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Everyone Dawg fan has one. That one team that you can't stand and would rather watch burn to the ground and piss on the ashes than to see your team even beat them one more time.

For me, that team is Georgia Tech.

GT and I have never had a good relationship. My extended family is split right down the middle with my Dad's side being all UGA and my Mom's side being all GT. That being said, the only real reason my Mom's side was all GT was because my cousin Roger pitched with Kevin Browne way back in the day for GT's baseball team. Around those years it was not uncommon for me to have a GT sweater or cap, which I will admit I wore, but I knew where my heart lied all along.

Moving through the ranks of elementary and middle school came high school and the high school crush that beat all others...Kelly. We were together for 3 years and her older brother went to GT, so again, I had to put loyalty aside to keep the home happy.

Then UGA...oh fucking shit UGA. That first semester was hell on me. The town was too big, I didn't know a soul but the other folks up there from Perry, and Kelly and I were no longer. It blew. But then we played Georgia Tech after Thanksgiving and my disdain for Georgia Tech began and my love of UGA was solidified forever.

I was walking off the field after a decent show (I can't remember what it was, but I was at Bobby Dodd Stadium so I'm sure at least 1 person out of the 15,000 there remembers) and at that time the far endzone was that atrocious looking building with the big inflatable Buzz in the corner. And of course, there were those calculator humping, social life devoid, ass-hats down there with the pom pom's and the girls...that looked like men.

We're walking by and one of them decides to say "Fucking UGA Band Nerds."

I didn't like it.

I let him know.

He didn't agree with what I said.

A debate ensued.

I would've choked the life out of that kid had I been able to, but cooler heads (and five other people) prevailed over my temper that day.

But we weren't done.

As my parents and I were walking back to the car (the Redcoats did NOT go back in one unit that year...subsequently the last year that happened), we had bottle rockets, beer bottles, and other shit thrown at us only to see streaks of piss yellow and blue running like hell through the trees once they knew they'd be spotted. However, the worst was when about 3 Tech fuckers attacked a Redcoat girl about 300 yards in front of us and ripped shit off of her uniform. By the time my Dad and I got there, it was too late. She was very visibly upset and they were gone.

That shit was like an atom bomb going off inside me.

The next next year we were back at Tech (noticing a pattern here?) and just about the same thing happened, but this time, mother fuckers, we won the game and rubbed it in your useless faces the whole fucking time. Verron Haynes ran all over your asses like unforgiving steamroller of Red and Black and y'all had no chance. You couldn't stop us with a signed letter from Congress. We were out for domination and I let every one of you nerds know it. And I loved every second of it. However, walking back to the car (as one large group of Redcoats), some dipshit Techie decided he was way too smart for the band and tried to drive through the mass. He bumped into one person and then caught about 40 banging on his windows begging for him to come out and play. Blood in the water, mother fuckers, blood in the water.

However, the best story to back up my pure and utter hatred for Georgia Tech lies in my last year in Redcoats. On one of the coldest days I've ever been witness to, and my last regular season game as a Redcoat, I walked off the field to a Jim Beam and Coke cup all over my body. I fucking lost it. Don't believe me? Ask B@wcum who did one helluva job in calming me down. After it happened, I saw him laugh (and who knows if it was actually him) and that was it. Pure hell raged on inside of me, but unfortunately cooler heads (and probably 10 shit) prevailed. However, I think the same guy got his ass kicked later on in the game by some UGA fan who'd had enough.

Ah, memories.

By the advise of Beer Pong, that concludes part one of "Why I hate Georgia Tech." Please tune in soon for part two, which is soley based on commentary.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Brett said...

Blogger Philip said...
I was at both of those games. I am pretty convinced that anybody who goes to Tech is the spawn of Satan himself (and I have friends who go to Tech, and yes, I tell them that). Never have I seen such deplorable behavior as I have from Tech fans.

If you're gonna harass somebody, harass the players. Harassing the band is cowardly and pathetic.

Blogger Buffy said...
So you like Georgia Tech then?

Blogger Michael said...

What are your thoughts about Logan Gray, the quarterback UGA signed out of our back yard here...Columbia Rock Bridge?

Blogger Russell said...
My disdain for Tech comes in levels.

At the bottom is and as funny as this sounds, I have no disdain for Tech football. They have gotten so bad that I just don't care about it.

Then your average tech student. They mean no harm, they have chance of fucking your woman and you can kick their ass.

Next up, the Tech Basketball team. I good solid bit of dislike.

Next the Tech baseball team. I don't like consistency in my opponents. I think they are going to be good for a while.

Next, the not so average Tech student. The ones that dress up and paint their bodies yellow for football games. This also includes Buzz. (He and I got into one year.) I'm talking about the rude ones that don't realize that their mouths are writing check their bodies can't cash. I hate them. Not because they are being involved fans, it's because they are stupid. Very very stupid. They just don't have a clue.

Finally at the top of my hatred list of Tech. Greek Techs. Frat dicks.

I drove the Ryder truck out of there one year and had beer bottles repeated thrown at the truck as I made my way back to the interstate. Who is so stupid that they would sit there and throw beer bottles at a moving vehicle?

Fucking N.A.T.S.

Blogger Ludakit said...
Michael, I'm going to be posting a part 2 on my disdain for Georgia Tech really soon and I was going to mention Logan in that blog, so check back in the next couple of days to get some in depth stuff.

Truth is, I haven't read enough about him yet to really get on his bandwagon, but here's what I do know...

1) Fast white kid (now we know he's special)
2) Good arm, but not great.
3) Needs to get bigger.
4) Knows he will redshirt next year (WHICH IS HUGE).

More to come.

Blogger Matt T said...
That cold weather game in 2003 was terrible, they had us way to close to those dumbass students. Someone else got hit with nachos. You can tell they are really tough guys because they know we couldn't really do anything.

Even the players are bad. In 2002 in Athens we were on the field for pregame and one of the players walked by and said something to a group of the girls along the lines of fuck you. Really classy. We then go on to win 51-7, but he did catch their lone touchdown.

Blogger Ray Goff said...
I really REALLY hate Tech.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
One thing most of my UGA and GT friends agree on is how much we hate band nerds from any school.

Anonymous buzz said...
UGA people always make it about sports--never about school. You go to college to learn asshole! UGA is barely better than GSU, so fuck off!

Anonymous lulzkillah said...
i think both schools have fans that ruin the game for the opposing side; its sad that despite the rivalry, we cant both have more class.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah fans can be asshats, I'm sure there are many similar stories on the tech side of things, it isn't called "Clean, Old fashioned hate" for no reason. Remember that it was the Georgia fans who threw rocks at the team at the first ever meeting of the two schools.

Anonymous JT said...
I feed off your hatred.