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Sunday, November 16, 2008

With apologies to Tommy Tuberville, who I'm sure would hear every word of this if it were read aloud, I'd like to say...


You know how I know this? Well, mainly because they were beat by us, who played quite possibly one of the ugliest games I've seen us play on both sides of the ball in a long time. Ugh, I'm talking about South-Carolina-Sorority-Girl-Ugly, here. Anyway, let's get into the game breakdown, shall we?

The Stats Say:

In a nutshell, the stats say this was a hard fought win for UGA and a tough loss for Auburn, who made this one helluva game in the 4th Quarter. The truth is, it was a good all around game, but we kept Auburn in this game MUCH longer than they should have.

Also, the stats say that our penalty problems came back with a vengeance in this game. There were multiple times where drives had stalled or we found ways to force a 3rd and long, only to give up some kind of stupid penalty that kept Auburn drives alive.

The Good:

1) WR Play -- A.J. Green and MoMass proved their worth yet again by making tough catches, running great routes and getting necessary first downs. Can anyone honestly say that aside from MoMass, have we seen a UGA receiver make a catch in the endzone like A.J. did in the 4th Quarter? I can't think of a single receiver we've had since maybe Reggie Brown that had hands as solid as that...and Reggie Brown didn't have those until his junior year.

2) Knowshon Moreno -- Since people started calling him "soft" for taking himself out of the game too much, he's responded by rocking the proverbial face off of the Dawg Nation. He racked up 189 net yards on the ground and through the air total. If anyone thinks he ain't trying now, then I don't know what to tell you. 

3) Matt Stafford -- Another game without any interceptions and made some really tough throws that really only a QB with his arm strength could make. He still overshot our WRs on some deep balls, but sometimes that happens. Once he puts EVERYTHING together, he's going to be dangerous. I really hope he's wearing Red & Black when that happens.

4) Rennie Curran -- Thank God he's only a sophomore. When all is said and done, he might be one of the best UGA LBs we've ever seen. The kid is a flat out ballhawk.

The Bad:

1) Penalties -- We touched on this earlier, but the penalties have to be cut down or we're going to put Tech in some really good spots against us. I'm also sick of hearing about all the "well that's what happens when guys play aggressive" talk that our players spit out. That's the biggest pile of BS I've heard in a while. It needs to be fixed. Period.

2) 2nd Level Play -- We'll touch on this in the "ugly" part as well, but when Auburn's players got into the second level of our Defense on Saturday, we took some of the poorest angles and had some of the most out-of-position players I've ever seen. 

3) Offensive Production -- I say "production" even though I really mean "POINTS ON THE DAMN BOARD." Seriously, we get nearly 400 yards of Offense against one of the better Defenses in the NATION and all we have to show for it is 17 points? 17 points in two weeks means that we lose to Tech. 

The Ugly:

1) Tackling -- Man that was some of the most piss poor tackling I've seen in a very long time. I'm talking about flat out bouncing off guys. With all the motion that Tech uses, if we try to tackle like that in two weeks, we'll lose by 30. Playing an option team means playing solid, assignment-based football. Assignment-based football means shooting gaps and playing man-on-man. Tackling better is not a request. It's necessary.

2) Kicking Game -- Not to knock Blair Walsh (because we all know kickers are head cases and if you knock them, they go crazy), but part of the whole "leaving points on the field" problem deals with the kicking game as well. I know he didn't get under the ball like he should have and he knows it too because he's the one that said it. However, there's a whole lotta mechanism that needs to be cleared and done quickly.

Well, there you have it. It could always be worse, but it really needs to get a lot better. The good news is that we've won three straight over Auburn and in two weeks, we get to try and make it eight wins over Tech. 

Let's hope for a productive off-week. Deal?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Great post! Great analysis too. Your piece on the Examiner was just as good if not better. Keep up the great work!

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, if we want to make the jump to the next level at some future date with this football program, we must quit giving out all our scholarships by September when they cannot sign until February.

There have always been some of the Top High School Talent in the Nation who just like to make a Splash Signing Day, and yet here we sit with arguably 1 of the better football teams in the nation every single year and NO Tight End on the roster and NO Defensive End.

