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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
So I was about to go have some "family time" the other night when I got an instant message from my good friend Dana C. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet her, here is photographic proof that she is as hot as I have claimed:

Dana is on the right in both photos.

Erin Dana

Erin Kit Dana

Moving on.

So I got the message and she said (jokingly I might add) "I want you to write a blog about me...AND ONLY ME." So, myself, not being one to shy away from the challenge of embarrassing another, said, "Ok" and here you Ode to Dana.

Ode to Dana

Little Dana standing small
If you trip, not far you fall.

With your hair, which might be blonde.
Sometimes brown, but I think it's blonde.

I think you're great, I think you're wise.
I love your color-contacted green eyes.

Seriously, you are a valued friend.
You were very nice to me when I had append-------icitis.

You're tiny, you're cute, you're hot as can be.
I haven't met your fiancee, but I know his name is Andy.

He should treat you well, which I'm sure he'll do.
Or I'll take his greatest thing, which is you.

But I know you'll be happy and kids you will have.
Just not right now because you're too young for that (that's serious, no need to rhyme).

You're a part of the great three.
You, Erin, and Becca are a trinity.

Three little hotties all hot and cute.
They all love me too, which is cool to boot.

We'll see each other soon and hang out in the shade.
But if we don't, I'll still be your male bridesmaid.

I hope you like your little poem thing-a
Because I wrote this for you, my Ode to Dana.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, August 28, 2005
And counting...

More to come later.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- If you think we are in trouble because of D.J. being "untested", then you haven't read this. We're going to be just fine and even if we lost, I'd still be proud to have someone of that character representing my Alma Mater.

No, this isn't a highly politicized rant or even the next phase of Bud Light commercials, but this is a tribute to every friend I have and when I thought "I'll write about my buds" that instantly popped into my head.

So today, we salute you Mr./Mrs./Ms. Kit Kitchens' friends:

Now to give you some background as to why I'm even writing the sappy crap you're about to read, I'll let you see the inspiration first. Last night was filled with nightmares, and I mean the nightmares that stick with you for days. In what ended up being an "It's a Wonderful Life" moment in my dream, myself and my friend Jonathan were killed by another friend of ours. For some reason, he (the other friend) just pulled out a shotgun and blasted us away. Morbid I know, but what was amazing was in the dream I'm dead and I'm trapped inside my now passed away body and thinking "That's it. There's nothing more and I wish there was." Needless to say, I have enjoyed today a lot more than I enjoy most of the others.

So to all of my friends, I just want to say thank you. I have the tendency to bitch and complain, say the wrong things at the wrong time, and rarely say the right things at the right time. However, you have stuck with me and in fact, you are the reason I'm anyone at all. One day I hope to do something to be remembered by in this world and hopefully when I do that, I'll have the opportunity to thank everyone in my life.

There are things I think about on a daily basis that I wish I could go back and do all over again just because they seemed insignificant at one the time, but they ended up being some of the moments the ended up defining me as a person. Here are a few, just to throw them out there and if I don't include you, please understand it's a quarter 'til one and I'm really tired.

Jonathan, I'd do anything to road trip Florida with no money one more time. Jenn, thanks for letting us crash.

[NAME REDACTED], to you, Russ, Dave, Trey, Tim, Ln, and everyone else that I've ever encountered at your house, please know that I respect all of you to a degree you'll never understand. I've always looked up to each of you and I'm honored and humbled to be friends with such great individuals. If I could have one more night of Jack-n-Cokes, Phase 5, SNL watching, and dissecting the previous football game, I'd die a happy man. I hope to see each of you soon and I will as soon as things calm down a little.

To the Jenn babe in MN, you're better than you could ever imagine, never forget that.

I'd write something about Jeb, Jud and Jarrod, but since they don't read this, there's no point.

