or two for scores and Stafford should get off to a rocky start, but will probably warm up quickly with a deep ball or two. Other than that, our boys are going to go out there and put in 60 minutes of good work. You'll get to see how our Offensive Line is coming along, how we'll look at Fullback and what our Running Back situation really looks like. Let's face it, folks, we're loaded and we have to see what we've got riding the bench.

Special Teams:

I'm probably most intrigued by this area because we know what we've got in Brian Mimbs, but EVERYTHING else is up in the air. 

Asher Allen is apparently our kick returner, with Ramarcus Brown backing him up, but for punt returner, it could be Logan Gray (you know, the one that THROWS THE BALL when he's not returning punts) or Carlton Thomas.  I fully expect Thomas to be the guy when all is said and done.  The kid is electrifying in the open field.

And that brings us to the biggest question of them all...can Blair Walsh kick the damn ball in a full stadium? We've all read the reports that say he can kick it in practice, and that's great, but when the lights are on and we need three points from 35+ yards out, can he be the guy that gets us to the promised land?  I sure damn hope so because we've got no one else.

What I think will happen:

Make no mistake, I feel bad for GSU no matter if we take the ball first or not.  If we do, then you can expect 7 points right off the bat.  If we don't, then you might could expect the same, but at worst, we should see GSU punt on the first possession.  The time has come for this team to make a statement that we are powerful, we're damn good and we're ready to take the nation by storm.

The nation's eyes will be locked in on Athens, GA at 12:30 tomorrow just to see what this team looks like after their amazing run last year. We'd better be ready to impress, because if we don't, we'll never hear the end of it in the media.  

Look for us to show out the first half and welcome GSU to the SEC. I fully expect us to be up by two touchdowns, and maybe more, by the time we head back to the locker room to talk strategy.  However, after that, all you'll see is a glimpse of late 2008 and 2009 as you see the backups take the field to help solidify the depth chart some. Besides, playing and cross training guys on the Offensive Line saved our ass last year and you can expect more of the same. If there's a big body up front that's eligible to play, you can guaran-damn-tee it's going to happen. 

Dawgs lock it up early and the fan base has another reason to smile for 6 more days afterwards.

UGA - 38
GSU - 10

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).

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Ok, I've got a preview coming, but there are a ton of things you need to check out in the interim. Let the bullets begin:

  • Ally has a great preview of sorts up about UGA vs. GSU and the context of what this game means on a bigger scale.  It's a great read, so check it out. I'm guilty of getting so caught up in all the hooplah over our ranking, the beginning of the season, etc. that I never took time to sit back and think about what it means to play the team that Erk built.  I'm glad that she brought me back down to Earth.

  • I've always been very superstitious when it comes to UGA football, so naturally I found these two posts over at Blogging Pantsless to be great.  Mackalicious continues to be as automatic as Weaver D. Also, on a side note, it's amazing how similar his Gameday rituals are to mine. Especially in regards to shaving. Originality points for the hat in the creek.

  • Doug has got himself a new gig at Deadspin and Dr. Saturday. Doug is one of those few UGA bloggers that I've never had any contact with, but I really enjoy the stuff he continues to pump out 3-4 times a week. Aside from the Obamanation nonsense, he's always a great read (he's a good read then, too. I just don't like Obama). Anyway, in reference to his new gigs, it's well deserved for someone who's done a great job at this whole "blogging" thing.

  • Jody has his information overload up over at the View from 336. I don't know whether to ask you to read my preview first and then let him bake your noodle or read his first and then come to the realization that I'm just a fraud after all. I know whatever I come up with won't even come close to what he cooks up every week.

  • Finally, The Good Senator has come up some Dawg tidbits before kickoff. If you live in the Atlanta area, check out the link to the AJC of places that are showing the game on Saturday.

Preview coming up next.  

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
You didn't think I'd forgotten about The List did you?  I mean don't get me wrong, I know it's been a while, but we're less than four days from kickoff, friends.  That means The List is back and it's ready to rock your face off.

So, with that in mind, here's this week's List, which is Five Things I Expect to See (and Five Things I Expect Not to See) Out of This Year's Team:

Things I Expect NOT to See:

10.  A New "Soulja Boy" -- Often imitated but never duplicated.  Last year's Soulja Boy phenomenon will forever be ingrained in UGA history as one of those "things" unique to the season.  However, Soulja Boy has gone the way of the Seminole Rap and don't expect to see anything even remotely resembling that.  Richt himself said that the Soulja Boy dance during the Blackout was a "special moment in time" and it wouldn't happen again.  Also, the lack of a new dance for players to go crazy over hurts as well.  It's not like "I Kissed a Girl" gets you fired up...unless you play for Georgia Tech, of course.

9.  More Than Two Losses on the Schedule -- Come January, this team could be 14-0 or it could be 12-2, but I don't see anything worse than the latter.  We are absolutely loaded from top to bottom and as tough as our schedule is, I still don't see it translating into three losses. I might get chastised for this, but I could see Florida, Auburn and LSU all being potential losses on the schedule, but you can't convince me that we'll lose to all three.  Past that, we're either more talented or have more to prove against every other team on the schedule (see: UT and SCu).  Besides, it's my belief that while our Offense is the talk of the town, our Defense is what's going to keep us in a lot of games this year.

