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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Hello again, Dawg people.

I have a couple of quick hits to bestow upon you before I get ready for the rest of my week, so let's not waste any of your time, ok?

1. Remember a couple of posts back when I mentioned some guy from Arby's Corporate that reads the blog? Well, I got an e-mail from him today so I guess he still reads it. Thanks for sticking around, Michael.

2. In "Gators Suck" news, I received another e-mail from Shit-Hot Oob, who wrote a gem of a post that can be found here. We're really raising the youth of today properly, aren't we?

3. Falling under the category of "Bowl Related," Seth Watts has been suspended for the bowl game against Virginia Tech. Our guys have toughed it so far this season and we've only seen Watts in a limited role all year long, but this still stings a little. Virginia Tech's defense is VERY stout and we need all the help up front we can get.

4. Continuing the bowl chat, I really believe that our game against VT is going to be one of the best of the bowl season. I hope I'm not sticking my foot in my mouth here, but I think this will be a low-scoring, defensive game that's going to come down to the last 5 minutes in the 4th quarter. It'll be a lot like most of our games this year, with the exception that Virginia Tech is not Vandy or Kentucky.

5. Condolences go out to the Godfather of Soul's family. I liked his music and his show-stopping ability, but I wasn't always the biggest fan of his actions. However, the truth is that he was a Georgia boy and a very big Dawg fan. Whether you liked him or not is irrelevant. It always sucks losing one of your own. Shout out goes to PWD who was the first blogger I think who mentioned it and has also put up some kickass videos and pics that show JB's love of UGA.

6. This is a little late, but I fucking hate Mark May. I watched the "all time greatest teams square off against each other" thing on ESPN Classic not too long ago and when they spoke about the 1980 Dawgs, Captain Fuckstick (aka Mark May) had to chime in saying we didn't deserve the title.

Apparently (and nearly everyone knows this, but let's review it anyway) Mark doesn't believe we deserved the title because he thinks the 1980 Pitt team should've been in the championship that year. He subsequently believes that this 1980 Pitt team (that he played on) would've beaten UGA. Herbstreit had the best line when he said "I don't remember seeing 1980 Pitt anywhere on this board." Well done, sir.

So, with that in mind, I present to you this website that will be linked to the right as soon as I get around to doing it.

Trev Alberts for Heisman.

7. Also, in great web site news, if you've ever heard Coach O at Ole Miss speak, then you will find this site to be fucking hilarious.

8. The Hoop Dawgs have a very important showdown with Clemson on Thursday. I have lunch riding on our victory so here's hoping that S. Gaines will be good to go at Point Guard. If he's not, then we might be looking at our second loss in a row.

9. Finally, it seems not everyone appreciated that the Dawg-gone Blog staff only chose brunettes to represent the site and neglected to add any blondes (or red heads for that matter). Well should I have kept listing the ladies chosen, then you would've noticed that they were there; they just didn't finish very high.

6) Ms. Nevada (recently made the list for some reason...)
7) 1998 - 2002 Britney Spears
8) Eva Mendes
9) Jane Skinner from Fox News (she totally does it for us...honorable mention to Juliet Huddy)
10) Ariel

So, there you go. I think that takes care of everyone for now. I have a lot of stuff to write about, so if time permits, I'll be back tomorrow with a new post.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

For everyone out there, I'd like to pass along my own Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Thanks for this past year and I'm very much looking forward to 2007. Also, if you're not a Jesus-type, then Happy RanaHanaKwanzMas.

Now, we have an early Christmas present for all of you. It seems that the staff here at The Dawg-gone Blog have taken a look back at 2006 and one person in particular has been extremely helpful to the growth of this site. That person would be Keira Knightley. After linking up a picture I found on Google Image Search, I have learned that people are much more interested in seeing that gorgeous face than they are about reading any of the shit I write.

So, in honor of that, we have decided that our new "site girl" going forward will be Ms. Knightley. Here's hoping she Googles herself and realizes what a great honor this is.

THIS generates hits to the site. NOT analysis.

In order to make sure it was a fair process, our staff analyzed hundreds of beautiful women and worked numerous hours trying to find the perfect one to represent the site. We began with twenty women and narrowed it down to five.

Here's the top five:

1. Kiera Knightley (by an overwhelming margin)
2. Angelina Jolie (homewrecker tendencies made the staff nervous)
3. Jessica Alba (no explanation needed)
4. Charlize Theron (finished lower than expected due to recent movies that have uglied her up)
5. Rachel Bilson (made a late charge due to the cuteness resurgence on The O.C.)

