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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
I had more than one today. Here are the highlights:

1) I will not get the job I was interviewing for at the PR firm mentioned in the previous post. What sealed the no-deal was my lack of PR firm experience. Employment was not ruled out for the future and I had a GREAT repor with the company, it just comes down to the talent pool fighting for the position and how I needed more experience. It sucks because after doing tons of research on the company, I really wanted to give this a go. However, the lady I met with today did mention her connections and how there will be more opportunities within that company in which I might be a decent fit. She never questioned my passion or my ability, she was just very honest and said my background wouldn't get me to the next step. All in all, I hope this isn't my only experience with them.

2) I feel like I'm stuck in a race against time. I want so badly to get into my niche that small stumbles make my heart pound like I went all-in with 8-3 offsuit. A new plan for "Kit" is being formulated, but I ate Outback tonight for comfort so the new plan will officially go into effect tomorrow.

3) I'm excited about the apartment move mainly because I'm excited about my new TV and washer/dryer. However, I'm not excited about the money I'm going to spend.

4) No trivia. Boo, but I'm assuming there will be a reason for it.

I have nothing more to say really. See you on the other side.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Dana said...
It's GONNA happen for you...we are all still young and we just have to get that experience under our belt to really pursue career dreams...YOU WILL get there. I have NO doubt...look at how far you have come what, we aren't making millions yet...I HAVE FAITH and SO SHOULD YOU! And I think it's great you rewarded yourself with a new TV...(of course I must say that to make myself feel better about buying the sports car.) LOVE U! Call me soon!

another blog name change due to blogger

Blogger galarza said...
you do know that the blog police will come for you, right?