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Thursday, September 29, 2005
But I ain't going to tonight.

I will, however, do a real quick "update style" post about trivia.

1. Stacy G. is like Lisa Kudrow and Ashlee Simpson mixed. Personality plus looks (in a punkish Ashlee Simpson).

2. I actually knew a couple of answers. Makes you feel good when you realize you're not just there to eat and laugh.

3. Speaking of laughing, I was so completely off with my jokes that night. I mean seriously, I said nothing funny. Ugh, I hate having an off night.

4. "Fuck Google." -- Russ

5. Art, our, BLOWS.

That is all for now.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
And I feel fine.

Thanks REM for putting it in terms I understand.

So that's kinda what I feel like. I can't really describe it but it's nice and I don't really want it to go away.

Just to give you guys some background as to what I'm talking about, let's just say that even though I'm making a concerted effort to not drag any of you into many more of my depressive ramblings (let's be honest, there's been a LOT less of them lately), there's still a few things I'm not particularly pleased about when evaluating "my life."

However, I feel great today and you can't beat that with a stick.

I feel like I finally understand how ultimately blessed I am to be me and to have the support structure I have. Sure, the padres are going through a tough time and I have relatives that are a bit on the sick side, but all in all, I'm very well off and I'm finally starting to feel good about it. And please understand I'm not trying to trivialize what my relatives are going through. TWO sisters had mastectomies (sp?) recently after finding breast cancer. However, both are fine and are keeping their heads up. The character shown by both of them is something to make you proud to say you're related.

Anyway, some kickass things have been happening around me lately. I'll just name a few real quick:

1. I'm beginning to have a routine. Monday is wrestling. Tuesday is House. Wednesday (hopefully) is trivia night, which means good times, old friends and a new one, and squirrel sex. Thursday is The O.C., and the weekend opens up to a miriad of things that I normally wouldn't be able to do if I was living in Savannah. I can't tell you how great that feels.

2. I got a girl's number at a bar in Athens on Saturday. Her name is Pana P. (pronounced Pah-na) and she's a first-year grad student in Pharmacy school. Definitely will not go anywhere (at least I'd be the most surprised one if it did...she's hot and WAY out of the league of the Notorious One), but it was GREAT to meet a girl, spend about an hour talking to her, get her number, have her get mine, and then having her actually remember you when you speak to her (even though it was via text message) a few days later. I was proud of's the first time I've ever done that.

3. I'm finally gripping this "big brother" concept. I went and watched the younger cousin play in her soccer game on Sunday and it was a very proud experience. Being the only child that I am, I have never gotten to be proud of a younger sibling and watch them grow. It's very humbling. By the way, only hardcore Yankees love soccer. I felt like I was sitting around listening to a bunch of people saying "Oh Golly, don't 'cha know." Ugh.

And that is just a small example of what I'm facing right now. Things are better exponentially and even though some areas are lacking, others are improving. It's nice to have a family and it's nice to be a part of something again.

Basically, I'm starting to feel like me again.

Be careful, the Notorious One is making a comeback.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, September 25, 2005
Well it was the rare meeting of Dawg vs. Dog last Saturday and while everyone pretty much knew who was going to come out on top, I think UGA surprised many people with their performance.

But it wasn't a good surprise.

Here's the breakdown:

First, the good.

1. D.J. Shockley -- Again, this kid proves himself over and over as a leader in the lockerroom, a leader while we're winning, and a leader while we're struggling. I honestly feel more comfortable having him in the pocket right now rather than it being David Greene. I know that will surprise many folks, but I like the added dimension of D.J.'s legs as well as his CANNON for an arm. Again, he gets excited when he smells TD and overthrows guys, but he had a couple of clutch conversions last night. This kid is special and at some point this season will find himself in Bulldog Lore.

2. Leonard Pope -- Big man DRAGS people in the endzone to get the 6. I like that. However, what I don't like is Pope getting flagged twice last night. I'll be honest, though. There was one holding call he didn't commit.

3. Kregg Lumpkin -- Go read last week's breakdown and you'll see what I'm talking about. Dude flat out steamrolled someone last night on a run. He's starting to gain confidence.

4. Bryan Mclendon -- Automatic for the people. Without a doubt D.J.'s #1 target.

5. The Defense -- Kept us on top even though MSU was a little too effective in stopping the run. I'm still very high on our pass coverage as well, but we have got to keep tighter coverage when the QB appears to scramble. There were a couple of big plays due to blown coverage because our secondary bit on the scramble. That shit WILL NOT FLY against UF. P.S. -- Greg Blue racks up another INT.

6. New Kids on the Block -- T.J. Gartrell, Jeff Owens, Kenny Harris and of course, MO MASS are all great examples of how we're recruiting guys ready to play right out of the gate. Mo Mass is not going to be a star. He's one already.

Second, the bad.

1. Brandon Coutu -- I like the kid, but there was no reason for him to miss 2 FG's last night. I think he was just off. Wasn't pretty but I still have the faith.

2. Offensive Line -- Come on guys, stop with the penalties and PLEASE open some holes. Had it not been for second and third efforts a la Verron Haynes by our running backs, drives would have stalled. GET IT DONE, BUT DO IT WITHOUT CHEATING.

3. Kickoffs -- Again, Brandon. Kick it past the 20 yard line. Oh, and coverage teams, please tackle.

4. PENALTIES PENALTIES PENALTIES -- This game should've been 42-10 but we lost extra scores due to penalties that killed momentum like a nekkid Bea Arthur kills a hard-on. Get your head out of your ass. We play Vandy soon.

