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Thursday, August 14, 2008
I'd just like to point out to the world that I coined the phrase "Uncle Verne" well over two years ago.  Seriously, you owe me royalties.

Anyway, the SEC and CBS announced today that Uncle Verne and CBS will be broadcasting SEC sports (pretty much just football and basketball) for the next 15 years.  THE NEXT 15 F*CKING YEARS.  That's the longest current contract in televised sports and, yes, even March Madness, which clocks in at 11 years.  

Tony Barnhart wrote a column about it today, which The Good Senator found through Groo that I found interesting.  You should read all three.  It's not like you're doing anything anyway.

I like this for a whole host of reasons, but mainly because it keeps my second announcing hero, Verne Lundquist, calling SEC football for the next long while until he decides to hang it up.  I know people will hate me saying this, but the guy NAILS damn near every call and my personal preference would be for him to replace Munson and have a team of Uncle Verne and Howard for the next long while.  Not saying that Zier sucks, but I REALLY think Uncle Verne is the sh*t brotha.

For example:

Versus LSU in 2004:

And against Florida: 

For what it's worth, Danielson is the first person I ever heard to announce that the Celebration was planned.

And at the Blackout:

Verne busts a move and understands the dancing was about having FUN.  

And when Moreno jukes someone out of their Jock Strap:


And in an interview:

"This is my favorite venue in all of college football."

So, Uncle Verne, I'm glad you're here.  Damn glad to have you.  Can't wait to hear your calls the next time the Dawgs are on TV.  

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Seeing those clips makes me count the days till we're all back up in ATHENS, baby. I don't remember having a brother named "Verne". Dawggone MOM