Stacy, "Teeth", Staisha, etc. A solid group of fine young women who are all more mature than I ever will be. You all stress too much about the insignificant things and you should focus on what wonderful people you are. However, I'm lucky to have you in my life and I know you'll always be there.

To the Oobs. I put y'all on the same level as [NAME REDACTED] and company. I'm finally glad I got to speak with each of you because everyone else you know really holds you in high esteem. I'm definitely looking forward to more conversations with each of you soon.

Roy, it scares me but we're a lot like each other. I understand the frustration with working your ass off and not having much of a social life, but fuck all that because in a year's time, we'll be running our own bar.

To my friends at the former employer, you kept me going and in fact, became family. I love you all and though I don't miss the job or Savannah one bit, it makes it really tough to go to work every day knowing the people I work with currently just aren't like you guys. Thank you for all your help and support and I'd love to get drunk at Gina's house once more. Damn that was always fun.

Lastly, Amos, you and Sue Anna have been about as good of friends as I could have ever asked for. Not only did I date the mortal enemy of the state of you two, but when I was left in shambles, neither of you said "I told you so." Not only that, but you throw one hell of a wedding party. Amos, you're one of my best friends until the day I die. The Dawgs will miss you this year, but good luck in Law School.

Well, there you have it. I didn't touch on nearly as much people as I'd like to have, but I could feel the "cheese factor" rising up within me. Basically, all you need to know is that if your eyes are gazing upon this blog and you're feeling down, please don't because I'm sleeping much more peacefully tonight knowing that I'm a blessed person and you are a big factor in that. Thank you for your support and your friendship.

All of you.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, August 25, 2005
Get a shit-ton of comments.

Granted, not all of those came from living, breathing human beings but most did. And hey, much love to the digital drones hard at work placing ads in my little ole craptacular blog. You guys make me feel like this little spot of the internet is worth stopping by.

So yeah, things are decent. Little bits and pieces here and there tend to make one rattled and wonder what's going on and if he made the right decision, but then he sits back and realizes that Russ, Ln, Jeb, and those that are also close to him are just around the corner. It's comforting and it's finally starting to feel like "home" even though I still don't know where anything is.

One more Munson Mix has been made. Off of the suggestion of one of my old co-workers, Wes, I made the newest with Metallica's "One" taken from the S&M Album. I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but I think that song is in the same key as "Krypton." At least it fits well at the beginning, even if I'm wrong about that. So far, that's the best I think.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want next. I've also been doing a lot of thinking for people around me and how I can help them, now that I'm in a position to. Oob (the shit-hot one), stick in there, you'll be fine. My thoughts are with you because I know it's tough, but it gets better and when it's over, you feel like you've actually accomplished more than just bettering your career.

But I digress. Going back to thinking about what I want next, I think "a girl" might be a logical answer. We'll see. I'm a little scared about jumping back into it all and it's kind of tough to invite someone home when you're crashing with a family, but it's only until March. Yes, I said March. That's when Jeb's lease runs out. I figured "why go get my own place and not save money when I can just sacrifice and save?" Trust me, you can only swallow so much pride until it loses the taste. (<----That's a line for a good country song [NAME REDACTED])

Well thank you all for posting. I was really just kidding about all that and I had nothing else to say, but hell it made me feel great when I saw all that. I hope to see you all soon.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
that people don't read my stuff anymore.

Start commenting PLEASE.

At least disagree with my College Football Top 25 picks (below).

You're killin me smalls.

[NAME REDACTED], I'm thinking about a trip to Nashville sometime this fall. Let me know if that's feasible.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Monday, August 22, 2005
Sorry for the lack in posting. Things have been not hectic (which is more than fantastic) but they have been busy enough to keep me from sitting at the computer and writing until my fingers get numb. I guess sitting behind a desk all day will do that to you.

A couple of quick things to note before I get along with what I think should be a decent post:

1. I saw my grandfather this past weekend when I went home to Perry. He's doing much better but no where near where he used to be. There's a great post inside of me about this whole experience, but I'm saving it for now. The words just aren't there yet.