5. Red Zone Scoring -- Non-existent. Like the penalties, it seems to be a staple of the Mark Richt era. However, we're getting better. Slowly, but surely.

Now the ugly.

1. This guy.

2. This girl.

All in all, we need this bye week to rest up, clean up, and freshen up. We've got a lot of film to watch because I promise you UT's going to be ready to play come the 8th. However, I think they'll be tired and beat up after a terrible Monday night game at LSU followed up by 4 days to prepare for a cupcake in an Ole Miss team. However, if they look past Ole Miss, there could be a bad upset in the Hunter Orange Nation. All I'm saying is that we walked away from MSU relatively injury free (there were a couple of injuries that are more wait-and-see, but mostly everyone is ok) and with another win under our belt. Georgia has never been a team with swagger and if anyone remembers, 2002 was not a year that we won a lot of games in very pretty fashion. Ugly wins could turn into beautiful championships.

I'd update the top 25, but you or I don't care. All I know is the Dawgs are 7th in the Harris Poll. What that means, I don't know.

Let's hear it for a restful week of film sessions and ice packs.

Go Dawgs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Friday, September 23, 2005
31 - 10.

You heard it here first folks.

Until next time kids.

Be Safe (P.S. -- Go Dawgs!).

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Well here we are again for the third installment of the UGA Game Breakdown. I know this will be short and sweet since there really isn't much to report on from Saturday's game. We all knew it'd be a blowout and we all knew UGA would tune up a little, but I don't think anyone was excited about the first half. More on this later.

First, the good stuff:

1. 530 yards of Offense. Seriously, when can you guys remember the offense outshining the defense week in and week out? Of course, D.J. still has got to settle down a little bit more and just throw the fucking ball, but he's still a good QB and still is a game changer. I'm sold on this kid and have been for a long time. As soon as he realizes that even though he sees a TD throw about to happen, he doesn't have to put extra umph into the ball. Just play pitch and catch and we'll score TDs. Danny Ware looked impressive as well, but I would have liked to have seen more Kregg Lumpkin. I still think pound for pound Kregg is one of the best backs in the game right now, but he's got sea legs something fierce. I imagine that CMR is just being patient with him in order to get his head right first, and then really start getting him the ball more. Please understand, we've still got 3 years of all three of these kids.

2. The Defense: We especially looked impressive in the LB corps. I mean Brandon Miller is the next big thing. You want to talk about Ernie Simms at Florida State, then you have to mention Brandon Miller in the next sentence. I remember watching Signing Day at City Bar with Amos, and us putting Brandon Miller in the discussion. This kid was a big catch two years ago, played special teams last year and this year will eventually begin starting games. Just watch, I'll be right on this one. One more thing before I close this defense part out. We need to blitz more. When QBs have time to throw, they can throw short on us all day. We need to put guys on their asses and make them second guess their primary targets. Let's play some smash-mouth football. Our front line isn't intimidating anyone yet.

3. The kicking. Damn Brandon Coutu. I didn't know you had legs like a thoroughbred. I mean this kid kicked a 58 yard field goal and had at least 5-10 yards on it. Hell, he could've beat the college record with that kick. He missed one from 31, but no one remembers that now. Let's hope we never come to a game-winning kick, but if we do, I have faith in this kid. He's got years before he's Billy Bennett, but I have faith in him.

4. GREG FUCKING BLUE. This man hit two people on Saturday that made the entire (and I mean this) ESPN Zone on Saturday say "OOOOOOOOO." TWICE. Even more after the replays. I'm going to hate to lose him more than I did Thomas Davis. At least we still have Tra Battle, but that's some big shoes to fill. For a great article on how Greg Blue hits, click here. But if you're too lazy to do that, then here's a great quote for you:

"It was nothing personal," Blue said. "He happened to be the one with the ball."

That man is out to hurt people. Plain and simple.

Now the bad.

1. Penalties. I'm not going to be cute about this. If we shoot ourselves in the foot like this against ANY other team, we'll lose. Period. The good news, if any, about this is that most of the holding calls came from agressive, take-to-the-ground blocks, which are illegal, but show intensity. At least their hearts were in the right place.

2. Emotion. Aside from the intensity-filled penalties, we just weren't up for this game. It's hard to be like that when you really begin your schedule next week at MSU. I can't blame them, but ULM was looking for respect. Ask TCU what happens when a team overlooks you. Actually, ask Oklahoma. It's happened twice to them.

Now the ugly.

1. Your mom.

2. Your sister...she still calls me once in a while too.

Just kidding. Your sister's not ugly at all.

I won't do an updated top 25 because honestly, no one cares. In its place though, I will tell you that by watching the UF/UT game, I can tell we are going to have to run the shit out of the ball effectively to win. UT just got outcoached and if you ask me, we've got the best team in the SEC. The problem is that Florida's got that swagger about them like I haven't seen since the mid-late 90s. Someone needs to burst their bubble or it could be REALLY bad in Jax. Just my take, but I don't want them rolling into the Cocktail Party with shit to prove. They can't run the ball and Chris Leak is still running the offense at an effective, but not overpowering, rate. If we study enough film, we'll eat him up all day AS LONG AS WE CAN GET PRESSURE. That's the important part.

Ok, and now for the funny pic of the day (or week depending on when I update next):

Big thanks to the Georgia Sports Blog for that one.

