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So the title says it all. Sorry I've been on a blog hiatus but I have felt like writing about as much as I've felt like working. For some reason, I just have jack shit to write about and at the request of others, I'm only posting just to feed your itch. What's really sad is that someone has an itch to read new shit that I have to say, but I'm no better off because I check every one of my friends' blog every day, regardless.

So tomorrow I'm going to go get measured for my tuxedo for Amos' wedding. That should be an experience in itself. Since I've started this whole weight-loss journey, I've noticed that getting measured for anything is pointless because at my current rate, I'll be about 5 pounds lighter within the period of a month. I'm not complaining, because I'm excited about shit like that, but it is an extra kink that I never thought I would encounter.

No word yet on the WestWayne front. Hopefully I'll hear some good news this week. Thanks to everyone that has said they are praying, cutting bunnies' feet off, etc. for me. I do appreciate that a lot. I'm still feeling good about it but my own mind twists me into different moods every day that I go on without knowing. In layman's terms, I'm freaking out with every passing minute.

I would like to pass along that I have listened to some pretty kickass music lately. Apparently, watching The O.C. not only quenches my thirst for rich people drama, but it also opens me up to some new forms of music by undiscovered artists. I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling select cuts from various O.C. Mixtapes.

Before I go I have to invite all who read this blog to check out the "Life vs. Living" post of This Guy's Blog. It's been a long time since I've read something that was so kickass. Good job [NAME REDACTED].

Until next time kids.

Be safe.