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Sunday, November 30, 2008
For those wondering, I did receive a call from Ms. Natalie yesterday rubbing my nose in our loss. She, and the rest of Tech's fans, earned the right to do it, so I certainly won't begrudge them for it.

However, for every P.O.S. Tech fan that touched our hedges, f*ck you, and I truly mean that. If you had anything in your crumbled up, shoe-box sized, homeless infected, urine soaked stadium worth taking, I could guarantee you that we'd get our revenge. Thankfully for you, every time we win at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Mark Richt Field, we just want to get the hell out of there and touch nothing on the way. 
Anyway, no I don't want to talk about the game. There's nothing positive to say. Losing to Georgia Tech for me is like getting your nuts beat in with a bamboo shoot. Tech won the game and won it outright. I won't take it away from them.

Win the game or not, Georgia Tech still is, and always will be, the Joke by Coke.

But I am going to pick my battles when I discuss our team later this week. Maybe I'll write about it today or maybe I'll write about it later on. I'm not sure because I don't know where to begin. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said. This team is the definition of insanity, and if you don't know what that means, then Google it and tell me you disagree.

So no, I really don't want to talk about it.

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Friday, November 28, 2008
I hate Georgia Tech. More than you can imagine. However, I won't bore you with a bunch of details of why we're gonna win, what I think will happen, what we need to do against Tech's offense, etc. etc. 

What I will say is that losing to Georgia Tech would severely ruin my weekend and the next 364 days. If our players aren't thinking about that, then we might be in trouble.

Come on Dawgs. Do this for the good guys.

UGA 27
GA 21

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs and Tuck Fech!).

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Look, you guys know me by now. I'm not going to just promote any website or product as an advertiser here that I would be hesitant to buy or use myself.

So, please trust me when I say that if you are or know a rabid Dawg fan like myself, and said fan likes to grill, then The Grill Topper is going to be a present that he (or discriminating here) would absolutely love.

Now I've seen and been approached by a lot of proprietors of products like this, but all of them have been extremely expensive and way out of my price range. The Grill Topper is the same quality product, but at a much more reasonable price.

I'm going to have a link up and over to the right through the holidays and I'm going to keep plugging this until the holidays have come and gone. If you don't have time to click on over right now, that's fine, but please do make some time in the future to give them a look.

Also, for those poor souls who aren't UGA fans, they have a host of other teams that they make Grill Toppers for as well, so feel free to go to their homepage located here and check out their other teams as well as grilling tips for searing the meat properly with your Grill Topper grill.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Monday, November 24, 2008
You know, I was actually having a tough time coming up with something to write earlier today. I was even sitting back thinking "man I really don't have that much to write about and I have too much work stuff to do."

Then I read this comment that was posted today on last year's post "The Endgame:"

You are a bitch. If I ever met you in person you could bet I'd punch you in the face.

Now, mind you, this comment was left TODAY on a post from last year. If that doesn't give you any motivation to get into the spirit of hating Georgia Tech, then I don't know what will.

Ok, John (who just might be my roommate), you'll never punch me in the face, for a number of reasons:

1) Merely stating that you'll do it means you won't. You're like that guy in the bar that slams his fist down real hard, then points and stares at the other guy who's currently leaving with his girlfriend.

2) I can't take you seriously as a Tech fan. A real Tech fan wouldn't talk about fighting. A real Tech fan would've said "I'll see you in W.O.W punk. Your magical bow with fairy-tipped arrows won't save you now." Being a Tech fan is one thing, but pretending to be one is like being an assistant crack-whore.

3) If you were really mad at me, you would've tried to prove me wrong, because everyone knows that gets underneath my skin worse than anything. But then again, that wouldn't do any good, since I'm always right.

So, John, if you're a Tech fan and I've gotten underneath your skin, then I'd like to extend my hand to you in honor of this week:

I don't need a picture to say a thousand words. Just two will be fine: 


It's time to play. Enjoy the hate week ladies and gents.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
New piece is up about the Georgia Tech vs. Miami game tomorrow night. If you love me, you'll click it.