Ok kids. I think I'm pretty much as spent as can be. I'll be watching the MSU game from the Metropolis of Perry. Also known as just Perry. Figured I'd put in some much needed "simple life" time, relax, and watch the game with either my dad or at Applebee's getting drunk. Whichever comes first.

One last thing before I go. I went to see the Modern Skirts perform last Saturday evening. It was great to see everyone (i.e. Russ, Ln, Keith, Rob, Dave Daly, the Bean, etc.) but I can't tell you enough about how good the Skirts are. The groupie-like ramblings of Russ and Dave are true. They do kick ass after all. Great show guys and the CD is well worth the $15 I spent on it. Congrats, I broke my streak of downloading all my shit. It was worth it. You can go here, which is the official Web site, or go here, which i would suggest, where you can hear 3 of the songs in full length. I would do that if I were you.
Until next time kids.
Be safe.

Monday, September 19, 2005
Thanks. And I mean that.

Light-hearted banter to return soon.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, September 18, 2005
For those of you expecting a UGA Game Breakdown, you're not going to get it today. You can blame me for that, but my ability to write anything remotely not depressing today has taken the day off. We're hoping it returns sometime on Monday or Tuesday, but today I'm in a funk of sorts and it's not going to get any better. So, if you wish to read what I think will be a pity party of great magnitude, then knock yourself out. If not, close this box and we'll see you later.

Also, before you get the inkling to leave comments about how you think I'm a great person and you love me and I have "X" amount of great qualities, please understand I don't wish to see those. What's going on is deeper than people trying to help me feel better. While I appreciate and love all of you, it's not going to help today and I'm sorry, but thanks anyway.

Well let's not make y'all wait any longer.

I woke up this morning (thankfully I guess) and shot straight up in my bed after having the most vivid nightmare I've had in a long time. Now please understand this wasn't a regular nightmare of rattlesnakes and guns, this was the most vivid dream that tugged at memories that still pain me from day to day even though no one ever sees it. I had a dream last night The Ex and myself met for the first time in a long time where it was shared that I dream of her and she still does of me. It was an awkward first meeting but one that I could feel (in the dream) was going to lead to somewhere and eventually it did; leading back to the obvious choice that we were meant to be together.

So I woke up, wide awake, already defeated in the purposes of the day. My events of the afternoon and the evening have already been ruined by the most vivid recount of everything I have secretly wanted to happen and publicly not wanted to happen. The problem is, both feelings are geniune and I don't know which direction I would choose given the opportunity.

Now here's the fucked up part. I am no longer in love with The Ex, but I'm SCARED TO DEATH of her being the last girl I date. Many of you may find this silly, retarded, foolish, or whatever adjective you decide to attach to my ramblings, but to me, they're very real, very very possible, and incredibly intimidating. The sad truth is though that I'm not even remotely ready to date anyone because I still have these dreams. Of course, my friends say that's exactly what I need. I need a new girl to ditch the old one from my memory. However, this moves to my second challenge...

Meeting a new girl. I hate to let everyone know, but I'm not shit. In the RCB, I threw parties, I did things that at least had me recognizable to others, and I was known for being the wild boy with the good heart. Well, now I'm in the real world and I'm not shit. All I am is the alumni drinking beer at a band party talking about the good old days while no one around me gives a shit. Seriously, how am I supposed to date anyone when I'm not even attractive? My standards for the kind of girl I date are extremely lofty because I feel I deserve the best because of the TYPE of person that I am, but let's be honest kids, I'm not going to get it. That King of Queens shit isn't going to happen in the Kitchens' household. Truth be known, I don't know how to meet women because I honestly feel that the girl I should be with I shouldn't have to work for. It should just come naturally. It SHOULD be easy. It's not a fucking job interview, it's what's supposed to happen and even though I'm only 24, I want it to happen...soon.

I spend so much time thinking about dating and being with someone. I mean I spend ridiculous amounts of time just looking and wondering. I have admired both friends of mine and girls I barely know from afar, wondering if they were the ones I was supposed to date instead of the mostly crappy run of relationships I've had. Truth be known, I have spent a lot of time wondering who I'm supposed to be with, if anyone such exists.

There is some intense shit going on in my cranium and I keep trying to ignore the problem and hoping it will go away with time. Apparently this thing will not be denied. I won't drink it out again, because I'll never touch another bottle of Jack Daniels with those intentions ever's honestly just too dangerous. But what's going on inside my head is like a cancer slowly eating away at the rational thoughts and replacing them with those that shouldn't be even acknowledged. Thoughts like the ones that made me call up a mutual friend and ask if The Ex had agreed it was completely over. Thoughts like that shouldn't be given the opportunity to exist, but they do because they just won't die.

Whatever the solution is, I don't know and apparently I'm not going to know anytime soon. Until then, the dreams will continue to dictate my mood until they just end.

Hopefully, that will come soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2005
It's not my style to make two posts in one day but I need ideas for songs for the next batch of Munson Mixes.

Bring on the suggestions.

Also, here's another photo in another caption contest. Found this one today and had to share it.

Have fun.

Song ideas and captions.



So I won a 27 person tourney yesterday on and even though I'm proud of what I did, the fact that I lost two small shit-and-go tourneys today hasn't really made me excited. But this post isn't about winning and losing at poker. I read this guy's post this morning before work and for some reason, it actually made me realize I've been doing the same exact thing, but here's what I've noticed:

1. I will never be on top of my game like I was when I was in college. I will never have another microphone in my hand auctioning off a Georgette and I will never throw another party like the ones I used to.

