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Sunday, December 30, 2007
Sorry for the lack of posting. I've wanted to, but I've had writer's block something fierce. The good news is that it's cured for the time being with the break, so my suggestion is to pop on some Bob Marley (below) and enjoy the post. Preview coming tomorrow.

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Well well well.

It seems that this little Sugar Bowl is going to have some spice to it. Those fans in the Rainbow Warrior Nation seem to think that they’re fighting a bigger battle than just “who scores more.” Passed on to me from Ally, here is a post from the Hawaii Scout Message Board.

When the Warriors rumble out onto the Sugar Bowl turf on New Years Evening, America will witness in them everything we hope to become as a nation someday. For in the warrior nation... America will see a coalition of race, creed, and culture so diverse yet so dynamic and wound together so tightly that together they have forged a brotherhood so powerful that they've vanquished every opponent put in their path. The Warriors represent what our nation can become if we ever put race, prejudice and hatred behind us and work as one toward a common goal.

The Warriors as a team have embued their spirit into their fans and into their State. When America looks into the Hawaii stands at the Sugar Bowl, they''ll see the same rainbow coalition of faces joined in spirit behind their team. Every race living and working together in the spirit of Aloha forging a powerful force and a mana so strong that very few can overcome it.

In contrast, across the field we'll see the past... a part of our nation we'd like to forget. In the stands a sea of white faces many of them decended from former slave owners cheering on a team where 90 percent of the starters are decended from former slaves. These African American players from Georgia will witness the spirit and power of the warrior nation and when it's over win or lose they'll wish they were a part of the Warrior nation, instead of being the white man's mercenary at the University of Georga.

Beware Bulldog nation you may be Goliath but a whole lot of Davids of every color and creed are decending upon you and their sling shots are loaded....

*One thing to note, that post is taken word for word. Improper spelling, punctuation, and all.

Well, I didn’t realize the Civil War was going to be rehashed on January 1. Let me go get my Confederate Flag. I tell you one thing, though. For a guy that’s battling a severe case of writer’s block, the idiot that posted this gem was just what I needed. At least I have to thank him for that.

Now I could go on and on about how June Jones is white. That would be fun. Or we could talk about how Colt Brennan is white, went to the University of Colorado at first but left due to an “incident” where he exposed himself to a coed (in most places, we consider this a crime…Alabama excluded), and again, is WHITE. So the two people you put most of your faith in are the two of the “whitest” people on the team. You know, white, like those slave owners who don the Red and Black.

"Sup Homey?" "Pimpin'."

What I’d love to do is take this bumbling moron’s words and post them in the locker room for every Dawg to see. I’m sure Dannell Ellerbe would LOVE to know that the team he’s playing against sees him as a descendent of a former slave instead of grown man who has made his own way in the world. I’m sure he’d just think “thank God the white man set my family free or I wouldn’t be here today.”

This guy’s comments are as offensive as it can possibly be. There is absolutely no doubt he is from a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. I’d put $200 down right now that says this fool has never been to the States (or the “mainland” as they like to call it), much less the South. Maybe when he comes to the game, he might just realize that has no idea what the f*ck he’s talking about.

Sure, racism and prejudice exists. I’m not saying it doesn’t, but isn’t the same thing he’s saying considered racism? Just because it’s against white fans doesn’t make it OK all of a sudden. Besides, not only is it racist against white people, but incredibly offensive against our African-American players, who I as a white man look up to. I’m not only offended for myself, but for them as well.

Of course, he might just be right. Maybe when the Rainbow Warrior Nation lands in Louisiana, they’ll bring with them pineapples, volcanoes, their language, and tans for all those whiteys. Then, all the Dawg fans and Cajuns they come across can live happily ever after while sipping pina coladas and calling each other “brah.” Maybe for entertainment they can sit around and watch Dog the Bounty Hunter. He’s a great representation of the Hawaiian culture.

Oh wait. Nevermind.

You see, I’m a little offended, but not surprised. PWD has some articles linked up showing how much this Sugar Bowl means to Hawaii fans and residents. It’s only natural for them to act like their brains are on fire in a game this huge. While it’s no excuse to be slap MORONIC, it’s understandable given that they’ll be on an island so large that over here we call them “continents.” Normally, if they were to drive 200 miles in ANY direction, they’d be 100 miles into the ocean by the end of the trip. I imagine it takes some time to wrap your head around being in NOLA.

So bring on your insults and your prejudices, Rainbow Warriors. We’ll take them in stride and then respond by hanging 50 on you guys.

As for me? I'm not worried about our preparation for the game. Obviously the game is huge to the Rainbow Warriors, but it's arguably just as big for us. I just have that feeling you know? And after seeing this picture, I just know.

"Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright..."

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Great article, I think this person is not on an island he/she is on another planet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What is funny is that is the pot calling the kettle black. We used to live out there when I was in the Army and Hawaiians or "locals" as they like to refer to themselves are the most racist people around. Especially if you are haole (pronounced "howlie") which is what they call non island asian looking their face I might add. Which is akin to calling an African American the N word to their face. Buch of hypocryte coconut suckers if you ask me.

Blogger Corley said...
"No man is an island." So what does that leave for Hawai'i? WOMEN?