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Thursday, November 13, 2008
Man I am some kind of exhausted today. Between beginning the new gig at Examiner and work being out of damn control, I'm just beat. 

This one will be kind of short (I'm hoping), but you know what happens when I tend to bloviate. As always, you can find Jody's Information Overload here and Doug's preview here. You can also find my preview at here and you should click that one. A lot.

When AU has the ball:

Well, what do they do? Aside from having a mediocre rushing game, they might as well just run out there and kneel on the ball a lot. The Kodi Burns experiment is going about as well as the Tony Franklin one, and if the Tigers didn't have Ben Tate and Brad Lester, they'd really be hurting for some offense.

Now, that's not to say that Burns is completely ineffective. He's rushed for a good amount of yards this year, but the passing game has been somewhat lacking. In fact, since Auburn is so change happy, I would suggest they go ahead and begin calling themselves the penguins, because this team is definitely not getting anywhere through the air.

What scares me is if we don't go out there and play solid, assignment football. We'd better go hat-on-hat and shoot the gaps well because the athletic ability of Burns will get us if e don't play as solid as we can defensively.

What I do like is the fact that Corvey Irvin, Rennie Curran and Dannel Ellerbe called the Defense into a players only meeting and demanded for more out of the unit. Whether or not that translates into actual play on the field is yet to be seen, but I'd be interested to see if there is any more excitement and swagger from the guys. 

When UGA has the ball:

Well more of the same, really. The effort was there for sure and aside from two untimely fumbles from MoMass, we played GREAT on the Offensive side.

I'd like to see Stafford have the same type of mentally-tough effort against Auburn because they have a much better Defense than UK, especially in regards to their DEs. Our beat up O-line is going to have their hands full. The good thing is that Auburn has not been as good stopping the run, but they are VERY GOOD against the pass.

Stafford's going to have to play mistake free football and we're going to have to ride this win through the legs of Knowshon Moreno in order to come out of Auburn with a win. Plain and simple, old-school Mark Richt pound-the-rock-to-milk-the-clock football is going to win this game for us.

Special Teams:

Just don't suck this week. Please. OH, AND BEFORE I FORGET, don't let Tristan Davis score

What I think will happen:

UGA's got a good team this year and Auburn doesn't. I'm not being mean towards the Tigers, but it's true. I think the team that plays the smartest football is the one that walks away the winner, so whoever can play assignment football the best and keep the mistakes at a minimum will be the ones that get the "W" on Saturday.

UGA 38
AU 17

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).

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Blogger Stacy said...
Retrospectively looking at your predictions really makes me sad. Again, it looks like we're going to be saying, "well, just wait until next year". *sigh*