Actually, I'm kind of proud of it. Besides, the more I learn now, the easier next week's preview will be.

Leave a comment over there and let me know what you think.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Exhausted yet again. So, in that vein, I'm totally going to mail it in tonight. Besides, there are a ton of people out there who are writing much better than I am right now...and they're doing it with the excessive use of expletives.

Also, before I get too far into it, it looks like Geno and Asher are coming back for next year. However, the jury's still out on Knowshon and Stafford. My guess is we won't hear anything until after the bowl game.

Here's some links you need to check out:
Ok, there you go. Post mailed in. I'll have to write objectively about Georgia Tech tomorrow on I hope you all have the chance to swing by my post and laugh. Personally, I'll be dying inside.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Monday, November 17, 2008
Because your ass is mine.

No, not you specifically. I'm speaking to Mr. Anonymous, who also posted the same lame duck, gratuitous dumbassitude comment on The Good Senator's blog under the name "Thomas Brown."

You see, when I woke up this morning, I noticed this novella-length post by some dude who, at first, tried to make some semblance of an argument, but it slowly fell into this area usually reserved for the writers of the new Knight Rider. So, as a result of a sort of bad day, I'm going to go ahead and blast this guy with everything I have. I hope you all enjoy. And for the record, I'm NOT annoyed with this guy and he didn't get under my skin. I'm just having some good-natured-Ari Gold-inspired-fun.

I can handle someone making an argument that suggests we haven't recruited positions like on the OL well. Hell, that's the truth. We haven't recruited that area well excluding the past two seasons. However, that was the fault of a man named Calloway, who's now the problem at UAB.

I can also handle someone saying that we're underperforming at certain positions, because we are. We're certainly underperforming at the safety position. We're underperforming at some of the DB positions. We're underperforming at TE for sure.

But the ridiculousness of your argument lies in the fact that you make NO F*CKING SENSE. There's a saying I like to use a lot and it crosses all barriers. From the idiot fan, to the loser of the street fight and all the way to the winner of the spelling bee. That phrase is simply "Act like you've been there before."

You, sir, act like a spoiled child who knows nothing of football, coaching or what it's like to be a grown man. Your ignorance is baffling, your cowardice is annoying and your points are pointless. Right now, you're indebted to me for a good 10 minutes because after reading your post earlier today, I was actually insulted that someone that dumb would leave a comment like that on MY blog. That's like spitting on the Mona Lisa. They should've never let you through the door with your plaid, cut off shirt and jean shorts.

You can say that we've have players underperform, but your ridiculous notions that we're losing games and underperforming because we haven't recruited good enough TEs and DEs is staggeringly stupid. We are missing quality DE play for sure, but it's damn sure not because we don't have the athletes. Trust me, we do. You also can't say that we have done a poor job of recruiting TEs because Figgins was highly rated, White was highly rated and Chandler has been a warrior for us, regardless of the stigma that he's not consistent. He's damn sure one of the most dominating blockers we've had at that position in a long time. On top of that, I'd give you $50 to see you walk up to Big Bruce Figgins himself and tell him he's not worth the "G" on his helmet. He's playing through a bum shoulder, but I guarantee you he'd whip yours real nice with just one good arm.

Then, you dumb son of a bitch, you have the audacity and direct stupidity to post this run-on-sentence gem (not only on my blog, mind you but again, word for word on The Good Senator's as well)

And, to the totally oblivious to all this who know nothing of college football who now say they are unhappy and dissatisfied with a 2-Loss Season when we were ranked Preseason Number 1 with all these wastes of Scholarships at some positions while disregarding other positions totally on the roster, please FIND YOURSELF A DIFFERENT TEAM TO ROOT FOR because I said we would Lose 2 games this season in every single post I ever posted on this blog as a direct result of the fact that we are clueless to sign 17 players at one position all in 1 year and then not fill any other position, then the following year sign 17 at some other position and have them all mature together without redshirting them all or playing them all in the same year to spread it out at that position, and have others who everyone was quite aware would actually never fit in at their position with what we otherwise already have at their position here.

