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Well I made it back from the Coastal Empire yesterday a bit on the tired side both mentally and physically. It's nice to see that two and a half of the great folks that essentially became my family down there are doing well (thanks again Wes, Jennifer, and Ms. C), but some of the others are going through rough patches. I hope it all shakes out well for them.

I woke up this afternoon (which, as always, was great) to do some Xmas shopping since the next day off I'll have will be Dec. 25 and I found I had a comment on the site. Thinking it was maybe it was from someone from Savannah, I opened it up to find this:

You are a dumbass. You are the reason that we (GT students) hate UGA. Your article, or rant, had no point. And your "reasons" for hating GT were lame.

-We are as obsessed with the T, as you UGA peoples are with the damn arch.

-We are in the forefront of education. And will always be.

-You're right, we're not as good at football. who fucking cares. Wait, no, this year we are.

-Without football, UGA has nothing.

-All of your fans are redneck idiots who most of the time didn't even go to college, and most definitely cannot actually spell the word university.

-No one goes to the varsity. .. Good reason to hate Tech?

That is all. Good luck with your "education". Im sure by the time you graduate you will indeed also know how to mix every drink known to man. That is the epitome of success.

q: what does a graduated Uga student call a graduated Tech student?

-Natalie Hall (feel free to facebook me)

And Facebook her I did.

Now, I believe I have your attention Ms. Hall, so let me respond to your comments in a manner that will garner some fact-based debate.

U.S. News and World Reports lists the Georgia Institute of Technology as the 38th best school in the nation whereas UGA is 60th. That is a cold-hard fact.

However, what is also a cold-hard fact is the Georgia Institute of Technology is mainly a college for math wizards and lab rats. Now that is fantastic that you have figured out what you want to do with your life at such a young age, but you are very much in the minority in that regards when compared to your peers. In fact, the most versatile major you have at Georgia Tech is Business Administration and Management. Which, oddly enough, is the same major as your "field general" in Reggie Ball.

Should I remind you that Reggie has a hard time remembering "4?"

Now, should you be a run-of-the-mill person who has decided they're not sure what exactly they want to do with their life, you could go to UGA and major in Pre-Med, Business, Pre-Law (with an option to stay and receive your Law degree), Journalism (one of the finest in the nation if "Peabody" means anything to you), Music, Art, History, and the list goes on and on.

Nevermind all that however, let's take a look at why you love Tech so much. In a little bit of further analysis, it seems that Georgia Tech's Male to Female ratio is a respectable 71:29. At UGA, the ratio is a bit different in 43:57.

It's not surprising that you love Georgia Tech with you getting all of that attention and everything. Plus, you're easy on the eyes, so it's even higher in your favor. Things are starting to clear up just a touch, aren't they?

Now, let's take a look at the rest of your argument...

"We are as obsessed with the T, as you UGA peoples are with the damn arch." -- To an extent, but please note that the Arch is a symbol whereas yours is a letter. It's only SLIGHTLY different in the eyes of the english language.

"We are in the forefront of education." -- Wrong answer. You're somewhere towards the front of Mathematics and Engineering. We're kicking your ass in every other area.

"You're right, we're not as good at football. who fucking cares. Wait, no, this year we are." -- Wrong. We beat you. Again. It's kind of a thing we do. AND, it's been that way for a while now with us winning 2 SEC Championships and in the past 5 years. We're waiting on you to get that elusive ACC Championship that your beloved coach is having some trouble finding. Speaking of which, I saw your pictures from the ACC Championship game. If you want to know what it's like when the stadium's more than 1/3 full, you're more than welcome to come to the Cocktail Party next year.

"Without football, UGA has nothing. " -- Well, to an extent, you are correct if by "nothing" you mean "no $24 million athletic profit." It seems that we tend to make money off of our athletics so we can build better facilities for our student-athletes as well as our regular students. A little corporate glad-handing has helped in that regard as well.

"All of your fans are redneck idiots who most of the time didn't even go to college, and most definitely cannot actually spell the word university. " -- And if that is true, then I guess it should also be true that while our biggest fans couldn't make it in our university, your biggest fans are too busy trying to blow themselves up in the name of Allah. I'm just saying...

"No one goes to the varsity. .. Good reason to hate Tech?" -- Oh hush. Plenty of people go to the Varsity. Ever heard of the Freshman 15?

"That is all. Good luck with your "education". Im sure by the time you graduate you will indeed also know how to mix every drink known to man. That is the epitome of success. " -- How did you know? The only problem with this statement is that I graduated in December 2003. However, you and I should sit down and figure out how you found out about Project Moderation.

