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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Poker in the rear.

So I bought this book today. It's true. I've been bitten by the poker bug. While I'm nowhere near as anal about it as my old roomate Jonathan is, I still enjoy it and think it's a blast to play. I entered a 2000 person "freeroll" tournament on and promptly lasted the better part of an hour. So I'm not good. Who cares?

It's a pretty interesting read so far. I'm a little lost on pot odds but once I get that down I'll be right at average instead of poor in the player category. The only problem with the book really is that it cost me $30 since I bought it new at Barnes and Noble. Right now $30 is an investment since I've been eating out every day and spending money on "moving expenses." Rock on tax write offs.

I'd also like to invite everyone to read this person's blog. For those of you who don't know Oubre's incredibly cute wife, she's a very good writer and is posting some really interesting shit on how birth order affects personality. I'm somewhere in between Only Child and First Born. I have distinct traits of both but where I see the most common stuff is within my mom's side of her family. It's got that down to a "T."

Moving on, I'd really like for everyone to send an IM to KitZeus99 if you chat using AIM. My wonderful messenger crashed and I lost my entire buddy list. I think it knew I didn't even talk to half of those people anymore so it just said "to hell with it" and did the deed for me. So if you want to talk, I'd suggest sending me a message and I'll add you. If not, then whatever, you still probably have my cell phone number anyway.

Ok, before I go, big props to [NAME REDACTED] for finding his niche, Russ for finally getting to Vegas, Ln for her promotion, Tim for house hunting, Oubre for enjoying the job, Oob for keeping her chin up in tough times, Jen for moving to Atl. soon, Stacy for deciding being single is OK, Staisha for being Staisha, and everyone else for doing what they do. I have a daily ritual of reading everyone's blogs and it really seems like good's going around right now. The only thing I don't know is who the guy (or girl) who posted in a previous blog under the name JT is. If anyone knows, please pass that along. I don't like not knowing who is talking to me.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Who's singing the new dawn, new day song on your video- that freaking rocks!!!! Who dat is???

Blogger Ludakit said...
That is the Buble. Michael Buble.

I'd suggest you "borrow" these tracks.

1. Fever
2. Home
3. Feeling Good (video you see)
4. Come fly with me
5. Dream a little dream
6. I've got you under my skin

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The music thing is annoying as hell. I'm in this coffee shop and I pull up your blog. And the next thing I know, there's this Sean Connery meets Harrick Connick Jr. wannabe screaming from my laptop.

You jackass.