First of all, you haven't posted something this moronic on MY blog because this place is like school. A couple of visits to this space of the internet and I would have educated your ignorant ass. 

You want to be an irrational asshole, go find another space of the internet to do it because I can't have you dumbing down my readership who are unfortunate enough to skim your mindless dribble. You ain't worth the red and black you swear to follow. Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and agree that you called us losing two games this year. Congrats man, you're one of THOUSANDS who did the same thing. 

And if you want to be the fool that is upset that we recruited kids like Knowshon Moreno even when we didn't have running backs that were seniors at the time and, in your eyes, it wasn't a need at the time, I'd much rather give one of the most electric players since Reggie Bush a scholarship here than to have him get one at any other school in the nation. 

Now if you can handle yourself, and act like a responsible worth-his-damn-salt fan and want to respond to me calling you a f*cking fool, go ahead and knock yourself out. I'll give you a fair shot to do so.

However, if you'd like to waste my time and everyone else's time by posting the same mindless dribble across all blogs, I'd much rather see you go somewhere else and do that. Let me suggest If you're going to pretend to be someone who knows a sh*t about football, you can do it on a blog that's a pretender as well.

Are we finished? I think we are.

You know the drill kids. Until next time, I want you to all be safe. However:

Until next time Mr. Anonymous.

You can go f*ck yourself.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

With apologies to Tommy Tuberville, who I'm sure would hear every word of this if it were read aloud, I'd like to say...


You know how I know this? Well, mainly because they were beat by us, who played quite possibly one of the ugliest games I've seen us play on both sides of the ball in a long time. Ugh, I'm talking about South-Carolina-Sorority-Girl-Ugly, here. Anyway, let's get into the game breakdown, shall we?

The Stats Say:

In a nutshell, the stats say this was a hard fought win for UGA and a tough loss for Auburn, who made this one helluva game in the 4th Quarter. The truth is, it was a good all around game, but we kept Auburn in this game MUCH longer than they should have.

Also, the stats say that our penalty problems came back with a vengeance in this game. There were multiple times where drives had stalled or we found ways to force a 3rd and long, only to give up some kind of stupid penalty that kept Auburn drives alive.

The Good:

1) WR Play -- A.J. Green and MoMass proved their worth yet again by making tough catches, running great routes and getting necessary first downs. Can anyone honestly say that aside from MoMass, have we seen a UGA receiver make a catch in the endzone like A.J. did in the 4th Quarter? I can't think of a single receiver we've had since maybe Reggie Brown that had hands as solid as that...and Reggie Brown didn't have those until his junior year.

2) Knowshon Moreno -- Since people started calling him "soft" for taking himself out of the game too much, he's responded by rocking the proverbial face off of the Dawg Nation. He racked up 189 net yards on the ground and through the air total. If anyone thinks he ain't trying now, then I don't know what to tell you. 

3) Matt Stafford -- Another game without any interceptions and made some really tough throws that really only a QB with his arm strength could make. He still overshot our WRs on some deep balls, but sometimes that happens. Once he puts EVERYTHING together, he's going to be dangerous. I really hope he's wearing Red & Black when that happens.

4) Rennie Curran -- Thank God he's only a sophomore. When all is said and done, he might be one of the best UGA LBs we've ever seen. The kid is a flat out ballhawk.

The Bad:

1) Penalties -- We touched on this earlier, but the penalties have to be cut down or we're going to put Tech in some really good spots against us. I'm also sick of hearing about all the "well that's what happens when guys play aggressive" talk that our players spit out. That's the biggest pile of BS I've heard in a while. It needs to be fixed. Period.