"q: what does a graduated Uga student call a graduated Tech student?
-- Now we all know that's wrong. The correct answer is "Nerd."

Now, Ms. Hall, you are more than welcome to respond in the same lovely manner that you did earlier. You can either do it in the comments section or I'll even give you free reign on a post if you want to put forth a viable argument. It's your call, but thanks for stopping by.

I still hate Tech.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh kit, kit, kit: Now lets look at just the straight up top PUBLIC universities. We have stayed in the top ten. This year moving up to spot number eight. UGA, my friend, is currently consuming spot number 21 (a lot higher than I expected, I
must admit). NOW, I do believe UGA is a great University. It just so happens that both of my parents (who I just so happen to think are both very smart- I mean, they did create a Tech student, didn't they?) graduated from UGA. It's just that, well, a LARGE percentage of the students are there more for partying than to get an education. You know its true. To be in the top 25 universities, UGA has become extremely leniant with who they accept into the college. Lets just put it this way: There weren't many students from my highschool who didn't get into your pride and joy of a college. UGA has been all over the news as being a party school. And I know UGA is in some of the top rankings for "party schools". What an accomplishment.

Now, lets just go ahead and skip over the whole "T" thing. All I have to say is, just as the arch, it has history to it. Theres not much point in arguing about it, though, sir.

Yes, Kitters, you are very correct when you say GT is much more limited in it's majors. But Georgia Tech is NOT just for math wizards and "lab rats". I myself am majoring in psychology in order to one day go to med school and become a clinical psychologist or to go onto graduate school at GT and become a psychology engineer (but I'm sure you wouldn't know what that is). We have pre-med majors, history majors, management majors, industrial design majors, architecture majors.... No, we are not nearly as diversified as good ol u to the g to tha a, but it doesn't matter.. at all.. We have some of the best and the brightest, and students have literally traveled from all over the world to get an education from Georgia Tech. Oh, and PS. none of us care if you call us nerds (real original by the way)- We know we're smarter. Oh and also, I would just like to bring to your attention that, you may have more to offer, but a part of your "more to offer" includes ridiculous waste of time classes such as "bowling" and "ropes". It is great for the UGA students though. It is a no brainer class (maybe not for them), that gives them even more time to party. How perfect. We at GT do not have any sort of class. While UGA students are sleeping through their algebra and ropes class, we are in Calculus and Systems engineering.

-Low blow in referencing Reggie Ball.. who cares what his major is.. And guess what.. We ALL know he is not the best of football players. He is the only reason UGA beat GT this year... But once again, our school is about more than just football. For example, WE are trying to find ways to replace chemotherapy. I urge you to visit this site- especially since you say we are never in the news.

-Um, congratulations on Athletic profit? We have somewhat of a profit ourselves. Nothing compared to yours, especially since our school is about half the size.. but yes, we have it. We have a fantastic basketball team, and our football team isn't too shabby either. ONCE AGAIN, our school is not based on athletics though.

-You are correct. We are all terrorists who worship Allah.. I am not even going to comment on that one.

-Now, Mr. Kitchens I would just like to say for a long while I was considering going to UGA. Mostly, because I was just another UGA fan (but no longer a fan) who didn't know better. I actually went to visit some of my friends a few weekends ago at UGA, and I must say the bars indeed are a lot of fun... But I would choose our premier education, over the Athens' bars any day.

Oh, I almost forgot to visit the male to female ratio issue. Believe me, it is over rated, and that is certainly not the reason I chose Tech. I won't lie.. just as you may have expected, you have to go to a Fraternity to meet a "normal" guy, but then they are just tools.. As us tech girls say, "The odds are good, but the goods are Odd." It's okay though.. It is nice to be around guys who are legitimately intelligent.. ones that care about their education. Who knows, maybe I will marry one of our many rocky scientists (literally.. we have them) one day.

I do like you, Kit. You are able to carry out an argument much better than the average UGA student. That's good..

Q. What is the one similarity between UGA and Tech students?
A. They BOTH got into UGA. ;)

Still hating UGA

Yours truely,
Natalie Hall

PS. Congratulations on graduating...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
A couple of typos: I meant to say "Lenient" and "Rocket scientists".. Wouldn't want to give you any ammo.

Blogger Dave said...

Oh Dear Little Techie,

Thanks for posting your insightful sweeping generalizations about our alma mater. Even though you are insistent on denigrating UGA, you should realize that we too have some of the best and brightest - 19 Rhodes scholars in University history. Just like Tech, students have literally traveled from all over the world to get an education at UGA (127 countries, to be exact, according to the UGA website). "And that's another Bulldog Point of Pride".

