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Monday, July 31, 2006
In the recent wake of my viewing of the new Miami Vice movie (6 out of 10 for those scoring at home), I took the remake of "In the Air Tonight" and made it a Munson Mix.

All in all, the mix is ok at best in my own opinion. The Munson clips in this one are supposed to be reflective of the big plays throughout Georgia Football history, but that's pretty much every other mix you've heard that I've done. I'm having a hard time finding clips that aren't as much play-by-play as they are some of Munson's musings.

If anyone knows where I can find good quality clips of Munson rambling about drunk students, good looking girls, etc., please let me know. I've got a lot of good ideas, but no way to put them into a mix.

Also, if anyone knows where I can download video highlights of the Dawgs, PLEASE let me know. Even if it's something as simple as subscribing to Scout or Rivals (which makes me the last true Dawg fan NOT on those sites).

Anyway, to "peep" the new mix, click here. Take a listen and if you like it and want to add it to your gameday collection, let me know and I'll send it to you via e-mail. I can be contacted at KitZeus99 [at]

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, July 30, 2006
This post may not make much sense. I dipped a little into the Sweetwater 420 while playing some poker and once the ball got rolling, it seemed to be on a downhill trek.

That being said, I watched a movie tonight on TNT HD that made me do a bit of thinking and I figured I'd write a post about it while it was still fresh in my mind.

Many of you have probably seen the movie The Replacements. If you haven't, I would suggest that you do since I consistently find it to be a damn good football movie every time I watch it. Is it on the level of a movie like Rudy or Remember the Titans? No, but that doesn't mean it sucks either.

However, while watching the movie, I drew many similarities between that of a Scab athlete and one of a college football player that doesn't make the jump to the next level.

We often forget the sacrifices and level of play of a kid that plays with complete and utter heart. We don't consistently put people like Damien Gary, Decory Bryant (who would've been an NFL talent), Bryan McClendon, Michael Johnson, etc. etc. into the mix of Dawgs who went on to greatness, but we do remember them for what they were...Dawgs.

NFL talent? Sure. All heart? ABSOLUTELY.

For example, I was well into my first senior year, still a Redcoat, and at the Auburn game when Michael Johnson jumped up and picked that pass right out of the air to send us to the SEC Championship game. I remember not seeing it at all. All I saw was a wave (literally) of Georgia fans jump up as the news filtered throughout the plains that we were going to do something that hadn't been done since before I was even interested in football. I never saw the play until I watched the Mark Richt show a day later, but I didn't care. Tears rolled down my face, I played Glory and Glory Glory Dixieland and I rejoiced. Why? Because for one day, one second, a person I've never met jumped up and caught a ball.

I think it's obvious that I'm jones-ing for football pretty badly, but I have discovered that the older I get, the more I appreciate the sport, the players, and the memories it has brought me. Yeah I hate to lose. We all do. There's no worse feeling than a walk back to the car after a long day of tailgating and getting ready only to wake up tomorrow and know you're that much farther away from a title and that someone has bragging rights on you for the next 365, but all in all, I truly appreciate the experience.

It's amazing how often we take it for granted...myself included.

But in my days post-Redcoat I find myself to become a more active fan and a more rabid one. I still scream, I still get this fire inside of me that refuses to be extinguished, and I still go nuts when we put 6 on the board, but all I'm really doing is trying to learn what it's like to participate in a football game without playing an instrument. I'm sure I'm not the only former Redcoat to be in the stands on the first game as a "fan" and not know what the hell to do when the band is playing. It's quite the odd experience.

That being said, it's apparent across the entire fan base that there are hundreds (if not thousands or hundreds of thousands even) who are becoming more and more involved in the game time activities just to relive the glory days of Verron Haynes beating Tennessee or Michael Johnson leading the way against Auburn. Sure, we'll probably win a national title within the next 5 years. I truly believe we will, but still, I'm not sure if it'll taste as sweet as watching someone my age reach for a moment, grasp it, and acheive greatness in the least of circumstances.