Honorable Mention went to Kristin Davis, who couldn't be nominated since she's The King's Girl.

Obviously, not voting for her hurt pretty badly.

Anyway, here's hoping you and yours have a very safe and happy holiday. The diet starts on Christmas day so if you guys see me in Athens this upcoming weekend for New Years and wonder why I'm so pissed; now you know.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Well that was fun wasn't it?

A record setting 27 comments was left on the last post and I believe I had somewhere in the area of 210 hits to the site. Some commented once, many more than once, and I sat back and enjoyed every damn minute of it. The good news is I believe everyone has taken it in stride and enjoyed the smack talk for what it is...only smack talk. I highly doubt Judge Joe Brown is going to be at any of Natalie's socials in the near future, though.

While everyone was ripping each other's throats out, here's what was missed:

1. Reggie Ball, along with some no-name cornerback, has been ruled academically ineligible for the Gator Bowl . I literally could joke about this for days, but there's no point. We knew the son of a bitch was dumb. It just bakes our noodle as to how no one on the Georgia Tech staff knew. Seriously, did ANYONE outside of that coaching staff really think he was the truth? Hell, all he had to do was get the ball to Calvin Johnson and he couldn't even do that shit effectively. They should've just picked someone from the band and put them in the game.

Photo: "HUH?" (shoutout: Only In America)

2. Due to the large amount of O-line commitments, Joe Blaes' scholarship has been pulled. It appears that he may still enroll mid-year, but for right now, we're just deep as hell and have no free ride for him. You may wonder where that extra scholarship went. Well...

3. It seems that Ian Smith has not been kicked off the team. PWD nailed it when he listed the facts about Ian and what exactly happened the night of the arrest. This kid has a serious problem and even though he's suspended half the season next year, it seems that Mark Richt wanted to keep him close to UGA so he could get support from his counselors, coaches, and teammates. Hopefully Ian can keep it together this time.

4. The Dawgs face off against Georgia Tech Friday night in basketball. Word from the Natalie Hall house says that this series heavily favors home court advantage, which is bad for the Dawgs. She's hoping, like the rest of us, that the Dawgs will end up victorious. She's basically looking for any excuse to become a closet fan.

5. In "Never Saw That Shit Coming" News, both Hairy Dawg and Spike were attacked by two knife wielding teens at the UGA vs. Jacksonville basketball game on Tuesday (shoutout: PWD). Neither were hurt, and the University has laid some punishment down, but it appears that the government is waiting for its turn. I hope the little bastards get the book thrown at them. I am one of the only people on the planet that actually like Spike. He's basically the John Lovitz of mascots.

Well, I think that takes care of it for right now. I'll be back either tomorrow or Saturday to throw down some pre-Christmas Merriness.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Well I made it back from the Coastal Empire yesterday a bit on the tired side both mentally and physically. It's nice to see that two and a half of the great folks that essentially became my family down there are doing well (thanks again Wes, Jennifer, and Ms. C), but some of the others are going through rough patches. I hope it all shakes out well for them.

I woke up this afternoon (which, as always, was great) to do some Xmas shopping since the next day off I'll have will be Dec. 25 and I found I had a comment on the site. Thinking it was maybe it was from someone from Savannah, I opened it up to find this:

You are a dumbass. You are the reason that we (GT students) hate UGA. Your article, or rant, had no point. And your "reasons" for hating GT were lame.

-We are as obsessed with the T, as you UGA peoples are with the damn arch.

-We are in the forefront of education. And will always be.

-You're right, we're not as good at football. who fucking cares. Wait, no, this year we are.

-Without football, UGA has nothing.

-All of your fans are redneck idiots who most of the time didn't even go to college, and most definitely cannot actually spell the word university.

-No one goes to the varsity. .. Good reason to hate Tech?

That is all. Good luck with your "education". Im sure by the time you graduate you will indeed also know how to mix every drink known to man. That is the epitome of success.

q: what does a graduated Uga student call a graduated Tech student?

-Natalie Hall (feel free to facebook me)

And Facebook her I did.

Now, I believe I have your attention Ms. Hall, so let me respond to your comments in a manner that will garner some fact-based debate.

U.S. News and World Reports lists the Georgia Institute of Technology as the 38th best school in the nation whereas UGA is 60th. That is a cold-hard fact.