It's too bad, however, that you've blown our cover here, revealing the fact that we're all a bunch of drunk rednecks. Enjoy your research, studying, and all of your very lofty academic pursuits.

(One last note... there is no "e" in "truly".)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I actually have many friends who went to Tech, and while I did not do my undergraduate years at UGA, I am currently in vet school here. I know of many intelligent and great people who went to Tech, and I am personally offended by Kit's and half of the entire state's xenophobia, but, lady, psychology? All that is these days is a more focused chemistry degree. I would suggest going into neuroscience- that is where the fun is and will be in the future.

Anonymous Joe said...
This is the same shit they've been shoveling for going on 40 years. I'm not sure why you responded to this freshman fatty's post.

Winning in football means you don't have to respond to this crap. We won. We've won for the last 6 years.

There's nothing original or interesting about this kind of trash. It's the same crap they spout whenever they lose a game they really care about. They'll say just about anything to make themselves feel better.

To be honest, it looks like she's flirting with you. Just in a wierd, disturbing way she must have picked up while attending Tech.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Freshman fatty" now that was a good one, Joe. GROW UP.
Well, youre right friend, you did win at football. Congratulations.. I wasn't debating just football... but I won't repeat myself. Maybe you can reread the article, and try to catch everything you missed.
As for the flirting.. I do not flirt with old men.
And you too, Joe, sound like a bitter, bitter old man.

And you say this is the "same shit" we have been shoveling down your throats. Why don't you read Mr. Kitchen's post in reference to us "Techies." Yeah, it gets real damn old after awhile.

love always,
the freshman fatty

And to you, Dave. I know there are intelligent, accomplished students at UGA, and I'm sure you, just as Kit are one of them.. I was just talking about all the rest..

NOW, before everyone begins BASHING me. Realize, both your friend Kit and I are playfully arguing. It is good old-fashioned rivalry.

So, to all of you JOE's out there, dont be so quick to make an ass out of yourself. Arguing/making fun of an 18 year old girl Im sure makes you feel more like a man..?

Blogger Alex said...
The first Anon poster wrote the following:

"We at GT do not have any sort of class."

Truer words were never written.

Go Dawgs.

Blogger Alex said...
I know the last post was a bit juvenile, but I just couldn't resist.

Blogger Alex said...
Sorry for the rapid-fire bursts of comment, I couldn't get all my thoughts together this morning.

Seriously though, this argument will never resolve itself. There are the obvious reasons, but I think one of the biggest is that UGA and Tech fans do not argue about the same thing.

UGA fans for the most part get into arguments with rival schools for one reason: football. That's because most of the time, different schools don't interact except through athletics.

Tech fans (at least in my experience) seemed compelled to bring the quality of education into the argument. But you must understand: who's got the better university is a completely different argument.

I think some of the disconnect between you (Natalie) and Kit is that you're arguing about different things.

Alex Adkins
Class of '03

Blogger Russell said...
No one ever wins these arguments. At the end of it she will still cheer for the NATS and you will still cheer for the Dawgs.

But you can sum up the UGA/Bee relationship with one fact. The very first diploma issued from the North Avenue Trade School is hanging in their alumni house downtown. It states "The University of Georgia presents this diploma..." I love seeing the faces of Tech student when I tell them that. It’s like stealing a bit of their soul.

Bottom line: Tech is a UGA satellite campus for the science and math geeks that got an ego.

On a separate note; as we walked down to the stadium for the game a few weeks ago, Brett said something like, “I don’t like it when we call them nerds.” Curious, I asked why and his response was something like, “Because it makes them sound smarter than us.” I think he’s right and I will not call them a nerd ever again. Instead I will use the phrase “Geeky Twat Spaz”. The t-word is just thrown in because most of them have never seen one, except their Mom’s of course.

Anonymous Joe said...
Typical freshman.

If this argument appeared in any ENGL 1002 class at Georgia, this freshie would fail. Fat face and all.

Here's a recap of how vapid her argument is:

-With her opening line, "You are a dumbass," Ms. Hall commits the ad hominem fallacy and signals, early on, that her argument is, in fact, a pile of dog shit.

Generalizations (or, assertions without any basis in fact):
-"Without football UGA has nothing."
-"A larger percentage of the students are there more for partying than to get an education."
-"All of your fans are redneck idiots who most of the time didn't even go to college, and most definitely cannot actually spell the word university."