We know who will eventually go to the NFL. We celebrate their departure as we remember their contributions, but all in all, there are droves of former Dawgs and fond memories that get lost in the shuffle sometimes.

Thankfully, it has been the case lately that those memories get lost in the shuffle of stellar play and SEC championships.

Just remember, as you fire up the grill and extend the tents and plastic chairs, take a second to remember who you cheer for and more importantly, why you cheer. It's not all about the pay just yet...

It's about heart.

Go Dawgs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

"When the Washington Sentinels left the stadium that date, there was no tickertape parade, no endorsement deals for sneakers or soda pop, or breakfast cereal. Just a locker to be cleaned out, and a ride home to catch. But what they didn't know, was that their lives had been changed forever because they had been part of something great. And greatness, no matter how brief, stays with a man."
-- Gene Hackman as Jimmy McGinty, The Replacements

***All photos have been hotlinked courtesy of PWD and the Georgia Sports Blog.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Classic City last Saturday night when a friend came up to visit for his birthday.

Needless to say, I had a blast as always.

It amazes me sometimes how much Athens feels like home every single time I go there. You would think however, that it would feel more comfortable during the football season since I'm such a huge fan of the Dawgs, but that is not the case. Athens in the summer is by far the greatest atmosphere to experience on a Saturday night after a heavy rainstorm that has cooled the temperature of the not-so-smog-filled air.

I can honestly say that there were times throughout that night where I felt happiness, sadness, joy, elation, and gratitude towards the fond memories I have of living there. We had a great time overall just hopping from bar to bar and being able to drink how and where we wanted (real world jobs allow you to actually buy drinks). I was fortunate enough to see a few old faces as well as a couple of newer ones. I had the pleasure of seeing two of the most beautiful girls on the planet that I have known from the first two of the now three phases of my life. The heart strings are still sore from being tugged so much.

I came back to Atlanta in somewhat of a somber mood, wishing I could have just stayed one more day to sleep in and feel the laid back atmosphere of the town at 2 P.M. But, the real world was calling and apparently, they were calling collect and I accepted the charges.

With so many close friends and essentially "family" moving out of Athens in droves, I question the dream-turned-opportunity quite often, wondering if it's the right move at the right time and most importantly, for the right reason. However, with the new found independence I now have from some hefty obligations I figured if I don't do it now, I never will, regardless of the reason.

Anyone up for another trip to the classic city in mid-late August?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Two things before I begin...

1) Big thanks to Dawg Sports and Kyle King for linking me up and creating controversy with the "Who would replace Richt" question. I first shot it to PWD and apparently it's making rounds and it's spawned a bit of debate and a poll question (go vote now!!)...which makes me as a shit-stirrer happy. It really should make my friend's girlfriend happy since she's the one that posed the question to me. All I did was create a list guess (HINT: I didn't like my list).

2) Vegas in two weeks...oh I love The Vegas even though I've never been.

If Part One was any good, I was going to leave it up for a few days and let the stories sink in. However, I read the post again and it blows. I mean it was bad. So I had to put something up just to make it the NEXT thing to read...I guess that's what happens when you watch a friend play damn good poker while drinking Sweetwater 420.

So here's the heart of why I hate Georgia Tech so much (now mentioned just as Tech). All the stories are good feeders to the flame, but are lacking the "it" factor to create a truly hated rival. The good news is I've found that "it" factor and I'm proud to say that it's the people.

Individually, they might be ok. As one, they're shit.

Awwww. Don't like what I say? Prove me wrong. My entire life I've met only a handful of Tech fans that were worth keeping. I work with one, I'm related to the other one....past that, I'm just overestimating in case I'm forgetting anyone.

Tech fans whine. Jesus Cristo they whine and whine and whine. While they whine, they're not doing anything else. They talk about how great they are, but yet they can't prove anything other than they're a bunch of geeks who spread terrorism so rapidly, it gives new meaning to the term "long division."

