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So this weekend was cool. I'm not really in a "blogging" mood but I'd like to inform everyone of the past few days' happenings.

Friday: Locked in the office all day for a "one day sale." Basically, this is a one-day massive telethon pitch of whatever packages we have going because we're not selling them. People realize it too and very few make a decision THAT day. If you ask me, it's about as useful as tits on a nun. But that's just me. Hopped in the car after checking my bags 50 times to make sure I had everything, and drove to Atlanta. Got to Atlanta, went to Sonny's, came back, had one drink, and hit the sack.

Saturday: Morning came EARLY. Got ready and went to Jeb's Graduation. Pics are immediately below.

Kit Jeb Billy

Jeb Abby

Billy is the other guy that's not me or Jeb and the other is of Jeb and Abby, who is Jeb's girlfriend. They don't have an official title, but we all know the truth.

After the Graduation of Jeb, we went to the Cheesecake Factory. Somewhere, someone in Weight Watchers is crying over a fallen brother. My diet went south, like I had drove into an alley and gave it $20 to do so. That fuckin Oreo Cheesecake was awesome. Too damn good.

Saturday Night: This deserves it's own category. Jonathan and Stacy came over and we all started doing shots. After heading to Buckhead to some of the most expensive bars EVER, we all got drunk and I got sugar. It was pretty good too from what I remember. However, then I sobered up and held hair for the remainder of the night. Oh well, at least I got the sugar BEFORE the hounds were released.

Sunday: I did shit all day. I mean I didn't do a fuckin thing. The night culminated with me studying for my media math test and then packing up.

Monday: Went to the job interview at WestWayne. Russ, cut the bunnies' feet off, we've got a winner. The place was awesome, the opportunity is one-of-a-kind for me and the situation is just great. Every aspect of this opportunity I love and I really do mean that. I'll be giving up a lot of privacy and even sacrificing in the money department to do so, but if I'm happy doing something for slightly less money (but GUARANTEED less money), then I'll take it. This place is like a trampoline. You can just bounce up and up there if you want, or use it to spring board your fat ass into the pool right next to it. As it sounds right now, it's win-win and I think they liked me as much as I liked them. Let's hope so.

I think that's all for now. Everyone enjoy their "Jack Bauer Power Hour" tonight. I know I will.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Jenn Babe said...
kit im so glad you had a good interview!! i thought good thoughts and said fancy prayers just for you!! i couldnt understand a damn thing anyone was sayin to me on the phone but it sounded fun as hell!! wish i coulda partied with ya!

Jenn Babe XXX

Blogger Brett said...

Blogger Stacy said...
Hey Kit,

I think I talked to Jenn on your phone while we were at Three Dollar Cafe. Is it possible that I actually remember something from that night? Thanks for being nice to me in your blog. You probably could've given me way more hell. I had fun!

Love ya,

Blogger monette said...
hi! i did a search for "media math" and your blog came up. i was hoping you would be kind enough to tell me what it is and where i could find the 411 on it. thanks!