Clearly this schlock is something she's picked up since being at Tech. It's the same bs they like to argue when their football team gives them nothing. If they were really as smart as they claimed to be, they'd realize how fallacious these arguments are. More than anything, however, I'm surprised she doesn't have more respect for her own parents.

Misrepresentations (or, facts conjured up to suit her purpose):
-"To be in the top 25 universities, UGA has become extremely lenient with who they accept into the college."

Right, colleges rise in the rankings by relaxing their admissions policies. Good call.

- "UGA has been all over the news as being a party school. And I know UGA is in some of the top rankings for 'party schools'."

Check the Princeton Review, UGA hasn't been in the top ten of that list for almost a decade.

The "WTF" category:
-She tough talks a 1 hour elective PE class: "part of your 'more to offer' includes ridiculous waste of time classes such as "bowling" and 'ropes'."

If you really want to build an argument of your university's academic superiority, is it really the best strategy to invoke PE classes?

I guess, at Tech, that's the best they teach you.

You should probably steer clear of argument.

Stick with making more ergonomic mouse pads or making robots cry or whatever it is that engineering psychology majors do.

Anonymous natalie said...
Thanks Alex. That was actually a good argument (at least your third one was) and makes sense. \
But Alex, the one thing that irritated me was your statement about class. We do have class and we pride ourselves in it (at least those of us who leave our dorm room once in awhile lol). If in any shape or form me playfully arguing has led you to the idea that GT students are classless then I apologize.. ... Isn't Kit's blog doing the same....?

Russel, I really, really hope you were playing off my name, and didn't mean to say GNATS (as in the insect).
As for the diploma tidbit, that is a cool little fact.

Joe. I got an A in both my english classes (and before you try telling me they are "harder" at UGA.. think again. Really. JOE, I am not stupid. I am fairly intelligent. And yes, I could have put more time and thought into my comments on this blog... I suppose. And yes, it includes generalizations. But you too, JOE, have made generalizations about TECH.
And Joe, more fat comments? You are a real class act. Why don't you add me on facebook. I would LOVE to see what you look like, old man.
What was supposed to me an argument in the name of "fun", has turned into something different because of you, JOE. Now, I truly can say I hate at least one person from UGA. Thank you.
Basically, in conclusion, I think you are a real ass for taking it to a new level, and including TRUE personal attacks.
Me and my "fat face" are going to eat lunch now.

With love,
Natalie Hall (
INSTANT MESSAGE me at "The Natttty Ice" (yeah, spare yourselves on making fun of my sn)

Anonymous Natalie Hall said...
Forgot to close paranthases around think again, and I didn't mean to put it after my signature. My fault..I must've failed English..

Blogger Russell said...

Wow, you've never heard your school refered to as "NATS"? It's a well known and often used acronym for Tech that stands for North Avenue Trade School.

Anonymous Joe said...
Hey Kit,
All of this reminds me, Theresa and I are going to try to make the Chick-fil-a bowl with Eric and Cindy. We'd love to catch up with you at some point.

Telling me that you got an "A" in english at Tech isn't saying a whole lot for that program, is it?

My best friend from high school is a Tech grad and a hell of a fella. He's with the more established guard of Tech fans, the realistic ones, the ones who give credit where its due, demand it when its theirs, and do not stoop to petty Georgia baiting like "All of your fans are redneck idiots who most of the time didn't even go to college, and most definitely cannot actually spell the word university."

Seriously, what do your parents think when you say things like that?

Sounds to me like you fell in with the other group of fans, the delusional ones, the ones that will forever be trapped and burdened by feelings of inadequacy in their relationship with Georgia and its fans.

I stopped caring what those Tech fans think a long time ago.

In case you need to be reminded, the score is:
51-7 (My, that was a lopsided one, eh?)

Better luck next year.

Btw, here's a picture of me. Feel free to bash me all you want.

Anonymous Nat said...
I actually earn every single one of my grades, just as UGA students do. It sure is ironic that you are going to act as if GT is less than par in their academics.. please.