2) 2nd Level Play -- We'll touch on this in the "ugly" part as well, but when Auburn's players got into the second level of our Defense on Saturday, we took some of the poorest angles and had some of the most out-of-position players I've ever seen. 

3) Offensive Production -- I say "production" even though I really mean "POINTS ON THE DAMN BOARD." Seriously, we get nearly 400 yards of Offense against one of the better Defenses in the NATION and all we have to show for it is 17 points? 17 points in two weeks means that we lose to Tech. 

The Ugly:

1) Tackling -- Man that was some of the most piss poor tackling I've seen in a very long time. I'm talking about flat out bouncing off guys. With all the motion that Tech uses, if we try to tackle like that in two weeks, we'll lose by 30. Playing an option team means playing solid, assignment-based football. Assignment-based football means shooting gaps and playing man-on-man. Tackling better is not a request. It's necessary.

2) Kicking Game -- Not to knock Blair Walsh (because we all know kickers are head cases and if you knock them, they go crazy), but part of the whole "leaving points on the field" problem deals with the kicking game as well. I know he didn't get under the ball like he should have and he knows it too because he's the one that said it. However, there's a whole lotta mechanism that needs to be cleared and done quickly.

Well, there you have it. It could always be worse, but it really needs to get a lot better. The good news is that we've won three straight over Auburn and in two weeks, we get to try and make it eight wins over Tech. 

Let's hope for a productive off-week. Deal?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008
Man I am some kind of exhausted today. Between beginning the new gig at Examiner and work being out of damn control, I'm just beat. 

This one will be kind of short (I'm hoping), but you know what happens when I tend to bloviate. As always, you can find Jody's Information Overload here and Doug's preview here. You can also find my preview at here and you should click that one. A lot.

When AU has the ball:

Well, what do they do? Aside from having a mediocre rushing game, they might as well just run out there and kneel on the ball a lot. The Kodi Burns experiment is going about as well as the Tony Franklin one, and if the Tigers didn't have Ben Tate and Brad Lester, they'd really be hurting for some offense.

Now, that's not to say that Burns is completely ineffective. He's rushed for a good amount of yards this year, but the passing game has been somewhat lacking. In fact, since Auburn is so change happy, I would suggest they go ahead and begin calling themselves the penguins, because this team is definitely not getting anywhere through the air.

What scares me is if we don't go out there and play solid, assignment football. We'd better go hat-on-hat and shoot the gaps well because the athletic ability of Burns will get us if e don't play as solid as we can defensively.

What I do like is the fact that Corvey Irvin, Rennie Curran and Dannel Ellerbe called the Defense into a players only meeting and demanded for more out of the unit. Whether or not that translates into actual play on the field is yet to be seen, but I'd be interested to see if there is any more excitement and swagger from the guys. 

When UGA has the ball:

Well more of the same, really. The effort was there for sure and aside from two untimely fumbles from MoMass, we played GREAT on the Offensive side.

I'd like to see Stafford have the same type of mentally-tough effort against Auburn because they have a much better Defense than UK, especially in regards to their DEs. Our beat up O-line is going to have their hands full. The good thing is that Auburn has not been as good stopping the run, but they are VERY GOOD against the pass.

Stafford's going to have to play mistake free football and we're going to have to ride this win through the legs of Knowshon Moreno in order to come out of Auburn with a win. Plain and simple, old-school Mark Richt pound-the-rock-to-milk-the-clock football is going to win this game for us.

Special Teams:

Just don't suck this week. Please. OH, AND BEFORE I FORGET, don't let Tristan Davis score

What I think will happen:

UGA's got a good team this year and Auburn doesn't. I'm not being mean towards the Tigers, but it's true. I think the team that plays the smartest football is the one that walks away the winner, so whoever can play assignment football the best and keep the mistakes at a minimum will be the ones that get the "W" on Saturday.

UGA 38
AU 17

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
I told you changes were coming. 

