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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Well here we are again for the third installment of the UGA Game Breakdown. I know this will be short and sweet since there really isn't much to report on from Saturday's game. We all knew it'd be a blowout and we all knew UGA would tune up a little, but I don't think anyone was excited about the first half. More on this later.

First, the good stuff:

1. 530 yards of Offense. Seriously, when can you guys remember the offense outshining the defense week in and week out? Of course, D.J. still has got to settle down a little bit more and just throw the fucking ball, but he's still a good QB and still is a game changer. I'm sold on this kid and have been for a long time. As soon as he realizes that even though he sees a TD throw about to happen, he doesn't have to put extra umph into the ball. Just play pitch and catch and we'll score TDs. Danny Ware looked impressive as well, but I would have liked to have seen more Kregg Lumpkin. I still think pound for pound Kregg is one of the best backs in the game right now, but he's got sea legs something fierce. I imagine that CMR is just being patient with him in order to get his head right first, and then really start getting him the ball more. Please understand, we've still got 3 years of all three of these kids.

2. The Defense: We especially looked impressive in the LB corps. I mean Brandon Miller is the next big thing. You want to talk about Ernie Simms at Florida State, then you have to mention Brandon Miller in the next sentence. I remember watching Signing Day at City Bar with Amos, and us putting Brandon Miller in the discussion. This kid was a big catch two years ago, played special teams last year and this year will eventually begin starting games. Just watch, I'll be right on this one. One more thing before I close this defense part out. We need to blitz more. When QBs have time to throw, they can throw short on us all day. We need to put guys on their asses and make them second guess their primary targets. Let's play some smash-mouth football. Our front line isn't intimidating anyone yet.

3. The kicking. Damn Brandon Coutu. I didn't know you had legs like a thoroughbred. I mean this kid kicked a 58 yard field goal and had at least 5-10 yards on it. Hell, he could've beat the college record with that kick. He missed one from 31, but no one remembers that now. Let's hope we never come to a game-winning kick, but if we do, I have faith in this kid. He's got years before he's Billy Bennett, but I have faith in him.

4. GREG FUCKING BLUE. This man hit two people on Saturday that made the entire (and I mean this) ESPN Zone on Saturday say "OOOOOOOOO." TWICE. Even more after the replays. I'm going to hate to lose him more than I did Thomas Davis. At least we still have Tra Battle, but that's some big shoes to fill. For a great article on how Greg Blue hits, click here. But if you're too lazy to do that, then here's a great quote for you:

"It was nothing personal," Blue said. "He happened to be the one with the ball."

That man is out to hurt people. Plain and simple.

Now the bad.

1. Penalties. I'm not going to be cute about this. If we shoot ourselves in the foot like this against ANY other team, we'll lose. Period. The good news, if any, about this is that most of the holding calls came from agressive, take-to-the-ground blocks, which are illegal, but show intensity. At least their hearts were in the right place.

2. Emotion. Aside from the intensity-filled penalties, we just weren't up for this game. It's hard to be like that when you really begin your schedule next week at MSU. I can't blame them, but ULM was looking for respect. Ask TCU what happens when a team overlooks you. Actually, ask Oklahoma. It's happened twice to them.

Now the ugly.

1. Your mom.

2. Your sister...she still calls me once in a while too.

Just kidding. Your sister's not ugly at all.

I won't do an updated top 25 because honestly, no one cares. In its place though, I will tell you that by watching the UF/UT game, I can tell we are going to have to run the shit out of the ball effectively to win. UT just got outcoached and if you ask me, we've got the best team in the SEC. The problem is that Florida's got that swagger about them like I haven't seen since the mid-late 90s. Someone needs to burst their bubble or it could be REALLY bad in Jax. Just my take, but I don't want them rolling into the Cocktail Party with shit to prove. They can't run the ball and Chris Leak is still running the offense at an effective, but not overpowering, rate. If we study enough film, we'll eat him up all day AS LONG AS WE CAN GET PRESSURE. That's the important part.

Ok, and now for the funny pic of the day (or week depending on when I update next):

Big thanks to the Georgia Sports Blog for that one.

Ok kids. I think I'm pretty much as spent as can be. I'll be watching the MSU game from the Metropolis of Perry. Also known as just Perry. Figured I'd put in some much needed "simple life" time, relax, and watch the game with either my dad or at Applebee's getting drunk. Whichever comes first.

One last thing before I go. I went to see the Modern Skirts perform last Saturday evening. It was great to see everyone (i.e. Russ, Ln, Keith, Rob, Dave Daly, the Bean, etc.) but I can't tell you enough about how good the Skirts are. The groupie-like ramblings of Russ and Dave are true. They do kick ass after all. Great show guys and the CD is well worth the $15 I spent on it. Congrats, I broke my streak of downloading all my shit. It was worth it. You can go here, which is the official Web site, or go here, which i would suggest, where you can hear 3 of the songs in full length. I would do that if I were you.
Until next time kids.
Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
Sorry I won't be in Perrydise to watch the game with you...we definitely need to hit up the ESPNZone for another game! I miss the cookie!

Love you!