2. I started making "Muson Mixes." Paul Westerdawg is not only a fantastic read time and time again, but he's also been kind enough to let me run some of these mixes by him and give me some feedback along the way. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll end up on Anti-Orange Radio.

3. Speaking of the "Muson Mixes," if you want a copy of them I have three so far. I have "Remedy" by the Black Crowes, "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas (<--- my favorite so far), and "Holla Back Dawg" which is an ultra crappy rendition of Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl." In fact, it's so bad it's funny and definitely worth having if you're bored. Just give me a shout at KitZeus99 on AIM or just leave a comment and I'll be happy to send it to you since I don't know how to host files for download. Now, moving on to what I feel will be the meat of this Pre-Season Top 25, or as I like to call it: "Based In All Stuff Emulating Deep-thought" or "B.I.A.S.E.D"

1. USC -- Yeah, you deserve it. Looks like we're heading for another Nat'l Championship appearance since everyone is saying that your toughest game is at Oregon. Pussies. I hate the Pac-10.

2. Texas -- I'm going to buy into it that Mack Brown has a good team with great talent. Too bad you always choke and your quarterback might as well be a wide receiver. Since the top 10 is full of the same teams that aren't clear-cut number 2's, you get it by default. I predict you won't finish in the top 4 though.

3. Michigan -- Learn to tackle and you'll win the Big 10. That carries a value equivalent to winning the Pac-10.

4. Tennessee -- You deserve this because I don't think anyone believes you're a Nat'l Title contender but you have enough talent to win the SEC.

5. Va. Tech -- Surprised? You shouldn't be. These guys are going to be great for 2 reasons: 1. Marcus 2. Vick

6. LSU -- Les Miles is not as good as LSU fans hopes he'll be, but Nick Saban's old team could run itself and win 9 games.

7. Ohio State -- I'm only putting you here because of the same reason for Texas being at number 2. Again, your weak-ass conference allows you to play a decent schedule. At least you're in a kick-ass non-conference game. I say you lose 3 games and finish around 15.

8. Louisville -- Quit rubbing your eyes. You see this. Louisville has one of the most effective passing attacks behind another QB that can lead a team. They remind me of the Dawgs of 2002. No...really.

9. Miami -- Congrats Larry Coker. You proved Miami (the experience) recruits your talent and you won with Butch Davis' team. You can't coach. Call me a liar, I dare you.

10. DAWGS -- Think I'm crazy? Tell me why. Everyone wants to point at D.J. yet they put Texas as Nat'l Champ. contenders? This is just like Tenn. when they won the Championship after Peyton left. We're legitimate all the way around. I hate to let you pundits know that. Quit drinking the Kool-aide.

11. Iowa -- These boys play hard nosed football. I like Iowa. Too bad they're stuck in the Big 10. I'm sure the Big XII could use them.

12. Florida -- You're over-f*cking-rated. If the damn offense is that complicated, Chris Leak may get it, but the criminals catching what he throws won't. I still say 9-2.

13. Oklahoma -- Hand the ball off and you'll be fine, new QB...whoever you are.

14. Florida State -- "Mark Richt took my winning days with him! Now give me my Oakleys and grape juice. I'm going to go watch Unnecessary Roughness. It reminds me of my sons who can't win either."

15. Auburn -- You'll always have good running backs and you'll have a pretty decent defense. You'll win just enough games to get into a decent bowl and you'll be decently surprised to find yourself 8-3 at the end of the season.

16. California -- I always like what they do there. Beat the shit out of USC please.

17. Boise State -- Hey, prove me wrong...lose your first game.

18. Texas A&M -- Nothing would make me happier (well actually there's a lot that would) than to watch "The Franchise" go 1-10 (Texas) after he told his Alabama players he wasn't leaving. He deserves to lose wherever he goes.