I encourage, actually I beg and plead, all of you to go check out my new writing gig at My bio page hasn't been completed yet, but the first post is up and you can find it by clicking here.

Now, for anyone who may be worried, I will not stop writing this blog and in fact, I won't even slow down. You'll still get the same 3-4 posts a week out of me and this will still be primarily a UGA focused blog.

For anyone who doesn't know what is, I invite you to go and check it out. It's like for cities across the nation and when they approached me to write for them, I jumped at the opportunity. The only way I was even asked to write for them is because of people like you that read the stupid stuff I write here and yet keep coming back for more.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this opportunity, but also how thankful I am for this blog. 

Thanks for sticking with me so long and I promise I'm not going anywhere any time soon. But in the meantime, click that link above and let me know your thoughts.


Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Monday, November 10, 2008
Posting's going to be light over the next day or so due to work and other commitments, but hopefully soon I'll be able to share with everyone a new project that I've been working on.

In the meantime, here are some quick hits for you:

1) PWD takes a great look at the Defense. I'm not completely on the "Fire Willie" bandwagon, but I'm certainly on the "significant improvement" bandwagon. Something's missing. I don't know if anyone really has their finger solely on the cause yet.

2) The Good Senator has a post on passion and how a playoff would kill that. I think when all is said and done this year, the drumbeat for a playoff will be louder than ever.

3) Since I don't believe I will be able to break down the Kentucky game this week due to all the other stuff I have going on, but David Hale does a helluva job. One that's so good, that I might just not ever write one again. I know a lot of you guys miss Ching, but for my money, and no offense to Ching, I think Hale is just as good if not better. 

4) Lastly, another great read about some knee jerk reactions and final thoughts on  Kentucky from Ally. If you wanted to relive what it felt like on Saturday, that's your post.

Again, I hope to have some good news (and a new link for you to chew on) in the next few days, but it probably won't happen until Wednesday. Sorry, but some other stuff takes precedence right now.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008
Ok, so I sat down to write this preview and after looking at this screen for well over an hour, I can't even dare to know were to begin.

So I won't. I can't get over the Florida loss. I can't focus and I know the game against a 6-3 Kentucky team is a big one, especially given what they did to us in Lexington in 2006. However, I'm of the mindset that there are few things that I can't take and getting embarrassed like we did last Saturday and then writing a long preview about what we need to do is one of them. 

As always, you can find Jody's Information Overload here and Doug's been missing since Obama was named president. He was last seen running up and down his road with a "Change '08" sticker on his ass and an American flag tied around his neck. As for me, you're getting the Erk Russell version of a preview. Quick, simple and when done right, unstoppable.

When UK has the ball:

1) Hit 'em hard. Hit them like you're trying to put out a fire with brute force. Tackle them effectively and when you make contact, take them to the ground.

2) Get after that QB's ass. He's inexperienced and when he sees you coming at him, he'll flinch. When that happens, make sure he had a good reason to in the first place.

3) If a pass is thrown it had better hit the ground or hit one of our guys in the hands. When that happens, we'd better intercept it and put our Offense in good position to score points.

When UGA has the ball:

1) We'd better block hard. We'd better road grade some guys. I know their Defensive Line is tough, but they're not Dawgs. However, you are. You have the luxury of being coached by one of the best in the nation. You have the luxury of working out in the best facilities in the nation. You are also, by the grace of the Almighty Himself, wearing Red and Black on Saturday. If that doesn't give you enough will to hit someone in the mouth, then I feel sorry for your soul and your butt because your soul has no hope and your butt should be firmly planted in Athens.

2) We'd better run hard. We give you the ball, you take off with it. When you get hit, you fall forward for extra yardage. The first man that hits you should never be the first man to take you down. For every red shirt that falls down, there'd better be five blue ones taking him to the ground.