I have been more than a little disappointed with the quarterback signings through the Coach Richt Era, as we have had 1 too many every single year. So, we have 1 very good recruit (who could be playing Tight End or Defensive End, for example) wasted at quarterback. What lesson have we learned about that ? None. Next season, once again, we have clearly and arguably the top quarterback class committed AGAIN.

And, who do we have for commitments at tight end for next season by contrast, for example ? 1 guy with 4.93 speed in the 40-yard dash. Who do we have at Defensive End, for example too ? 1 guy with 4.93 speed in the 40-yard dash.

For a school that has had the most Tight Ends and Most Defensive Ends in the NFL the entire Coach Richt Era, this is just astounding that we have wasted our scholarships - a precious commodity - again next season.

Blake Barnes would have been ok at QB. DJ Shockley would have been ok at QB. Joe Cox would have been ok at QB. Are we to say the same about Logan Gray, now that next season, if Matthew Stafford doesn’t go in the draft, that we have Joe Cox as a senior, Logan Gray as a Sophomore, and 2 more phenoms - both of whom (Mettenberger & Murray) would start at three-fourths of the teams in the country.

It’s been the same exact story every year. Coach Richt says that he always wants to have 3 Quarterbacks on his roster, but Good Lord…

5 of the best quarterbacks in the nation and not 1 Tight End and not 1 Defensive End again next year, as it is this season.

We are now Number 85 at sacking opposing quarterbacks.

Frankly, we have done the same thing at running back too and at receiver positions.

Yet we cannot have even 1 Tight End or even 1 Defensive End

Whatever happened to 2 Tight End sets ?

Bookend Defensive Ends ?

We have done the same thing at Linebacker every year that we have done with too many wide receivers, too many quarterbacks, too many running backs, and that is too many linebackers every year too. And, the real problem is that we waste scholarship offers and commitments 6 months before signing day at a position already well stocked beyond any reasonable count at these 4 positions : QB, LB, RB, WR.

If you look at QB RB & LB in the Coach Richt Era, you will see that these players are all great. We have been unable to play all the players Coach Richt has accepted Commitments from 6 months early before Signing Day at LB RB and QB every year he has coached here; and, this is year 9 next season.

Coach Richt has had this Blip on the Radar Screen on the Offensive Line and the Defensive Line all 9 years, where we go class after class after class without any commitment whatsoever at offensive line positions nor at defensive line positions. Then, he signs 8 OL ranked the best OL class in the nation, and redshirts every single one : He does not even try to smooth it out by have 3 of the 8 signed play so that he doesn’t have 8 all in 1 class. Coach Richt signed 6 OL the year before that, and they too every one were redshirted to not lessen the impact of 6 OL in 1 class when in neither of the 3 classes before that had Coach Richt signed 1 single solitary OL.

Look at Urban Meyer, for example if you will please ?

What did Urban Meyer suffer from last year ?

No Running Back and no defensive secondary stick out like a sore thumb.

Just like Coach Richt has these HOLES at Tight End and Defensive End.

What did Urban Meyer go do ?

He filled those positions with the top players in the nation.

Nick Saban has done the same thing.

Even Jim Tressel went out and signed Terrelle Pryor. He actually finally figured out to play him this season, which he should have done on day 1.

And, the real problem is that we have totally wasted scholarships at many positions on players that frankly don’t belong on this team.

Did we need Butler and Walsh at kicker ?

Did we need Brown, Evans, Miller, Cuff, Boykin, Pugh, and now Love all at cornerback ? Really ? Can you name several of those who have had zero impact on the team and could have been invested in a Tight End or Defensive End on Signing Day if we had saved some of our precious Roster Scholarships ?

We sign players from the whole entire nation.

We read every year that this top recruit at a needs position on this team says that he wasn’t offered, and he is moving on.

We had needed wide receivers frankly all 8 seasons of the Coach Richt Era. Kudos for actually getting AJ Green.

And, actually playing him and not redshirting him like Coach Richt did Knowshon Moreno, who it is rumored will be 2 seasons here and gone now, as a direct result.

