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Thursday, November 22, 2007
To those reading,

This is the final post regarding "Clean Old Fashioned Hate Week 2007." It is laced with profanity. So be warned. Thanks for reading this week and I hope you find yourself as absolutely disgusted with Georgia Tech as I do. Go Dawgs and Tuck Fech.

I hate Georgia Tech.

Sorry, I said that wrong.

I HATE Georgia Tech.

Look, there's no rational basis for why I despise them so much. The only things I can base it off of are my previous experiences when we took losses ('99 and '00) and just had to deal with the Nerds after a UGA victory at Tech ('01 and '03). Losing to these clowns lights a fire in your stomach that burns the bile you feel when you hear the term "Yellow Jacket." It's an ever-flickering flame; waiting for someone to throw gasoline on it so it can become the napalm hammer it yearns to be.

Talking about Georgia Tech makes me feel like I seriously need anger management classes. I can't stand them. I have friends that are Tech fans, but I seriously devalue their opinions just because they cheer for the Jackets. Merely saying "Go Jackets" will confirm my suspicion that you, in fact, don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

I can throw words like wretched, disgusting, worthless, pointless, etc. at you when discussing the Georgia Tech athletic program, but it won't even come close to the absolute disdain for existence that I have regarding them. I'm sure academically they serve some purpose to society. They are a school of higher learning, after all, and some students will probably come out of there and have successful careers and be productive humans in society.

Then again, some will become terrorists.

I'm just sayin'...

Make no mistake. This is not a rant. This is how I feel. I'm not throwing hate words out there to rile up the Dawg Nation and get them ready for the war I expect on Saturday. Tech is going to give us their best effort because it very well might save Chan Gailey's job, and give them some pride on yet another disappointing season. Remember at the beginning of the year when Tech looked so impressive against Notre Dame? Well later we found out that both Notre Dame and Tech were not good, but remember what it felt like initially? The blitz packages were complex, perfectly timed, and downright destructive. We're going to get THAT team on Saturday. Mark my words.

But whether we win or lose the game, I'm still going to feel the same way about Georgia Tech. The only thing that will change will be whether or not I have the bragging rights to boot.

Year after year, when I go to the WLOCP I see Gator Girls wearing shirts that say "At least we're not snobs" across the front. Seriously? Is that how you rivals picture UGA? Well, Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech, you guys need to take notice. We ARE better than you. Not just in football. Not just in athletics in general, but OVERALL. From the top to the bottom, we are superior. Call it being snobby if you so choose, but we tend to call it "fact."

Let's just compare Tech to UGA briefly..ok, done. See how quickly I did that? UGA invents things, we cure things, we have Rhodes Scholars (two in fact!!!), we're pretty, we win in athletics, and we don't pretend to be something we're not (like you Tech people considering yourselves "winners"). We are better than you. Period. End of discussion.

We wouldn't have recruited Calvin Johnson only to let his ungodly talent go to waste while Reggie "C'mon Dog" Ball found ways to NOT get him the ball. I would've suited up the fucking band before I kept letting that kid run my best player into the ground. Who in their right mind does that?

This guy does. Yes, Mr. "Off-Tackle Left" himself is just every bit of the ofencive geeniz he was made out to be. I guess the offense is so mind-blowing that people have to talk about the defense so much just to balance out the awesomeness. I mean watching Gailey offensive football is like looking into the sun for an extended period of time. You can do it, but it's not recommended.

Look, let's just finish this thing off properly OK? This post (and many others related to it) will take any journalistic credibility I might have and shoot it on a frozen rope right out of this world. There is no doubt I'm a homer and my rotund figure indicates that I might just be chop full of bullshit. However, I dare you to find instances where I'm wrong about Georgia Tech.

So Tech, if you're listening to me, prove me wrong. Go take a look at the first degree you were ever issued (you can find it in your alumni house) and tell me that it doesn't read "Presented by The University of Georgia." (shout out: Russ)

You are the little brother we never wanted. The fat policeman that no detective wants as a partner. The last kid picked in kickball...even if Steven Hawkins is still available. You're the kid who really thinks it feels like warm apple pie or a bag of sand. You are what I want my kids NOT to grow up to be...right above "Florida fans." You are the moron who thinks your mom WASN'T hitting on me. You are the idiots who don't insure your most valuable possession...and then let another idiot drive it. You...have...Flag...Boys.

"Reggie Ball was my roommate."

So go ahead and win the game on Saturday, Tech. It'll only bother me for a little while. The rest of the time, I'll be reading the paragraph above and realizing that no matter what the score ends up being this weekend, it'll still feel great to be a Georgia Bulldog Saturday night. Why, you ask?

