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Sunday, September 25, 2005
Well it was the rare meeting of Dawg vs. Dog last Saturday and while everyone pretty much knew who was going to come out on top, I think UGA surprised many people with their performance.

But it wasn't a good surprise.

Here's the breakdown:

First, the good.

1. D.J. Shockley -- Again, this kid proves himself over and over as a leader in the lockerroom, a leader while we're winning, and a leader while we're struggling. I honestly feel more comfortable having him in the pocket right now rather than it being David Greene. I know that will surprise many folks, but I like the added dimension of D.J.'s legs as well as his CANNON for an arm. Again, he gets excited when he smells TD and overthrows guys, but he had a couple of clutch conversions last night. This kid is special and at some point this season will find himself in Bulldog Lore.

2. Leonard Pope -- Big man DRAGS people in the endzone to get the 6. I like that. However, what I don't like is Pope getting flagged twice last night. I'll be honest, though. There was one holding call he didn't commit.

3. Kregg Lumpkin -- Go read last week's breakdown and you'll see what I'm talking about. Dude flat out steamrolled someone last night on a run. He's starting to gain confidence.

4. Bryan Mclendon -- Automatic for the people. Without a doubt D.J.'s #1 target.

5. The Defense -- Kept us on top even though MSU was a little too effective in stopping the run. I'm still very high on our pass coverage as well, but we have got to keep tighter coverage when the QB appears to scramble. There were a couple of big plays due to blown coverage because our secondary bit on the scramble. That shit WILL NOT FLY against UF. P.S. -- Greg Blue racks up another INT.

6. New Kids on the Block -- T.J. Gartrell, Jeff Owens, Kenny Harris and of course, MO MASS are all great examples of how we're recruiting guys ready to play right out of the gate. Mo Mass is not going to be a star. He's one already.

Second, the bad.

1. Brandon Coutu -- I like the kid, but there was no reason for him to miss 2 FG's last night. I think he was just off. Wasn't pretty but I still have the faith.

2. Offensive Line -- Come on guys, stop with the penalties and PLEASE open some holes. Had it not been for second and third efforts a la Verron Haynes by our running backs, drives would have stalled. GET IT DONE, BUT DO IT WITHOUT CHEATING.

3. Kickoffs -- Again, Brandon. Kick it past the 20 yard line. Oh, and coverage teams, please tackle.

4. PENALTIES PENALTIES PENALTIES -- This game should've been 42-10 but we lost extra scores due to penalties that killed momentum like a nekkid Bea Arthur kills a hard-on. Get your head out of your ass. We play Vandy soon.

5. Red Zone Scoring -- Non-existent. Like the penalties, it seems to be a staple of the Mark Richt era. However, we're getting better. Slowly, but surely.

Now the ugly.

1. This guy.

2. This girl.

All in all, we need this bye week to rest up, clean up, and freshen up. We've got a lot of film to watch because I promise you UT's going to be ready to play come the 8th. However, I think they'll be tired and beat up after a terrible Monday night game at LSU followed up by 4 days to prepare for a cupcake in an Ole Miss team. However, if they look past Ole Miss, there could be a bad upset in the Hunter Orange Nation. All I'm saying is that we walked away from MSU relatively injury free (there were a couple of injuries that are more wait-and-see, but mostly everyone is ok) and with another win under our belt. Georgia has never been a team with swagger and if anyone remembers, 2002 was not a year that we won a lot of games in very pretty fashion. Ugly wins could turn into beautiful championships.

I'd update the top 25, but you or I don't care. All I know is the Dawgs are 7th in the Harris Poll. What that means, I don't know.

Let's hear it for a restful week of film sessions and ice packs.

Go Dawgs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
You should so be a sports writer. Or a coach. You're awesome.

At least we waited until the 4th game of the year to start shooting ourselves in the foot when we get in the redzone. It could be an easy fix.

Fuck the Vols. I think we should go to the ESPNZone for that game. Kristen might come... ;)

Love you! Thanks for the BPT was great as always!