2. I'm bored as can be all the time, but I'm much less stressed out.

3. I can't think of a more beautiful sight than Sanford Stadium last Saturday night.

4. I haven't shaved in 7 days and I look like a mexican.

5. I've gained 3 pounds lately.

6. I'm still single, and it's not going to change anytime soon.

7. I'm overjoyed at the fact that at any time, I can see a number of friends that I've known for years.

8. I like living with family, even though I thought I'd hate it. It's also kind of nice being a "big brother."

9. Holy shit, I just got my new MAXIM and this chick on the front is HOT. Damn.

10. I love writing, but I miss speaking.

Those are my random thoughts pouring in and out of my brain lately. I can't believe how everything's changed, including my thoughts on what I want and how I plan on getting it. Truth is, I have no idea what I want and I still wonder every 15 minutes.

However, looking at the above list all I can think is (thanks for the line [NAME REDACTED]):

I'm ok with that.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I'm a little belated, but I didn't forget. Actually, what happened was that my usual post of being a red, white, and blue screaming patriot for times like these is not going to happen today. Instead, I'm going to scold America.

Yes, I am.

I'm going to talk about what is our fault and our fault alone.

We tried to put aside our differences of race, religion, and sexual preference. We tried to be the best people we could be. However, it failed. Today we are not a stronger, safer nation. Technically we might appear to be that way, but we're imploding on the inside. There is a cancer eating at the heart of this country and it has jumped into the bloodstream, slowly filtering it's way into the moral fiber that consists of our nation.

I'm talking about the cancer of politics. See, most see politics as just another process that "comes with the territory" of being in public office. I see politics as the cold sore on the face of the girl you want to kiss. We have a beautiful country, only to be shamed, shunned, and pushed away by our allies because of our own arrogance and bickering with one another.

George Bush has, in my own opinion, dropped the ball lately. Ronald Reagan had the decency and fortitude to call a spade a spade and get in the face of oppressors and tell them of their lack in moral fiber. However, in foreign policy we must always "take the high road" and we're not even realizing that the air is running thin up here.

You see, 9/11 did something to this country that no one expected. Instead of uniting us, it has divided us. The terrorists haven't won, but they're slowly beginning to win. Not by killing us off, but instead having us point the finger at our brothers and sisters of this nation instead of pointing them at ourselves and those who oppress us.

I'm tired of political pundits putting blame somewhere else. I'm tired of being labeled a red-stater. I'm tired of being viewed as conservative and I'm damn tired of having to make excuses for those I look up to while damning those that I have little respect for.

Why Kit? Why now? Two words: Hurricane Katrina. I've seen so much of it that I'm sick already. No one that can help will help. It's those with the blue collar that are doing the most work in getting others like them back on their feet. In D.C. the only fingers that are being lifted are the ones pointing at others while screeching "It's HIS fault." I won't even pose the question of "who cares whose fault it is?" The truth is, we all care. We've done this to ourselves. We have used our moral compasses to lead us in directions that we were not intended to go. Check the ratings if you think blame isn't number one on television. Hell, it cleans up every night and especially during sweeps weeks.

When technology left New Orleans; anarchy, murder, and rape reigned supreme. That is not my country. We have become so dependant on others that we panic when finally called upon to do something for ourselves. Katrina is no one's fault. We could've always done a better job, but does that make it one political figurehead's fault? Does damning his job that YOU don't approve of while YOU were the one too tired to vote make you feel better? Do you sleep better at night thinking that it isn't your fault after all? I hope someone does because I haven't for two days and I don't see it getting better.

I watched a movie on the people on Flight 93 that crashed into Penn. on 9/11. It was awesome. Not awesome as in it should win awards, but awesome in that I believe I saw an interpretation of the first battle in the war on terror and even though people lost their lives, we won that battle. Now, it's four years later and have their memories been honored? Have the people who died in the other 3 planes been honored? I don't believe so. Once a year we all stand and remember, but what about the other 364 days? What happens then?

I'm fed up with the way things are now. I'm tired of being told what to think by Fox News, CNN, Newsradio, and the Internet. However, since no once source can be trusted, we have to watch them all and get our own viewpoits. I'm sick of and celebrities who spend half the time doing press junkets only to spend the other half telling me that I should think this certain way because they're famous. Fuck you, I have a brain, just not a million dollars.

I think it was my friend A.J. the Lib who made a good point when he said (and hopefully it was he that said it, I might be wrong) that Congress can fly back to D.C. in the middle of the night to try to reinsert a feeding tube into a starving woman, but they can't send a helicopter in with shit-tons of bottled water to people dying of thirst?



I'm not changing my political affiliation or even my views on subjects. But I'm calling you out America. I will love you until the day I die and I believe you are the greatest country in the world filled with the greatest people. But we deserve better. We need to take personal responsibility for our actions as well as for those around us. Someone might litter, but aren't I also to blame if I let the wind blow it into a creek?

Wake up. Our country is calling. It wants it's spine back.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, September 11, 2005
Sorry, I am a Chevy kind of person.

Before I begin, I'll be writing a post on 9/11 tomorrow sometime. What you are reading now is an edited post. The reason for this is because I wanted to watch that movie on Flight 93 on the Discovery Channel. Either way, I haven't forgotten about what today meant and I'll touch on that sometime tomorrow.

