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Thursday, March 30, 2006
This has been the story of my life lately. Ups, downs, and all-arounds in between, the pieces of Kit are just kind of floating around and bumping into each other as time goes on. It's kinda nice and very challenging, but different...and sometimes, different is OK.

I apologize for not blogging at all lately. The main reason for that was the lack of internet service at the time. However, that has obviously been fixed and Jeb and I are cruising at high speed on the GoDawgs network while being surrounded by wireless signals originating from Tech students. My damn apartment is full of those little buzzy bastards, but I did give a nice (and decently cute) Tech girl $2 the other day for her Relay for Life campaign thing. It made me feel good.

Right now I look scary. I haven't shaved since last Tuesday and I honestly don't want to start since I know now that it will be a long and grueling process. I'll probably do it Friday sometime, but I haven't decided said time yet, so for now I guess I'll just keep it. For those that haven't seen me lately, I feel a little bit heftier (since I pulled my back moving an entertainment center on Sunday, I decided to just go on and eat this week) since I've been unleashing hell on McDonald's Hotcakes and Sausage all week long. I haven't even looked them up on Weight Watchers. I really just don't want to know. Shit, I just looked it up. It ain't pretty.

The HDTV Jeb and I bought but haven't paid for looks fucking amazing. That sonofabitch is pure glory. The surround sound completes the circle and it proves that young professionals (HA!) shouldn't be allowed money.

I'm sucking at poker. I'm almost embarrassed to play.

I got into an argument with a friend lately and when it was all over I don't know why I was arguing in the first place. I think it was bad jack. That's the only thing we agree it could have been. Truth be known, and I told her this, I think we argue because it's fun. I don't think she agrees, but maybe she does. Maybe not. Either way, all signs point to me not being ready to drink again. I've been doing it lately more than I think I feel comfortable with, so perhaps I should tone it down once more.

Anyway, for all eyes that read this blog, you're cordially invited to the Jack Bauer Power Hour (thanks Ru$$) on Monday in High Definition. Let me know if you're coming so I can know how much dinner to cook. Also, you might find this slightly Brokeback, but I'll be watching Wrestlemania on Sunday. You should join me. Even if you don't like wrestling; Wrestlemania is something different. Trust me on this one.

Y'all have a helluva weekend.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
I had more than one today. Here are the highlights:

1) I will not get the job I was interviewing for at the PR firm mentioned in the previous post. What sealed the no-deal was my lack of PR firm experience. Employment was not ruled out for the future and I had a GREAT repor with the company, it just comes down to the talent pool fighting for the position and how I needed more experience. It sucks because after doing tons of research on the company, I really wanted to give this a go. However, the lady I met with today did mention her connections and how there will be more opportunities within that company in which I might be a decent fit. She never questioned my passion or my ability, she was just very honest and said my background wouldn't get me to the next step. All in all, I hope this isn't my only experience with them.

2) I feel like I'm stuck in a race against time. I want so badly to get into my niche that small stumbles make my heart pound like I went all-in with 8-3 offsuit. A new plan for "Kit" is being formulated, but I ate Outback tonight for comfort so the new plan will officially go into effect tomorrow.

3) I'm excited about the apartment move mainly because I'm excited about my new TV and washer/dryer. However, I'm not excited about the money I'm going to spend.

4) No trivia. Boo, but I'm assuming there will be a reason for it.

I have nothing more to say really. See you on the other side.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Monday, March 20, 2006
I have them. Pretty much everyone does. Sometimes I have the ones that send signals to my brain to indicate touch, pain, heat, etc. and sometimes I am a ball of them all rolled together. Tonight, I'm much more of the latter rather than the former.

By the time most of you read this tomorrow I'll be telling my current employer that I'm going to the doctor and I'll be changing into the clothes (and by clothes I mean "suit") hidden in my car and I will drive all the way to a very reputable Public Relations/Marketing/Advertising firm in Atlanta.

I can tell that I'm very nervous because as I was shaving, my neck turned bright red and broke out something fierce. I'm hoping a good night of sleep turns the red into the ghost white I should be at 3 p.m. when I shake my first hand. I have my resume, references (including Ln as one), a sample of my portfolio (see: final project in college), a sharp wardrope, longer but not long and unmanageable hair, and the passion to do something new.

I've been stuck in a bit of a rut lately mainly because of my own outlook on things. I want a serious change somewhere and I want to meet some new folks. Lately I've felt like I have tapped my friendships to the point where people list me as one certain type of friend like "sarcastic," "foot in mouth syndrome," "big brother type," etc. I have determined I want someone to look at me differently, in whatever capacity that should be. Hence one of the reasons I want this new job so badly because not only would it be the career I've wanted that didn't include Hollywood, but because I know it would require me to stretch myself a bit, meet new people, and most likely travel, of which I am very fond of recently.