8.  Love from the Media -- Look, half of the pundits out there have already said we're destined for a loss or two even though they believe we may be the most talented team in the country. Hell, some of them *cough* Mandel *cough* didn't list Trinton Sturdivant as a player of note until he got hurt, and then all of a sudden, he's an All-American type guy and we can't win without him.  The media hates to be one thing, and only one thing, and that's being wrong. They'll do anything they can to argue a point to death, and not own up to it until they absolutely have to (see: LSU last year).  Needless to say, I believe we'll be viewed like Ohio State from a few years ago (I believe it was 2002 or 2003) when the media said over and over again that the team was lucky and would definitely take a loss.  Week in and week out it was that same song and dance, and the next thing you know, tOSU is in the MNC.  Unless we win, and win BIG, don't expect any love from anyone behind a microphone.

7.  An Auburn 2004 Screwjob -- This is easy to predict.  If we go undefeated this year, we have to be the best team in the land.  Period.  The SEC is universally thought of as the toughest conference, so don't expect any kind of screwjob from the system or the media.  If we go 13-0, we're playing a week later than 117 other teams at the end of the season.

6.  A Heisman Trophy Winner -- Sorry, but we're too loaded at too many positions to have one guy be responsible for an entire season.  Knowshon will not be allowed to carry the rock as many times as he would like because opposing D's will key in on him, and Stafford will not be able to throw as much as he likes because he has Knowshon Moreno to hand the ball off to. Call me crazy, but I don't see a Heisman in the future for UGA unless Stafford comes back for 2009. 

Things I Expect to See:

5. The Largest WLOCP EVAH! -- As it stands right now, Florida is building their season around beating us on November 1.  While that may translate into a couple of losses for them elsewhere (see: UGA vs. LSU 2004 and then the next week against UT), we had better match their intensity if we're going to walk out of there with a "W."  It's not completely out of the question to see both teams march into Jacksonville sporting undefeated records and if that happens, you can expect a USC vs. tOSU type matchup.  On top of that, the SEC will get MAD love from CBS and ESPN (in terms of hype, not respect) to boost ratings in the wake of the new billion-dollar deals.  

4.  An Alabama Blackout -- I've debated this one over and over again and the Alabama game screams "BLACKOUT!!!1!!11!!"  Did you just ask me why?  Ok, good.  Now I can explain my reasoning.  While I personally would rather see a WLOCP Blackout, I don't believe it will happen.  At that point in the season, we should already be where we need to be in regards to our schedule and, on paper, we shouldn't need a Blackout to lead us to victory.  Besides, a Blackout should be reserved for night games and CBS has already slid the WLOCP into a 3:30 slot.  Speaking of which, did you know we played Alabama at night?  Did you also know that ESPN is the network that the game will be on?  Did you also know that because of the two previous points, it makes sense to show an intensity for UGA football like no other on a national stage?  Oh, and did you know that some of our top recruits will be in town for that game?  Well, now you do.  Besides, we're either coming off an emotional win or a devastating loss from the week before against Arizona State.  The Blackout may be the charge needed to keep our game against 'Bama from being the dreaded "trap game" that most people fear it to be.

3.  Total Domination of Georgia Tech -- OK, so I'm one of those "crazy people" that think Georgia Tech shouldn't be taken lightly because it's 1) Georgia Tech and 2) Those games are usually closer than they should be.  However, if we are having the season I predict us to be having, that mean's we'll be 9-2 at worst going into the Tech game.  If that's the case; with our faster-than-lightening Defense and our you-couldn't-touch-me-if-you-tried Offense, we should hang 50+ on them, just like in 2002.  Oh, and trust me, if we don't take them to the woodshed, let them go, and bring them back one more time for good measure, you can bet all you're going to hear from any Tech fan is how Paul Johnson with less talent than UGA kept his team in the game.  I'd rather kiss you square on the ass and give you 30 minutes to draw a crowd beforehand than to put up with one more whiny Tech fan and their pipe dreams.

2.  A Youth Movement that Rivals No Other -- We'll have so many young kids doing the dirty work this year in getting wins that it'll make Barack Obama jealous as hell. Not to say that we're thin in the upper class because you can't discount guys like Allen, Lomax, Stafford, Ellerbe, etc., but we're so talented at such a young age, it's almost scary.  When you think about guys like Green, the two Kings, Samuel, C. Thomas, Curran (he's only a sophomore folks), Rambo, Glenn, B. Jones, Dowtin and a whole host of other guys that redshirted last year or are brand new this year, you're looking down the barrel of a .45 with Dirty Harry on the trigger. It's downright unreal how young and how talented we are.  Half of the guys running over people, road-grading defensive linemen, laying mean licks on ball carriers and catching the fade won't even know what it's like to have ever had a LEGAL drink of alcohol.  Wrap your head around that for a second...I hope you got your shades on.

1.  Dawgs as SEC Champs -- This one should be a no-brainer, but apparently it's not.  The schedule is tough, but not armageddon like a lot of pundits think.  We should be good enough to win the games we need to win and maybe drop one or two that are toss ups.  While I'd love to say the Dawgs will be in the MNC, it's a damn tough call to make right now, but I really see the possibility of us as SEC Champs a real one.  In my opinion, we should be facing a talented-on-defense LSU squad in Atlanta, with Alabama as a possible sleeper contender. Regardless, if we're not sizing up conference championship rings by the middle of December, I'll be really surprised.

So, what do you think?  Am I way off base here?  

Until next time kids.  

Be safe.  

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Sunday, August 24, 2008
1.  Think it's a good idea to stay up all night before the flight home.
2.  Think it's a good idea to gamble all night before I fly home.
3.  Think it's a good idea to drink all night before I fly home.

See you back in Atlanta.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Much like PWD, I occasionally head off to Spy School* and that is precisely what I'm doing tomorrow at 8:40 pm.  I think everyone can agree that I've done a decent job of getting off my butt and posting regularly lately, but for the next 5 days, you can pretty much expect me to be out of pocket unless something major happens.