19. Texas Tech -- Damn these guys are fun to watch. Let's just outscore the other team, screw defense!

20. Arizona State -- Pac-10. I don't care.

21. Pittsburgh -- Let's see, Dave Wannadanny can't win at Miami and he probably won't win here with a bunch of no-name players. But what the hell, I stopped caring after number 10.

22. Boston College -- I think you'll do well in the ACC. Put watch out for those perennial powerhouses like Georgia Tech. They'll just up and score 3 points on you out of nowhere.

23. Alabama -- Oh yeah, I still think your team is good enough to win the SEC West. Call me a fool. This team has something to prove.

24. Virginia -- A team that can always upset anyone they play. Emotion carries them to a 7-4 season with a decent bowl.

25. Notre Dame -- I REALLY like Charlie Weis. I'll bet they win 6 games on emotion alone.

Well there you have it. I'm completely wrong on a lot of these, but I think the beauty of college football is the "emotion factor" and that's what I judge by. We all know the majority of the games are won with solid play, but this solid play includes heart instead of $$$.


Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005
So today's theme kids is all about crashing.

First, let's begin this blog with our favorite crash:

The Computer.

If you have the ZOTOB virus, I hate it for you and thankfully Norton caught it yesterday trying to sneak its binary ass onto my computer. Thank God it didn't because y'all can't be deprived of my words of fabulosity. Anyway, so you're infected and it sucks. Go here and get it fixed. You're welcome.

Moving on, our second crash is a tribute to my second favorite activity (right behind sleeping):


So I'm not a wedding crasher, but I am in a new movie. In fact, myself and Jeb as well as two other likely duos (that's 6 people total) are all featured in The Wedding Crashers movie. I'm inviting all of you (and by "inviting" I mean, "click the damn links, trust me they're worth it.") to click these links below:

More Rock and Tenacious D

The College Years (all 12 of them)

The Fab Two


Third, this next crash is dedicated to all the Jonny-come-lately's out there:

Poker Games.

Ok, so no one's really ever crashed a poker game, but you give me a better segue (yes that IS how it's spelled) and I'll take it. Congrats to the aforementioned Wedding Crasher and his winning of most likely a very lucrative amount of cash in a poker tourney. Granted, I'm totally a Jonny-come-lately and I did buy the TV hype, but I have earned a great deal of respect for the game and those who play it with patience. If you want to know the truth, online poker is kind of ruining the game to me. It's kind of like cheering while someone's swinging in golf. You can do it and they should probably be able to swing the same, but it just changes how you're supposed to play the game.

That's just my thoughts and please understand I damn sure ain't going to stop playing. I'm not up +$25!!!! Eat that shit Russ!!!! Just kidding. However, I would like to enter a tourney and play against you one day. Preferrably one of the $5 ones though.

Fourth, one of the not-so-cool crashes:


Ok, he sucks, but it fits the mold.

Ok, one final note and I'm concluding this. I agree, fuck Lou Holtz. I like the guy as a man, but when he says anything remotely resembling The Gamecocks being better than the Dawgs, he should realize all people are hearing is, "Blah Blah Blah, my legacy is tarnished because I violated NCAA rules, I couldn't win at a school that didn't have the name 'Notre Dame', and my son is a no-talent ass clown."

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, August 14, 2005
Ok Blogger, kiss my ass. This is the third time I've posted this blog and I'm so pissed off, you (the people) are just getting an outline of the first blog which was great and the second blog which was just ok.

1. Glory-Angel Tag is awesome. I listened to it on the way home from Athens. [NAME REDACTED], you're very well respected in this guy's mind and after all the awesome things you've done, this is by far the best. Good work.

2. I'm opening a bar in a year's time and I'm dead serious about it. I need 2 or 3 more people who want to do this too. I've decided it's a great idea. If you want to talk about it, let me know and I'll fill you in. If not, then that's fine too.