I'm quite tired of thinking and trying but not really getting anywhere. I can't say this whole thing sucks because it really doesn't at all. Hell, I just bought a 42-inch HDTV and a new washer and dryer. Why is this important? It's not. But it's fun as shit.

But here is the seriousness of which I am taking this new opportunity. PR practitioners never make any money the first few years they're in the business. If I take this new job, I MIGHT negotiate myself to the low $30s, which I think I could make manage. Anything lower than that and I'm just wasting my time; in more senses than one.

All in all, I apologize for not blogging, but I have nothing really to say or write about. That previous sentence is ironic because I probably just blogged a whole bunch. I don't know if I did or not because I just sat down and typed until my heart's content.

I think it is least until I wake up tomorrow.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Thursday, March 09, 2006
In honor of the one-year blog birthday, I'll be reposting some of my favorite blogs. I would've done this yesterday as well, but I was at trivia. Just like no one puts Baby in the corner, no one keeps me from trivia. The original date of this post was September 13, 2005. Enjoy!

I'm a little belated, but I didn't forget. Actually, what happened was that my usual post of being a red, white, and blue screaming patriot for times like these is not going to happen today. Instead, I'm going to scold America.

Yes, I am.

I'm going to talk about what is our fault and our fault alone.

We tried to put aside our differences of race, religion, and sexual preference. We tried to be the best people we could be. However, it failed. Today we are not a stronger, safer nation. Technically we might appear to be that way, but we're imploding on the inside. There is a cancer eating at the heart of this country and it has jumped into the bloodstream, slowly filtering it's way into the moral fiber that consists of our nation.

I'm talking about the cancer of politics. See, most see politics as just another process that "comes with the territory" of being in public office. I see politics as the cold sore on the face of the girl you want to kiss. We have a beautiful country, only to be shamed, shunned, and pushed away by our allies because of our own arrogance and bickering with one another.

George Bush has, in my own opinion, dropped the ball lately. Ronald Reagan had the decency and fortitude to call a spade a spade and get in the face of oppressors and tell them of their lack in moral fiber. However, in foreign policy we must always "take the high road" and we're not even realizing that the air is running thin up here.

You see, 9/11 did something to this country that no one expected. Instead of uniting us, it has divided us. The terrorists haven't won, but they're slowly beginning to win. Not by killing us off, but instead having us point the finger at our brothers and sisters of this nation instead of pointing them at ourselves and those who oppress us.

I'm tired of political pundits putting blame somewhere else. I'm tired of being labeled a red-stater. I'm tired of being viewed as conservative and I'm damn tired of having to make excuses for those I look up to while damning those that I have little respect for.

Why Kit? Why now? Two words: Hurricane Katrina. I've seen so much of it that I'm sick already. No one that can help will help. It's those with the blue collar that are doing the most work in getting others like them back on their feet. In D.C. the only fingers that are being lifted are the ones pointing at others while screeching "It's HIS fault." I won't even pose the question of "who cares whose fault it is?" The truth is, we all care. We've done this to ourselves. We have used our moral compasses to lead us in directions that we were not intended to go. Check the ratings if you think blame isn't number one on television. Hell, it cleans up every night and especially during sweeps weeks.

When technology left New Orleans; anarchy, murder, and rape reigned supreme. That is not my country. We have become so dependant on others that we panic when finally called upon to do something for ourselves. Katrina is no one's fault. We could've always done a better job, but does that make it one political figurehead's fault? Does damning his job that YOU don't approve of while YOU were the one too tired to vote make you feel better? Do you sleep better at night thinking that it isn't your fault after all? I hope someone does because I haven't for two days and I don't see it getting better.

I watched a movie on the people on Flight 93 that crashed into Penn. on 9/11. It was awesome. Not awesome as in it should win awards, but awesome in that I believe I saw an interpretation of the first battle in the war on terror and even though people lost their lives, we won that battle. Now, it's four years later and have their memories been honored? Have the people who died in the other 3 planes been honored? I don't believe so. Once a year we all stand and remember, but what about the other 364 days? What happens then?

I'm fed up with the way things are now. I'm tired of being told what to think by Fox News, CNN, Newsradio, and the Internet. However, since no once source can be trusted, we have to watch them all and get our own viewpoits. I'm sick of and celebrities who spend half the time doing press junkets only to spend the other half telling me that I should think this certain way because they're famous. Fuck you, I have a brain, just not a million dollars.