However, what is also a cold-hard fact is the Georgia Institute of Technology is mainly a college for math wizards and lab rats. Now that is fantastic that you have figured out what you want to do with your life at such a young age, but you are very much in the minority in that regards when compared to your peers. In fact, the most versatile major you have at Georgia Tech is Business Administration and Management. Which, oddly enough, is the same major as your "field general" in Reggie Ball.

Should I remind you that Reggie has a hard time remembering "4?"

Now, should you be a run-of-the-mill person who has decided they're not sure what exactly they want to do with their life, you could go to UGA and major in Pre-Med, Business, Pre-Law (with an option to stay and receive your Law degree), Journalism (one of the finest in the nation if "Peabody" means anything to you), Music, Art, History, and the list goes on and on.

Nevermind all that however, let's take a look at why you love Tech so much. In a little bit of further analysis, it seems that Georgia Tech's Male to Female ratio is a respectable 71:29. At UGA, the ratio is a bit different in 43:57.

It's not surprising that you love Georgia Tech with you getting all of that attention and everything. Plus, you're easy on the eyes, so it's even higher in your favor. Things are starting to clear up just a touch, aren't they?

Now, let's take a look at the rest of your argument...

"We are as obsessed with the T, as you UGA peoples are with the damn arch." -- To an extent, but please note that the Arch is a symbol whereas yours is a letter. It's only SLIGHTLY different in the eyes of the english language.

"We are in the forefront of education." -- Wrong answer. You're somewhere towards the front of Mathematics and Engineering. We're kicking your ass in every other area.

"You're right, we're not as good at football. who fucking cares. Wait, no, this year we are." -- Wrong. We beat you. Again. It's kind of a thing we do. AND, it's been that way for a while now with us winning 2 SEC Championships and in the past 5 years. We're waiting on you to get that elusive ACC Championship that your beloved coach is having some trouble finding. Speaking of which, I saw your pictures from the ACC Championship game. If you want to know what it's like when the stadium's more than 1/3 full, you're more than welcome to come to the Cocktail Party next year.

"Without football, UGA has nothing. " -- Well, to an extent, you are correct if by "nothing" you mean "no $24 million athletic profit." It seems that we tend to make money off of our athletics so we can build better facilities for our student-athletes as well as our regular students. A little corporate glad-handing has helped in that regard as well.

"All of your fans are redneck idiots who most of the time didn't even go to college, and most definitely cannot actually spell the word university. " -- And if that is true, then I guess it should also be true that while our biggest fans couldn't make it in our university, your biggest fans are too busy trying to blow themselves up in the name of Allah. I'm just saying...

"No one goes to the varsity. .. Good reason to hate Tech?" -- Oh hush. Plenty of people go to the Varsity. Ever heard of the Freshman 15?

"That is all. Good luck with your "education". Im sure by the time you graduate you will indeed also know how to mix every drink known to man. That is the epitome of success. " -- How did you know? The only problem with this statement is that I graduated in December 2003. However, you and I should sit down and figure out how you found out about Project Moderation.

"q: what does a graduated Uga student call a graduated Tech student?
-- Now we all know that's wrong. The correct answer is "Nerd."

Now, Ms. Hall, you are more than welcome to respond in the same lovely manner that you did earlier. You can either do it in the comments section or I'll even give you free reign on a post if you want to put forth a viable argument. It's your call, but thanks for stopping by.

I still hate Tech.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Friday, December 15, 2006
Well, not world, but definitely "Georgia."

This evening I'm headed to the Coastal Empire and more specifically Savannah, Georgia to see some old friends that I used to work with. It's a very interesting trip for me since I was screaming to get out of Savannah when I lived there and now that things are as they should be, I'm screaming to get back in just to spend some time with the folks that made it worthwhile.

Here's hoping I don't get too drunk to forget the whole weekend.

Also, I could use some company for the ride, so if you have my cell phone number, you're more than welcome to give me a ring.

Anyway, check out the links to the right to catch yourself up on all Dawg-related news. Remember, the dead period of recruiting starts on Monday, so I anticipate a very big recruiting update soon. I think we've got a good shot at some talent that we need to wear Red and Black.

Not much else to say. Let's hope we all have a helluva weekend.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
1. I decided to join today. I'll wait until the bonus check hits the bank, but once it does I'm going to go ahead and do it. My buddy at work has been letting me use his log on information so I could check it out, and I find it feeds my Dawg addiction quite well.

