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Sunday, July 09, 2006
I think I've posted three times in the past two days. That's a damn lot for me, but I've got a shit-ton of stuff bouncing around in my noggin so I gotta get it out somehow.

First thing's first, before the movie last night I was posed with the question "If Mark Richt did leave UGA, who would be his replacement?" Now, before there are conspiracy theories thrown about, it was just a hypothetical question, and even though I think the list I put together blew, it was still fun nonetheless. Here is who I came up with:

Rodney Garner
Mike Bobo
Pat Hill
Jeff Tedford (REALLY on the fence with that one)
Brian Van Gorder
Butch Davis

I also sent the same question to PWD, who I'm sure will come up with much better ideas than mine, but like I said, it was fun to kick around, and thankfully it's just hypothetical. Since I am a whore for comments, please add yours as you see fit.

Secondly, a big thanks to everyone who has shown tremendous support in the upcoming project. I've gotten a few phone calls from close friends and newer friends with questions about what it is. After some explanation, I think their excitement is pure and not one of those "that's great man" followed by a mumble of "that shit is gonna fail." That's good news I think. A huge thanks to Russ and Dave who let me vent not too long ago at length about it, and who I know will be very instrumental during the times where I'm confident and those where I'm not so much. Also, for those in the know, Jeb is no longer in on the idea (it was a joint project initially), but it's mainly because it's not the career path he wanted to go down. No big deal, he's still my brother and he knows that. There was no argument or anything of that's all good and I mean it sincerely. All in all, life is good but a little scary. However, Project Moderation is in full swing.

Not much else to chat about for now. Looking forward to the COMMENTS.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Brett said...
Dwight Satterwhite.

Blogger Russell said...
Jerry Junkin, Bea Author, or Alex Trebek