Photo: Engineers don't kick ass.

They should at least win something. Cure something. DO SOMETHING. Tech is never in the news for being at the forefront of anything. Anyone else ever notice that?

Sure, UGA could field felons and go 7-4, but we don't want to. We'd rather our criminal talent do something that justifies their troubled history. Something like...WINNING...or getting into the NFL.

Photo: "Oh-Hell" Odell in full GATA mode after he hears Brady call him a "Goody-goody Tech Grad."

I mean lets all face it. Terrance Moore's column didn't put a single Tech fan down. All it did was bring to light the ugly truth that is Tech football and that truth is YOU GUYS SUCK ALL AROUND.

And to quote a good friend, "Nobody likes you."

Every year that we play Tech I get this "bile in the back of my throat" feeling that won't go away. I guess it could be worse, though. When I was in Redcoats, I had to stand on the sideline while that joke of a band ran around with a flag boy, marched without sunglasses, and then "walked the 'T' off the field."

By the way, the whole obsession with the "T" is beyond me. It's on a building and people try to steal it. OK. It's on the field and the bandies walk it off on a whim. OK. It's fucking pointless but, OK...not impressive. You know what is impressive to do? March off the field with Notre Dame's band in 1980 after a patriotic show and turning USA into UGA. THAT takes balls and talent. A "T" is a fucking "T." Ask Tennessee...they know all about it.

Photo: In 2003, Phil Fulmer proves there's no "T" in Krispy Kreme, but there is in "doughnuts."

I could go on and on for hours, but that wouldn't make for a very readable blog. Just understand that when it comes to all schools in all states all across this great nation, there is no other thing I'd personally rather see than Tech be no more. It's not even fun beating them anyway.

In closing, here are the pros and cons of Tech in America...

1) Thursday night football -- Where else can a complete meltdown hit so close to home, but not affect your team?
2) The Varsity in Atlanta -- Sure it's all GT all the time, but it kind of has that "it's like The Varsity in Athens, but not" feel to it.
3) A win on the schedule -- 'Nuff said.

1) Fans are idiots -- I have video proof. Apparently "cutting" has no mathematical equation.

2) Fans are ugly -- I'd say Tech girls love it Doggy Style, but since they are without any, it's pointless.
3) Everything else -- There's too much to list.

Oh well, we can always hope for a better tomorrow...or we could just elect this guy as President.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Tuck Fech.

Everyone Dawg fan has one. That one team that you can't stand and would rather watch burn to the ground and piss on the ashes than to see your team even beat them one more time.

For me, that team is Georgia Tech.

GT and I have never had a good relationship. My extended family is split right down the middle with my Dad's side being all UGA and my Mom's side being all GT. That being said, the only real reason my Mom's side was all GT was because my cousin Roger pitched with Kevin Browne way back in the day for GT's baseball team. Around those years it was not uncommon for me to have a GT sweater or cap, which I will admit I wore, but I knew where my heart lied all along.

Moving through the ranks of elementary and middle school came high school and the high school crush that beat all others...Kelly. We were together for 3 years and her older brother went to GT, so again, I had to put loyalty aside to keep the home happy.

Then UGA...oh fucking shit UGA. That first semester was hell on me. The town was too big, I didn't know a soul but the other folks up there from Perry, and Kelly and I were no longer. It blew. But then we played Georgia Tech after Thanksgiving and my disdain for Georgia Tech began and my love of UGA was solidified forever.

I was walking off the field after a decent show (I can't remember what it was, but I was at Bobby Dodd Stadium so I'm sure at least 1 person out of the 15,000 there remembers) and at that time the far endzone was that atrocious looking building with the big inflatable Buzz in the corner. And of course, there were those calculator humping, social life devoid, ass-hats down there with the pom pom's and the girls...that looked like men.

We're walking by and one of them decides to say "Fucking UGA Band Nerds."

I didn't like it.

I let him know.

He didn't agree with what I said.