Joe, I never said UGA didn't win. You (meaning the UGA team) did win. You beat us (not by a large margin, but you still beat us). But, us tech nerds, dweebs, losers, fatties find it funny that UGA seriously began sucking this year compared to past years, because you UGA peoples are always so damn cocky about your football team. I mean.. you lost to vandy this year.. get over yourselves. YOU DID INDEED BEAT US, but at least we went to a championship (NO we didn't win..but we went). I have never denied you of your "credit," but you sure as hell deny TECH of theirs. We do not have a phenomenal team by any means, but we are surely taking steps to becoming much better. For awhile there (this year) we were WELL ahead of UGA in rankings. GT is very proud of their team (even Reggie). We really could care less what Joe schmo thinks of us.
My proud UGA parents and I have the same playful rivalry. They were very delighted when UGA beat Tech ths year...because they, just as everyone else, weren't too sure that UGA was actually going to beat Tech. They (apart of the more established guard of UGA fans) are not obnoxious though, and that's why I respect them and the fine educations they received from UGA (and I am not being sarcastic).
Oh Joe, you jokester- cute pic? I'm guessing your real name is Joe Boyles, and you too were in the Epsilon Lamba chapter of Phi Mu Alpha with Kit?..maybe, maybe not. Just a guess. Ive seen your picture, and no I'm not going to bash it, because I think it speaks for itself (If that is indeed you).

And yes, I know what North Avenue Trade School is, but I honestly have never heard it referred to as Nats. Thanks for filling me in. :)

Your GT friend and rival,
Natalie Brooke Hall

Anonymous Joe said...
LOL! Yeah, you got me! Joe would love that.

In all fun, though, your response brings up a good point. The difference between almost winning and winning is the difference between Georgia Tech and Georgia.

Anonymous natalie said...
That's fine.. Until next year.

Blogger Alex said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Alex said...
natalie said...

"That's fine.. Until next year."

Make sure to bookmark this thread so you can just copy and paste it after every loss.

My comment wasn't specifically that you had no class, just that you had written the following:

"We at GT do not have any sort of class."

That would imply that either there are no classes at Tech, or that Tech fans are classless. Really, either way works for me.

And do you really think people who graduated college in 2003 are "old men"?

By the way, my verification word is "zpljsyx": Probably the noise Reggie Ball makes while he's choking away important games.

Blogger Brett said...
Damnit. I leave the Southeast for two damn days and all hell breaks loose.

Anonymous Joe said...
I'm Joe Brown, btw, Alex, not Joe Boyles. Joe Boyles is way cooler than me.

Anonymous Natalieeeee said...
Alex, I have already bookmarked Mr.Kitchens' blog. I plan to drop in reguarly ;)

And, when you're 18, anyone older than 21 seems old. Heck, the other day, when I realized that in a mere 12 years I will be 30 years old, I felt REALLY old. It's ok.. you are only as old as you think you are. :)

And Alex.. you could have come up with way better than the verification word/Reggie choking joke. :)

Mr.Brown, it was very nice to argue with you. Hope you didn't take anything too personally.

Next year, when the white and gold are hosting the TECH vs UGA game you are all welcome to come tailgate with the best of us. See, we are even hospitable.

Your younger, GT acquaintance and superior (JK!),
Natalie H.

Blogger Special K said...
As a teacher, I have witnessed first hand several occasions when students have not been admitted to UGA, but have eased into the NATS.

I'm sure this will be big news here soon.

Anonymous natalie said...
Go to, and you will see that the standards for admission into Tech tend to be a good bit higher. No doubt there are always the exceptions. Actually, my friend Chris got accepted to Tech, but not UGA. But, the majority of the people I know were accepted to both Tech and Uga, or were just accepted to UGA.

Sports are a different matter. I actually heard some of the new football players talking this summer about their SAT scores. They were talking about scores in the 900 range.. We are not proud of that.

That is all.

Anonymous Joe said...
This isn't really directed at Natalie but:

When you're 18 how many people can "the majority of people I know" possibly be?

I'm just sayin...

Blogger Alex said...
You're right Natalie --

I can do better than a Reggie ball/choking joke. "Zpljsyx" is the sound Ball makes while he's sleeping through class, apparently.

I mean, how hard is it to maintain a 2.0 GPA when you're only taking six credit hours? It's not rocket science (normally it might be, but this is REGGIE BALL we're talkin' about).

I applied to your university just so I could turn them down when I was accepted. Good times.

Anonymous natalie said...
Joe.. you continually make yourself look like an ass. Does it feel good? Really. Grow a pair.

and Alex, congratulations? I suppose..

and about TECH being a satellite school or uga.. you need to do some more research friend because you are oh so wrong..


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Natalie. You Techies talk the big talk of "boss". Whey do we have two RHODES SCHOLARS this year? If you compare the history of the schools, how many national honors student do the two schools have comparatively(sp?). Lets make it fair. If the two schools compare business schools who is on top? Just sayin........At least you have the Twisted Taco to party Techwood Drive to cruise if you still cruise.