It'd be easier for you to put a short list together asking "Why NOT?"

Until next time kids.

Be safe (for GT people, that means "wear condoms." Can't have you folks procreating.)


Blogger Russell said...
Thanks for the hat tip.

Blogger Ally said...

No way we lose this game. This is not the same Georgia team that could break our hearts by overlooking a gimme game. They know what's at stake and know they can beat the shit out of Yech.

Anonymous nbh said...
I CANNOT WAIT for the game tomorrow.

Seeing all the idiot UGA fans invade our campus and try their best to insult us will be great. UGA Fans are anything but classy. They shout obscene things and ridicule us. GROW UP, UGA. Not to mention, the fans are going to be more than disrespectful to our campus just as they always are, because they "hate" us. I don't give a damn if any red and black wearing moron hates us- that is no reason to be disrespectful to people or property. Tech students have already gotten emails because our security is on serious lock down tomorrow because the "dawgs" are coming to town. Seriously, You know all the idiot rednecks who devote their lives to UGA football are all going to come out tomorrow for the game proudly wearing their red and black and drinking a cold natty ice and attempting to make witty comments to all those wearing yellow and white. It makes me sick. I might just take a camera to take a few pictures for you. And thats my rant.

Now I know you are going to come right back at me with some story about how Tech fans were "mean" or something to you. But seriously Tech fans have far more class than UGA fans ever will. It helps that most of our older fans actually obtained an education and received a college degree at one point in their life, unlike the redneck fans that UGA pride themselves on.

The first degree wasn't awarded by the University of Georgia, dear. It was awarded by the Georgia system of eduction.

Oh and Kit, there is not one soul on Tech campus that thinks of UGA as superior, or ever will. Snob is not synonymous with superior.

Good luck tomorrow.

Blogger Russell said...

First and foremost, I have to question anyone's level of integrity who doesn't use their name or doesn't link back to their own website when commenting and insulting another person and their Alma Mater.

Your anonymity alone is cause to dismiss your comments altogether. But because you choose to bring up inaccuracies that Kit has attributed to me, he has asked that I respond.

First of all every college student/alumni believes their university is superior t everyone else’s. That’s just how it is. You can think that UGA fans are “anything but classy” and I will be more than happy to tell you stories of Tech frat boys hurling beer bottles at my truck while I drove off of your “campus”. Who’s really classless?

I will never condone bad fan behavior but evidently you don’t remember 1998 and 2000 when after beating UGA at Sanford Stadium, your football team, students and fans tore apart our beloved hedges. According to you; It is ok for Techies to be classless, but then perch yourself high on North Avenue to ridicule anyone who does it on your campus? Both sides are easily to blame for the bad blood that has built this great rivalry; anyone who says otherwise is seriously delusional.

And please do not insult UGA fans that drink “natty ice”. Your fans do as well. But most of the UGA fans I tailgate with refuse to drink that swill.

Finally to correct you; in 2005 I attended a wedding reception in the GTU Alumni house. Hanging on display was the first diploma awarded. It read; “The University of Georgia” presents or bestows. But there it was. Plain as day. And it makes sense as to why. GTU is a spin off school from UGA. It’s a fact. Now if in the past few years the school has changed out the diploma, then that’s what they did. But I know what I saw and what I pointed out to multiple people that day. Most of them were Tech fans and they were shocked and dismayed.

I don’t just think UGA is a superior school than the N.A.T.S. I know it is. And your anonymous childish rant is just more proof of a superiority that we all already knew existed.

Go Dogs!
Swat the NATS!

I hate Tech.

If hearing UGA fans make witty comments makes you sick, then don’t participate.

Anonymous natalie said...
Natalie Hall.

I didn't mean to be anonymous.

I am doing everything short of giving my address and phone number out. Just a few posts ago, I let Kit put the video of me up, so obviously I am not being a coward... but thanks.

Heres my website:

Feel free to facebook, myspace, or email me.

Blogger John said...
You are a bitch. If I ever met you in person you could bet I'd punch you in the face.

Blogger gopal said...
Just out of curiosity, my friend. what do you do for a living?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger Ludakit said...
You idiots. I tried to be silent to let you know that I'm not going to respond to a post THAT'S NEARLY A YEAR OLD.

Go to the main page and comment if you feel necessary. Responding to an old post is like hearing y'all say "well we beat you in 2000." Honestly, it' gets annoying after 7 years.

Come on, kiddies. Time to come play with the grown-ups in the year 2008. You can click the link at the top of the page to be taken to the homepage.

Geez, for a bunch of geeks, you'd think y'all would have figured that one out.

Blogger John said...
Luda, I said I want to punch you in the face. Nice visor.