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Thursday, September 15, 2005
It's not my style to make two posts in one day but I need ideas for songs for the next batch of Munson Mixes.

Bring on the suggestions.

Also, here's another photo in another caption contest. Found this one today and had to share it.

Have fun.

Song ideas and captions.


Blogger Chris said...
How many Bawcums we got on this stage anyhow?


Keep wailing Bawcums!

Blogger Michael said...

Blogger Judge Joe Brown said...
The Wailing Bawcums. That would make a great band name.

Blogger Dave said...
"Ha! That guy behind me playing the sax has no idea I just let out a huge fart."

Anonymous Hailey said...
"mmm we sure love to blow"

Blogger georgiagirl said...
Hmmm, I wonder which one has the softest feet.