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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
So I "mysteriously" got to sample the tracks from the new Coldplay album X and Y. First of all, it's a great listen from start to finish. Nothing really sticks out as being a definitive song yet, but I have a feeling there will be one or two that will strike a chord with me and actually mean something much deeper.

Two tracks I would refer you guys to would be Track 4 "Fix You" and Track 7 "Speed of Sound." "Fix You" is beautifully written and sung in a style where you just know this guy's heart is breaking. I don't know how that dude from Coldplay does it while banging Gwyneth Paltrow, but damn, he sounds depressed a lot. He's a helluva song writer. "Speed of Sound" is just a fun listen, much like "Clocks" from their previous album. The track starts out slowly and boring to be honest, but once you get about 30 seconds into the tune, you realize it's a pretty damn good listen.

Bottom line: If you must pay for the CD, I'd say it's worth the money.

Earlier today I decided to post a list of songs to drink yourself to death by. Not to be too incredibly morbid, but when I think of a haunting song, one of the prerequisites is that I have to picture myself sitting in a room by myself with a half-full glass of straight whiskey. There will be the most blank look on my face as if I just can't figure out that theory of relativity thing and I'll be as emotional as a china plate in a lit case...beautifully fragile for those of you scoring at home.

So without wasting any more time, here is a current list of wondeful songs to drink yourself to death by:

1. What a Wonderful World -- Louis Armstrong
2. Fix You -- Coldplay
3. Hurt -- Johnny Cash
4. Whiskey Lullaby -- Brad Paisley feat. Alison Kraus
5. Some Devil -- Dave Matthews
6. Trouble -- Coldplay
7. Pay for What You Get -- Dave Matthews Band
8. My Way -- Frank Sinatra
9. Comfortable -- John Mayer
10. Halleluiah -- Jeff Buckley
11. Honey & The Moon -- Joseph Arthur
12. Wonderwall -- Oasis (I prefer the Ryan Adams version, though)
13. Still Crazy After All These Years -- Paul Simon
14. Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Tuesday's Gone
15. You Won't Be Mine -- Matchbox 20
16. Jimmy Buffett -- Come Monday
17. Counting Crows -- Long December
18. Fire and Rain -- James Taylor
19. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone -- Bill Withers
20. Grandma's Hands -- Bill Withers
21. It's a Man's World -- James Brown
22. Colorblind -- Counting Crows
23. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes -- Beck
24. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You -- Colin Hay
25. Against All Odds -- Phil Collins
26. Crying -- Roy Orbison
27. Ebony and Ivory -- Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder (Just Kidding.)

*Late Addition: Waltzing With Sara(h) -- [NAME REDACTED] (sorry I forgot you)*

I'm sure there are tons more and I will admit the fatal flaw in my list is that it consists of well-known songs and well-known artists. I've found that some of the best songs to drink by are songs that no one else knows. Sorry for not including more random shit in there but that's why you read this blog, so you can come up with your own ideas. If I had a playlist of "gun barrel/whiskey bottle in your mouth" songs, it would have to include every single one of these tracks.

I'd encourage all of you to comment with your own musical choices because I'd love to see what else is out there that I could listen to myself and/or get a feel for what motivates your heartbreak. Besides, the free exchange of ideas is what blogging is all about. Well, not really, but for the purposes of this exercise, we'll say that's the case.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Monday, May 30, 2005
I assume most people expect me to blog for an extended amount of time about this weekend, my activities, etc.

Well that's not gonna happen.

Instead I'm going to plain and simply put it for all of you, respect today regardless of your beliefs. I, as a chatter of a few internet sites, got into a heated argument with a limitless liberal last night over every single topic you could imagine. However, we got stuck on one topic and it got VERY heated (well, on his end. I was cool as a cucumber.) and that topic was the war. He, being the dipshit liberal that he is, believed every conspiracy theory that has been printed by the liberal talking points that he has heard every single day for the past 4 years. After the debacle, I mean debate, was over I sat and wondered about one thing...why he never gave acknowledgement to those that died for his right to complain about a war he never agreed with.

Simply put, ladies and gentlemen, you can agree or disagree with the direction of this country. You can blame my Christian beliefs or you can blame whatever you want to make yourself feel better. However, ALWAYS respect the sacrifices made by others so you can respectfully or disrespectfully disagree. It wasn't until I moved to a military town that I realized all that people go through just to keep this country afloat. We would have been done hundreds of years ago had it not been for those who were willing to sacrifice for the greater good. See, what people don't understand is that we're free today because some person, some random farmer or blacksmith or whatever, left his wife and children to fight for this country. Our country is not the product of present sacrifices but the product of the hundreds of thousands lost hundreds of years ago to protect the freedoms set forth on a piece of paper. WE are the democratic model for the rest of the world for a reason. It would pay you good mind to respect that. While fighting and dying for my country isn't something I chose to do, it would be something I'd do if I were to get drafted. Just because I don't serve, doesn't mean I'm not willing to should I be called upon.

Thank you to the courageous, brave, and willing who has given us all that we have today. We can't repay you and the memories of your loved ones will slip our minds from time to time. However, you have my word that for at least one day a year I will pray and give thanks to the sacrifices that has been made so I can live my life as I so choose.

Moving on...

1. As of this writing, I have lost an effecient 14 pounds. That's good news figuring I want to look my best for the roasting activities. I'm cordially inviting those that read this blog to attend the Roast of [NAME REDACTED] on Saturday June 4, 8:00 pm at Tasty World in the Classic City of Athens, Ga.