3. Here's the new Dukes of Hazzard movie cast, as voted on my Roy, Stacy, Jeb, Abby and myself while drinking at The Arch last night:

Bo -- Jason Lee. Colin Farrell would work too but he might overshadow Luke as the pretty one.

Luke -- Paul Walker

Daisy -- Jessica Simpson is fine, but I like Elisha Cuthbert for this role.

Uncle Jesse -- Ron White with make-up and a beard.

Cooter -- Larry the Cable Guy

Boss Hog -- Danny Devito

Rosco P. Coltrain -- Will Ferrell

Enus -- I'll take either Ashton Kutcher (who I also think would make a good Bo) or D.J. Qualls.

Hope y'all enjoy the video. I like Fergie and since she's in this one a lot, I decided to post it. I'll also post The Bravery's "Honest Mistake" as soon as I find the full video.

Sorry about the shortness, but my fingers hurt and my patience is at it's end.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, August 11, 2005
Here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes, it's been said by myself time and time again that I am a self-described OC fanatic. I mean it's bad. Tonight I watched the season finale of season 2 and stuck around after the previews to see a few "sneak peeks" at next season. I'm very intrigued with what I see so far. I'll be honest, for an avid fan like myself, I enjoyed this past season, but the freshness wasn't there and it seems like from what I saw, it's going to get a lot better this time around. Whereas season 1 ended on a low note after a stellar opening, season 2 ended on a high note trying to gain momentum. All I can say is the writers for that show are fantastic and call me whatever you want, I'll always watch it.

Moving on, anyone know what happened to Mike Knight? I noticed his blog was removed one day when doing my daily routine of "blog updates" and figured it to be a random mixup, but apparently, his blog is really gone. Any information would be greatly appreciated since I always enjoyed how he wrote. At least he has a cool name. Blog or no blog, you can't beat that.

The job is still going well. It doesn't excite me like Clear Channel did (well radio, not really CC) but maybe that's because I'm still new and still getting bounced around on the ropes. At least there are a few Dawg fans there, albeit not many, but enough to make it worth going. The people are cool, I can do the work, and I'm not scared about getting fired. Definetly a better situation.

I hate that I haven't written anything worthwhile as of late. I apologize for that. I'm just so tired when I get home that all the creative ideas I dream up throughout the day are pretty much worthless by 6:00 when I step foot in the door. I'll try to do better once things calm down. Until then, you'll have to amuse yourself with this. I suggest playing "Super Mario's Rampage." I thoroughly enjoyed it.

One final thing, I wasn't sold on the music of Modern Skirts the two times that I heard them. I know Dave and Russ think that they're better than sliced bread, but I think my problem was that I was stuck in two places with HORRIBLE acoustics (those places being bottom of Tasty World and DT's Down Under). I peeped their Web site via Dave earlier today and what I heard was new, refreshing, and unique. I might just be a fan after all. I hope their CD is as good as that song. I also downloaded "My Bully" and that's a pretty good tune as well, but not as crisp as the professionally mixed recording of "Pasadena" i heard today. Good song.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
I didn't win a lot of money, but every little bit helps.

That's right ladies and gents. The champ is here! I won a $1.20 online poker tournament today to bring my year-to-date tournament winnings to $14!! Not a bad effort given it was my first tourney I've ever played with real money. I'm looking forward to more wins, but since I know I'll lose a lot more often than I'll win, I'm not sure how many more wins I want.

For those interested, the job is going quite well through the second day. I've found a place that seems to welcome me decently well for the time being and I'm with a group of guys that really want to do well. It's nice working at a place where everyone isn't worried about covering their ass so THEY don't get in trouble. Damn, this is what it's like in a decent work environment.

I will be honest though, I can't used to the term "load." Everytime I read something or hear something with "load" in it, I just want to bust out laughing. My two favorite phrases (in the training manual, no less) are "This is a hot load" and "Make the load look attractive." Fucking classic I tell ya.

In other news, Tech Sucks.

