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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Well that was fun wasn't it?

A record setting 27 comments was left on the last post and I believe I had somewhere in the area of 210 hits to the site. Some commented once, many more than once, and I sat back and enjoyed every damn minute of it. The good news is I believe everyone has taken it in stride and enjoyed the smack talk for what it is...only smack talk. I highly doubt Judge Joe Brown is going to be at any of Natalie's socials in the near future, though.

While everyone was ripping each other's throats out, here's what was missed:

1. Reggie Ball, along with some no-name cornerback, has been ruled academically ineligible for the Gator Bowl . I literally could joke about this for days, but there's no point. We knew the son of a bitch was dumb. It just bakes our noodle as to how no one on the Georgia Tech staff knew. Seriously, did ANYONE outside of that coaching staff really think he was the truth? Hell, all he had to do was get the ball to Calvin Johnson and he couldn't even do that shit effectively. They should've just picked someone from the band and put them in the game.

Photo: "HUH?" (shoutout: Only In America)

2. Due to the large amount of O-line commitments, Joe Blaes' scholarship has been pulled. It appears that he may still enroll mid-year, but for right now, we're just deep as hell and have no free ride for him. You may wonder where that extra scholarship went. Well...

3. It seems that Ian Smith has not been kicked off the team. PWD nailed it when he listed the facts about Ian and what exactly happened the night of the arrest. This kid has a serious problem and even though he's suspended half the season next year, it seems that Mark Richt wanted to keep him close to UGA so he could get support from his counselors, coaches, and teammates. Hopefully Ian can keep it together this time.

4. The Dawgs face off against Georgia Tech Friday night in basketball. Word from the Natalie Hall house says that this series heavily favors home court advantage, which is bad for the Dawgs. She's hoping, like the rest of us, that the Dawgs will end up victorious. She's basically looking for any excuse to become a closet fan.

5. In "Never Saw That Shit Coming" News, both Hairy Dawg and Spike were attacked by two knife wielding teens at the UGA vs. Jacksonville basketball game on Tuesday (shoutout: PWD). Neither were hurt, and the University has laid some punishment down, but it appears that the government is waiting for its turn. I hope the little bastards get the book thrown at them. I am one of the only people on the planet that actually like Spike. He's basically the John Lovitz of mascots.

Well, I think that takes care of it for right now. I'll be back either tomorrow or Saturday to throw down some pre-Christmas Merriness.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Joe said...
What are you talking about? I'm totally going to be at Natalie's next social!

Btw, what's with this post's title? Is there something you want to tell us about how you spent the last few days? Does it involve inappropriate activity at a library?

Anonymous Natalie said...
Mt social will be entirely fun. There will even be beer. A peace agreement will be made before hand.

AND we are going to DOMINATE you on Friday, my lovely dawgs.

Anonymous natalie said...
Also, are you going to the bball game? .. I don't know if I would If I were you..

Anonymous natalie said...
ok I know this three comments in a row thing is kinda psycho, but I do not have the capability to delete comments. but I just realized the game is TONIGHT... so yes
I am sure we are currently winning though.. ;)