2. Speaking of [NAME REDACTED], would you like to play golf Friday? Let me know.

3. By the way, Tim, I have an e-mail coming your way soon. I apologize for the delay, but I'm speaking for two people since Amos can't make it.

4. I look like a Mexican...a legal one. I haven't shaved since Thursday morning. Tomorrow's shave should be painful.

5. The interview for next Friday with WestWayne got canceled due to client meetings. It kind of sucks because I was really looking forward to getting in there, but this is the time of year they plan all their creative advertising for the next year so I understand the reason for the delay.

6. I feel good. Better than I have in a long time. I have a few folks I can thank for that as well as my own decision to not get too bummed out anymore. Life in Savannah isn't for me, but for right now, it'll do.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Friday, May 27, 2005
So I was looking at the site meter today (I have a little more time to do so since we got off at 1) and I'm always amazed at the different options that thing has.

For instance, I told you in the last post about the different search queries that led people to my own little "Blogdom," well today I found some different domains that I found interesting. Here are the two that caught my eye the best:


Good to know I've made it out to the Pacific even though the farthest I've ever traveled west is Louisiana, and we all know that Harvard kids have a lot to learn from me.

More to come later.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, May 26, 2005
Felt like blogging again. Well, kinda. Well, not really. But I thought I'd do it anyway. I think I'll just do randomness via numbers. So away we go.

1. Hope you liked the previous story I wrote. It was kinda like what [NAME REDACTED] did not too long ago but definitely not as good. It was fun either way.

2. I have my second interview with WestWayne next Friday at 3:30. I'm excited just because I made it to the second round. If I can have an interview again that was as good as the first one, then I'd be in good shape.

3. Tim (Gunner) shoot me your e-mail because I need to send you some stuff. If you know what I mean.

4. Russ, I loved this year's American Idol. You did too. Don't lie. But thanks for the Constantine thing. It was funny as hell.

5. So far, I've found out that people have Googled three of the girls from the blog about Attack of the Ex Girlfriends. Those names are Summer Saunders, Erin McCoy and Dana Harrison. No word on whether or not they found nekkid pics. If you did, let me know.

6. June is a busy month. FUCK.

7. I just locked up Fantasia Barino for July 3. It should be a very big ordeal and I'm really pumped about it, whether I'm at Clear Channel or not. The good news is even if I do leave, I still get the commission. YEAH SALES!

8. I need new episodes of 24, House, and The O.C. already. I don't think I can make it all summer without Fox telling me how to think.

9. I'm done.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
In June of 1963, I got to witness an event that changed my life. For the first time, I saw through a man and his motives and saw his soul. It didn’t glow or make a sound. It was just there inside of his frame and sat patiently waiting to be acknowledged.

At the time, I was a young hometown sports reporter for The Davidson Trader in Welcome, North Carolina. With only one school, which happened to be out already for the summer, I covered the local boxing matches to fill up my otherwise blank page. No one spectacular came through my territory. Just a few local and regional guys all hoping to make it big or at least make a sizeable purse for an evening’s worth of good work.

One such man I got to know personally, and it was his soul I happened to gaze upon that night. The funny thing is I actually didn’t see it until I saw her. More on “her” later, but first, let me give you some background into the life of this man.

Where he was born, I don’t know, but I do know he was lucky enough to have been born in 1933, making him too young to be called for World War II. I know he came to our home of Welcome via Kentucky where the only belt he had ever worn before becoming a boxer was that of a carpenter. The years of being in that bluegrass sun kept him at an average build, but nothing extravagant. He was a handyman in his spare time between fights and lived on the outskirts of town. He didn’t socialize much even though everyone knew his name and enjoyed his matches. His win-loss record wouldn’t reinforce it, but he was the favorite of our surrounding area and often boxed out of the request of promoters trying to push their young talent through the Southeast. His 5’10” frame allowed him some reach, but not much, meaning if he was going to win, it was by simply outlasting his challenger or fighting him short, which in the boxing world means “close to his opponent.”

As I said, he wasn’t a large man or one that would even impose some sort of threat to the average challenger. In fact, the only belt he’d ever had or would ever carry was the one mentioned earlier. He fought for extra money and in the evenings after a long match, he took the orders of Dr. Daniels and nursed his cuts, bumps, and bruises with a cold glass of whiskey. His hair was slightly darker than suede and his farmers tan made him look like a walking “T.”

I got to know him personally since I had covered his matches for three summers now and was lucky enough to get a few words out of him on the record after a win or two. However, he was notorious for always asking for our conversations to be kept out of the paper. For what, I don’t know, but I think it was because I was the only person that had seen every one of his fights. I guess that made me sort of like family.

On this night, he faced an opponent whose name I can’t recall. All I remember was that my friend had the kind of body that slightly jiggled when he moved quickly, whereas this challenger seemed to be made of pure stone. The opponent was from somewhere in Georgia and I guess he was doing much more strenuous carpenter work than that of my friend. For the first three rounds, it was pure strategy, but it was obvious this was going to be a real fight.

Early in the fourth, my friend got a nasty cut above his eye from a mean left hook. The blood began to trickle down the right side of his face moderately, but not at such a pace to halt the battle. Another left hook and then a right jab combined with a slight trip sent my friend right to the floor. He laid down for two counts, but on the third, he got on his hands and knees and was finally up by seven. At this point, the blood was already starting to shimmer due to its mixture with the sweat from the humidity of a North Carolina evening.