However, since I was going to be out of said pocket for a few days, I figured you guys could use a new Munson Mix, so I created one for you to get you by.  Much like the video PWD posted the other day of the extended pregame video, this is a take on the Nickeback cover of Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting."

Now before people get to b*tching and complaining because it's Nickelback, just know in advance that while I don't care one way or the other for Nickelback, I like this tune.  Just remember, they didn't write the tune, Elton John did, and I'd bet most of you like the original version anyway.  It's OK, you don't have to admit it. Oh and if the mix sucks, you can blame it on me. This is the first one I've done with a Mac and Garageband.  The next ones should be better, but it might take a time or two.

As always, if you want a copy of the mix, just shoot me an e-mail (the link is in the right hand box in the "about me" section) and I'll get it to you when I can.  

Regarding the other mixes, my PC that held most of them crashed so I lost half of them.  I'm working through the people who I've sent them to over the year to see if I can get them back. For the record, a computer crashing and losing everything SUCKS.  Don't do it.

See you guys when I get back from Spy School*.  If the plane crashes, play Glory at my funeral and make sure there's a tailgate before and after the service.

Until next time kids.

Be safe. 

*Spy School = Vegas, baby, Vegas!  "They're gonna give daddy the Rain Man suite" and stuff...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
With every passing day I get one step closer to football. So why am I sitting here getting pissed off at Kirk Herbstreit instead of being happy?

Because I’m sick and damn tired of people using the polls to predict the end of the season -- IN THE PRESEASON.

Look, there’s a difference between predictions and polls. Every poll is not meant to be a prediction. Every week, you’re not ranking teams based on where you think they will finish. You’re supposed to be ranking teams on who you think the best is RIGHT NOW. Right now at this very moment, who is the best team in the land? Ok, who’s behind them, and behind them, etc.

Why is it we are being inundated with “Georgia’s schedule is too much for them to handle to make it to the BCS championship” day after day after day? It’s like we’ve already lost a game. It’s absolutely infuriating to a degree that I can’t describe.

I’m fine with people saying that Ohio State, USC, etc. are better teams than us right now. It is absolutely 100% A.O.K. by me. But when I have Kirk Herstreit telling me that because Florida has an easier path to the BCS Championship, so they deserve to be #1 and then tell me that he believes BYU is ranked too high because they don’t play anybody, it makes me want to gag myself with a f*cking spoon. 

Does he not see the hypocrisy in his reasoning? His logic is essentially “good team with easy schedule = MNC, but, bad team with easy schedule = doesn’t deserve to be there.” Seriously, how f*cked up is that reasoning? Because he thinks Florida is a good team (which they are, don’t get me wrong) but has an easier path to the MNC than UGA, then they deserve to be ranked ahead of us?

WHAT THE F*CK???!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!!ELEVEN!!??!?!?!?!!??!!

Herbie, I like you as a commentator. I always have thought you were a pretty decent fellow and I even brushed off your total asshattery last year when you called UGA the best team in the land and then campaigned for LSU to make it with the whole “body of work” argument. Seriously, I haven’t seen someone work that hard for something since the last time I saw a crackhead dance for a quarter.

So all you pundits out there do one thing, and ONE THING ONLY, for me if you don’t mind. If you have a vote in ANY POLL -- ANY SINGLE POLL REGARDLESS OF AFFILIATION -- start voting correctly. You are all journalists in some form or fashion (even the bloggers), so please know the difference between a prediction and a poll. When it starts being called the Coaches Prediction or the AP Prediction, then I’ll be happy to listen endlessly to you guys making asses of yourselves. However, until then, please please please please please PLEASE stop doing what you’re doing. There’s not enough duct tape on the planet to keep my head from exploding if things keep progressing as they are.

No, seriously. I’m too young to have my head explode.

Until next time kids. 

Be safe.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008
I'd just like to point out to the world that I coined the phrase "Uncle Verne" well over two years ago.  Seriously, you owe me royalties.

Anyway, the SEC and CBS announced today that Uncle Verne and CBS will be broadcasting SEC sports (pretty much just football and basketball) for the next 15 years.  THE NEXT 15 F*CKING YEARS.  That's the longest current contract in televised sports and, yes, even March Madness, which clocks in at 11 years.  

Tony Barnhart wrote a column about it today, which The Good Senator found through Groo that I found interesting.  You should read all three.  It's not like you're doing anything anyway.

I like this for a whole host of reasons, but mainly because it keeps my second announcing hero, Verne Lundquist, calling SEC football for the next long while until he decides to hang it up.  I know people will hate me saying this, but the guy NAILS damn near every call and my personal preference would be for him to replace Munson and have a team of Uncle Verne and Howard for the next long while.  Not saying that Zier sucks, but I REALLY think Uncle Verne is the sh*t brotha.

For example:

Versus LSU in 2004:

And against Florida: 

For what it's worth, Danielson is the first person I ever heard to announce that the Celebration was planned.

And at the Blackout:

Verne busts a move and understands the dancing was about having FUN.  

And when Moreno jukes someone out of their Jock Strap:


And in an interview:

"This is my favorite venue in all of college football."

So, Uncle Verne, I'm glad you're here.  Damn glad to have you.  Can't wait to hear your calls the next time the Dawgs are on TV.  

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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When I ran through the blogroll the other day of guys that you should check out, I completely missed someone who has absolutely blown me away lately.

However, Mackalicious at Blogging Pantsless is rivaling Doug and absolutely blowing away everyone else.  As funny as I try to be, I can't hold a candle to the guy.  If he's not in your daily blogroll yet, you need to add him and check back often.  He's poignant, quick and a damn riot, which are three things you won't find here even on my best day.

