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Monday, August 01, 2005
Just to let everyone know that I apologize for the previous post dealing with the ex. I wasn't writing for comments or understanding, I was writing to vent and that's what I did. I never really felt upset or angry or anything, I just needed to "set the record straight" or at least come to some sort of understanding with whatever I needed to understand.

In lighter news, the Dawgs picked up two other committments today. You can find news about that here. It's another great day to be a Georgia Bulldog as well as a great day to thank Rodney Garner for staying with the program. He's a recruiting genius.

The link above leads to the actual story and a few links on the details but it also leads you to a wonderful blog on UGA/SEC/College football. It's written by Paul Westerdawg and is worthy of checking out on a daily basis.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.