AJ Green at least we get for 3 seasons.

We have Signed 5 Safeties the last 2 years. 5. Are there some of these who will have zero impact on this program ? You tell me, please. Banks, Jones, Knox, Cumming, Rambo. We did not have a Scholarship to offer any Safety the year before that and only 1 the year before that. So, today we have Byrd at Safety as a Senior and no Junior.

We are clueless at this folks.

Did you know we have 11 Linebackers ? Only 3 are Seniors or Juniors. That’s 8 who are Sophomores or newer. You can only put 3 out there at a time. Are we so knock-kneed that we are Signing 3 more Linebackers next season and yet 1 DE at 4.93 and 1 TE at 4.93 speed in the 40-yard dash. Are there any of these 11 linebackers who will have zero impact on this program ?

What if you had just 1 mind you top Defensive End instead ? Would we be Number 85 at sacking opposing quarterbacks this season ?

What if we had just 1 mind you Tight End instead ? Would we be playing a Tight End who the week before we pressed him into service had announced he was having surgery ?

We are so torn up about which of the plethora of fullbacks to actually play that we can get zero rhythm at the position.

We signed Chapas and Munzenmaier the same year when we already had Brannan Southerland. So, we redshirted them both. Now, we have next season both of them as Juniors. And, zero Senior Fullbacks, zero Freshman Fullbacks and Zero Recruits at the position. Wouldn’t it have been more fair to Munzenmaier to have simply said we are Signing Shaun Chapas, and if you were a year separated (preferably 2 years separated) we would have signed you too and instead take a true tight end or true defensive end ?

Well ?

We have zero Senior and zero Junior Running Backs. So, we Signed Knowshon Moreno. What did we do ? Redshirt him. So, that we have zero Senior and zero Junior running backs. Jeez Louise, this is stupid beyond reason that we continue this clueless evaluation of position by class that we have no clue of what we are doing in this regard. So, go ahead. Tell me what we did after we Signed what everyone said was the 3rd best running back in the United States of America ? I mean besides redshirting him so we get to see him 2 years only with no RB in either of the 2 Signing Classes BEFORE Knowshon ? I will tell you what we did. With Knowshon Redshirted, we signed 5 Running Backs last year. 5. We have again, now, no senior, no junior, 1 sophomore, and now 5 freshman running backs. Any of these that just might have been useful at DE or TE for example ?

I tell you again, that if you want to go to the next level, you need a far better evaluation of the 85 Scholarships by Position by Class. We did not have the talent this year to do better than a 2-Loss Season. And, to the totally oblivious to all this who know nothing of college football who now say they are unhappy and dissatisfied with a 2-Loss Season when we were ranked Preseason Number 1 with all these wastes of Scholarships at some positions while disregarding other positions totally on the roster, please FIND YOURSELF A DIFFERENT TEAM TO ROOT FOR because I said we would Lose 2 games this season in every single post I ever posted on this blog as a direct result of the fact that we are clueless to sign 17 players at one position all in 1 year and then not fill any other position, then the following year sign 17 at some other position and have them all mature together without redshirting them all or playing them all in the same year to spread it out at that position, and have others who everyone was quite aware would actually never fit in at their position with what we otherwise already have at their position here.

Why is it I have to tell you these things ? You only have 85 Scholarships, the same as everyone else now. Just because you see a Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, and AJ Green all on 1 team doesn't mean that we don't have 17 scholarship players at other positions and zero at yet others. Some understand that; some do not. NC ? You are FOS.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
While we didn’t meet the high expectations set at the begining of this year, we could still end strong! We need Stafford and Moreno back to finish the drill behind a healthy deep o-line in 2009. Don’t go to the NFL, come back one more season.

Please sign the guest book for Matthew and Knowshon at

Anonymous Anonymous said...
While we didn’t meet the high expectations set at the begining of this year, we could still end strong! We need Stafford and Moreno back to finish the drill behind a healthy deep o-line in 2009. Don’t go to the NFL, come back one more season.

Please sign the guest book for Matthew and Knowshon at