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Sunday, August 28, 2005
No, this isn't a highly politicized rant or even the next phase of Bud Light commercials, but this is a tribute to every friend I have and when I thought "I'll write about my buds" that instantly popped into my head.

So today, we salute you Mr./Mrs./Ms. Kit Kitchens' friends:

Now to give you some background as to why I'm even writing the sappy crap you're about to read, I'll let you see the inspiration first. Last night was filled with nightmares, and I mean the nightmares that stick with you for days. In what ended up being an "It's a Wonderful Life" moment in my dream, myself and my friend Jonathan were killed by another friend of ours. For some reason, he (the other friend) just pulled out a shotgun and blasted us away. Morbid I know, but what was amazing was in the dream I'm dead and I'm trapped inside my now passed away body and thinking "That's it. There's nothing more and I wish there was." Needless to say, I have enjoyed today a lot more than I enjoy most of the others.

So to all of my friends, I just want to say thank you. I have the tendency to bitch and complain, say the wrong things at the wrong time, and rarely say the right things at the right time. However, you have stuck with me and in fact, you are the reason I'm anyone at all. One day I hope to do something to be remembered by in this world and hopefully when I do that, I'll have the opportunity to thank everyone in my life.

There are things I think about on a daily basis that I wish I could go back and do all over again just because they seemed insignificant at one the time, but they ended up being some of the moments the ended up defining me as a person. Here are a few, just to throw them out there and if I don't include you, please understand it's a quarter 'til one and I'm really tired.

Jonathan, I'd do anything to road trip Florida with no money one more time. Jenn, thanks for letting us crash.

[NAME REDACTED], to you, Russ, Dave, Trey, Tim, Ln, and everyone else that I've ever encountered at your house, please know that I respect all of you to a degree you'll never understand. I've always looked up to each of you and I'm honored and humbled to be friends with such great individuals. If I could have one more night of Jack-n-Cokes, Phase 5, SNL watching, and dissecting the previous football game, I'd die a happy man. I hope to see each of you soon and I will as soon as things calm down a little.

To the Jenn babe in MN, you're better than you could ever imagine, never forget that.

I'd write something about Jeb, Jud and Jarrod, but since they don't read this, there's no point.

Stacy, "Teeth", Staisha, etc. A solid group of fine young women who are all more mature than I ever will be. You all stress too much about the insignificant things and you should focus on what wonderful people you are. However, I'm lucky to have you in my life and I know you'll always be there.

To the Oobs. I put y'all on the same level as [NAME REDACTED] and company. I'm finally glad I got to speak with each of you because everyone else you know really holds you in high esteem. I'm definitely looking forward to more conversations with each of you soon.

Roy, it scares me but we're a lot like each other. I understand the frustration with working your ass off and not having much of a social life, but fuck all that because in a year's time, we'll be running our own bar.

To my friends at the former employer, you kept me going and in fact, became family. I love you all and though I don't miss the job or Savannah one bit, it makes it really tough to go to work every day knowing the people I work with currently just aren't like you guys. Thank you for all your help and support and I'd love to get drunk at Gina's house once more. Damn that was always fun.

Lastly, Amos, you and Sue Anna have been about as good of friends as I could have ever asked for. Not only did I date the mortal enemy of the state of you two, but when I was left in shambles, neither of you said "I told you so." Not only that, but you throw one hell of a wedding party. Amos, you're one of my best friends until the day I die. The Dawgs will miss you this year, but good luck in Law School.

Well, there you have it. I didn't touch on nearly as much people as I'd like to have, but I could feel the "cheese factor" rising up within me. Basically, all you need to know is that if your eyes are gazing upon this blog and you're feeling down, please don't because I'm sleeping much more peacefully tonight knowing that I'm a blessed person and you are a big factor in that. Thank you for your support and your friendship.

All of you.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
Yes, we ramble about insignificant, petty, minute things, and that will probably never change. That's where we need you to step in and tell us to shut the hell up and make us feel good.

Your work will never be finished.

I love you.

Blogger Oob said...
*hug* thanks, Kit. Likewise.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Do I ever talk about anything important - EVER? No, I just ramble on, it's what I do...Love U,Court