Oh and I literally choked on Diet Mountain Dew when I read the MacGruber post.  I know that's lost on a bunch of people, but I found it funny as hell and it damn near killed me in the process.

Check him out.  Seriously, I'm not f*cking around here and apologies to Mackalicious for my error in leaving you out of the previous post on the blogosphere.  Kit Fail.

Until next time kids.  

Be safe.

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I've been bewildered before.  For example, I'm always bewildered that Coach Fabris always elects to have the kickoff team kick the ball directionally instead of out of the back of the end zone.  I never shared this with the blog, but a few weeks ago I was at Via in Atlanta and struck up a conversation while ordering a Jack and Coke with a guy who is a strength and conditioning coach. 

He had multiple clients, but those of note were Morten Anderson and Brandon Coutu.  I asked him about Brandon's leg strength, which was more of a statement of "holy crap he can kick the skin off the ball" than it was a question, and he said he never understood the reasoning behind the directional kicks since Brandon could kick it out of the end zone with no problem.

As much as I like Coach Fab, I still have NEVER understood that logic.  But whatever.

And since I'm not the kind of guy to ever say "so-and-so coach has it all wrong" I won't question Mark Richt and Tony Ball's idea of playing Knowshon Moreno and Logan Gray at punt returner. Well, let me take that back.  I lied.  I have to question that.

It's no secret that punt and kick returning is one of the most dangerous activities in football. You have grown men running full speed at each other in both directions trying to lay a lick.  I read an article years ago with Ike Reese (when he was with the Falcons) that asked him about special teams and the impact that it causes on those bodies.  The article likened it to hitting a brick wall in a car at 35 mph.

So why, why, why, OMG WHY1!!!!111!!!1ELEVEN!!11!!!1111!! would you put your starting tailback and your 3rd team QB out there regardless of how good they are??  If either one gets hurt, we're facing crazy thin depth at QB and/or losing our No. 1 running back with no clear No. 2 as of this moment.  I still stand by my statement that Caleb King will remain No. 2, but if Samuel is really pushing him that hard, are we just that deep or are we that inexperienced? 

Regardless, I think it's a crazy move when you have a host of other candidates back there. Granted, one of the 3 people named as "finalists" for the position is uber-sleeper Carlton Thomas (who may be as electric or more electric than Mikey Henderson in space), but still, to have 2 other guys who are as important to this team back there as those two just makes me cringe.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I just think there are better ways to go about it.

Any thoughts?  Am I crazy?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Not much to talk about today, so let's just do some quick hits:

1)  Mark Richt surprised the team by taking them to the Ramsey Center pool this morning for a quick swim.  Word has it (and I've seen the pics to prove it) that Richt did two of his patented backflips off the 10m platform.  He stuck the landing as always.  I find the move to take the team away from two-a-days interesting for a couple of reasons.  I've never seen Richt do this before the season has begun (correct me if I'm wrong), and so I think he did it because a) the team has been busting it and b) their focus is jilted after the loss of Sturdivant.  Usually I would say one player going down wouldn't affect focus so much, but it sounds like Sturdivant was a well like and respected guy throughout the entire team and losing his leadership probably hurt more than usual.  Just my two cents.

2)  I'm really impressed with Stacy Searels for a variety of reasons, but one of the big ones is his cross-training of O-linemen at all positions.  Somewhere Neil Calloway is disagreeing with me, but I don't give a sh*t.  CSS's approach to coaching is hard-nosed, strategic and kept quiet.  I like hearing the coaches talk, but if CSS keeps doing the job he's doing, I don't give a flip if he ever speaks to the media again.  You've got to think the reluctance from being in the spotlight and talking to reporters has helped his O-line keep focus through the post Sturdivant era.

3)  Tavarres King apparently returned back to practice, but we still have a ton of folks in green jerseys including Knowshon.  I've never seen Mark Richt protect a guy like that before, but I'm not second guessing anything.  Give me another 1300+ yard season and you can do whatever you like.

Other than that, it was a pretty slow news day.  One thing everyone should check out is PWD's newest creation, which is essentially is an extended pregame video from last year.  It'll get you fired up and if it doesn't, how do you look yourself in the mirror every day?

Speaking of which, if anyone has any videos they could pass along to me, I'd really appreciate it. While I have no interest in doing something like what PWD did and putting it on YouTube, I want to get some clips and play around with them in iMovie to music.  Just to see if I could put something decent together.  

If you have any whatsoever, please shoot me an e-mail at KitZeus99 [at] gmail (dot) com.  I'd really appreciate it.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Before we get started, I'd like to go ahead and say that I'm not going to cover Trinton Sturdivant's injury right now.  Personally, I think it's being covered remarkably well in the blogosphere and I think Groo has a really great post about where the O-line goes from here. My opinion on the TS injury is that it's more horrible for him than anything.  He's a good kid with high character and aside from "Bellygate," he's kept his nose clean and worked his ass off. To Trinton Sturdivant I say "Get well soon and we're praying for you." 

What I would rather write about is regarding the media, its sense of entitlement and whether or not they have a "right" to view practices.

I have to give a shout out to Ally for the idea behind this because it was her knock-down-drag-out argument with Dean Legge that fueled my idea.  For the record, she thrashed him and rightfully so, in my opinion.

You see journalists are out to do a job just like you are when you go to work.  While we might think it's all fun and games because they are covering the team we love, it's actually hard work and like pulling teeth sometimes to get a scoop.  In journalism, if you're the first to break a story, you've done your job.  If you're the last, then you're one step closer to a pink slip.