Oh, and speaking of Tech, we're only 4 Saturdays from Gameday which I will be working half of that day. That sucks but oh well. If anyone's got plans in the Atlanta area, Jeb and I will both be up here and will be looking for friendly confines in the not-so-classic-city. Or we could just order pizza and beer at his place and get drunk while we watch the Dawgs whoop Bronco ass.

I'll be posting some Anti-Orange/Anti-Tech things soon as soon as I find the time to write out some funny smack talk.

Hope everyone's doing well and just remember, if you're having trouble getting the right deal struck with the other party, "Make the load look attractive."

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, August 07, 2005
And it kicked my car's ass.

So I was on the way to The Classic City Saturday night when all of a sudden, I hit a pot hole so deep I think someone was once buried inside of it. Nevertheless, I heard a sound that was remotely similar to the sound the car made when I hit this animal in January. Fearing that I had bent my front end up to the point of no return and finding that my car was suddenly pulling to the left so bad the ACLU would be jealous, I quickly jutted off of I-85 to reveal the tire being blown out. Thank God it just popped instead of doing what it sounded like it did. I just knew I was going to be "that guy" trapped on the side of the road with a car he couldn't drive.

I promptly (and by promptly, I mean TOOK A LONG FUCKING TIME) changed the tire and am now riding on one of those Donuts. However, my donut is yellow in the middle instead of black to allow EVERYONE to see that my car is now the bastard child of Scion, and it's only a year old.


Anyway, no trip to Athens this weekend (excluding Friday, which was a blast and I'm guessing will be a blog saved for another time).

I start the new job tomorrow. Here's hoping I don't suck at it. My clothes are all nice and pressed and at the end of my workday I'll be taking the Scion over to Legacy Toyota to get fixed. Therefore I probably won't see it for another 2 or 3 weeks. Let's hope that's not the case.

I'll change some more things up soon like the video to your right and I'll post more often once things calm down a little.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- [NAME REDACTED], I stumbled upon this. I went to his Web site and found nothing, but I did Google the story and found this article which gives a few more details. It's basically for bragging rights and recognition, which neither of them are bad, they just don't pay the light bill. Just thought I'd pass it along.

Friday, August 05, 2005
So I decided that with the extended family all wanting to see me and take me out to dinner this week that I'd just blow the diet out of the water as best I could.

Well I'm doing great at it for those wondering. Right now I'm finishing off the last bit of Breyer's Oreo Ice Cream and it's FANTASTIC. I mean damn it's good.

Not really much to report on to provoke any kind of deep thoughts. I generally try to keep people on their toes by expressing my opinion in the harshest manner possible to illicit responses from the masses. However, today I'm about as blank as my sheet of paper that lists "girls I've dated recently." Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I would like to point everyone over to this blog. I'm sure most of you remember Joe Brown and his partner in crime Eric Crawford. We all know [NAME REDACTED] does. Quote from the Chicago trip: "Joe, you're making this trip miserable for me already." At the time of this quote, we hadn't even left the parking lot. Anyway, Joe and I got to talking today and he's established a new blog where Judge Joe Brown rules on...well whatever he wants to form an opinion on. Seems like a fun idea and since Joe's an intelligent fella, I'm sure it'll be a good read.

Finally one last picture in honor of the aforementioned Eric Crawford:


Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, August 04, 2005
Poker in the rear.

So I bought this book today. It's true. I've been bitten by the poker bug. While I'm nowhere near as anal about it as my old roomate Jonathan is, I still enjoy it and think it's a blast to play. I entered a 2000 person "freeroll" tournament on and promptly lasted the better part of an hour. So I'm not good. Who cares?

It's a pretty interesting read so far. I'm a little lost on pot odds but once I get that down I'll be right at average instead of poor in the player category. The only problem with the book really is that it cost me $30 since I bought it new at Barnes and Noble. Right now $30 is an investment since I've been eating out every day and spending money on "moving expenses." Rock on tax write offs.