I think it was my friend A.J. the Lib who made a good point when he said (and hopefully it was he that said it, I might be wrong) that Congress can fly back to D.C. in the middle of the night to try to reinsert a feeding tube into a starving woman, but they can't send a helicopter in with shit-tons of bottled water to people dying of thirst?



I'm not changing my political affiliation or even my views on subjects. But I'm calling you out America. I will love you until the day I die and I believe you are the greatest country in the world filled with the greatest people. But we deserve better. We need to take personal responsibility for our actions as well as for those around us. Someone might litter, but aren't I also to blame if I let the wind blow it into a creek?

Wake up. Our country is calling. It wants it's spine back.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
The entire week I'll be honoring the past year of blogs by posting one of my favorites from the archives. This particular one was posted on May 11, 2005.

I'd like to invite all of you to check out Surfjan Stevens' "To Be Alone With You." Good song.

Now you may notice the title from an old "Offspring" tune, but rock without a purpose is not what this particular blog is going to be about. This blog is about our kids, or since most of us don't have kids, America's kids. Actually, the kids are just where the problem ends. It begins in politics.

Politics today have killed our children, and I mean that literally. "Oh my gosh, Kit. I thought you agreed with the War on Terror. I thought you were an evil conservative like the rest of us. I thought you were for the Christian agenda permeating EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF OUR LIVES." Ok folks. That was sarcasm. While I am still conservative on a few issues and moderate on most, I could care less what you label me. What I care about is how politics, conservative or liberal bias aside, is leading to the death of our kids and is bleeding our taxpayers dry.

So, how is politics killing our children? We're not being proactive. Politics prevent proactive problem solving and only encourage REACTIVE problem solving. Take Florida for example. Kudos to Jeb Bush for passing the mandatory 25 year sentence and GPS locator for life for child sex offenders. Good start. However, this was only done as a PR move after TWO children were kidnapped, raped, and brutally murdered. This "law" should have been taken care of when the Constitution was signed.

Don't ask what I would've done instead quite yet. I'm getting to that part later.

It doesn't stop with the kids though. Terri Shiavo (uh oh, not this again) was starved to death and all efforts to save her life were only called into play once politicians' phones started ringing off the hook. No one cared until it was a national issue that SOME party needed to save face on. Regardless of your stance on it, you can't deny it was only an issue when the VOTERS made it an issue.

Now you might feel better knowing the voting public are the ones driving change. Or you might feel worse knowing that something shitty has to happen before we think about change. Two kids aren't dead in Florida. They weren't murdered or raped. Do you still want a 25 year mandatory sentence in the Sunshine State? Oh, you still want the sentence, but it wasn't a priority then. We all want people to pay the ultimate debt for a crime. I always say prosecute to the full extent of the law. Why? Because I don't break the fucking law. I don't have shit to worry about. The truth is we, as a society, have let politics turn us into a reactive public so we can shed responsibility. "Don't blame me. MY kids are safe. Don't blame me. I had no idea what had happened until it became a national issue and NOW I'm outraged."

This extends in nearly EVERY aspect of crime and wrongdoings. Take the man that was shot upwards of 120 times by police in Compton, Ca. He had no gun and other than running from the cops, seemed to be an OK guy. Until you realize he has had 22 prior arrests since 1988. That's a little over 1 a year. When was the last time you got arrested once every year? Why was this guy even on the street?!? Why? BECAUSE JAIL DOESN'T WORK SO WE ONLY PUT REALLY BAD PEOPLE IN THERE.

But let's take the focus off of crime and move it to the wrongdoings sector. The federal government just approved a bill to give illegal immigrants the ability to get federal assistance for college. They also approved a bill to have Medicare take care of illegal immigrants! THEY'RE CALLED "ILLEGAL" IMMIGRANTS FOR A REASON! Jesus, man! I don't want my tax dollars WASTED so Jose can cut my fucking grass! Call me prejudice, racist, whatever you want but if you're illegal, I'd rather have Billy Bob do my yard work and know that whatever he makes stays in this country to help this economy. Black, red, blue, white, or purple (anyone ever wondered why "purple" is always a color listed when people are talking about how prejudice they're NOT?) if you are a citizen of this country, you are OK in my fucking book. Illegal Immigrants cost this country BILLIONS of TAX DOLLARS each year and who is raising their hands to help? NO ONE. Politicians don't want to risk the Hispanic vote they say. Here's news for ya. Jose can't vote right now...HE'S NOT A CITIZEN!

