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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
I didn't win a lot of money, but every little bit helps.

That's right ladies and gents. The champ is here! I won a $1.20 online poker tournament today to bring my year-to-date tournament winnings to $14!! Not a bad effort given it was my first tourney I've ever played with real money. I'm looking forward to more wins, but since I know I'll lose a lot more often than I'll win, I'm not sure how many more wins I want.

For those interested, the job is going quite well through the second day. I've found a place that seems to welcome me decently well for the time being and I'm with a group of guys that really want to do well. It's nice working at a place where everyone isn't worried about covering their ass so THEY don't get in trouble. Damn, this is what it's like in a decent work environment.

I will be honest though, I can't used to the term "load." Everytime I read something or hear something with "load" in it, I just want to bust out laughing. My two favorite phrases (in the training manual, no less) are "This is a hot load" and "Make the load look attractive." Fucking classic I tell ya.

In other news, Tech Sucks.

Oh, and speaking of Tech, we're only 4 Saturdays from Gameday which I will be working half of that day. That sucks but oh well. If anyone's got plans in the Atlanta area, Jeb and I will both be up here and will be looking for friendly confines in the not-so-classic-city. Or we could just order pizza and beer at his place and get drunk while we watch the Dawgs whoop Bronco ass.

I'll be posting some Anti-Orange/Anti-Tech things soon as soon as I find the time to write out some funny smack talk.

Hope everyone's doing well and just remember, if you're having trouble getting the right deal struck with the other party, "Make the load look attractive."

Until next time kids.

Be safe.