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Thursday, May 05, 2005
One day I will have something kickass cool to write about. Today would be that day but let me get a few drinks in me first. However, since I'm writing this before "Jack Time", I doubt it'll be kickass cool.

Today I found out the official news that my Mom is divorcing my Dad. This would have been ok with me had yesterday she not told him and me that there is hope of them reconciling. I know what it's like to be drug around by the heartstrings and the man's been through enough already. I'm not pleased and I can't respect what she's done but, fuck it, it's her choice and she's still my Mom at the end of the day. The timing sucks, though with Sunday being Mother's Day. Didn't look at ya calender first did you?

The good news is I got to have a long conversation with my Dad. Those come too few and far between nowadays and that's mainly my fault. It's really funny (but not "ha ha" funny) because when I talk to him and I KNOW he's on the verge of just crying and letting it all go, he changes the subject. Some parents never want their kids to know that they aren't superheroes. That's a respectable quality when you know your faults and still want your kid to be proud of you.

Stay tuned to the rest of the blog for an important message.
Moving on. No word from WestWayne Advertising today about a possible job opportunity. I really hope we can come to some kind of terms with the whole situation. I'd gladly eat bologna sammiches for 8 months until Jeb and I can split some bills together. That'd help out a TON. The invitation is still open to anyone that needs an Atlanta roomate. Male or Female. I'm clean and I have a bar. Who wouldn't want to live with me?
Two hours of the OC tonight. Tune in tomorrow or later tonight when I'm intoxicated for a full recap and maybe even an idea or two on what's going to happen on 24 (at least what I THINK is going to happen).
I'm still single. I know all of you are surprised. Heh.
Here's a kickass Web site for everyone to keep up with gas prices. Just remember, that anything above about $48 a barrel means gas prices higher than $2 a gallon. The site can be found Here.
And now your important message.
Tonight when you go to bed, find someone in your life (or everyone, but let's say someone for the sake of keeping you up all night dialing folks) and tell them how much they mean to you. Don't just tell them that they're a great friend or your soulmate or some bullshit. Just tell them about a time when they went above and beyond your expectations of how a friend should act. Do what you need to do to let them know. It'll make their day and you'll sleep better tonight because of it. Sometimes we get too clouded in our own selfishness and problems that we forget those who have been there for us when we needed them but didn't realize it. I don't want to get too sappy but doing the right thing is doing the right thing. No matter how cheesey and gay (but not like homo gay) you might feel.
Have a wonderful evening people. I'll drink one for you.
Until next time kids.
Be safe.