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Monday, November 24, 2008
You know, I was actually having a tough time coming up with something to write earlier today. I was even sitting back thinking "man I really don't have that much to write about and I have too much work stuff to do."

Then I read this comment that was posted today on last year's post "The Endgame:"

You are a bitch. If I ever met you in person you could bet I'd punch you in the face.

Now, mind you, this comment was left TODAY on a post from last year. If that doesn't give you any motivation to get into the spirit of hating Georgia Tech, then I don't know what will.

Ok, John (who just might be my roommate), you'll never punch me in the face, for a number of reasons:

1) Merely stating that you'll do it means you won't. You're like that guy in the bar that slams his fist down real hard, then points and stares at the other guy who's currently leaving with his girlfriend.

2) I can't take you seriously as a Tech fan. A real Tech fan wouldn't talk about fighting. A real Tech fan would've said "I'll see you in W.O.W punk. Your magical bow with fairy-tipped arrows won't save you now." Being a Tech fan is one thing, but pretending to be one is like being an assistant crack-whore.

3) If you were really mad at me, you would've tried to prove me wrong, because everyone knows that gets underneath my skin worse than anything. But then again, that wouldn't do any good, since I'm always right.

So, John, if you're a Tech fan and I've gotten underneath your skin, then I'd like to extend my hand to you in honor of this week:

I don't need a picture to say a thousand words. Just two will be fine: 


It's time to play. Enjoy the hate week ladies and gents.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Mackalicious said...
I prefer to holler "EAT A DICK!" to Tech fans...but your 2 words work just as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hahaha ok, kit.

Ill see you on "wow", bitch....

You need to get over your little stereotypes, because I have proven to you OVER and OVER again that those stereotypes are bullshit.

and okay mackalicious... I'll work on that.. thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pre-Season National Champs! FUCK yeah!!!!!
DAWGZ #1!!!!!1!!

Anonymous RedCrake said...
God...I fall asleep every night and wish I could be an 8-3 ACC team. With losses to Virginia, Virginia Tech, and an ass whipping from NORTH CAROLINA! I could still be eligible for a conference championship. And I could talk shit to everyone even though I hadn't proven a damn thing except that my team could beat teams with a 100+ ranked scoring defense.

Then I wake up.

I realize that I have a degree from the most respected university in the state. That I have a job that isn't contingent on sewage management. That my team actually plays in a real conference and that it's two losses are to the #1 and #3 team in the country with a combined record of 21-1. That my team and fanbase considers this a down year and not the coming of a "Perfect Option" toting messiah.

It's about this time that I remember that Georgia Tech students, alumni, and fans are fucking retards.

I never lose a wink of sleep.

P.S. I tutored several Georgia Tech students in Calculus during the summers. They had the IQ of Corky from "Life Goes On"...combined. UGA MATH DEPT. BITCHES!