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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Well, actually this one is just for the guys.

Really quickly, I'm giving credit for this exact idea to Paul Westerdawg. He did this idea not too long ago with this very photo and while it comes off as a blatant effort to plagarize a good idea, I'd like to say that since I don't believe many of my readers drift to his blog, I wanted to see what the audience (you guys) could come up with. Most of his responses were fucking hilarious and with Rusty and [NAME REDACTED] on the case, I know this should be about the same.

First, before the caption contest, a little something to spark those "creative juices."


You're welcome, and big props to the guy whom I copied this from.

One last thing before I start the caption contest, in "One reason not to hate Spurrier as much" News, I read a quote from the Old Ball Coach from 1991 where, after 20 books at Auburn had been destroyed in a fire he said, "the real tragedy was that 15 of them weren't colored yet."

Hilarious...but you're still a douche bag.

Now, on to the main course. Best caption wins. Wins what, I don't know, but you fucking win and that's cool enough.

Here's your photo.


Alright, color me unoriginal, but hell, I couldn't find a better picture.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Russell said...
Spurrier: "Nice catch, wanna fuck?"

Blogger Brett said...
Um let's see:

1. Spurrier: "Now that's what I call a fullback!"

I'm sure there will be more.

Blogger Chris said...
I was going to suggest a "tight end" comment, but since Brett was right there with fullback, how about something in a "What's up with chicks in jean shorts?"

Blogger Michael said...
Spurrier: "Jesus, this bitch sucks. Georgia is going to kick our asses this weekend."

Blogger Ludakit said...
For the record, the winning caption last time was "You can't spell quarterback without T & A."

Beat it. I know y'all can.

Blogger Newspaper Hack said...
Once again, more proof that the hottest girls are at Carolina.

Blogger Oob said...
Mmmmmmmm.... Trailer trash. Yummy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i know this may make you dizzy, question is this...why does the guy in the green shirt appear so NOT interested in the activity at hand?