So here I am, back again with another breakdown of the happenings in UGA's second game. I knew it was going to be a tough one, but I'll be the first to admit that it was a lot tougher than I expected. Well, let's not keep anyone waiting any longer...

1. D.J. did NOT look bad. He had some really tough trouble reading the zone the entire game, but my honest opinion is the he had two problems. 1) Spurrier's defense on this USC team is very difficult to understand. 2) Boise State played nothing but man coverage. The first is a little more intriguing because even though I hate Steve Spurrier, my respect for him is growing exponentially. He has found a way to take mediocre players and put them in a defensive scheme that is so complex, they appear amazing. In college football, the talent dictates the system. The powerhouses of the nation usually play traditional defensive schemes such as the 3-4, 4-3, nickel, dime, etc. Well, when you have talent that will get crushed in a traditional scheme, you have to add spice to it. Mark my words, USC will either upset Tenn. or Florida. Hell, they might do us a favor and knock both off. However, D.J. did what he could given it was his first MAJOR game (let's be honest, BSU was big, but everyone circled this date). D.J. baited too many DBs with his body language and we got lucky once or twice, but I think he'll get a lot of scout team work against the zone and he'll see a LOT of film from yesterday's game to correct mistakes. All in all, I think he'll be fine.

2. The running game looked great. This time, however, it wasn't because of stellar play by the O-line. I still think we have the best OL in the country, but they didn't play like it Saturday. Truth is, Danny Ware and Thomas Brown both played exceptionally well. Thomas Brown still continues to impress me with his vision and strength, but I was blown away by Ware's heart. Sometimes competition drives everyone to be better and Ware showed that he wants to start a game this year. If you think that having three talented running backs in a backfield might make at least one transfer, you're wrong. These guys love UGA and they love running the ball in Red and Black. They're here to stay until they have rings on their fingers.

3. Brian Van Who? No, I'm not saying I'm glad Van Gorder is gone, but old habits die hard, namely old habits like relying on stellar play by the defense in order to win tough games. Willie Martinez did a great job Saturday by defending a VERY good Steve Spurrier system. The toughest part of defending a passing game is battling a QB and WR's timing. Well, we did O.K. in that department (gave up a few more big plays than I would have liked to see), but we still won the game and I don't think anyone is disagreeing with my argument that we won by playing great defense. One thing I would have done though, is jam the WRs more and blitz more. In a timing-based offense, pressure makes a QB look at his second and third targets instead of his first. UCF did a great job of making Blake Mitchell make mistakes. I wish we would've taken a page out of their book and did the same thing. I'll be honest though, USC's O-line didn't play shabby either. They protected quite well.

4. The fans. I NEVER thought I'd say this, but Sanford Stadium was the loudest I can ever remember and the Alumni only sat down during timeouts. Seriously, I was impressed. If I could give out awards, 92,000+ would each get one for "Best Fans on Saturday 9/10." Wow. One more note while I'm talking about the stadium. I LOVE THE NEW SCOREBOARD AND RIBBONS. The UGA Marketing Dept. has found a way to not only make our venue one of the coolest, but making it the coolest that makes $$$ all the time. By airing advertisements on the ribbons and underneath the new scoreboard, our revenue has probably jumped two or three fold. Kudos to you brains in the monetary think-tank.

5. Special teams. We played the field position game very effectively. Ely-Kelso had a couple of Dustin Colquitt (used to play for UT, remember him?) punts that really helped us. I remember one boomer that just made my jaw drop. Plus, we didn't miss any extra points or field goals. There's no kicker controversy when people don't f*ck up.

My final thought is that the USC game is a good indicator of our season. We played them closely in 2002 without much offense and look what happened. I'd much rather face adversarial conditions and come out with a win than to do it and come out with a loss. This could be our one EXTREMELY tough game to get our boys back on track and also give them the confidence to know they can win tough games as long as they keep on fighting. Also, it doesn't hurt for them to know that the Bulldog Nation is in full support for 60 minutes. Great game, even sweeter victory, and a big toast to Coach Richt and the boys. Y'all played like champions on Saturday, even if I am one of the only ones that think so.

Updated Top 25

1. USC -- Um.

2. Texas -- Talk about a team that wouldn't give up. I'm still not sold, but that defense is quick.

3. LSU -- See Texas, except with a high-powered offense and a QB with faith in his WRs.

4. Va. Tech -- Well it looks like Marcus Vick doesn't suck...against Duke.

5. Ohio State -- Y'all played a helluva game and I moved you up mainly because Michigan allowed me to do so.

6. DAWGS -- I do and don't agree with my own ranking. We're a great team, but honestly, there's no need to rank either Tenn. or Florida ahead of us. I'll wait until next weekend to determine their fate as it compares to ours.

7. Tenn. -- Off week. I think Florida is going to kick your ass by the way.

8. Louisville -- Blah blah blah.

9. Florida State -- Man you guys suck ass.

10. Notre Dame -- I told y'all so. They'll lose games, but seriously, these guys WANT to win. FLASHBACK: "I'll bet they win six games on emotion alone."

11. Florida -- From what I hear, Urban Meyer's system is a little tougher than we thought. Thank God someone in your backfield can carry the ball.