2. I received an e-mail from a fella named Patrick from Only In America. It's run by a few UGA guys who said they read the site and invited me to take a look. When you say you've read my site, you've found the best way to win me over. I added their link to those on the right. I'll say that some of their stuff isn't always PC, but hell, neither is mine. Go check them out if you get the chance and give them some feedback. It always helps me when y'all tell me how I'm fucking up.

3. It's good to see Jennifer has found my blog. She's the wife and one half of the biggest Dawg family in Savannah next to the Seilers. I'll be making a trip to old S-town on Saturday and staying through Monday morning to catch up. I haven't been back since I left so it's long overdue. It'll be nice to see the folks that made the experience worthwhile.

4. Who is Ally? I always appreciate an good comment and she left one on the previous post, but I have no idea who she is. It still blows my mind to this day that people I don't know read the random shit I write about the Dawgs, politics, and life in general. Ally, speak up and let us know who you are. If you don't feel the need to identify yourself in the "public" eye, then shoot me an e-mail at KitZeus99 [at]

5. Going along with the Ally thing, there are people I doubt I would've ever spoken to because of various reasons that I have gotten to know just by writing this blog. I have received an e-mail from someone that works at Arby's corporate office, someone that grew up in Houston County, Paige, and of course the other bloggers like PWD. That's pretty damn cool if you think about it.

6. The dead period of UGA recruiting begins on Dec. 18. That's the time where recruits are not supposed to receive any contact from coaches at all. I'm hoping to string together a good post around that time regarding my thoughts on the recruiting class as well as who else out there we need to get before signing day. We've got about 4 or 5 guys we're really pushing for, but I believe we only have about 2 or 3 scholarships to fill those offers.

7. Also, expect posts dedicated to UGA basketball, UGA football offense predictions, UGA football defense predictions, and just some more random Georgia shit that my cranium kicks around while the offseason lingers on.

And I think I'm spent.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
This time of year usually reunites friends and family that swore they'd keep in touch roughly around this time last year. I have been the beneficiary of such greetings and salutations lately through my Grandfather's passing as well as the nature of the season.

Every time I bump into an old friend we do the best to catch up and it usually begins with "How's it going?"

Well, here it is...

"This past Saturday UGA hosted 11 recruits into the Classic City. We received another commitment from another OL prospect, which is always nice. I swear we're going to have a team after all next year. You just wait. The future looks bright.

I got a raise at work on Monday which makes it tough to continue work on Project Moderation. I'll keep on going, but the nice benefit makes it easier to plan for the future and that's why we work so hard we don't have to tomorrow. Hell, at least the raise and bonus will make a pretty good Christmas for the ones around me. I'm still single so I got no one to buy for but family and friends. Someone should enjoy my money more than me, right?

I've been traveling a lot lately to see some friends that I've been meaning to see. Everyone I've visited so far seems to be doing well. There's a few engagements, a pregnancy here and there, but a lot of smiles and a lot of good memories to go with that good news. Right now, things are pretty much as they should be in most of the areas of their lives. They have a lot to be thankful for when they think about it.

As far as Atlanta life, I'm really enjoying it. I still miss Savannah from time to time, but I really do love knowing that I'll be receiving a paycheck every 15 days. That's a luxury that I think most of us take for granted, but I don't regret any of the time I spent there. It pretty much forced me to appreciate what I've had, what I have, and what I want to become. You can't really put a paycheck on that can ya? I've got good friends up here and really good roomates. I've been blessed to live closer to family and being only 90 miles away from Athens ain't too bad either.

But all in all I'm doing well and really trying to keep up with the blogging when I can. It works as a great stress reliever and gives me something to do when I'm bored as hell. I get a good many visits a day, but I think most of those come from people researching the Keira Knightley photo I posted up over the summer. That chick has been better for my hit count than anything I have ever written.

Most of the time I hate not being settled down with a good girl and on my way to having a family, but at other times I kind of see it as the way things should be with all the other things I'm trying to do. We'll see how that all works out in the future I guess.

I've still got some weight to lose and I've got some more things to learn before I can say 'I'm there,' but man life in the middle of this season just doesn't get any better if you take a moment to look around and realize all that you have. Trust me, I tend to see the same thing over and over again, but the view isn't bad at all.

And how are you?"

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, December 10, 2006
Well the second trip to Nash-vegas to see The Song Writer went very well. It's always good to go up there and hang out with someone who knows more shit than I ever could. I spent a lot of the weekend drinking, listening to new tunes, watching Georgia Tech drop a turd against Vandy on ESPN2, and doing this. I had a blast to say the least.