A debate ensued.

I would've choked the life out of that kid had I been able to, but cooler heads (and five other people) prevailed over my temper that day.

But we weren't done.

As my parents and I were walking back to the car (the Redcoats did NOT go back in one unit that year...subsequently the last year that happened), we had bottle rockets, beer bottles, and other shit thrown at us only to see streaks of piss yellow and blue running like hell through the trees once they knew they'd be spotted. However, the worst was when about 3 Tech fuckers attacked a Redcoat girl about 300 yards in front of us and ripped shit off of her uniform. By the time my Dad and I got there, it was too late. She was very visibly upset and they were gone.

That shit was like an atom bomb going off inside me.

The next next year we were back at Tech (noticing a pattern here?) and just about the same thing happened, but this time, mother fuckers, we won the game and rubbed it in your useless faces the whole fucking time. Verron Haynes ran all over your asses like unforgiving steamroller of Red and Black and y'all had no chance. You couldn't stop us with a signed letter from Congress. We were out for domination and I let every one of you nerds know it. And I loved every second of it. However, walking back to the car (as one large group of Redcoats), some dipshit Techie decided he was way too smart for the band and tried to drive through the mass. He bumped into one person and then caught about 40 banging on his windows begging for him to come out and play. Blood in the water, mother fuckers, blood in the water.

However, the best story to back up my pure and utter hatred for Georgia Tech lies in my last year in Redcoats. On one of the coldest days I've ever been witness to, and my last regular season game as a Redcoat, I walked off the field to a Jim Beam and Coke cup all over my body. I fucking lost it. Don't believe me? Ask B@wcum who did one helluva job in calming me down. After it happened, I saw him laugh (and who knows if it was actually him) and that was it. Pure hell raged on inside of me, but unfortunately cooler heads (and probably 10 shit) prevailed. However, I think the same guy got his ass kicked later on in the game by some UGA fan who'd had enough.

Ah, memories.

By the advise of Beer Pong, that concludes part one of "Why I hate Georgia Tech." Please tune in soon for part two, which is soley based on commentary.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Saturday, July 15, 2006
Well it's July. It's July in full fucking force is what I'm talking about because when I got in the car today, I REALLY wished I had one those Auto Cool things I keep seeing on infomercials.

Photo: This keeps you from sweating in .4 seconds immediately after you sit in the car.

Anyway, July is getting very close to that time of year where it's just about all football all the time. Of course, I'll update you on the progress of Project Moderation and any other little tidbits about what is going on. But with the football season getting ready to kick up, I must do what I always do and lay down the law on the progess of the Dawgs.

If you'll notice, in anticipation of said change on the blog I have updated the sidebar with a couple of more blogs/web sites for you to check out from time to time. Of course you have the Georgia Sports Blog and, but now I've added Dawg Sports by Major Kyle, EDSBS (GATOR BLOG by Orson Swindle, but a helluva read), and College Football resource which is like watching College Gameday on ESPN because it is great at giving an overall snapshot of College Football throughout America.

So get ready because after Vegas trip, it's pretty much all UGA all the time with my own commentary thrown in. Just be warned, I'm not going to proclaim to know everything about college football, but I'll damn sure talk like it. And I will be incredibly wrong about a lot of stuff...understand that now.

Offense and Defense post spring previews coming soon. I just need to compile a few more resources so I don't look like a complete fool. They'll be out in about a month.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Quick update:

1. I'm tired as hell.
2. Poker Thursday.
3. Do-nothing weekend planned ahead (excluding work a half day Saturday...BOO)
4. Glad to have Jack Daniels at the house.

It's nothing but the essentials over here.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, July 09, 2006
I think I've posted three times in the past two days. That's a damn lot for me, but I've got a shit-ton of stuff bouncing around in my noggin so I gotta get it out somehow.

