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Monday, August 04, 2008
Fall practice kicked off yesterday after another weekend of Bulldog trouble (we'll get into this another time). From the reports, the team looked good and in excellent shape. To say that I'm excited about this season would be an understatement of epic proportions.

I figured I'd kick off the practice season (if there is such a thing) with a few things to look for in the upcoming practice schedule:

1) No injuries -- With the recent suspensions, we're not "thin" per say, but inexperienced in some positions. I'd really like to see everyone make it through these next 26 (now 25) practices without injuries of any sort. Unfortunately, the weather appears to be getting hot like it usually does in August, which means cramps, hamstrings and general fatigue will become a factor. However, injuries cannot be afforded right now.

2) Depth chart changes -- Word has already come out that some of the incoming freshmen are looking damn good right out of the gate. Names like Carlton Thomas, Christian Robinson and Cordy Glenn are guys that have some rumblings around them currently and join guys like Richard Samuel and A.J. Green who have been talked about for weeks on end now.

3) Answers to offensive and defensive questions -- Since we all know that we're stacked on both sides of the ball, we all can breathe a SMALL sigh of relief, but the critics have questions that I'm looking forward to having the answers to. Questions like is Caleb King the truth, who will be our 2nd team punt returner or kick returner (think Carlton Thomas on that one) and what will our final rotation be at wide receiver? We have so much talent on campus that questions will have to be answered. It's only natural.

4) How dominant will our defense be? -- We have supreme depth at DT, LB, CB & at the Safety positions. Will Willie Martinez capitalize on "pressure forces mistakes" or will we fall back into the "safe, smart football keeps opponents out of the endzone" nonsense?

5) Will Evil Mark Richt accept the challenge? -- Now we know Mark Richt for who he really is; a firecracker coach who has the faith and understanding of a preacher, but the fire of David Pollack on a 3rd and short. Can that carry over now that the expectations have been lifted? Personally, I think it will.

So there's what to look for from my perspective. More analysis coming as practice carries on.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Stacy said...
Hey Kit,

I think you're right that heat cramps and fatigue are always a big part of injuries. While at FanFest, Enon and I being the nerdy PT students we are ran into Ron Courson, head ATC and PT for the Dawgs (and an MCG grad at that) who obliged to take us to the training room to show us the ropes. He also entertained numerous questions that we had re: injuries which I won't divulge here. We did, however, inquire about the ASU game and how the ASU fans are already saying that we won't be able to stand the dry heat of the desert, and Courson assured us that UGA has one of the most aggressive hydration programs in the nation. Of course there's always growing pains when it comes to getting back in shape, but as far as the future goes at ASU, I don't think we have a lot to worry about. Injuries are another story, so we just need to pray that those muscles are strong enough to hold those ACL's and MCL's in place for our tailbacks, but I can assure you they are in EXCELLENT hands in their treatment regardless of injuries being present.... ;) Just something you might find interesting...