12. Purdue -- Nothing to say here.

13. Miami -- Nothing to say here either.

14. Michigan -- I wonder if Lloyd Carr's ass is feeling heat from that seat he's on.


16. Boston College -- You won't win the ACC.

17. Ga. Tech -- Ugh I feel dirty for doing that.

18. Arizona State -- This is the team that is now my favorite to upset So. Cal.

19. O-how-the-mighty-have-fallen-klahoma -- I love watching Bob Stoops suck.

20. Texas Tech -- Um. Sure.

21. Virginia -- I have to pee.

22. Alabama -- Come on guys, stop playing like shit. Except for that one guy who made that kickass catch. You rock my face off man.

23. Iowa -- Ouch.

24. Clemson -- Show me more and I'll bump you up some notches. In related news, I think that big Ralph (Maryland Head Coach) is the most overrated coach in the game. What has he done since he went to Maryland other than being mediocre year in and year out? I mean seriously, the guy is the Mike Martz (head coach of the NFL Rams for those of you scoring at home) of college football. I definitely see how both of them could be labeled "offensive geniuses." Not. Win another ACC title and I'll give you some love, but going the distance with someone else's team the first year you coach makes you just a guy who took a team and gave them a fresh start, not new ideas. Win with your own players.

25. Vanderbilt -- Seriously, someone's gotta show these guys some love for their biggest victory since...ever.

Alrighty. Really quickly before I go, I'd like to say that it was great seeing everyone this weekend. I am particularly greatful to have had one more drink at 283 with Russ, Ln, and [NAME REDACTED]. That was on my list of things I wish I could do one more time. Thanks guys, it's always awesome to see you. And [NAME REDACTED], you looked good, but different, in a RCB shirt again. I think everyone was a little relieved to see that. I'll be honest, I know it's like wearing a right shoe on your left foot, but you learn to walk without the RCB cane supporting you. Congrats on doing so well my friend.

Also, to everyone else I saw, it was great and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Days like Saturday are the reason I left Savannah. I can't wait to do it again. And there is nothing more beautiful than a night game in Sanford Stadium on ESPN. We could've lost and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

If anyone knows of a place I can watch this weekend's game, let me know. I was thinking something like the ESPN Zone in Atlanta, but since it's on PPV only, I don't know if hey can show it. Someone fill me in and/or if anyone's watching it and doesn't mind me throwing in $5 to help pay for it, I'll take that too.

Go Dawgs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- By the way, next week's score will be 38 - 13. Look for D.J. to put up great numbers again and for us to beat last year's total INTs (5).

Thursday, September 08, 2005
1. It's going to be one helluva season on The O.C.

2. The Dawgs take the game 33 -- 20. We might even be a little behind in the first quarter.

3. Winner of the cation contest goes to:

Spurrier: "Jesus, this bitch sucks. Georgia is going to kick our asses this weekend."

4. I'll be in Athens tomorrow night (Friday) but might have to come back to ATL on Saturday to pick up my tickets if they don't arrive in Overnight Mail. Here's the question...Should i haul ass back to ATL to get the tix if they don't show up (they'll be here by 3 on Sat.) or just eat the $66 bucks (I got two), and buy another ticket and save the gas? I'll leave this up to the jury.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Go Muh Fuckin' Dawgs.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Well, actually this one is just for the guys.

Really quickly, I'm giving credit for this exact idea to Paul Westerdawg. He did this idea not too long ago with this very photo and while it comes off as a blatant effort to plagarize a good idea, I'd like to say that since I don't believe many of my readers drift to his blog, I wanted to see what the audience (you guys) could come up with. Most of his responses were fucking hilarious and with Rusty and [NAME REDACTED] on the case, I know this should be about the same.

First, before the caption contest, a little something to spark those "creative juices."


You're welcome, and big props to the guy whom I copied this from.

One last thing before I start the caption contest, in "One reason not to hate Spurrier as much" News, I read a quote from the Old Ball Coach from 1991 where, after 20 books at Auburn had been destroyed in a fire he said, "the real tragedy was that 15 of them weren't colored yet."

Hilarious...but you're still a douche bag.

Now, on to the main course. Best caption wins. Wins what, I don't know, but you fucking win and that's cool enough.

Here's your photo.


Alright, color me unoriginal, but hell, I couldn't find a better picture.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Monday, September 05, 2005
So therefore, welcome to the first ever:


Here you can expect complete game breakdowns, my thoughts on what we need to improve on, and what the future (I.E. next week, let's take this one game at a time) holds for our beloved Dawgs. I also will update my top 25, but without as much hurrah as I did in my preseason top 25.

Before I begin, everytime I go to write about college football, I'm reminded of how trivial things are compared to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, tragedy, etc. I won't say what's already been said, but I will say that we're all incredibly blessed and it'd pay good mind for us to remember that.

Moving on.

First of all, HOW GOOD DID D.J. SHOCKLEY LOOK? Seriously, that kid had the poise I predicted him to have. Yes, I WILL rub it in that I wasn't near as nervous about the Boise State game as I should have been. For some reason I knew we were going to be fine. Let's hope I'm always this right.

D.J. was instantly adopted by hundreds of thousands of UGA fans literally by the second half. Those who questioned his ability were instantly changed into believers and if you think that CMR (Richt) wanted him to do anything other than score the first TD all on his own, you're mistaken. BSU was not the only college that got schooled on opening day, since we were also quieted by the ghosts of LSU vs. UGA last year. Regardless of how we play the rest of the year (and I mean what I'm about to say), I will always be a fan of D.J. Shockley and his character and leadership. This team is going to win because they want to win for him. Talent, schemes and EMOTION win national championships. If we keep playing like we did two days ago, we will win the Nat'l Championship. You heard it here first.

