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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy B-day to two things.

1) Stacy.

2) This blog.

One year ago today (for the next 18 minutes at least) I decided to give in to peer pressure and begin a blog. Throughout three templates, a lot of depressive posts, a lot of funny posts, and a lot of posts about Georgia Football, you are looking at a year's worth of my ramblings. To honor the occassion, I stole an idea from this blogger and decided to take some time off and repost some of my favorite blogs from the past year.

I don't know what will be posted tomorrow, but I have a few in mind for the entire week. I don't think it will last longer than one week, but you can never be sure. Truth is, I don't think there's 10 good posts from the entire year (hell there may not be five), but I might not want to write for two weeks. Time off is good.

I'm glad to see everyone doing well and I can never thank all of you enough for even reading the bullshit I throw up on this page from time to time. Feel free to comment on the old posts if you wish. Hopefully when I decide to post a new blog, I'll have something important to say. Also, if anyone knows of any marketing/advertising/media jobs in the Atlanta area, let me know.

And before you even begin, no I'm not bitching about my job. I just don't want to waste time getting into the career I love instead of doing what I'm doing now. I'm still happy to make money...I just don't want to waste time finding the career I want to do for the rest of my life.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.