3) We'd better catch the ball. They'll grab you at the line. They'll bump you in coverage. It's your ball and show how thankful you are to have your QB throw it to you by catching the damn thing. Fight for your space, fight for the ball and then fight for extra yards.

Special Teams:

1) Should we stall on a drive and have to punt, we need to kick it deep, high and cover. We do those three things, we'll have no problems. 

2) Should we have to kick a field goal, put it through the uprights. Simple, right?

3) If they punt, we try to block it. If they get the punt off, we try to catch it and score with it. 

4) If they kick a FG, we try to block it. If we don't and they get three points, as long as we have one more than them at the end of the day, I'll be OK with that.

What I think will happen:

I don't know what I'm going to eat for lunch tomorrow, much less have a damned clue as to what's going to happen in this game. I've been disappointed some this season and it ain't the first time I've felt it and it damn sure won't be the last. But in regards to this game, at 12:30 on Saturday, we'd better whip ass for 60 minutes. There should be scoring, there should be determination and there should be domination.

Anything less is unacceptable.

UGA 42
UK 20

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!)

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Editor's Note: Yes, this is a blatant rip off of the excellent work Doug did in the offseason, but I had an idea I thought was funny and I ran with it. I hope Doug won't mind, but if he does, please know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It also should be noted that I voted for McCain.

From the desk of: President-Elect Barack Obama:

My fellow Americans,

Look how far we've come. As I write this, I am now the new President-Elect of this great nation and I humbly accept the honor that you have bestowed upon me. Today is a great day. A day of hope, a day where change is beginning and a day that I will consider to be the first of great things to come for this country.

However, more change is required and until I get into office officially, there are still some things that need to be addressed. You heard me speak of how the middle-class is eroding. That's right, the heart and soul of this country is fading away leaving people feeling as helpless as ever. In a place where opportunity, freedom and hope go hand-in-hand, situations like this need to be addressed.

Since I have no official policy-making authority right now, I have decided to use my newfound position to influence areas where my voice can be heard. Where I can inspire and give hope to those who need it the most.

College football.

You see, while campaigning last week, I was able to catch the annual UGA-Florida game from the road. What I saw was a Defense that needed hope, a helping hand and a chance to get back on its feet. I saw the heart and soul of this Defense, the Secondary, lose the ability to stop the Florida Gators from putting up massive amounts of points. Points that should have gone to the Georgia Bulldogs.

In an effort to "spread the wealth," I have developed a plan that will lift the UGA Defense back to where it should be. Back to being the heart and soul of this team. Right now, gone are the days of Erk Russell and Brian Van Gorder. Gone are the days where an opposing team steps on the field against the Dawgs and feel like they may never get an edge Offensively. 

Those days will come again.

My opponent, Urban Meyer, would like for you to believe that I'm soft on Defense. That's simply not the case. I'm actually very hard on Defense, but for too long have we had "soft" Defense on this team. We need change, ladies and gentlemen. Change we can believe in.

This Defense has had a "bend but don't break" mentality. Standing up, if I bend over, I may not be broken, but I'm twice as close to kissing someone's feet or being a prisoner's boyfriend. That, is unacceptable in Barack Obama's world.

In my world, we stand tall, we talk with our hands, we motivate with our actions, and most importantly, we WIN. 

My plan is simple. We must do the basics right. We must create a Defense that is fair, balanced and accepted across the ENTIRE Dawg Nation. Here is my plan in four simple steps:

1) Raise the responsibility of the Secondary -- For far too long, the front seven of this team has bared the brunt of an opposing Offense, while the Secondary sits back, and fails the rest of the team. That's not to say those people in the Secondary are bad people. I care about them all. However, they cannot keep going at this pace and keeping true growth from happening over the entire Defense. We must raise the tax of responsibility and coverage on the Defense in order to ease the struggles of the front seven. It will not be easy, but in my plan, only the top part of the Defense will get taxed. If this works effectively, the taxation of the front seven will only lower in this regard.