The challenger lunged at him, ready to make his trip back home to train for his next fight. My friend ducked and dodged his way to the break, where he sat, got himself some water, and took a slight rest. The fifth started with a bang as both men came out swinging. The crowd noise was starting to liven up as many men hoped their bets would come out big. It was well known that gambling on fights was an enjoyable pastime in Welcome. Just ask the Sheriff. He had money on the challenger.

The fifth ended with no real consequences to both men, and the sixth came and went as well. Technically this was a crappy fight, but the mental battle between the two was mesmerizing. However, I think that I was the only one that saw it.

Wait, I forgot about her.

She saw it too. She was just a young girl, no older than 23, who was a local as well. She didn’t speak much to anyone but was known for being a good student and having a soft demeanor. She was there just because it was the thing to do and I believe she had come with a friend that night, but I’m not sure now.

Above the screams of the crowd all yearning to make their green biscuits, I heard someone mumble. Even though she was directly across from me, I know it was her. What she said I couldn’t tell you but I do know what she was thinking. She had a look on her face that wasn’t out of pity, but out of defeat. That look was probably similar to the way she looked at her father who wasn’t quite the man he was after his return from the second Great War. Even though she had never met my friend before, she knew his soul and knew that even if he won the fight, he still lost in the end. It was then I realized that my friend was a shell of who he should be.

I saw my friend’s soul that night all because of a woman that I had never spoken to. She made me finally ask a question that I don’t think anyone had ever considered before she did. Betters and myself alike all asked ourselves “Will he win?”

She asked, “Why does he fight?”

It hit me with an intensity like I had caught that left hook instead. I had called him my friend all because I was familiar with his quirks such as the way he would lace his gloves or his ritual in between rounds. Truth be known, I knew the fighter and not the man. Some people, such as his challenger, fought for money, fame, or the opportunity to make it big. I had no idea why my friend fought. He had an intense numbness about him in the ring where you knew where his conscious was, but where was his subconscious? What fueled his desire to hit another man? It sure wasn’t money, as he made a living to support his means by his other work. It wasn’t the fame because he wasn’t famous. It wasn’t the women because he never got close to any. It wasn’t even the anger because I truly believe that it never existed within him. He fought to escape and on this night, he was facing a living version of his fears. The monster in front of him would not go down and fought with an intensity fueled by material desire. My friend fought because somewhere deep inside him there was a family man that lived in Kentucky with a wife and a child and had a steady job. It was the blue-collar lifestyle but it was a blue collar laced with lipstick kisses and grease instead of sawdust and alcohol sweat.

The rest of the fight didn’t matter. That’s why I’m not even going to tell you what happened. Who won and in what round doesn’t matter. What matters is that’s the day I saw a man’s soul for what it was, and it was just as fragile as a light bulb dropped on gravel. He may not go down by the end of the bell, but the fight continued in the rundown mental motel every night before he went to sleep.

I never reported stories the same again after that evening’s fight was over. I found myself to be better as an observer than a reporter. I still met my friend for a drink occasionally, I still watched his fights, and I still acted as if I was gathering information for my main article even though my pad and pencil were gone.

I’m not writing this story 40 years later for any sort of reason other than to say thanks to the girl, my friend and that fight. No medals were given out that night and everyone went home just as planned, but I was forever changed and it helped me realize what a fool I’d been for my materialism thus far in my young life.

My writing skills may have slipped over the years and how you feel about my story is pointless, really.

To me, though, this was the greatest story never told.

Monday, May 23, 2005
One last kiss one only
Then I'll let you go
Hard for you I've fallen
But you can't break my fall
I'm broken don't break me
When I hit the ground

Some devil some angel
Has got me to the bones
You said always and forever
Now I believe you baby
You said always and forever
Is such a long and lonely time

Too drunk and still drinking
It's just the way I feel
It's alright
Is what you told me
Cause what we had was so beautiful

Feel heavy like floating
At the bottom of the sea
You said always and forever
Now I believe you baby
You said always and forever
Is such a long and lonely time

Some devil is stuck inside of me
I cannot set it free
I wish, I wish I was dead and you breathing
Just so that you could know
Some angel is stuck inside of me
But I cannot set you free

You said always and forever
Now I believe you baby
You said always and forever
Such a long and lonely time

Stuck inside of me

~Some Devil, Dave Matthews

So the title says it all. Sorry I've been on a blog hiatus but I have felt like writing about as much as I've felt like working. For some reason, I just have jack shit to write about and at the request of others, I'm only posting just to feed your itch. What's really sad is that someone has an itch to read new shit that I have to say, but I'm no better off because I check every one of my friends' blog every day, regardless.

So tomorrow I'm going to go get measured for my tuxedo for Amos' wedding. That should be an experience in itself. Since I've started this whole weight-loss journey, I've noticed that getting measured for anything is pointless because at my current rate, I'll be about 5 pounds lighter within the period of a month. I'm not complaining, because I'm excited about shit like that, but it is an extra kink that I never thought I would encounter.

No word yet on the WestWayne front. Hopefully I'll hear some good news this week. Thanks to everyone that has said they are praying, cutting bunnies' feet off, etc. for me. I do appreciate that a lot. I'm still feeling good about it but my own mind twists me into different moods every day that I go on without knowing. In layman's terms, I'm freaking out with every passing minute.