First thing's first, before the movie last night I was posed with the question "If Mark Richt did leave UGA, who would be his replacement?" Now, before there are conspiracy theories thrown about, it was just a hypothetical question, and even though I think the list I put together blew, it was still fun nonetheless. Here is who I came up with:

Rodney Garner
Mike Bobo
Pat Hill
Jeff Tedford (REALLY on the fence with that one)
Brian Van Gorder
Butch Davis

I also sent the same question to PWD, who I'm sure will come up with much better ideas than mine, but like I said, it was fun to kick around, and thankfully it's just hypothetical. Since I am a whore for comments, please add yours as you see fit.

Secondly, a big thanks to everyone who has shown tremendous support in the upcoming project. I've gotten a few phone calls from close friends and newer friends with questions about what it is. After some explanation, I think their excitement is pure and not one of those "that's great man" followed by a mumble of "that shit is gonna fail." That's good news I think. A huge thanks to Russ and Dave who let me vent not too long ago at length about it, and who I know will be very instrumental during the times where I'm confident and those where I'm not so much. Also, for those in the know, Jeb is no longer in on the idea (it was a joint project initially), but it's mainly because it's not the career path he wanted to go down. No big deal, he's still my brother and he knows that. There was no argument or anything of that's all good and I mean it sincerely. All in all, life is good but a little scary. However, Project Moderation is in full swing.

Not much else to chat about for now. Looking forward to the COMMENTS.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

So tonight I went and watched this movie, and while I enjoyed it, I don't know if my life would've been drastically different if I'd have waited for video. It leaves you a bit perplexed as to how the next one will go (as well as when the next one is coming out...since both the 2nd and 3rd were filmed at the same time), but I guess that's the point.

All in all, I'd give it 6.5 out of 10 just on pure animation, Johnny Depp, KEIRA "HOT AS HELL" KNIGHTLEY (who has also been in my top 3 since "Love Actually"), and the music, which is particularly good. However, since my title doesn't involve "master" as much as it does "beer drinker," I don't know how good the music is in terms of what real musicians think. It should be interesting to note that this movie moves a bit slow and the plot takes a second or two to develop. However, it's borderline as to movie or rental. It's your call.

One more thing when deciding to see this one, if those at the movie theatre tell you that there's a clip at the end of the credits that you can stay and watch, just get up and leave and call me. I'll save you a good 7 minutes and no line getting out the door. It offers no insight into the next movie and basically tells you shit that you already knew. I really think they just had an extra clip they wanted to throw in and said "what the hell, put it at the end."

By the way, if you haven't seen the movie, do yourself a favor and do ZERO research on the third and final installment. It will give too much away.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Saturday, July 08, 2006
What would seem like an extremely long work day, day on your feet, time spent with someone else's kids, etc. etc. etc., is the exact amount of time I just spent sleeping.

You damn right....sleeping.

And like seeing "Blue" in heaven, it was GLORIOUS. I'm writing on a Saturday afternoon (slept from 19:00 -- 11:00) fully rested and looking forward to a do-not-a-fucking-thing day.

More information on the upcoming project, some changes, and some resources soon. If you don't know what it is, just ask in an e-mail and I'll give you the breakdown. Trust me, I really enjoy talking about it...just ask Russ.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, July 02, 2006
Even the darkest cloud runs out of rain.

I think everyone's on the same page when I say that everything hasn't been perfect in Kitland lately, but last night through a conversation with a close friend's husband, something was "revealed" to me that let me know things are looking up.

Since there are Dawg-gone Blog lurkers out there that read but don't want me to know they read, I won't get into specifics. But I will say that there is a certain dream of mine that I've been after for the past 5 or 6 years, but I've just gotten more serious about it within the past year or two. After discussing some particulars, I think I finally found the final piece to making that dream happen.

Now comes the research and paperwork. I might enlist a few of you to help me sit down and figure out some numbers and bring up any ideas that I might have skipped over. A few more calls and a big folder full of resources and I can finally take the next step.

I'm dead serious this time around...and I'm scared to death.

Everything's better in Moderation.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.