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For everyone out there, I'd like to pass along my own Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Thanks for this past year and I'm very much looking forward to 2007. Also, if you're not a Jesus-type, then Happy RanaHanaKwanzMas.

Now, we have an early Christmas present for all of you. It seems that the staff here at The Dawg-gone Blog have taken a look back at 2006 and one person in particular has been extremely helpful to the growth of this site. That person would be Keira Knightley. After linking up a picture I found on Google Image Search, I have learned that people are much more interested in seeing that gorgeous face than they are about reading any of the shit I write.

So, in honor of that, we have decided that our new "site girl" going forward will be Ms. Knightley. Here's hoping she Googles herself and realizes what a great honor this is.

THIS generates hits to the site. NOT analysis.

In order to make sure it was a fair process, our staff analyzed hundreds of beautiful women and worked numerous hours trying to find the perfect one to represent the site. We began with twenty women and narrowed it down to five.

Here's the top five:

1. Kiera Knightley (by an overwhelming margin)
2. Angelina Jolie (homewrecker tendencies made the staff nervous)
3. Jessica Alba (no explanation needed)
4. Charlize Theron (finished lower than expected due to recent movies that have uglied her up)
5. Rachel Bilson (made a late charge due to the cuteness resurgence on The O.C.)

Honorable Mention went to Kristin Davis, who couldn't be nominated since she's The King's Girl.

Obviously, not voting for her hurt pretty badly.

Anyway, here's hoping you and yours have a very safe and happy holiday. The diet starts on Christmas day so if you guys see me in Athens this upcoming weekend for New Years and wonder why I'm so pissed; now you know.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Oob said...
That's my present? You shouldn't have, Kit. Really... you shouldn't have.

Blogger galarza said...
yeah....thanks for the present. btw, i noticed the "staff" chose a bunch of brunettes, but i did not see my picture. please remedy that...

Blogger Oob said...
Agreed, and please advise on the absence of fair-haired maidens.