I would like to pass along that I have listened to some pretty kickass music lately. Apparently, watching The O.C. not only quenches my thirst for rich people drama, but it also opens me up to some new forms of music by undiscovered artists. I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling select cuts from various O.C. Mixtapes.

Before I go I have to invite all who read this blog to check out the "Life vs. Living" post of This Guy's Blog. It's been a long time since I've read something that was so kickass. Good job [NAME REDACTED].

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, May 19, 2005
So I'm tired. REALLY tired. Last night Kiss Fm had the exclusive rights to the midnight showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. More on the movie later on.

So, since we had the rights, we had the tickets too. That's when one of the Clear Channel higher ups walks up to me and says "You gonna be a pussy or are we gonna see you at 11?" Well me, not wanting to be a vagina, said "I'll be there." I get to the theater and it was nothing like I'd ever seen before. People literally waiting in a line around the damn place just to be one of the first to see the last Star Wars, but not in a literal sense. The last one was actually one of the first...fuck it, you know what I'm talking about.

So we get our popcorn and sit in our blocked off seats. I was already tired due to a really long day and they changed our work hours this week so I've been tired from pillar to post anyway. Roughly around 3:00, I peeled my ass out of the seat, got into my car and laid in the bed at 3:30. Then at 8 A.M. (the time I'm supposed to be at work) I wake up and stroll into the door at 9 like that was the plan the whole time. I've determined that work is a lot more tolerable when you treat your job like that guy in "Office Space."

The movie itself was fantastic. The acting is horrendous until you get to where the actual "turn" happens with Anakin. Other than that, it's kind of slow, but it's a good movie and does an EXCELLENT job of putting all the ties together for the next 3. I'd highly recommend seeing it, whether or not you're a Star Wars freak. I'm really not one and I thought it was great. Don't be surprised though if you never look at Darth Vader the same again. I have a feeling from now on, every time I see him, I'll be rooting for him secretly.

Well in other news...Tech Sucks.

I've heard nothing from WestWayne but I do have spies working on it for me. Here's hoping it all works itself out. Even if it doesn't though, I still have something to look forward to. Fantasia is playing the Civic Center down here and will easily be my biggest event to date. No matter what happens, it will be a very cool deal, whether I'm here to enjoy it or not. I'm not really a big fan of Fantasia, but she'll do well in this market.

Oh, in a last bit of news, if I do get this WestWayne job, I found out that one of their clients is the ASO. It'd be cool to work to an extent with Dave. Just random FYI for y'all.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Choices. They are everywhere and they dictate our lives daily. Of course, we, as forward thinking human beings, like to make our own choices. They complicate and simplify our lives daily. They are the essential basis of our being. At some point as young children, we make our first choice and from then on, it's a drug addiction like no other.

I was watching House tonight and it kind of got my creative juices flowing. I got to thinking that every doctor we've ever went to looked at our symptoms and made a choice based on their education and previous experiences. They had no black or white answer since most illnesses share one or two symptoms with others. They guessed. Plain and simple.

Think about your choices. Shit, just think about what you've done today and look at EVERY SINGLE CHOICE YOU'VE MADE. Your life is one big choice. I could've slept in. I could've hit the gas instead of the brake. I could've told my boss to fuck himself. I could've had that Butterfinger instead of the Weight Watchers Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar (which was a good choice because that fucker was GOOD). I could've done this or that and MIGHT not have had such a different ending to my day.

See those with faith tend to say God has a plan for all of us. However, those without faith would say that we make our plan. Truth be known, both are right. God gives us a choice to follow His plan. If we choose not to, that's our business. I don't want to speak about religion today, but I wanted to throw that out there for any "but God has a plan for us" comments. Yes He does, but it's our choice to follow it.

So now that we've determined that we make choices all the time, here's the question that's really gonna fry your noodle...

Why do we make the choices we make?

Some would say it's our nature. Others would say it's our parental influence on our lives. Most, if not all, would say that it's a number of different ideas, experiences, morals, values, and feelings that dictate every choice we make. Truth be known, nobody really has a clue why we do the things we do. We just do them and expect to be happy with it until we make the wrong one and then we wish we would have done everything differently had we known then what we know now.

I didn't feel good about taking a job at Clear Channel. I'll be completely honest about it. However, I needed a job and desperately needed to run away from my Athens life. Then I thought about how I made the wrong choice only to be sitting here scared off my ass. Yesterday I interviewed for a job that I think is one of the few jobs I was built to do. Now I'm realizing that if this all works out, then I made the choice to come to Savannah because somehow it would lead me to bigger and better things.

However, if it doesn't work out, then I just suck at making choices.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

So this weekend was cool. I'm not really in a "blogging" mood but I'd like to inform everyone of the past few days' happenings.

Friday: Locked in the office all day for a "one day sale." Basically, this is a one-day massive telethon pitch of whatever packages we have going because we're not selling them. People realize it too and very few make a decision THAT day. If you ask me, it's about as useful as tits on a nun. But that's just me. Hopped in the car after checking my bags 50 times to make sure I had everything, and drove to Atlanta. Got to Atlanta, went to Sonny's, came back, had one drink, and hit the sack.

Saturday: Morning came EARLY. Got ready and went to Jeb's Graduation. Pics are immediately below.

Kit Jeb Billy

Jeb Abby

Billy is the other guy that's not me or Jeb and the other is of Jeb and Abby, who is Jeb's girlfriend. They don't have an official title, but we all know the truth.

