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Monday, May 30, 2005
I assume most people expect me to blog for an extended amount of time about this weekend, my activities, etc.

Well that's not gonna happen.

Instead I'm going to plain and simply put it for all of you, respect today regardless of your beliefs. I, as a chatter of a few internet sites, got into a heated argument with a limitless liberal last night over every single topic you could imagine. However, we got stuck on one topic and it got VERY heated (well, on his end. I was cool as a cucumber.) and that topic was the war. He, being the dipshit liberal that he is, believed every conspiracy theory that has been printed by the liberal talking points that he has heard every single day for the past 4 years. After the debacle, I mean debate, was over I sat and wondered about one thing...why he never gave acknowledgement to those that died for his right to complain about a war he never agreed with.

Simply put, ladies and gentlemen, you can agree or disagree with the direction of this country. You can blame my Christian beliefs or you can blame whatever you want to make yourself feel better. However, ALWAYS respect the sacrifices made by others so you can respectfully or disrespectfully disagree. It wasn't until I moved to a military town that I realized all that people go through just to keep this country afloat. We would have been done hundreds of years ago had it not been for those who were willing to sacrifice for the greater good. See, what people don't understand is that we're free today because some person, some random farmer or blacksmith or whatever, left his wife and children to fight for this country. Our country is not the product of present sacrifices but the product of the hundreds of thousands lost hundreds of years ago to protect the freedoms set forth on a piece of paper. WE are the democratic model for the rest of the world for a reason. It would pay you good mind to respect that. While fighting and dying for my country isn't something I chose to do, it would be something I'd do if I were to get drafted. Just because I don't serve, doesn't mean I'm not willing to should I be called upon.

Thank you to the courageous, brave, and willing who has given us all that we have today. We can't repay you and the memories of your loved ones will slip our minds from time to time. However, you have my word that for at least one day a year I will pray and give thanks to the sacrifices that has been made so I can live my life as I so choose.

Moving on...

1. As of this writing, I have lost an effecient 14 pounds. That's good news figuring I want to look my best for the roasting activities. I'm cordially inviting those that read this blog to attend the Roast of [NAME REDACTED] on Saturday June 4, 8:00 pm at Tasty World in the Classic City of Athens, Ga.

2. Speaking of [NAME REDACTED], would you like to play golf Friday? Let me know.

3. By the way, Tim, I have an e-mail coming your way soon. I apologize for the delay, but I'm speaking for two people since Amos can't make it.

4. I look like a Mexican...a legal one. I haven't shaved since Thursday morning. Tomorrow's shave should be painful.

5. The interview for next Friday with WestWayne got canceled due to client meetings. It kind of sucks because I was really looking forward to getting in there, but this is the time of year they plan all their creative advertising for the next year so I understand the reason for the delay.

6. I feel good. Better than I have in a long time. I have a few folks I can thank for that as well as my own decision to not get too bummed out anymore. Life in Savannah isn't for me, but for right now, it'll do.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Brett said...
Yes. Hook me up.

Blogger Gunner said...
Bravo. That post gets the clap.

Blogger Stacy said...
I dunno about "the clap" but you definitely get an amen from me.