Secondly, our WRs and TEs did not disappoint except in some minor situations. There were 5 dropped passes total, which is to be expected when everyone wants to keep scoring. They take their focus off of catching first and scoring second and they instead put it on how good they're going to look on the highlight reel. This will be corrected, but how great do we look at WR and TE? I mean this was a gigantic question coming into the season and we look DEEP at WR. I expect a lot of starting changes to be made this year, and please expect Mo Mass to get ample playing time, as well as T.J. Gartrell. Martrez Milner also had a helluva day.

Third, I was expecting a little more from the running game immediately after the last minutes passed. Then, I remembered how BSU stuffs 9 guys in the box and begs them to beat you with the pass. Well, that's what we did and damnit, it worked beautifully. I would have liked to have seen more Kregg Lumpkin, since I believe he's more talented than Danny Ware, but Thomas Brown continues to impress me with his strength and balance given his tiny frame. He reminds me of Darren Sproles of Kansas State fame. That guy was about as big as a Georgette and still ran over people like they were nothing. A little more about the running game will be said when I predict USC's game for next week.

Fourth, our defense as a whole. Nothing more can be said about how Willie Martinez had our boys ready not to stop the run or the pass, but instead ready to get the offense back on the field. Instead of hoping to go 4 and out like we used to, we instead wanted a 2 and out, or 3 and out. I was quite impressed with what I saw scheme-wise and that was a more patient, strategic defense. I was not let down and Greg Blue did what he always does. He hit someone so hard they dropped the ball. As my Dad told me on Sunday, "I believe he's liable to hit his Mama if she was carrying a football."

Finally, the DL and OL lines. Now, the DL line did what they were supposed to do and keep JZ in the pocket. I did want a few more sacks, but that's just me being greedy and not sticking to the game plan, which obviously was "create a pocket, make him beat you with his arm, not his feet." The OL was a great story as well since they kept D.J. with very little pressure and when he did have it, he waited that one extra second and threw the ball beautifully, instead of forgetting that extra second and running out of the pocket. His poise shows confidence in the beasts on the ball, and it's well deserved. We might have the best OL in the nation.

Now there isn't much to be said about BSU that already hasn't been touched on. In fact, many media outlets, *ahem*, FUCK YOU ESPN, want to focus instead on BSU imploding than UGA exploding, but that's ok. We have plenty of time to get the love we deserve. I didn't see Mark May on the post-game show, but I'm sure as to where he picked BSU to run all over us in the beginning, he probably changed his tune at the end and talked about how "BSU didn't bring their A, B, or C game." At least the coaches around the league took a look at what we did. A lot of them were quoted saying wonderful things about our Q.B.

But I will say one thing about BSU and more importantly their beloved Q.B. When that kid cuts his hair, doesn't he look an awful lot like Tate Donovan of "The O.C." fame? You be the judge.

Jared Zabransky


Tate Donovan


Now, my updated top 25.

1. USC -- Impressive, but not as much as I thought they'd be.

2. Texas -- Congrats, you beat the hell out of a cupcake. Next week will be the best indication of how good you really are.

3. Michigan -- No surprise here.

4. Iowa -- I might have had you boys ranked too low. Let's see what you do in a rivalry game.

5. Va. Tech -- Good defense, but your Q.B. was not as impressive as ours...PPPPPPPPPTH.

6. Ohio State -- Dismantled power-house Miami (OH). Wow.

7. LSU -- Off week.

8. Louisville -- Still, not as impressed as I'd like to have been, but it was a rivalry game, which are rarely won on talent.

9. DAWGS -- We earned this shit.

10. Tennessee -- Should've watched our old game film. UAB ain't no joke man. By the way, keep Rick Clausen in there when you play us. We all know how well y'all do when playing Clausens against the Dawgs.

11. Miami -- I'm predicting you to lose against FSU tonight.

12. Florida State -- I'm predicting you lose against Miami tonight.

13. Florida -- WOW MAN YOU KILLED WYOMING. That's never been done before. Seriously, if I can rant just a second here, why in the hell is the media giving Florida so much love when we dismantled the ONLY RANKED TEAM ANYONE PLAYED THIS WEEKEND???!!!??? I mean seriously, show me something against a good team and I'll give you some credit.

14. O-how-the-mighty-have-fallen-klahoma-- Wow, I guess my preseason ranking was right, and you STILL lost a spot.

15. California -- Um...sure.

16. Texas Tech -- I'll bet you and other teams in the Big XII are just dying to play number 14.

17. Arizona State -- *Yawn* I'm tired.

18. Boston College -- Blah.

19. Notre Dame -- Don't be surprised. They're better than most people think.

20. Georgia Tech -- Ugh, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

21. Auburn -- You got beat by Tech. In other news, Tubberville and Gailey switched hot seats. Thanks to The Georgia Sports Blog for that one.

22. Alabama -- Man I bet you can't wait to play the Iron Bowl now.

23. Virginia -- Still a good team.

24. Clemson -- Maybe this is the year they make a splash.

25. TCU -- Beat a number 5 team (not in my polls, but what do I know?), and you deserve to be ranked.

Alrighty, final thoughts headed into South Carolina. I expect a good game out of both teams and I am a little nervous about this one. What I expect Steve Spurrier to tell his team is that the UGA fans hate him and aren't focusing on the team they're playing. I expect USC to use that to an advantage and a disadvantage because we haven't spoken a lot about the team, but instead the man. However, to get him to throw his visor, we have to beat the team. So, if you aren't dizzy yet, basically I'm saying, we should play the game and be as loud as possible in helping our team to victory.