Now certain border politicians say they have a "plan" but they're waiting until June or July to unveil it. Guess what? You have no fucking plan. You've got an idea, but the plan is on hold until you make sure the idea doesn't offend anyone; especially Jose. Lord knows if Jose's pissed, then so are the other 11 people in his Van, and how many yards won't get cut or buildings get built because Jose is angry? We could shut this economy down for one night if all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS stopped working. Hell, we don't want anyone on welfare to get that job instead.

Here's the shit kicker. If we don't secure the boarders, we're bound for another 9/11. However, politics are allowing that to happen so we can once again "react" instead of "prevent."

So, now that I've laid out the problems, here's the solution:

1. If you're creepy looking and have no personality, you go to jail. -- I originally had this as just "creepy looking" because all child molesters are creepy looking, but then I thought of Steve Buscemi, who's cool but creepy looking. If he turns out to be a child molester, then I'm changing it back to just creepy looking.

2. No more Mexican language anywhere. -- I should no longer have to "Press 1 for English or Para Espanol marque dos." If they can't fucking understand anything, then they can't get anything done. We are an English speaking country and if you're going to be illegal, you will speak English.

3. No more wire transfers to Mexico. -- Here's what will really put a boot in someone's ass. Next time you go to Kroger, you'll notice that Western Union figured they would cash in on the "reactive public" craze and make an entire Espanol section to send money. You get rid of that, then it's gonna be mighty fucking tough crossing that border multiple times.

4. Lawyers have to be Southern. -- This, my friends, is how you get a maximum sentence every time. If you practice law in south Alabama, then you're the LEAST likely to plea bargain a first time child molester or a cold-blooded murderer. Take that fucker to trial and get the job done.

5. You get two death row appeals and they have to come within 3 months of your sentence. -- You get sent to death row, then mother fucker, you're gonna die. If you didn't do it, tough. You must've done enough bad shit to make you eligible to go or people would've believed you. So you got an appeal? Great, you've got 3 months to use them both. On day one of that fourth month, you're gone.

6. If you are considered "Liberal" or "Conservative" you're no longer eligible to run this country. -- Too much shit isn't getting done because of party lines. No one wants to be a red or blue state any more. Help out or get the fuck out of the way. If you pack the Senate and House with more Moderates, then you'll get people considering both sides of an issue.

7. If you own an Ipod and rub it in my face, you're in jail. -- Yeah, this one is kinda stupid, but I'm sick and tired of the Ipod craze. I have an MP3 player in my car. Stop telling me how badly I need a fucking Ipod. This law is also for anyone "claiming" to be a Yankees, Red Sox, Lakers, Gators, or Vols fan. Just because they're all expected to do well, doesn't authorize you to go hump the fucking bandwagon.

8. Build a big fucking wall on the borders. -- If we can put a man on the moon, create Ipods, and turn this country into a bunch of sore losers who bitch in a PC way, then we can build a friggin wall that's 15 foot tall with razor wire across the top. And don't give me the "well there's a river down there" speech. Put the wall across the River and at the very bottom, put a gate. If they make it through that, then they fuckin deserve to be here.

Ok. That's how it's done. Feel free to add your own as you feel necessary. Just remember, it's about being fair in a biased way. Fuck your party lines or the way you see the world. Just make sure it benefits the proud Americans you see walking down the street every day who take this country for granted.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

All this week (and possibly the next) I'll be posting my favorite blogs from the past year. The original date of this post was March 29, 2005.

I’ve noticed my blogs tend to be a little deep and thought provoking at times (not necessarily thought provoking for you, just for me when I read them for a second time). There’s a reason for that I believe. I think that lately I’ve been in a funk. In fact, I know I have. Tonight I’ve figured out why and now I’m sharing it with you.

To give you a little background on why I believe I’m about to write some relevant shit in this blog, I’ll point you to earlier tonight when I was watching House. I’d hate to admit that I got a creative jive from a show about a doctor who is constantly cynical and sarcastic, and three younger doctors who bicker about like three little kittens shooting for the only two nipples left to drink from, but I did. The opening scene of tonight’s episode is what did it. There was this little girl, 10 years old and obese and she was lying to her mom about being sick because the kids were making fun of her and she had no friends.

Seriously, that’s all there was and it opened flood gates.

I have always been a big kid. There was a time in my life where I was relatively average bodied but I have NEVER been skinny. Maybe when I was super young, but ever since I started eating on my own, I’ve been fat. Now was I ever the kid that was picked on because of my weight? Nope. Was I made fun of because I was a little bigger than everyone else was? Sometimes. Did this mild teasing send me into the state of depression that this little girl was feeling? Not as severe, but I was depressed at an unhealthy level when I was in 6th grade.