After the Graduation of Jeb, we went to the Cheesecake Factory. Somewhere, someone in Weight Watchers is crying over a fallen brother. My diet went south, like I had drove into an alley and gave it $20 to do so. That fuckin Oreo Cheesecake was awesome. Too damn good.

Saturday Night: This deserves it's own category. Jonathan and Stacy came over and we all started doing shots. After heading to Buckhead to some of the most expensive bars EVER, we all got drunk and I got sugar. It was pretty good too from what I remember. However, then I sobered up and held hair for the remainder of the night. Oh well, at least I got the sugar BEFORE the hounds were released.

Sunday: I did shit all day. I mean I didn't do a fuckin thing. The night culminated with me studying for my media math test and then packing up.

Monday: Went to the job interview at WestWayne. Russ, cut the bunnies' feet off, we've got a winner. The place was awesome, the opportunity is one-of-a-kind for me and the situation is just great. Every aspect of this opportunity I love and I really do mean that. I'll be giving up a lot of privacy and even sacrificing in the money department to do so, but if I'm happy doing something for slightly less money (but GUARANTEED less money), then I'll take it. This place is like a trampoline. You can just bounce up and up there if you want, or use it to spring board your fat ass into the pool right next to it. As it sounds right now, it's win-win and I think they liked me as much as I liked them. Let's hope so.

I think that's all for now. Everyone enjoy their "Jack Bauer Power Hour" tonight. I know I will.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, May 12, 2005
Think good thoughts over the weekend for me. Monday is one of my last chances to get to Atlanta successfully.

Let's hope all goes well. I'll give a full update Monday evening.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
I'd like to invite all of you to check out Surfjan Stevens' "To Be Alone With You." Good song.

Now you may notice the title from an old "Offspring" tune, but rock without a purpose is not what this particular blog is going to be about. This blog is about our kids, or since most of us don't have kids, America's kids. Actually, the kids are just where the problem ends. It begins in politics.

Politics today have killed our children, and I mean that literally. "Oh my gosh, Kit. I thought you agreed with the War on Terror. I thought you were an evil conservative like the rest of us. I thought you were for the Christian agenda permeating EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF OUR LIVES." Ok folks. That was sarcasm. While I am still conservative on a few issues and moderate on most, I could care less what you label me. What I care about is how politics, conservative or liberal bias aside, is leading to the death of our kids and is bleeding our taxpayers dry.

So, how is politics killing our children? We're not being proactive. Politics prevent proactive problem solving and only encourage REACTIVE problem solving. Take Florida for example. Kudos to Jeb Bush for passing the mandatory 25 year sentence and GPS locator for life for child sex offenders. Good start. However, this was only done as a PR move after TWO children were kidnapped, raped, and brutally murdered. This "law" should have been taken care of when the Constitution was signed.

Don't ask what I would've done instead quite yet. I'm getting to that part later.

It doesn't stop with the kids though. Terri Shiavo (uh oh, not this again) was starved to death and all efforts to save her life were only called into play once politicians' phones started ringing off the hook. No one cared until it was a national issue that SOME party needed to save face on. Regardless of your stance on it, you can't deny it was only an issue when the VOTERS made it an issue.

Now you might feel better knowing the voting public are the ones driving change. Or you might feel worse knowing that something shitty has to happen before we think about change. Two kids aren't dead in Florida. They weren't murdered or raped. Do you still want a 25 year mandatory sentence in the Sunshine State? Oh, you still want the sentence, but it wasn't a priority then. We all want people to pay the ultimate debt for a crime. I always say prosecute to the full extent of the law. Why? Because I don't break the fucking law. I don't have shit to worry about. The truth is we, as a society, have let politics turn us into a reactive public so we can shed responsibility. "Don't blame me. MY kids are safe. Don't blame me. I had no idea what had happened until it became a national issue and NOW I'm outraged."

This extends in nearly EVERY aspect of crime and wrongdoings. Take the man that was shot upwards of 120 times by police in Compton, Ca. He had no gun and other than running from the cops, seemed to be an OK guy. Until you realize he has had 22 prior arrests since 1988. That's a little over 1 a year. When was the last time you got arrested once every year? Why was this guy even on the street?!? Why? BECAUSE JAIL DOESN'T WORK SO WE ONLY PUT REALLY BAD PEOPLE IN THERE.

But let's take the focus off of crime and move it to the wrongdoings sector. The federal government just approved a bill to give illegal immigrants the ability to get federal assistance for college. They also approved a bill to have Medicare take care of illegal immigrants! THEY'RE CALLED "ILLEGAL" IMMIGRANTS FOR A REASON! Jesus, man! I don't want my tax dollars WASTED so Jose can cut my fucking grass! Call me prejudice, racist, whatever you want but if you're illegal, I'd rather have Billy Bob do my yard work and know that whatever he makes stays in this country to help this economy. Black, red, blue, white, or purple (anyone ever wondered why "purple" is always a color listed when people are talking about how prejudice they're NOT?) if you are a citizen of this country, you are OK in my fucking book. Illegal Immigrants cost this country BILLIONS of TAX DOLLARS each year and who is raising their hands to help? NO ONE. Politicians don't want to risk the Hispanic vote they say. Here's news for ya. Jose can't vote right now...HE'S NOT A CITIZEN!

Now certain border politicians say they have a "plan" but they're waiting until June or July to unveil it. Guess what? You have no fucking plan. You've got an idea, but the plan is on hold until you make sure the idea doesn't offend anyone; especially Jose. Lord knows if Jose's pissed, then so are the other 11 people in his Van, and how many yards won't get cut or buildings get built because Jose is angry? We could shut this economy down for one night if all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS stopped working. Hell, we don't want anyone on welfare to get that job instead.

