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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes, it's been said by myself time and time again that I am a self-described OC fanatic. I mean it's bad. Tonight I watched the season finale of season 2 and stuck around after the previews to see a few "sneak peeks" at next season. I'm very intrigued with what I see so far. I'll be honest, for an avid fan like myself, I enjoyed this past season, but the freshness wasn't there and it seems like from what I saw, it's going to get a lot better this time around. Whereas season 1 ended on a low note after a stellar opening, season 2 ended on a high note trying to gain momentum. All I can say is the writers for that show are fantastic and call me whatever you want, I'll always watch it.

Moving on, anyone know what happened to Mike Knight? I noticed his blog was removed one day when doing my daily routine of "blog updates" and figured it to be a random mixup, but apparently, his blog is really gone. Any information would be greatly appreciated since I always enjoyed how he wrote. At least he has a cool name. Blog or no blog, you can't beat that.

The job is still going well. It doesn't excite me like Clear Channel did (well radio, not really CC) but maybe that's because I'm still new and still getting bounced around on the ropes. At least there are a few Dawg fans there, albeit not many, but enough to make it worth going. The people are cool, I can do the work, and I'm not scared about getting fired. Definetly a better situation.

I hate that I haven't written anything worthwhile as of late. I apologize for that. I'm just so tired when I get home that all the creative ideas I dream up throughout the day are pretty much worthless by 6:00 when I step foot in the door. I'll try to do better once things calm down. Until then, you'll have to amuse yourself with this. I suggest playing "Super Mario's Rampage." I thoroughly enjoyed it.

One final thing, I wasn't sold on the music of Modern Skirts the two times that I heard them. I know Dave and Russ think that they're better than sliced bread, but I think my problem was that I was stuck in two places with HORRIBLE acoustics (those places being bottom of Tasty World and DT's Down Under). I peeped their Web site via Dave earlier today and what I heard was new, refreshing, and unique. I might just be a fan after all. I hope their CD is as good as that song. I also downloaded "My Bully" and that's a pretty good tune as well, but not as crisp as the professionally mixed recording of "Pasadena" i heard today. Good song.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Jenn Babe said...
hey you, i miss ya :) im excited about the OC as well, i finally got to see the final episode! amazing, it was amazing. call me sometime?

Blogger georgiagirl said...
Hey - what are you doing tonight?
$10, The loft, formally earthlink live, in midtown, Dave Russ and I will be there.
Skirts will be playing. Granted the sound guy SUCKED last time they played there, but it would be fun to see you!