2) We must limit and fix injuries -- As you all know, health and well being are important things to me. I want this team to be healthy and I will do whatever it takes to keep them that way. Under my plan, Jeff Owens would have a robotic knee. My ultimate goal is to see players succeed and in order to do that, they must be healthy. So, at the government's expense, the next player to be hurt will become a Robo-Dawg.

3) We need strong, aggressive leadership -- You saw my campaign ads. I go for the jugular. We need a coach on the sidelines that feels the same way. I'm not saying Willie Martinez needs to be fired, but he certainly needs a change in attitude. Martinez, as a red-blooded football man, needs to find that aggression he had when he sacked Colt Brennan 2,439.5 times in last year's Sugar Bowl. In my eyes, that's the only surge that worked (ha ha!). That aggression has been lost under the last year of the Bush administration (and who can blame him for that), but no longer. I will meet with Willie personally and show him how to be ruthless, aggressive and condescending, even with a smile on his face. I did it all through the debates and in my ads. Trust me, we can make "Evil Willie" something else other than a bad name for a porno flick.

4) We must associate with other badasses -- As you can tell, I like to have people around me that have the ability to blow sh*t up at any point in time. Take my association with William "Bill Brasky" Ayers for example. That man could make a bomb out of a strand of hair, stick of gum and a Mickey Mouse doll. I see nothing wrong with that. In fact, I would suggest that UGA re-associate themselves with resident badasses like Brian Van Gorder, David Pollack, Odell Thurman, Thomas Davis and Greg Blue. We need to do dinner with these blood-thirsty maniacs and let our association with them breathe fire into this team. BOOM!...heh, just kidding. That wasn't a real bomb. 

Citizens of this great country, join me in this fight for a restoration of the middle of the field. Help me keep the greedy "let's let them get as many yards through the air as possible" Secondary in check by raising the tax of responsibility and lowering the tax of humility for EVERYONE.

We can do this. The hope is there. The change is necessary. The difference is YOU.

I'm President-Elect Barack Obama and I approved this kick-ass message.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Monday, November 03, 2008
A combination of traveling down to Jax for a total ass whipping and then traveling to Charlotte and back today for work has left me, well, "depleted." So, I've just got some quick things to touch on before getting back into the grove GROOVE (shout out: The Song Writer) later this week.

  • First, let's start with a list of must reads for you. My personal favorite is Mackie's take on the game. For some reading that involves more than one word, check out PWD's take and also don't skip over what the Senator said as well.

  • Philip Fulmer is gone at UT. This helps us this year in terms of recruiting, but there are some big names being thrown around for the vacancy. Personally, I think it's tough for the Vol Nation to hire someone from within (especially with Cutcliffe gone) that is capable of bringing the program back around. Names like Lane Kiffin and Will Muschamp are tough to ignore, even though you couldn't pay me to take Muschamp.

  • Finally, people need to stop with the "Bench Knowshon & Stafford," "Fire Martinez & Bobo," and "So-and-so is going pro." Look, if you really think the way to win the next three games is to bench our two best players, you're insane. Also, if you think we should fire BOTH coordinators, then you're insane as well. You can beat the drum about firing Martinez and I won't completely disagree, but the aggressiveness is what's missing right now, not scheme. The attitude isn't there. Name another DC right now you'd like to have that will run a better scheme and have the aggression that we need. I think you'll be hard pressed to find one...and if you say Muschamp, you're crazy as hell there, too. I like his aggression, but Muschamp has been dominated time after time by the Dawgs AND his CBs are always getting crushed. That's not an answer.

Just my random thoughts. More posting later.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008
Seriously, we're not going to discuss what happened on Saturday, but we're going to talk about what has happened and continues to happen within our team, especially in big games.

Let's go ahead and clear the air by saying that 1) Florida has earned the right to gloat as much as possible, 2) Urban Meyer is a classless a-hole and 3) I believe I team WANTS to win games like this. 

