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Monday, August 22, 2005
Sorry for the lack in posting. Things have been not hectic (which is more than fantastic) but they have been busy enough to keep me from sitting at the computer and writing until my fingers get numb. I guess sitting behind a desk all day will do that to you.

A couple of quick things to note before I get along with what I think should be a decent post:

1. I saw my grandfather this past weekend when I went home to Perry. He's doing much better but no where near where he used to be. There's a great post inside of me about this whole experience, but I'm saving it for now. The words just aren't there yet.

2. I started making "Muson Mixes." Paul Westerdawg is not only a fantastic read time and time again, but he's also been kind enough to let me run some of these mixes by him and give me some feedback along the way. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll end up on Anti-Orange Radio.

3. Speaking of the "Muson Mixes," if you want a copy of them I have three so far. I have "Remedy" by the Black Crowes, "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas (<--- my favorite so far), and "Holla Back Dawg" which is an ultra crappy rendition of Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl." In fact, it's so bad it's funny and definitely worth having if you're bored. Just give me a shout at KitZeus99 on AIM or just leave a comment and I'll be happy to send it to you since I don't know how to host files for download. Now, moving on to what I feel will be the meat of this Pre-Season Top 25, or as I like to call it: "Based In All Stuff Emulating Deep-thought" or "B.I.A.S.E.D"

1. USC -- Yeah, you deserve it. Looks like we're heading for another Nat'l Championship appearance since everyone is saying that your toughest game is at Oregon. Pussies. I hate the Pac-10.

2. Texas -- I'm going to buy into it that Mack Brown has a good team with great talent. Too bad you always choke and your quarterback might as well be a wide receiver. Since the top 10 is full of the same teams that aren't clear-cut number 2's, you get it by default. I predict you won't finish in the top 4 though.

3. Michigan -- Learn to tackle and you'll win the Big 10. That carries a value equivalent to winning the Pac-10.

4. Tennessee -- You deserve this because I don't think anyone believes you're a Nat'l Title contender but you have enough talent to win the SEC.

5. Va. Tech -- Surprised? You shouldn't be. These guys are going to be great for 2 reasons: 1. Marcus 2. Vick

6. LSU -- Les Miles is not as good as LSU fans hopes he'll be, but Nick Saban's old team could run itself and win 9 games.

7. Ohio State -- I'm only putting you here because of the same reason for Texas being at number 2. Again, your weak-ass conference allows you to play a decent schedule. At least you're in a kick-ass non-conference game. I say you lose 3 games and finish around 15.

8. Louisville -- Quit rubbing your eyes. You see this. Louisville has one of the most effective passing attacks behind another QB that can lead a team. They remind me of the Dawgs of 2002. No...really.

9. Miami -- Congrats Larry Coker. You proved Miami (the experience) recruits your talent and you won with Butch Davis' team. You can't coach. Call me a liar, I dare you.

10. DAWGS -- Think I'm crazy? Tell me why. Everyone wants to point at D.J. yet they put Texas as Nat'l Champ. contenders? This is just like Tenn. when they won the Championship after Peyton left. We're legitimate all the way around. I hate to let you pundits know that. Quit drinking the Kool-aide.

11. Iowa -- These boys play hard nosed football. I like Iowa. Too bad they're stuck in the Big 10. I'm sure the Big XII could use them.

12. Florida -- You're over-f*cking-rated. If the damn offense is that complicated, Chris Leak may get it, but the criminals catching what he throws won't. I still say 9-2.

13. Oklahoma -- Hand the ball off and you'll be fine, new QB...whoever you are.

14. Florida State -- "Mark Richt took my winning days with him! Now give me my Oakleys and grape juice. I'm going to go watch Unnecessary Roughness. It reminds me of my sons who can't win either."

15. Auburn -- You'll always have good running backs and you'll have a pretty decent defense. You'll win just enough games to get into a decent bowl and you'll be decently surprised to find yourself 8-3 at the end of the season.

16. California -- I always like what they do there. Beat the shit out of USC please.

17. Boise State -- Hey, prove me wrong...lose your first game.

18. Texas A&M -- Nothing would make me happier (well actually there's a lot that would) than to watch "The Franchise" go 1-10 (Texas) after he told his Alabama players he wasn't leaving. He deserves to lose wherever he goes.

19. Texas Tech -- Damn these guys are fun to watch. Let's just outscore the other team, screw defense!

20. Arizona State -- Pac-10. I don't care.

21. Pittsburgh -- Let's see, Dave Wannadanny can't win at Miami and he probably won't win here with a bunch of no-name players. But what the hell, I stopped caring after number 10.

22. Boston College -- I think you'll do well in the ACC. Put watch out for those perennial powerhouses like Georgia Tech. They'll just up and score 3 points on you out of nowhere.

23. Alabama -- Oh yeah, I still think your team is good enough to win the SEC West. Call me a fool. This team has something to prove.

24. Virginia -- A team that can always upset anyone they play. Emotion carries them to a 7-4 season with a decent bowl.

25. Notre Dame -- I REALLY like Charlie Weis. I'll bet they win 6 games on emotion alone.

Well there you have it. I'm completely wrong on a lot of these, but I think the beauty of college football is the "emotion factor" and that's what I judge by. We all know the majority of the games are won with solid play, but this solid play includes heart instead of $$$.


Until next time kids.

Be safe.