Here's the shit kicker. If we don't secure the boarders, we're bound for another 9/11. However, politics are allowing that to happen so we can once again "react" instead of "prevent."

So, now that I've laid out the problems, here's the plan:

1. If you're creepy looking and have no personality, you go to jail. -- I originally had this as just "creepy looking" because all child molesters are creepy looking, but then I thought of Steve Buscemi, who's cool but creepy looking. If he turns out to be a child molester, then I'm changing it back to just creepy looking.

2. No more Mexican language anywhere. -- I should no longer have to "Press 1 for English or Para Espanol marque dos." If they can't fucking understand anything, then they can't get anything done. We are an English speaking country and if you're going to be illegal, you will speak English.

3. No more wire transfers to Mexico. -- Here's what will really put a boot in someone's ass. Next time you go to Kroger, you'll notice that Western Union figured they would cash in on the "reactive public" craze and make an entire Espanol section to send money. You get rid of that, then it's gonna be mighty fucking tough crossing that border multiple times.

4. Lawyers have to be Southern. -- This, my friends, is how you get a maximum sentence every time. If you practice law in south Alabama, then you're the LEAST likely to plea bargain a first time child molester or a cold-blooded murderer. Take that fucker to trial and get the job done.

5. You get two death row appeals and they have to come within 3 months of your sentence. -- You get sent to death row, then mother fucker, you're gonna die. If you didn't do it, tough. You must've done enough bad shit to make you eligible to go or people would've believed you. So you got an appeal? Great, you've got 3 months to use them both. On day one of that fourth month, you're gone.

6. If you are considered "Liberal" or "Conservative" you're no longer eligible to run this country. -- Too much shit isn't getting done because of party lines. No one wants to be a red or blue state any more. Help out or get the fuck out of the way. If you pack the Senate and House with more Moderates, then you'll get people considering both sides of an issue.

7. If you own an Ipod and rub it in my face, you're in jail. -- Yeah, this one is kinda stupid, but I'm sick and tired of the Ipod craze. I have an MP3 player in my car. Stop telling me how badly I need a fucking Ipod. This law is also for anyone "claiming" to be a Yankees, Red Sox, Lakers, Gators, or Vols fan. Just because they're all expected to do well, doesn't authorize you to go hump the fucking bandwagon.

8. Build a big fucking wall on the borders. -- If we can put a man on the moon, create Ipods, and turn this country into a bunch of sore losers who bitch in a PC way, then we can build a friggin wall that's 15 foot tall with razor wire across the top. And don't give me the "well there's a river down there" speech. Put the wall across the River and at the very bottom, put a gate. If they make it through that, then they fuckin deserve to be here.

Ok. That's how it's done. Feel free to add your own as you feel necessary. Just remember, it's about being fair in a biased way. Fuck your party lines or the way you see the world. Just make sure it benefits the proud Americans you see walking down the street every day who take this country for granted.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Now the first thing you're going to wonder is "What happened to Kit today that made him create an ENTIRE blog entry based on the word 'Wow'?" This may lead you to dream up inconceivable scenarios such as I dove from a moving car, saved George W. Bush from an angry liberal painted in blue and calling himself "The Real Ohio", or a multitude of other accounts not likely to happen to any regular human being.

Well, my friends, it turns out that my "Wow" was just what I said when I thought of what to title this blog. The actual sentence went "Wow, I have SHIT to write about." but it was shortened to just "Wow" when I realized that if I put the aforementioned sentence in the title, no one would read.

So I'm sorry that I misled you so if you're really angry, I don't blame you for clicking the "x" at the top right of the screen. However, if you're reading this, you've already invested enough time in hearing me go on and on that you might as well finish the drill. Mark Richt (and Jesus b/c they're friends) would be proud of you.

I saw a blind cat today. It was kinda sad and kinda cool. I think if we would've replaced Ben Affleck in "Daredevil" with this sickly, blind ass cat, it would've been a better movie.

I'm super friggin stoked about the interview in Atlanta next Monday. I'm NOT stoked about the media math test I have to take (yes kids, math is power but media math should study I guess), but I'm sure it will work itself out for the best. Push comes to shove; I keep my job here, move into a cheaper apartment and bitch for at least another 6 months. I know that'll get you people praying for me b/c we all know how y'all LOVE hearing me complain.

I feel surprisingly well today. In fact, when I sat down to write this blog I had absolutely nothing to write about. However, as time goes on, not only do I realize I have JACK SHIT to say, but I feel like putting "big words" in more often. For example, I have nothing to say but I want to say a lot. That, my friends is the dichotomy of my life. <----Two points! So please understand that any time you see me use a word that you wouldn't regularly hear every day, it's just because I'm doing it to impress you and myself. I'm the king of "why say it in five syllables if you can say it in two?" I'll be honest though, [NAME REDACTED] is the ONE person I've met that uses words like "antithesis" and it's not because he wants to sound like he knows more than he does, it's just because that's the FIRST word that pops in his head when he's thinking of something meaning "opposite."

Also, since we're on a Merriam-Webster Journey, I'd like to show you something. If you were to look up a word like "fuck" on Merriam-Webster Online, you'll notice the sound button that lets you hear an example of the word. Click on that link and tell me that guy doesn't sound pissed off. I don't think he meant to record it; it's just that he screwed up and someone said "We can use that too!"