However, our team is lacking something, but not just something like pressure on the front line, or complicated enough blitz packages to adequately force the turnovers we need in order to achieve the success we've seen as little as 3 years ago.

This is not a rant about "heart." We have plenty of desire to win every game we play. I can see that within our players. They want to win as badly as we want them to win. I know it must've killed them yesterday to experience the total domination that was the second half of that game.

This is a rant, though about our aggressiveness, our nasty streak, our ability to embarrass opponents and our swagger. We have NONE of those things above right now and haven't had it all year, especially on the Defensive side of the ball. It's a shame to say it, but gone are the days of Junkyard Dawg-dom and who know when, or if, they'll ever come back.

I love UGA and UGA sports just as much, or more, than most people out there. Hell, I've spent three and a half years writing about it for free. You would think that I care just a little bit about what's going on, and at the same time, have managed to keep some objectivity along the way.

But I can't take this anymore. I miss the "Lips Jar." The jar created by Brian Van Gorder for opposing players' paper lips (or maybe even entire heads) to be placed in after a large hit. I miss the headhunters of Greg Blue and Thomas Davis. I miss the motor of David Pollack and the determination of Charles Grant. I miss the speed and tenacity of Odell Thurman.

What I miss is someone on that sideline who turns the players we have on the field literally sweating talent, into players like the ones mentioned above. You can scream about leadership in that locker room all you want, but it starts and ends with the coaches.

For the life of me, I could never see a situation where I would want Mark Richt fired. I'm not the guy that is screaming for his head. However, some of the things we're seeing right now need to be fixed and fixed quickly. Now while a good portion of the Dawg Nation has called for the head of Willie Martinez, I have held off.

I'm breaking that silence now.

In order to go to the next level, we've got to stop just playing Defense and begin playing Dawg Defense. We need a fire, an aggressiveness and an attitude that is only found in some of the top Defenses across the nation. I need an Erk to come to UGA and have some Dawgs ready to take heads off, protect the middle and go crazy at the sign of a big hit.

I need a Defense that makes Offenses tremble. While I believe most of the problems are on the Defense, I also need an Offense that scares Defenses with touchdowns instead of field goals. I need an attitude that we had last year, but have yet to see this year.

Somewhere along the lines, it appears that we believed our own hype. That our talent alone would somehow get us to the SEC Championship this year. Well guess what, our preseason #1 ranking hasn't won us a damn thing other than some excellent TV coverage so that we can get our butts kicked in front of a national TV audience.

Look, I'm not asking for heads to roll, but I'm asking for something, ANYTHING, to put the actual fire into the red and fear into the black that we don for games. I don't care how it happens, but we're a long cry from Willie Martinez jumping into the arms of Dannell Ellerbe after an interception against Hawai'i. 

Please get aggressive, please be feared and please do not take a business-like approach to preparing for Kentucky. The quotes after our loss to Florida are a joke. I don't want you to cry, but I certainly want you to be less like you were after getting your ass whipped, and more like you should be feeling when you're ready to fight back. 

Now's the time to get mean. I'm ready when you are.


This one hurts like no other game in a long time for me. We totally went out there and wet the bed against a VERY talented Florida team.

This loss falls squarely on the shoulders of our players and coaches. If you're a Dawg fan and you're disappointed, pissed off or ready to roll some heads, I don't blame you. I am as well.

Much like PWD, I've cut off commenting for a while until everything cools down a bit. The message boards are melting down and I know that some of it will spill over from there. I want no part of there here on my blog. Plus, if I thought there was a Florida fan out there (other than Seth) that could keep from using profanity to the Nth degree to gloat their win, I'd leave them on. However, I've never seen so many A**-holes in one place trying to start fights. 

You won, you deserved it, we get it.

Oh and don't expect a recap of this bag of sh*t. You won't find it here. If you saw what happened, there are no words to neatly put this loss away, so I'm not even gonna try.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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