So even though I’m still a big guy and with no end to that in the near future, am I bitching about my weight? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

What I want to bring to your attention today is your past. Mine is not without tarnishes, bumps, bruises, and shortcomings. I’ve been called egotistical, crazy, overbearing, lazy, and my personal favorite, conceited. What I’d be conceited about, I still don’t know, but it’s my favorite. The reason I choose to bring your past up is because we have all made mistakes and we all have our demons that we fight subconsciously through our dreams and goals that we set in our personal lives.

Have you ever noticed the traits in people are the exact opposites of the flaws they encounter? Bullies are self-conscious. Those that crave spotlight are afraid of drifting into normalcy (that’s me for those scoring at home). Those that are shy are sometimes that way because of a brief moment in their lives where they gave it their all and failed.

Which kid were you?

And now the more important question: How are you making not only your life better because of it, but other’s lives as well?

The purpose of this blog today was not to talk about my life and my shortcomings. It was to vent about the negativity I’ve been faced with as of late and what I’m going to do about it. To be honest, this is the hardest year I’ve ever faced. I still love Courtney. I don’t desire to ever be with her again, but I still love her and I don’t know if that’s ever going to go away. I’m tired of hating my job, but to be fair it’s gotten better lately. I didn’t get the job in Atlanta so I’m a little frustrated about that. I’m poor. My social life is in north Georgia, etc. etc. etc.

Nevertheless, I’m so tired of waking up each morning and only wanting to go back to bed. Therefore, I’m going to change it.

Tomorrow I’m going to be the person I used to be and I’m going to do it with optimism. I encourage all of you to do the same. What I am asking of each pair of eyes that read these words is this: Tomorrow, be good to your fellow man. It may sound really simple but it’s something we all forget on a daily basis.

Here’s an example. When was the last time you called a grocery bagger by their name? If you’re anything like me, you haven’t hardly ever. But try it. Read their nametag and when you pay, say “Thanks (insert name here).” You know what they’ll do? Look at you as if you’ve lost your mind. Then they’ll smile and say “You too” and for a moment, you’ve made their day because you made their work worthwhile.

For a moment, step outside of your shortcomings and step inside to the person you’d like to be. I’m the biggest work in progress God has ever created, but I AM working, which is what’s important I guess. And speaking of God, when was the last time you two have spoken? If you don’t believe in God, it can’t hurt and if you do believe in God, it can only help. Maybe now’s a good time to reevaluate.

I love all of you. I truly do. I hope and pray that every day gets a little better but I mainly sit back and enjoy the life I have. It is stressful but I’m not special. Everyone’s life is stressful as hell. I have a co-worker who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She keeps all her medical files in a box she calls “The Bump in the Road” box.

So when your bump in the road occurs, how will you react? They say the only thing constant is change and for the first time I’m truly welcoming tomorrow. We all share this world together. We all bleed red blood and we all breathe the same oxygen. In a world full of “not my fault” syndrome, let’s take a little responsibility to make someone else’s day great. Just like a chain, we’re only as strong as our weakest link. Don’t let your fellow man down and I promise someone else will reinforce your link when the time comes.

Until next time kids, be careful and may God bless you all.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy B-day to two things.

1) Stacy.

2) This blog.

One year ago today (for the next 18 minutes at least) I decided to give in to peer pressure and begin a blog. Throughout three templates, a lot of depressive posts, a lot of funny posts, and a lot of posts about Georgia Football, you are looking at a year's worth of my ramblings. To honor the occassion, I stole an idea from this blogger and decided to take some time off and repost some of my favorite blogs from the past year.

I don't know what will be posted tomorrow, but I have a few in mind for the entire week. I don't think it will last longer than one week, but you can never be sure. Truth is, I don't think there's 10 good posts from the entire year (hell there may not be five), but I might not want to write for two weeks. Time off is good.

I'm glad to see everyone doing well and I can never thank all of you enough for even reading the bullshit I throw up on this page from time to time. Feel free to comment on the old posts if you wish. Hopefully when I decide to post a new blog, I'll have something important to say. Also, if anyone knows of any marketing/advertising/media jobs in the Atlanta area, let me know.

And before you even begin, no I'm not bitching about my job. I just don't want to waste time getting into the career I love instead of doing what I'm doing now. I'm still happy to make money...I just don't want to waste time finding the career I want to do for the rest of my life.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.