I might add to this blog later because I have a feeling I haven't said everything I want to. However, if I don't add, it's mainly because I'm lazy and I'll just talk to y'all tomorrow.

Either way, it has been a blast as always.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Sunday, May 08, 2005
First of all, I'd like to ask anyone who prays (or cuts rabbits' feet off for a noble price) would please keep the White family in their thoughts. I friend of mine drowned this weekend in a hunting accident (don't ask) and aside from him being a good person, he leaves behind a really good family. I wasn't a close friend of Jeremy but I did know him and he was good people. Anyone that was at my first Beer Sex Beer party would remember Jeremy as the one that tried to beat the hell out of Trimmer, thus showing why Perry people should never drink together with "foreigners." He had his friends and he had also caused his share of troubles, but deep down, he was a nice guy. It's a damn shame what happened.

Moving on...Aside from the happenings above, it was a decent weekend in P-town. I got to see the family for a little while (which honestly was all I wanted to see them for) and I realized how desensitized I am to their antics. It's ridiculous and I can't wait for the WHOLE situation to be done, regardless of what direction they move in.

I also got to see a metric shit-ton of old friends at a party on Saturday night. We all got drunk and I free-styled the blues, which I must say I did an excellent job of. Apparently, I need to be drunk to do it properly. My best line was "Let me introduce you to my girlfriend...she's always with me, Ms. Right Hand." Got a good chuckle out of everyone, myself included.

I have spent ample amounts of time collecting my best memories for [NAME REDACTED]'s Roast. I have invited a ton of people to the event and I'm positive it's going to be the most rousing success ever. What a great idea by Smingular and The Diva's Daddy. I know with those two planning it, surprises will ensue and drunkenness will occur.

Speaking of [NAME REDACTED], I just read his most recent blog and if there's anyone that ever deserved to have the ability to write, it's that guy. I mean he puts shit together in words that I could've never come up with. Fuck Nash-Vegas, you should be writing for SNL. That's just my opinion and I could be wrong, but since I rarely am, I doubt it.

Quick job update. As of this writing, I am shooting for a Monday, May 16 interview with WestWayne Advertising. I got a call from them last Friday about midday and they requested my presence at their offices on Peachtree Street. I'm really excited and after speaking with my Mom about it, I might get to crash with my Aunt Jane for a while and eradicate some bad debt by living rent-free. We'll see what happens, though; I'm just taking it one day at a time.

I wish I could blog about more shit but I don't really have much to say. I'm feeling surprisingly well after a kind of weird weekend back at home. Of course there are a few blips here and there on my radar screen but it's Sunday night, my house is clean, and I rented Shaun of the Dead. Here's to hoping it's a decent movie because it'd be good to see one. I rented Blade: Trinity, which got shitty reviews, but I enjoyed it because I think Blade is cool. I also rented the Limited Edition of Independence Day. I would also recommend that one because if you liked the theatrical version, this version tells a deeper story and really let's you know more about the characters. It's kinda cool and worth checking out, should that plasma screen you've always wanted happen to fall into your hands.

Before I let you go, I want to rub something in all of y'all's faces. I have on my stove 3.5 lbs of green peanuts about halfway through the boiling process. I know this will completely wreck the diet progress, which by the way is down to almost 13 pounds, but wrecking the diet for one night to enjoy quite possibly my favorite food is worth it. I have lived too many months without the fantastic taste of a boiled peanut prepared by yours truly.

Well I appreciate your time for my ramblings and I hope all of you take care of yourselves this week. I hope to see each one of you soon.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, May 05, 2005
One day I will have something kickass cool to write about. Today would be that day but let me get a few drinks in me first. However, since I'm writing this before "Jack Time", I doubt it'll be kickass cool.

Today I found out the official news that my Mom is divorcing my Dad. This would have been ok with me had yesterday she not told him and me that there is hope of them reconciling. I know what it's like to be drug around by the heartstrings and the man's been through enough already. I'm not pleased and I can't respect what she's done but, fuck it, it's her choice and she's still my Mom at the end of the day. The timing sucks, though with Sunday being Mother's Day. Didn't look at ya calender first did you?

The good news is I got to have a long conversation with my Dad. Those come too few and far between nowadays and that's mainly my fault. It's really funny (but not "ha ha" funny) because when I talk to him and I KNOW he's on the verge of just crying and letting it all go, he changes the subject. Some parents never want their kids to know that they aren't superheroes. That's a respectable quality when you know your faults and still want your kid to be proud of you.

Stay tuned to the rest of the blog for an important message.
Moving on. No word from WestWayne Advertising today about a possible job opportunity. I really hope we can come to some kind of terms with the whole situation. I'd gladly eat bologna sammiches for 8 months until Jeb and I can split some bills together. That'd help out a TON. The invitation is still open to anyone that needs an Atlanta roomate. Male or Female. I'm clean and I have a bar. Who wouldn't want to live with me?
Two hours of the OC tonight. Tune in tomorrow or later tonight when I'm intoxicated for a full recap and maybe even an idea or two on what's going to happen on 24 (at least what I THINK is going to happen).
I'm still single. I know all of you are surprised. Heh.
Here's a kickass Web site for everyone to keep up with gas prices. Just remember, that anything above about $48 a barrel means gas prices higher than $2 a gallon. The site can be found Here.
And now your important message.
Tonight when you go to bed, find someone in your life (or everyone, but let's say someone for the sake of keeping you up all night dialing folks) and tell them how much they mean to you. Don't just tell them that they're a great friend or your soulmate or some bullshit. Just tell them about a time when they went above and beyond your expectations of how a friend should act. Do what you need to do to let them know. It'll make their day and you'll sleep better tonight because of it. Sometimes we get too clouded in our own selfishness and problems that we forget those who have been there for us when we needed them but didn't realize it. I don't want to get too sappy but doing the right thing is doing the right thing. No matter how cheesey and gay (but not like homo gay) you might feel.
Have a wonderful evening people. I'll drink one for you.
Until next time kids.
Be safe.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
So today I got some relatively decent news. A good friend (and collegue) of mine used to work at Westwayne Advertising in Atlanta. She left on great terms figuring those terms was accompanying her husband to Savannah in a move that would ensure her to not have to work (though she works her ass off at The Devil).

