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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
So I was about to go have some "family time" the other night when I got an instant message from my good friend Dana C. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet her, here is photographic proof that she is as hot as I have claimed:

Dana is on the right in both photos.

Erin Dana

Erin Kit Dana

Moving on.

So I got the message and she said (jokingly I might add) "I want you to write a blog about me...AND ONLY ME." So, myself, not being one to shy away from the challenge of embarrassing another, said, "Ok" and here you Ode to Dana.

Ode to Dana

Little Dana standing small
If you trip, not far you fall.

With your hair, which might be blonde.
Sometimes brown, but I think it's blonde.

I think you're great, I think you're wise.
I love your color-contacted green eyes.

Seriously, you are a valued friend.
You were very nice to me when I had append-------icitis.

You're tiny, you're cute, you're hot as can be.
I haven't met your fiancee, but I know his name is Andy.

He should treat you well, which I'm sure he'll do.
Or I'll take his greatest thing, which is you.

But I know you'll be happy and kids you will have.
Just not right now because you're too young for that (that's serious, no need to rhyme).

You're a part of the great three.
You, Erin, and Becca are a trinity.

Three little hotties all hot and cute.
They all love me too, which is cool to boot.

We'll see each other soon and hang out in the shade.
But if we don't, I'll still be your male bridesmaid.

I hope you like your little poem thing-a
Because I wrote this for you, my Ode to Dana.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Anonymous Dana said...
Love you Kit! Even though those pics of me are sucky...atleast we were doing something we love---rooting on the ole' Dawgs at the GA/FL game!!! Hope you can make it this year...thanks for the poem...quite catchy-I might add.

Love you my favorite male bridesmaid!!!


Blogger Brett said...

Blogger georgiagirl said...
I think we should all get our personal posts, how fun was that if you're Dana!! Write one about Brett, that would be interesting!

Blogger Brett said...
Oh, shit. Thanks, Ellen.

Blogger Oob said...
giggle, giggle. I'm with Ln.

Blogger Judge Joe Brown said...
I have a master's degree in english and I can safely say that this poem sucks.

However, since nearly all poetry has been about women that we want to bone but can't, the spirit of the poem is right on. Good job Kit.

By the way, hurricanes suck.




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