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Thursday, August 14, 2008
When I ran through the blogroll the other day of guys that you should check out, I completely missed someone who has absolutely blown me away lately.

However, Mackalicious at Blogging Pantsless is rivaling Doug and absolutely blowing away everyone else.  As funny as I try to be, I can't hold a candle to the guy.  If he's not in your daily blogroll yet, you need to add him and check back often.  He's poignant, quick and a damn riot, which are three things you won't find here even on my best day.

Oh and I literally choked on Diet Mountain Dew when I read the MacGruber post.  I know that's lost on a bunch of people, but I found it funny as hell and it damn near killed me in the process.

Check him out.  Seriously, I'm not f*cking around here and apologies to Mackalicious for my error in leaving you out of the previous post on the blogosphere.  Kit Fail.

Until next time kids.  

Be safe.

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Blogger Mackalicious said...

Thanks for the add my man. I owe you big time!