So she put in a good word for me and it turns out they're hiring immediately. This is good but could also be bad. In order to function in Atlanta I figure I need to be making a minimum of $30k a year. They start out at $27k but could possibly bump me up figuring I have more than a year of media work experience, and especially agency experience.

The bad news to this is I need this process to hurry along. The "nest egg" really doesn't exist anymore and I need to get going while the getting's good. I have a bad feeling that May is not going to turn out to be a great month and in fact it might be "bad" by my standards. However, the main thing is finding a decent roomate.

If anyone reading this needs a roomate for a tiny 8 month period (just bring your ass, I've got couches, a tv and surround sound) let me know. At dinner with Amos tonight (who was kind enough to buy Applebee's for a strugging entry-level grad) we discussed our circle of friends and how much they meant to us. I know that no matter who it is from the people I know, I'll be in good hands with living with any of y'all. Just understand that I'm a neat freak now but I reckon I can get messy if I must.

But the thought of being in Atlanta and being able to drink in Athens at any time or party with Jeb or party with Rusty and LN just REALLY makes me feel good.

I'm extremely excited about this opportunity so if y'all would, please pray for this to work out for me (Since some of you don't pray, will you just cut off one of your bunnies' feet?).

Ok, I think that's it for tonight (and I'm adding one more sub-thought b/c I have littered this blog with them).

Until next time kids...

Be safe.

Monday, May 02, 2005
Well, as we're all aware of, I'm looking for a new career or at least some sort of new job. I don't want anything extravagant. Just something to get me by and pay my bills. Mainly I want to move to Atlanta and be closer to the people that mean a lot to me. Selling my ass off for corporate radio isn't for me. Radio might be, but not being able to count on any kind of steady paycheck isn't.

So when I got home today I applied for a slew of jobs ranging from SouthernLINC Wireless all the way to UGA's Public Service and Outreach Center. If it has any marketing/advertising aspects to it, I'm on it like stink on shit.

Truth be known, I might have to do something I said I'd never do: Move back home. I've seriously been considering it lately because I just can't deal with the stress of this job anymore and watching my credit card statement rise and rise. I will not land myself into extremely deep debt because I'm not comfortable with my surroundings. I mean the Savannah experiment has failed...big fuckin deal.

See, most people are confused about why I'm looking for a new job. Well, since I like airing out my dirty laundry, I'll just knock myself right out.

The main reason I'm looking for a new job is because I can't rely on my parents anymore. Now before you decide to say "well, duh," hear me out. About 2 years ago, my father became hooked on drugs again. This is not something I'm ashamed of anymore because regardless of his shortcomings, he's still one of the best men I've ever known and every drop of my passion to be the best in everything comes from him. He's the one that taught me never to quit and always keep trucking. Moving on. After 25 years of marriage my mother decided she didn't want to look after my dad anymore. So, they've been seperated for a good year now officially. Now my dad lives in North Carolina and while I hope and pray they'll get back together, I can't count on that and I believe it's not going to happen.

So how does this affect me? Well, unlike some fortunate people, I can't rely on my income soley to help me get by. My parents give me about $275 a month just to help me out and when I can make enough for them to keep it, I ask them to please do that. I don't want their money but I do know that at times, I need their money. You have no idea how much I hate this. You can guess, but in my mind and in my world, money is the root of all evil. Every painful memory from my childhood has some monetary influence in it. All the way from fights, crying, doors slamming, etc., money was right there. I hate it and all I want is for my life to be rid of it. But since we can't function in this life without the almighty dollar, I have to find a job that can supply enough of it to me so I don't have to rely on anyone else.

You see, this month, I made enough in March to tell my mom to hold off on my monetary help for a couple of weeks. Through the miracle of my dad's irresponsibility with all things financial, there is no money left for me. As I'm writing this, my mom has dipped into her savings just so I could go have a little more than $3 in my bank account.

Now this isn't a sob story or some shit like that. Just letting you guys know why I want out so bad, and why I might consider making the jump back to Perry. There are times when we just gotta eat shit with a smile on our face and realize that our plan isn't necessarily what God's (or whatever you believe) plan.

Now here's what's funny. When I applied to SouthernLINC (keep in mind this is after business hours), I got an e-mail back within the next hour saying that I didn't fit their criteria.

This job search shit is going well...

Ok, on a lighter note, I didn't do anything this weekend but sleep, and it was fucking awesome. That 3DD show wore me out last week and I ran my ass off all week long on top of that. Also, in case you guys haven't heard John Legend, I got a taste of one of his songs "Stay with you" a few days ago. It's an awesome tune and I imagine the other songs on his album are as well.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.