I'd also like to invite everyone to read this person's blog. For those of you who don't know Oubre's incredibly cute wife, she's a very good writer and is posting some really interesting shit on how birth order affects personality. I'm somewhere in between Only Child and First Born. I have distinct traits of both but where I see the most common stuff is within my mom's side of her family. It's got that down to a "T."

Moving on, I'd really like for everyone to send an IM to KitZeus99 if you chat using AIM. My wonderful messenger crashed and I lost my entire buddy list. I think it knew I didn't even talk to half of those people anymore so it just said "to hell with it" and did the deed for me. So if you want to talk, I'd suggest sending me a message and I'll add you. If not, then whatever, you still probably have my cell phone number anyway.

Ok, before I go, big props to [NAME REDACTED] for finding his niche, Russ for finally getting to Vegas, Ln for her promotion, Tim for house hunting, Oubre for enjoying the job, Oob for keeping her chin up in tough times, Jen for moving to Atl. soon, Stacy for deciding being single is OK, Staisha for being Staisha, and everyone else for doing what they do. I have a daily ritual of reading everyone's blogs and it really seems like good's going around right now. The only thing I don't know is who the guy (or girl) who posted in a previous blog under the name JT is. If anyone knows, please pass that along. I don't like not knowing who is talking to me.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005
And that something is giving head.

Sorry for the beginning if you're under the age of 16, but if you are, what in the hell are you doing reading my blog? Your parents need to put that "Net Nanny" to work quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry.

Also, for those of you thinking that it was me that got head from a bleeding heart Liberal, you would be sadly mistaken, but it's ok because I'm sad about that too. My old roomate Jonathan called me earlier tonight (which now is technically yesterday) and told me that after reading my previous blog where I had a war of words with A.J. The Lib, he had no idea I was so ultra Conservative. I then informed him that while I'm ultra Conservative in most aspects, I'm very Moderate in others. Why I'm capitalizing Conservative, Moderate, and Liberal is beyond me. I just noticed that.

Moving on, he remarked that while he is Conservative as well, he found one great thing that Liberals are good at and that would be giving head. He met a "nice" girl the other night who is just off the charts Liberal and then proceeded to work his magic and get "head that made his toes curl." Then he told me that she made him also wear his cowboy hat. I found that amusing so here it is for all the world to see.

In other news, I'm still not fully unpacked. I have a lot of work to do in that area and I don't really know when it's going to all get done. However, I can feel all of this disorganization taking a toll on me so I'm sure it will be taken care of soon.

I went to lunch with both of my cousins today which was a great experience. It was really good to see Sam(antha) since I have a feeling we're a lot alike in certain aspects. I have great family on both my mom and dad's side. I'm blessed like that.

In other news, there is a great caption contest involving Steve Spurrier that can be found here. The more I read Paul Westerdawg's Blog, the more I enjoy it. It's a fine piece of work.

Well, I reckon I'm off to bed.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Monday, August 01, 2005
Just to let everyone know that I apologize for the previous post dealing with the ex. I wasn't writing for comments or understanding, I was writing to vent and that's what I did. I never really felt upset or angry or anything, I just needed to "set the record straight" or at least come to some sort of understanding with whatever I needed to understand.

In lighter news, the Dawgs picked up two other committments today. You can find news about that here. It's another great day to be a Georgia Bulldog as well as a great day to thank Rodney Garner for staying with the program. He's a recruiting genius.

The link above leads to the actual story and a few links on the details but it also leads you to a wonderful blog on UGA/SEC/College football. It's written by Paul Westerdawg and is worthy of checking out on a daily basis.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Well, not completely empty.

For those interested, the move went relatively well. It wasn't painless by any stretch of the imagination. Just ask my dad who I'm sure is still feeling the effects of trying to act like he's not 50 years old.

I think I smell pot. More on this later.

