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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Ok Blogger, kiss my ass. This is the third time I've posted this blog and I'm so pissed off, you (the people) are just getting an outline of the first blog which was great and the second blog which was just ok.

1. Glory-Angel Tag is awesome. I listened to it on the way home from Athens. [NAME REDACTED], you're very well respected in this guy's mind and after all the awesome things you've done, this is by far the best. Good work.

2. I'm opening a bar in a year's time and I'm dead serious about it. I need 2 or 3 more people who want to do this too. I've decided it's a great idea. If you want to talk about it, let me know and I'll fill you in. If not, then that's fine too.

3. Here's the new Dukes of Hazzard movie cast, as voted on my Roy, Stacy, Jeb, Abby and myself while drinking at The Arch last night:

Bo -- Jason Lee. Colin Farrell would work too but he might overshadow Luke as the pretty one.

Luke -- Paul Walker

Daisy -- Jessica Simpson is fine, but I like Elisha Cuthbert for this role.

Uncle Jesse -- Ron White with make-up and a beard.

Cooter -- Larry the Cable Guy

Boss Hog -- Danny Devito

Rosco P. Coltrain -- Will Ferrell

Enus -- I'll take either Ashton Kutcher (who I also think would make a good Bo) or D.J. Qualls.

Hope y'all enjoy the video. I like Fergie and since she's in this one a lot, I decided to post it. I'll also post The Bravery's "Honest Mistake" as soon as I find the full video.

Sorry about the shortness, but my fingers hurt and my patience is at it's end.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger JOJO said...
OMG thats just horrible.........thats close to the worst cast I could have thought of.......I am sooo glad this was done while drinking......I really hope thats the only reason larry the cable guy could ever be considered.....Good luck on the bar if I get some money to invest i'll be in ther with ya.

Blogger Stacy said...
Jojo's just jealous cause he was in Perry, haha.