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Sunday, May 08, 2005
First of all, I'd like to ask anyone who prays (or cuts rabbits' feet off for a noble price) would please keep the White family in their thoughts. I friend of mine drowned this weekend in a hunting accident (don't ask) and aside from him being a good person, he leaves behind a really good family. I wasn't a close friend of Jeremy but I did know him and he was good people. Anyone that was at my first Beer Sex Beer party would remember Jeremy as the one that tried to beat the hell out of Trimmer, thus showing why Perry people should never drink together with "foreigners." He had his friends and he had also caused his share of troubles, but deep down, he was a nice guy. It's a damn shame what happened.

Moving on...Aside from the happenings above, it was a decent weekend in P-town. I got to see the family for a little while (which honestly was all I wanted to see them for) and I realized how desensitized I am to their antics. It's ridiculous and I can't wait for the WHOLE situation to be done, regardless of what direction they move in.

I also got to see a metric shit-ton of old friends at a party on Saturday night. We all got drunk and I free-styled the blues, which I must say I did an excellent job of. Apparently, I need to be drunk to do it properly. My best line was "Let me introduce you to my girlfriend...she's always with me, Ms. Right Hand." Got a good chuckle out of everyone, myself included.

I have spent ample amounts of time collecting my best memories for [NAME REDACTED]'s Roast. I have invited a ton of people to the event and I'm positive it's going to be the most rousing success ever. What a great idea by Smingular and The Diva's Daddy. I know with those two planning it, surprises will ensue and drunkenness will occur.

Speaking of [NAME REDACTED], I just read his most recent blog and if there's anyone that ever deserved to have the ability to write, it's that guy. I mean he puts shit together in words that I could've never come up with. Fuck Nash-Vegas, you should be writing for SNL. That's just my opinion and I could be wrong, but since I rarely am, I doubt it.

Quick job update. As of this writing, I am shooting for a Monday, May 16 interview with WestWayne Advertising. I got a call from them last Friday about midday and they requested my presence at their offices on Peachtree Street. I'm really excited and after speaking with my Mom about it, I might get to crash with my Aunt Jane for a while and eradicate some bad debt by living rent-free. We'll see what happens, though; I'm just taking it one day at a time.

I wish I could blog about more shit but I don't really have much to say. I'm feeling surprisingly well after a kind of weird weekend back at home. Of course there are a few blips here and there on my radar screen but it's Sunday night, my house is clean, and I rented Shaun of the Dead. Here's to hoping it's a decent movie because it'd be good to see one. I rented Blade: Trinity, which got shitty reviews, but I enjoyed it because I think Blade is cool. I also rented the Limited Edition of Independence Day. I would also recommend that one because if you liked the theatrical version, this version tells a deeper story and really let's you know more about the characters. It's kinda cool and worth checking out, should that plasma screen you've always wanted happen to fall into your hands.

Before I let you go, I want to rub something in all of y'all's faces. I have on my stove 3.5 lbs of green peanuts about halfway through the boiling process. I know this will completely wreck the diet progress, which by the way is down to almost 13 pounds, but wrecking the diet for one night to enjoy quite possibly my favorite food is worth it. I have lived too many months without the fantastic taste of a boiled peanut prepared by yours truly.

Well I appreciate your time for my ramblings and I hope all of you take care of yourselves this week. I hope to see each one of you soon.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger georgiagirl said...
Hooray for a job interview. I am so proud of you! If you move to Atlanta, I have a few prospects for you. My younger brother is a year or two older than you (although just finishing school at VSU) and has a girlfriend who've I told about you - she has single female friends! Also, he may know of someone that needs a roommate, or maybe he will, assumming he too finds a job! Best of luck! See you in a few weeks.

Blogger Stacy said...

Jeb and I decided that we could all live together in Atlanta once I come that way for PT school, ok? Just letting you know! :)

By the way, I love you bunches, and thanks for encouraging me to call Teeth. I don't know if what kind of impact it had, but it was good to talk to her. I hope she, along with everyone else, is ok.

you're in my prayers....


Blogger Dave said...
boiled peanuts kick ass.

Good luck with the interview, would be awesome having you around the corner!

Blogger Jenn Babe said...
why cant you just eat peanuts regular? although ive never tried the boiled variety, i like my peanuts regular style!! YUM!

Jenn Babe

Anonymous Lauren (Gibson) Threadgill said...
Hey, cutie-pie Kit!

I've been keeping up with your blog (and life) for a while and finally decided to post you something to let you know I've been web-stalking your Savannah life. (haha, not really, bc then Matthew might kill you. okay, i'm joking again - i can't stop, i'm too sleepy.)

Yay for a job interview! And I looked at your 3DD pics, and I can totally tell that you've lost weight, so congrats on your success with dieting (although for the record I always thought you were just perfect - best hugs ever). And I prefer my peanuts encased en chocolate, a la peanut M&M's, but then you would *really* be screwing the diet, so don't take my advice on that.

Hope you're well darlin - my AOL SN is still the same. We should catch up some time!