However, sometimes this desire to "outscoop" the competition leads to problems; mainly a sense that certain things should be given instead of earned.  It is due to journalistic integrity that they are allowed to see practice, talk to certain players and have the inside sources that they have. 

But does that give the media a RIGHT to see practice?  No.

I've raved on and on about how good of a job I think those guys at Rivals do.  I've been a subscriber to them for almost a year now and couldn't be happier with it. The reporting and recruiting is spot on and they make sure to confirm things before reporting them.  Even with confirmation, though, they still tend to break news quicker than anywhere else.

What they don't do, though is b*tch and complain when Mark Richt closes practice, and they shouldn't.  No one should.  Ching complained like it was going out of style last year when CMR closed practice for a week and there was no reason for it.  He did it again when Auburn closed practice and is currently getting his a$$ kicked by the AU faithful who understand that the media doesn't have the right to view practice or anything else.

You see, all this ties back into my point about Ally vs. Dean Legge.  Dean's assertion was that the media had the right to view practice because of media contracts that help pay for Mark Richt's job.  I disagree by a large margin.  The media contracts give you access to Mark Richt.  It gives you the chance to ask questions, be a part of his press conferences and interview him one on one depending on the level of the contract.  However, I would highly doubt there is a single contract out there that gives any reporter concrete access to practice no matter the circumstances.  If someone can prove me wrong on that, please do and I will absolutely apologize for being so completely wrong.

Besides, even with contracts, the media doesn't make the team any more money than the donors do.  Think about it like this: A new donor to the program this year paid almost $12,000 for season tickets, or bought the team a new Kia (however you wish to view it).  Does that person now own a portion of practice time?  Since they helped pay CMR's salary, should they get to watch the first 30 seconds of practice every day for a year?  What about someone who's got over 500,000 points in the system?  Should they get to watch practice from start to finish?

The answer of course is "no" on both counts.  The media will lead you to believe they have a right to be there because of contracts, it's news, freedom of the press, blah blah blah.  The truth is with the information age, it's becoming tougher to get a scoop before it hits the web and they need every advantage they can get.  It's not as ludicrous as it is their way of protecting their "turf."  

I can't blame them for doing what they're doing because they're just trying to sell papers, but I can say that they don't have an argument when it comes to their "right" to view anything. Besides, there's not a true UGA fan out there that's going to say "Hell no, I want my practice reports instead of a 'W' on the schedule. I need to know what's going on with the team!"

If there is, I'll be more than happy to call these guys and let you wind up on Showtime for their next season.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Monday, August 11, 2008
While we all anxiously await the news on Trinton Sturdivant (in case you haven't heard, he went down in the scrimmage today with an apparent knee injury), I thought I'd update you on the status of this blog as well as some things going on behind the scenes.

Regarding this blog:

1)  Lately I've been getting e-mails left and right from people wanting to be added to the blogroll. To me, that's a good problem to have because if people are blogging, there's excitement.  If there's excitement, it's because UGA is in a good position to do some things worth talking about. However, if you've sent me an e-mail and I haven't added you to the blogroll yet, it's because I just don't add random people without checking their blogs first. Don't take it personally.  I just want to make sure you're going to be around if I'm going to add you.  

2)  Secondly, I'm very appreciative of every single person that reads what I write and I cannot say that enough.  However, if you're looking for breaking news, I'll be honest, it's not what I do. Occasionally I'll jump onto something before others, but I rarely get it up on the site in time before anyone else.  I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that this site is written based on my opinion of UGA football and our gameplan for our opponents, the recruits we get, etc. I just didn't want anyone to be disappointed if it takes me a day or so to comment on something.

Regarding other blogs out there:

1) Catfish & Cornbread -- Ally (who writes a pretty damn good blog herself) directed me to their site a few weeks back and I'm really impressed with what I'm seeing.  Right now, they're counting down the days by doing features on our new recruits.  For a recruiting junkie like myself, I think it's cool as sh*t.

2) Top Dawg Blog -- I know this sounds like me blowing sunshine because of the interview I recently conducted with Rob Suggs, but the blog is full of that "I didn't know we did that" kind of information that makes me love UGA and its traditions.  Rob's doing an excellent job keeping it updated with stories that will (and some that will not) make the book. 

3) An Opinion on Sports -- I haven't checked this site daily, but when I do, I find all kinds of little tidbits that interest me.  For anyone who wants to hear about UGA football along with other sports in general, this is a good site to check out.  The post about Dale Murphy really brought back some memories.  I was quite young when he was traded to the Phillies and I remember vowing to never cheer for the Braves again.  Obviously, I lied, but I'm still pissed at them for trading my hero in the first place. 

3) As always, if you're not reading the Georgia Sports Blog, Get the Picture & DawgsOnline daily, you're just not getting everything you need to get.  Also check out and Sic 'Em Dawgs for links to whatever UGA-related stuff that flies under the radar.  

Ok, so that's it for right now.  As soon as I hear word about Trinton, I'll pass it along.  Think good thoughts.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Thursday, August 07, 2008
Recently, I had the chance to interview Rob Suggs, the author of Top Dawg: Mark Richt and the Revival of Georgia Football (link directs back to Rob's blog regarding the new book). The promotional information I received about the book reads:

Now the nation’s top-ranked team in the coaches’ poll and #2 according to the Associated Press, the Bulldogs were, when Richt took over in 2001, at a crossroads. It had been twenty years since they’d won a conference championship and one of the nation and game’s proudest programs had nearly completed a two-decade descent to the depths of mediocrity.

