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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
So today's theme kids is all about crashing.

First, let's begin this blog with our favorite crash:

The Computer.

If you have the ZOTOB virus, I hate it for you and thankfully Norton caught it yesterday trying to sneak its binary ass onto my computer. Thank God it didn't because y'all can't be deprived of my words of fabulosity. Anyway, so you're infected and it sucks. Go here and get it fixed. You're welcome.

Moving on, our second crash is a tribute to my second favorite activity (right behind sleeping):


So I'm not a wedding crasher, but I am in a new movie. In fact, myself and Jeb as well as two other likely duos (that's 6 people total) are all featured in The Wedding Crashers movie. I'm inviting all of you (and by "inviting" I mean, "click the damn links, trust me they're worth it.") to click these links below:

More Rock and Tenacious D

The College Years (all 12 of them)

The Fab Two


Third, this next crash is dedicated to all the Jonny-come-lately's out there:

Poker Games.

Ok, so no one's really ever crashed a poker game, but you give me a better segue (yes that IS how it's spelled) and I'll take it. Congrats to the aforementioned Wedding Crasher and his winning of most likely a very lucrative amount of cash in a poker tourney. Granted, I'm totally a Jonny-come-lately and I did buy the TV hype, but I have earned a great deal of respect for the game and those who play it with patience. If you want to know the truth, online poker is kind of ruining the game to me. It's kind of like cheering while someone's swinging in golf. You can do it and they should probably be able to swing the same, but it just changes how you're supposed to play the game.

That's just my thoughts and please understand I damn sure ain't going to stop playing. I'm not up +$25!!!! Eat that shit Russ!!!! Just kidding. However, I would like to enter a tourney and play against you one day. Preferrably one of the $5 ones though.

Fourth, one of the not-so-cool crashes:


Ok, he sucks, but it fits the mold.

Ok, one final note and I'm concluding this. I agree, fuck Lou Holtz. I like the guy as a man, but when he says anything remotely resembling The Gamecocks being better than the Dawgs, he should realize all people are hearing is, "Blah Blah Blah, my legacy is tarnished because I violated NCAA rules, I couldn't win at a school that didn't have the name 'Notre Dame', and my son is a no-talent ass clown."

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Julie said...
I would just like to point out that I WAS AT the USC/Clemson game last year and watched the whole thing unfold. Yes, you can thank me now. It was my presence that caused Lou Holtz to go out looking like a jackass. Just think of it as my swift kick in the ass to his sorry excuse for a football team (ok, so Davey Pollack helped a little in '01). Next up: Spurrier.

Blogger Staisha said...
hahaha loved the trailer!

Blogger Russell said...
Where did The Notorious one go?