So yeah. I got the big bedroom with it's own bathroom. Big props to A.J. (Aunt Jane for those scoring at home) for letting me have her old bedroom. Tomorrow begins the "let's drive around and see what we can get into" phase of living in a new town. I have to wake up early to see the Comcast guy in hopes that I can get some TV in my room. The house I'm living in is just inside of Tyrone, Georgia and offers just what I was hoping for in reference to being able to get out of Atlanta when I just couldn't take a big city anymore. Y'all forget that I'm from Perry and once in a while, I just can't be around buildings that go up more than two floors. This place offers that release valve and I'm quite appreciative for it.

A.J. and Sara (the cousin) have a live-in ex boyfriend of A.J. named Dave. I like the guy. I really do. However if he's smoking pot and I even make the needle jump a little on the drug test I may or may not take for this job, I'll kill him. I'm not so paranoid to think that a hint of second hand pot smoke will test me positive, but I don't even want to take the chance. You think I'm kidding. I'll put a foot in his ass if he costs me my guaranteed salary. However, he's a nice guy and I think it just might be some kind of shitty cigarettes. I don't think he has the balls to do that in Jane's house. Lord knows I wouldn't.

So other than some random news here and there (which I won't bore you with) I'll say thanks to everyone for their support throughout the entire process. Sorry I didn't call anyone Saturday. I passed out as soon as I got the chance.

*Note: The rest of this blog is deep and depressing and is a direct result of the need to vent. If you don't like my sometimes overwhelming desire to get this way, stop reading. Don't say I didn't warn you.*

I think nearly everyone that reads my blogs knows about Courtney. Hell, if you don't, just know you're not missing much other than what was a very intense relationship with a VERY rough ending. Things were great, got worse, got better, got worse, and then got downright ugly. This led to her and I parting on not really speaking terms to that being what we're kind of on today. We'd both be cordial, but I think we'd both not want to be.

Well during the moving process I ran across a lot of old notes and some surprises that I had not previously encountered. Once Courtney and I split, I broke all ties, refusing to throw away her stuff but also refusing to keep it around in my eyesight. I tucked it all away neatly never to think of it again...literally. I "found" all of these things this past weekend while packing up my belongings into different moving boxes of various shapes and sizes. Coincidentally I found them while I was reeling from another dream I had of her and I trying to reconcile and failing yet again. Occassionally I'll have those and it will just fuck up my entire day.

So I'm sitting here all day long wondering why my subconcious won't let her go and why all of a sudden I found a notebook of hers with the names of our hypothetical children in it (childish I know but kind of cute). By the way, Cohen Kitchens is a pretty decent name for a child that, thankfully, we never had.

Then I find notes. I find letters and cards and shit from Valentine's Day and stuff that had dust on it an inch thick. The only problem is I don't know why I found it in conjunction with dreams that are hell-bent on plaguing my entire day. All I can think of is that in this time of closing a chapter on my Savannah Adventure, it's important to know that I shouldn't hate her as much as I know I still do. She did some awful shit to me, but not loving me wasn't one of them. That girl loved me deeply at one point and for some reason it just stopped one day. But I had tricked myself into thinking that I was a fool and I had let her go on with her charade of being my girlfriend without consequences because I cared so much for her. Well I was wrong. She really is a shell of the person that I once knew but that person that I once knew was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I hope and pray I'll find someone like her when things between us were great. I don't know if I ever will but that's why they call it faith I guess. All I know is that I feel bad for the malice in my heart that I've had for her for so long and can't seem to shake. The woman left me in shambles, but at least she loved me enough once to put me in that place.

Thanks Courtney. You let me know that I had never truly loved someone before and you let me know how precious that is. I don't know if I'd ever take you back should that bridge ever come to be crossed...even though that conversation is pointless because both you and I know it will never get to that point. I wish you nothing but the best, even though sometimes I will still feel like you don't deserve it. Either way, thanks, I guess.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.