It’s been a remarkable journey,” says Suggs. “And I wanted to tell the story of how Mark and his staff have rebuilt this proud program.”

Complete with input from players, coaches and program insiders, Top Dawg is filled with behind-the-scenes stories from the biggest games of Richt’s tenure.

Rob and I had a lengthy discussion, which I have posted in its entirety below. He has given great insight into how Richt grew up, his philosphy on coaching/recruiting, Richt's handling of discipline issues and so on.

I haven't read the book yet, but I will as soon as I receive it and I will also be giving away a copy when it arrives in the mail. Stay tuned for that, but I for one, am very excited about getting my hands on this book and reading it in its entirety.

Dawg-gone Blog: What was the deciding factor to write this book right now? Granted, the football team has had marked success since Richt took the helm, but we are still without that elusive National Championship. Most critics would say write the book after we've done it all. What prompted you to say "now's the time?"

Rob Suggs: Kit, like most books, this one was in the works quite a while back. One year ago, I believed we would make steady progress in 2007 and be ready for a championship run in ’08. However, the book is not the story of a championship, but of a restoration. It’s about getting in position for championships. When Richt came at Christmas of 2000, we were in position to go to decent bowls, but now we’d be counted among the elite. I wanted to tell the story of how we got there.

DGB: Bulldogs know the three versions of Mark Richt very well. The family man, the man of faith and the football man. What many Bulldogs don't know much about is his family life before he had his own family. Was he raised in a similar environment to what he provides to his family and players today?

RS: Coach Richt’s parents divorced he was young, but they obviously did a great job raising him because, as everyone knows, he manages to be a terrific parent while following the crazy hours required of his job. Baseball was his game growing up; that’s the game in South Florida, though Joe Namath of the New York Jets was his idol. He made the switch to football in high school because a smart coach came along who convinced him that football would pay his way through college. Richt’s dad was a notable softball and baseball coach in the community.

DGB: Your description of Chapter 7 (a look at character, faith and tradition and its nourishment in the Athens/UGA culture) really intrigues me because you state there are a lot of little stories the media never covered. Is there an example you could share with us?

RS: I really think anyone who follows the Dawgs closely sees the little things that don’t get reported as much by the media—just what good people most of the players are. But for me, the most interesting story was the crisis just after the 2002 championship (the eBay ring scandal and a pot bust involving several freshmen). Richt redoubled his efforts to put in a character-building curriculum that would extend four years, be led by various coaches, and really impact the lives of Georgia athletes. A great fellow named Bobby Lankford helps to guide this program.

DGB: D.J. Shockley (who is probably The Dawg-gone Blog's all-time favorite Dawg) wrote the foreword and his senior season is the focus of Chapter 10 (the SEC Championship run of 2005). With all the UGA greats during Richt's tenure (Greene, Pollack, Fred Gibson, Reggie Brown, Musa Smith, etc.) what stood out about D.J. that prompted you to not only have him contribute to the book, but also make him a large focus of one chapter?

RS: A lot of things make D. J.’s story special. He was really the first Mark Richt player, the first guy Richt focused on nailing down as a recruit. Richt sees Charlie Ward, his Heisman Trophy quarterback from FSU, in Shockley’s character. I think he also seems himself to some extent, and you’ll see that as you read Richt’s own college story. Richt expected to be a Heisman-level athlete himself, and Jim Kelly, who was the same class, emerged in a game up at Penn State which was the mirror image of David Greene’s game at Knoxville in 2001. What happened to Shockley, having to wait so long, had already happened to Richt. But I believe Richt wanted to help Shockley manage the frustration and be in position when his time came, and that’s what happened. The book is about UGA’s redemption, but in that little story you can see a reflection of Richt’s personal story and how he helped another young man with it. Also, Shockley is such a great representative of the Dawgs—helping children’s causes and so on. Fans love him. He was my first and only choice to write the foreword.

DGB: Chapter 9 deals with high school recruiting. We all know Georgia is a wealth of high school talent, but we've also been able to reach outside the borders (and even into Florida, which has rarely happened before) and grab top tier players who want to call Mark Richt their Head Football Coach. Can you give us some insight on why you said you were impressed with your findings in regards to this chapter?

RS: Yes. I won’t give too much away, but I talked to people from out of state and in-state and here is what I found. High school coaches love their players. They’re like extended parents, and they share in the parents’ desire to see the kids go somewhere and be loved and cared for, not just used athletically. In-state, Richt’s staff has dramatically enhanced UGA’s relationship with high school coaches. They go out and visit the coaches whether there is a prospect there or not. I know of some who are fans of other SEC schools and they have Richt’s back—they won’t allow anyone to put him down, because they love our head coach and our staff. If I had to highlight one word to define our recruiting it would be honesty, and there are examples in the book. Another thing: I showed how one year nearly everyone we got was in-state, then the next year it was the opposite. We have a terrific flexibility in being able to go wherever we need to get the talent we require at a given time.

DGB: Lately Georgia has been in the news for some discipline issues. When this happens, a lot of people forget that these players are kids with mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. However, while they're on campus, they're pretty much Mark Richt's kids. How does Richt handle the balance of disciplining a player and keeping his family involved as well?

RS: The very first thing Richt does is get with the parents. He and the coaches become close to the whole family during recruiting, and they maintain those relationships. Sometimes people think Richt is slow in responding to something that happens. What he’s doing is to make sure he talks to the family, then he gets all the information available. As we all know, he is a very intentional, detailed individual.

