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Saturday, July 15, 2006
Well it's July. It's July in full fucking force is what I'm talking about because when I got in the car today, I REALLY wished I had one those Auto Cool things I keep seeing on infomercials.

Photo: This keeps you from sweating in .4 seconds immediately after you sit in the car.

Anyway, July is getting very close to that time of year where it's just about all football all the time. Of course, I'll update you on the progress of Project Moderation and any other little tidbits about what is going on. But with the football season getting ready to kick up, I must do what I always do and lay down the law on the progess of the Dawgs.

If you'll notice, in anticipation of said change on the blog I have updated the sidebar with a couple of more blogs/web sites for you to check out from time to time. Of course you have the Georgia Sports Blog and, but now I've added Dawg Sports by Major Kyle, EDSBS (GATOR BLOG by Orson Swindle, but a helluva read), and College Football resource which is like watching College Gameday on ESPN because it is great at giving an overall snapshot of College Football throughout America.

So get ready because after Vegas trip, it's pretty much all UGA all the time with my own commentary thrown in. Just be warned, I'm not going to proclaim to know everything about college football, but I'll damn sure talk like it. And I will be incredibly wrong about a lot of stuff...understand that now.

Offense and Defense post spring previews coming soon. I just need to compile a few more resources so I don't look like a complete fool. They'll be out in about a month.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
I'm excited!

When are you going to Vegas?? If you need my alcoholic little brother to be your tour guide, I can hook you up. You'd be proud of how much he's accomplished since the first time you got him drunk! Lemme know...

Blogger galarza said...
did you buy the auto cool?? i'm about to do the same thing today!!

Galarza- do a google search first- a TV station did a test and it doesn't work.