Scheme wise, I expect a lot more running from our guys and don't be surprised to see D.J. not as explosive as he was against BSU. With Spurrier's offense, he's more dangerous the more he's on the field, so I expect a lot more running of the ball and less passing. USC's defense does some funky shit, so it might be a tougher game than we all expect. Either way, I'm looking forward to it. I still think Dawgs on top and UGA's line is -17. I'm saying something in the area of 30-20, but that might change by Gameday.

Finally, a great picture of Spurrier to fire you guys up this week. Special thanks again to The Georgia Sports Blog for the photo.


Also, I'll be in Athens all weekend long and if you're there as well, give me a shout, I'd love to see all of you.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, September 04, 2005
12 beers will do that to ya.

However, that means no post-game analysis today but when it happens (probably tomorrow), it will be one helluva breakdown.

Damn those Dawgs looked good.

D.J. for Heisman.

Go Dawgs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, September 01, 2005
Granted, this is a day earlier than I wanted to post it, but I figured with tomorrow being Gameday Eve, no one was going to be able to read this in time to get as hyped as I am. Before I go any further, I'd like to offer my condolences to all affected by Hurricane Katrina. There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. You're all in my prayers, except for those who steal TVs, Nike shoes, and other non perishable goods to "survive."

Now, the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrest of the story (thanks Paul Harvey).

11 times a year, hopefully 12 or 13 depending on how good of a year it is, one family comes together to wish each other a blissful day full of laughing children, great food, and fond memories of times passed. This family knows each other by name only sometimes, and more often than not, they communicate with waves, smiles of approval, and the occassional random shout from across a crowded street. Mostly everyone is happy. Those that are not are usually already sunburned or full or hungover; just pick your poison. But most just want to relish in the fact that they're at a place where they'd most like to be, surrounded by people most like them, and all in all, it feels like family.

11 times a year, sometimes 12 or 13, people cheer in unison, sulk in defeat, shake hands in peace, and offer food to complete strangers.

11 times a year, sometimes 12 or 13, a fall day can be reminiscent of a summer one. It can remind you of how you worked so hard to get where you are now and how this wasn't just another day, it was an experience. One that was unique unto itself to be tucked away in your memories and not to be confused with other days similar, but not equal to it.

The best part is all this has happened, and it's not even 11 a.m. yet.

Then you begin your ritual. You have already met those around you, listened to legendary calls from the great Larry Munson, dreamed of the days within the 1980 football season and opened up the cooler to make sure that yes, you did bring the hot dogs.

I would say the beer is cold, but maybe you're drinking mint tea. Maybe you have decided that water will be sufficient since it is a little hot outside. Maybe a cool Jack and Coke or Beam and Coke will get you done at least until noon. It's your day. You do what you want with it.

So you grill and you visit. You tell your kids or those who just happened to stop by about how you went to school in that building right there and how it sure has changed over the years. You remember tripping on that front step as a freshman all the while being embarrassed because that was the first time you realized you weren't at home anymore. Little did you know, that was the first day of you becoming the man you are now.

Then you think, this isn't a football game. This isn't just a gameday. This day and those like it are not excuses to party like you did in college and get away with it. This day is meant to bring you together with the memories that get tangled up in the busy lifestyle you lead now that's full of 401ks, gas prices, and a war that you support but rarely understand like you think you should. Today is so you can relive a simpler life all while "cheering" on your favorite team. But you know as well as I do, that it's only football and it's only a game. It's the experience, and the experience is what makes this unique.

So you begin the march to the stadium but kickoff isn't until another 2 hours. You are going to see the official beginning of the activity. You behold a sea of red and black all standing patiently, waiting for the machine that is the Redcoat Marching Band come strutting through the parking lot. They sit and they wait. They allow little children to get "the best view in the house" by standing next to their legs and not stepping on tiny toes. After all, when the Dawgs finally march through the sea that has been parted in a way Moses would be proud, you know that the RCB is just like those children, except they're taller.

The Dawgs begin the march through and everyone cheers. They don't just cheer, however, they encourage, they support, and they talk to men, who are still kids, like they were blood related. "We've got your back D.J.", "Go Dawgs!", and "We believe" can be readily heard muffled in the crowded mess. You think you said it, but by this time, it's gotten so loud you can't be sure.

Then the Dawgs pass and the band becomes one solid chunk again. Everyone goes silent and one lone trumpeter sits atop a bridge, the same one you're on. In fact, he/she is right next to you and you hear what you've been waiting for....

"Mine eyes have seen the glory..."

Oh yes, it gives you larger goosebumps than when you read "Seven Notes on a Trumpet" back in March. You've waited for this...and now it's here.

Kickoff. We win. Again.

So the after game ceremony begins and you are finishing with tidying up your area and getting ready to go home. You've had a couple more, but just to mellow you out. I mean, you were something at that game. Never sat down one time. You definitely do not want to be one of those "typical alumni" that never cheer. You're there for a reason and damn it, you fulfilled that promise.

And just before you pack up that last chair and move everything back to the house, you sit down and watch the sunset slowly over the buildings. You want to listen to the post game show but it's all a big blur really and you're just absolutely exhausted. One thought does enter your mind however:

10 more times, or 11 or 12 if we have a good year.

Go Dawgs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.