I mentioned earlier that we have a character education curriculum that is not just for show, but very intense and thorough. The Atlanta Braves have picked it up, county boards of education are implementing it for high school, and so on. The real irony is that while we have the media obsessing over an irritating string of disciplinary incidents, there is really so much progress being made. I honestly believe that. But when you get 85 healthy young men together in an environment like the downtown one of Athens, where the players are lionized as heroes—and when you add in the town and university turning up the heat on student excess—these incidents are simply inevitable. Not to condone or excuse them, but it will always be an uphill battle to maintain perfect deportment in the environment that is there.

DGB: You said that you hoped Chapter 11 (essentially your take on the Richt/UGA journey so far) was not so much an end as it is a beginning. What do you foresee for our team/program/Coach going forward?

RS: Chapter 11 is actually an account of the last two seasons. The title is “Redeeming Adversity.” By the end of ’05 we’d won a second championship and become an established contender. We were the essence of consistency, if not a national championship candidate. During these last two years we finally hit some rough spots: midseason collapses both years, once with a freshman quarterback and once with a freshman offensive line. I’ve seen other programs fall apart at midseason and not recover. In our case, the recovery was dramatic, beating three ranked teams in 06 and finishing second-ranked in 07—two very remarkable turnaround back to back. My contention is this was a prelude to going after the big prize. I’m not predicting we attain it, but we’ve certainly put ourselves in position. I look for much more consistency, at a much higher level, this year, regardless of a tough schedule. The depth and talent are at an unprecedented high, with the playmakers we’ve really needed at key positions. We’re going to have some formidable teams, and it’s simply up to the players themselves to make it all happen.

DGB: Finally, this a question for former Redcoats like myself and those that tend to read this blog. Richt has always made an effort to support the students and Redcoats by walking to those sections after any win to thank them, give a wave and possibly a thumbs up. In the more recent years, he's made the effort to stop by and speak to the Redcoats during one of their practices. Richt understands that football is more about X's and O's, but how much do you think it means to Richt and the team to have that kind of support every Saturday?

RS: I come from a Redcoat family that extends back to Roger Dancz in the mid-sixties, when my aunt marched with the “Dixie Redcoats.” Then my brother in the seventies and my niece in this decade. I’ve always known the Redcoats were one of our secret weapons, and I was delighted to see in 2001 that Richt realized the same. He will jog over and give them props, as he should. Not every coach is this band-savvy. I’ll never forget being in Tuscaloosa in 2002, and hearing the Alabama fans say they wished their band could be as intelligently involved in the game as the Redcoats are. Richt is all about the Dawg Walk, the crowd noise, the band—he buys into the full package, and I believe he is the full package as a coach.

I'd really like to thank Rob for taking the time to have this discussion about Richt and his new book. Please check out his new blog about the book and his other musings when you have the time. If you would like to go ahead and reserve your copy in advance, please click here.

Thanks again to Rob for taking the time to let us pick his brain some!

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008
No fancy openings, let's get going.

Word is that Walter Hill has broke his hand or wrist (it still wasn't clear as of this writing). The estimated time table for his return could be about 4-6 weeks, which isn't too terribly bad if it's a hand break.  Either way, it sucks to have a guy go down for an extended period of time. Especially one that can jump like Hill.  He's a go-up-and-get-it kind of guy.

MoMass is apparently showing out at practice.  Everything I've read says he is as smooth as silk, sharper than a tack and coaching up the young'uns.  I've been a huge fan of MoMass even in 2006 when he couldn't catch a cold.  I could really see him stepping up and having a great year and being a steal in the NFL draft, a la Reggie Brown.

For those that are worried about this O-line, I say "hold on for a second."  We're healthy up front and from Richt's various quotes to the media, I think we're going to be pretty solid up front.  We do need some road graders something fierce and while we have the physical tools, I think we're one solid mean streak away from being truly dominant.  If energy is infectious, then Ben Jones might provide us that boost whether he plays or not.  That kid is a firecracker.

In my opinion, pay no mind to the talk of Richard Samuel vying for the number 2 tailback spot behind Caleb King.  I think it's a motivational ploy by Richt to get Caleb in the right frame of mind.  I'm of the mindset that Caleb has all the tools but maybe not the swagger he needs to be as effective as he can be and Richt is trying to light a fire.  I would be severely surprised if Richt flat out gave the No. 2 spot to Samuel.  The blocking thing is a huge deal for Richt and it would blow me away if Samuel has all of that down to a science after 8 months on campus.

For those of you who are missing David Ching, Sanford Knows Best (a blog run by the UGA sports writers for the Red and Black) is doing a SUPERB job of covering practices and gathering tidbits. In fact, they got a quote from Brian Mimbs that Logan Gray is taking turns at punt returner right now.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Will he actually do it?  I highly doubt it because the risk of injury is SO HIGH, but I think it might fuel some of the speculation that Logan might be used in some special packages this year.  His speed is greater than Shockley's I've heard, so it wouldn't surprise me to see him in some wrinkles this year.

*On a side note, seriously, you need to read Sanford Knows Best.  It's a damn good site.*

Finally, there should be an upcoming interview with Rob Suggs, the author of "Top Dawg: Mark Richt and the Revival of Georgia Football."  The interview is complete and I'm just cleaning up the post before I unleash it to the masses for them to ogle over.  I tried to ask some non-traditional questions and beens that it's my first interview, I hope it doesn't suck.  If it does, don't tell me or you might not win the complimentary copy of the book that I'll be giving away on the site shortly thereafter.  Also, I marched with his niece in Redcoats and she'll kick your ass in a heartbeat for throwing a diss at the Dawg-gone Blog and her uncle who is better-than-your-uncle-because-hers-wrote-a-book.  Seriously, she carries a gun.*

I think that's going to be it for me right now.  Still writing at the bar and thankfully, the Mac catches all my spelling errors ahead of time.  If it didn't then you'd notice the third Jack & Coke is talking right now and not me.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

*She actually doesn't carry a gun, but if she did, would you really be surprised that anyone in Georgia does?