However, one of the things I did not anticipate was for the large amounts of Jack Daniels I drank to wage a holy war on my immune system. This morning I woke to find out that the Rhinovirus I had been halfway carrying all week was in full swing and ready to show its ugly head. I've spent most of the day on an Afrin binge complimented by a heathly dose of soup and OJ.

Killing colds? Why not? You can't go to jail for that, either.

I've been wondering what to do during the offseason regarding what I should blog about. Unlike The King, I'm a pretty big fan of UGA basketball, so I imagine I'll be blogging about that as well as any offseason news I come across regarding football. I'll be honest when I say that I could care less about baseball. Once the strike happened, it just wasn't my thing anymore. Of course I'll support the Dawgs no matter what they do, but I have no interest in the sport in general. It's kind of like how I feel about hockey.

Pretty soon I'll post some thoughts on the BCS and how I think all that will play out. I might even touch a little on my problem with the Heisman trophy, and why I think the media blows in regards to college football.

Maybe I will, maybe I won't. The offseason is kind of nice in that aspect.

In other news, BeerBlogPongThis has shared with me an article that states our old friend Mike "Big Dawg" Woods has won the Aaron's Super Fan award.

We here at The Dawg-gone Blog would like to take full credit for that victory. Thank you.

And, for any of those who are fans of Studio 60, you can click here to download the free MP3 of "O Holy Night" that was performed on the show last week. It was fucking perfect. Damn I love that show.

Y'all have a safe week. I'll be back sooner than you think.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, December 07, 2006
I'm leaving basically right now to go visit The Song Writer in Nashville for a few days. For essential Dawg news, you came to the wrong place. Check the links to the right.

Thanks for all the nice comments regarding the last post. It might seem a bit odd, but it was a lot of fun to write. Trust me, I had to shorten it a LOT because since I'm only 25, it's not quite time for my autobiography.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Monday, December 04, 2006
Sorry for the long delay in posting. This blog should explain everything.

If you want to catch up all on Dawg related material, be sure to check out PWD, The King, Ching, and This is Dawg related, but not like that.

On Saturday morning my Grandfather passed away. Everyone is fine and know that he is in a better place than he was 3 days ago. You don't really need to leave comments of I said, everyone is fine with what has happened.

What I noticed though, was the connection between my Grandfather, my Father, and myself that I was aware of, but never really gave any attention to it. Today (Monday) at the funeral, both of the presiding preachers made reference to how my Grandfather loved Georgia Football, and more imortantly, how he loved to talk about it.

My Grandfather was a good man. Once a mayor of a small town in Central/South Georgia, once a member of the armed forces, and always a die hard Georgia fan. In fact, the closest I have ever been to my Grandfather is when he and I were talking about Georgia fFootball. It's the same closeness I share with my Father today.

When I was in Redcoats, I would call my Father after every game to talk about what was going well and what wasn't going so well. There were good calls in 2002 and 2003, and not so great ones from 1999 - 2001. Then, I would come home from college and finally have that "it" thing I needed to sit down with my Grandfather and level with him. We were never as close as I now wish we were, but we had Georgia Football, and that's OK with me.

Now I sit back and I think about what how Georgia Football has influenced my life in ways that I never thought it could. My Grandfather was a Dawg, thus making my Father a Dawg, thus forcing me to be a Dawg and eventually leading me to UGA. I got to UGA and found myself and friends that would become like family to me.

Common threads are the foundation of our relationships. In order to really truly become close to someone, you need that level ground where you can learn, share, and experience together. Something that creates that bond between Grandfather, Father, Son, Friend, etc. For me, I was lucky enough for that common thread to be Georgia Football.

I'm a huge Christmas nut. Gigantic. This season always reminds me to appreciate what I have and how blessed I am. Right now, I'm very appreciative that on Christmas morning I always had the opportunity to sit with my Grandfather and talk to him about how school and Georgia Football were going.

It's not only me, though. Recently I had the chance to meet PWD and Dawgnoxious. I've noticed that T. Kyle King references how he and his young son talk about Georgia Football. Two of my closest friends at work are huge UGA fans. Oob is way up north and she watches games at a place full of Dawg fans.

Yeah, Georgia Football is fun to watch, but to many it's so much more than that.

Don't forget the great people in your life this holiday season. Don't forget to appreciate what you have, but in doing so, please take a moment to remember how you got it. Georgia Football is what I would consider to be one of the "little things" in relation to what many would consider important, but I also know now that the "little things" can lead to much bigger ones.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.