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Monday, August 04, 2008
Fall practice kicked off yesterday after another weekend of Bulldog trouble (we'll get into this another time). From the reports, the team looked good and in excellent shape. To say that I'm excited about this season would be an understatement of epic proportions.

I figured I'd kick off the practice season (if there is such a thing) with a few things to look for in the upcoming practice schedule:

1) No injuries -- With the recent suspensions, we're not "thin" per say, but inexperienced in some positions. I'd really like to see everyone make it through these next 26 (now 25) practices without injuries of any sort. Unfortunately, the weather appears to be getting hot like it usually does in August, which means cramps, hamstrings and general fatigue will become a factor. However, injuries cannot be afforded right now.

2) Depth chart changes -- Word has already come out that some of the incoming freshmen are looking damn good right out of the gate. Names like Carlton Thomas, Christian Robinson and Cordy Glenn are guys that have some rumblings around them currently and join guys like Richard Samuel and A.J. Green who have been talked about for weeks on end now.

3) Answers to offensive and defensive questions -- Since we all know that we're stacked on both sides of the ball, we all can breathe a SMALL sigh of relief, but the critics have questions that I'm looking forward to having the answers to. Questions like is Caleb King the truth, who will be our 2nd team punt returner or kick returner (think Carlton Thomas on that one) and what will our final rotation be at wide receiver? We have so much talent on campus that questions will have to be answered. It's only natural.

4) How dominant will our defense be? -- We have supreme depth at DT, LB, CB & at the Safety positions. Will Willie Martinez capitalize on "pressure forces mistakes" or will we fall back into the "safe, smart football keeps opponents out of the endzone" nonsense?

5) Will Evil Mark Richt accept the challenge? -- Now we know Mark Richt for who he really is; a firecracker coach who has the faith and understanding of a preacher, but the fire of David Pollack on a 3rd and short. Can that carry over now that the expectations have been lifted? Personally, I think it will.

So there's what to look for from my perspective. More analysis coming as practice carries on.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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I would like to apologize for my absence lately.  The move went well into the new place, but I'm still without teh internetz due to Comcast and my apartment complex not knowing when in the hell we'll have cable.

A situation arose recently where another blog has surfaced that follows our beloved (and at the moment, troubled) Bulldogs.  While I welcome any newcomers to the blogger community, as there is plenty of space for all of us, this certain site is eerily similar in name (and especially web address) to mine.

As it pertains to an official comment or feeling from the staff here at The Dawg-gone Blog, you're not going to get it from me.  Also, for the record, I have not been in contact with the media company that runs The Dawgs Gone Blog (no really, that's the title), but I think an olive branch will be extended by one of the two parties soon.

However, that's not why I'm writing this post.  My post is a public statement that I have the greatest friends in the world.  While I've been bewildered over the recent developments and incapable of doing anything about them while I'm in this state of transition, my great friend Russ (Blog Beer Pong This) has taken the helm and found out everything I need to know about the proprietors of the new site.  Not only has he done this, but has gone the extra mile of trying to communicate with said proprietors. 

You can read the summary of his findings and opinion on the matter here.  It's a very thought out and impressively genuine post that makes me humbled and proud to have such intelligent, diligent and upstanding friend like that.  If you would, please go to his site and not only read the post, but peruse his musings in general.  If you're anything like me, you'll find a lot of value in nearly every post.

So to Russ, thank you for all you have done.  I really appreciate it.  To say thank you from the bottom of my heart wouldn't be enough, but know that when the time comes, I will pay you back in spades.  Also, I shouldn't exclude Ally (The Road to Copacetic) who has also chimed in and been very supportive and the first to let me know of the situation.

For any of my readers, please know that I am no way affiliated with The Dawgs Gone Blog and I'm certainly not asking anyone to do anything malicious towards the site.  For all I know, it could have been an honest mistake, though I find that hard to fathom figuring I've been here for three years.  However, there are still people out there that think 9/11 was a conspiracy, so anything's possible.

For those that continue to read this site regardless of my lack of posting, I thank you deeply.  I have been welcomed with open arms, not only from my friends like Russ who got me into blogging, but from good friends like PWD and acquaintances like The Good Senator, The King and who have literally turned my hobby into a passion.

Now that fall practice has started, I will trudge over hell and high water to bring you content as often as possible.  My goal is to give you daily updates regarding the team, the suspensions, my thoughts on this year's schedule and anything else going forward.  I'm also in discussions with another site, much like YouTube for college football fans, to syndicate through their site, so hopefully I can reach as many readers as possible who share the same passion (or disdain) for our beloved Bulldogs.  

One thing you can expect from me soon is an interview with Rob Suggs, who is author of the book "Top Dawg: Mark Richt and the Revival of Georgia Football."  I was contacted by his marketing person (you do great work Ms. Kate!) and I hope that have that interview to you by the end of this week.  There will also be a contest in conjunction with the release of the book where you can receive a complimentary copy via this site, so stay tuned.  These next few weeks should be incredibly interesting.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support what I do in ways I know I don't deserve. I'll never get rich doing this, but some things you can't attach a price tag to.  

You can (and will always) be able to find me here at and The Dawg Gone Blog (sans "s") will not go anywhere any time soon.   

I'm very much looking forward to this upcoming season.  My best to all of you.  

Dawg information coming beginning tomorrow.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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