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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Just an FYI people. This might have a bit (i.e. a LOT) of profanity in it. I would venture to say it's NSFW.

Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome. Jim Rome.

Anyone care to know why I did that? Because if you even looked at Google with "Jim Rome" in mind, it most likely brought you here. Before we go on, let's just say I hope you're not a fan of "The Romey."

You see, I understand that Sports Talk guys have to beat their chests and say outlandish things to get other people going. If you're a talk radio guy (and that's ANY form of talk radio for that matter), it's best if MOST of your audience disagrees with you. They'll tune in, call in, and even argue at their stereo when no one else is around JUST to prove to themselves how wrong you really are. When your listeners are doing this, you enjoy success.

See, Jim Rome is a Sports Radio/Television ranter. He bloviates more than beat all I've ever seen and sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don't, but most of the time I look at the television in amazement that he hasn't been cancelled yet.

Sort of like Jim Rome, it's been noted that I also rant. It's kind of what I do. I either write shit that I find inspiring, or I tell you what a douche bag you are. One is naturally funnier than the other. I think it's safe to say that this will be one of the funnier ones; even if I'm the only one laughing.

So, let me give you some back story on this particular "rant." I was told earlier today by this person that Jim Rome wrote a piece blasting Mark Richt for defending the Dawgs on ESPN. Then pointed me to yet ANOTHER piece where Rome blasted him again, but not quite as lengthy. Now, I'm not going to get upset with you, Rome. As a blogger it is my duty to be rational, responsible, and keep a level head.

Ah fuck it. You're a douche bag. THE douche bag, in fact. Nope, nope, nope. You are the TOOL, as in the ACTUAL MECHANICAL DEVICE, used by Summers Eve to literally put the douche IN the bag. That's what you are.

Now in "I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about" scent.

Let's take a look at your biography and point out a few key things that I will use as facts for my case:

  • You work for Premier Radio Networks...a division of Clear Channel. *CHECK!*
  • Jim Rome is Burning is your FOURTH television effort. Which means you have officially sucked on three other occassions. *CHECK!*
  • You got your ass kicked on your own show *CHECK!*

But your background only gives us a very basic idea of why you're a bumbling, babbling moron. Let's take a look at your most recent articles and just tear them apart shall we?

From the second article:

"Georgia has one of the two best teams and the single worst argument by a coach this year! Mark Richt’s ‘take’ that there’s no rule which says you have to at least win your division to play for the National Title. Hey coach, they don’t make rules where common sense applies. They don’t have to! You know something else? If you don’t eat, you’ll starve! If you don’t breathe, you die! Do we need a rules for those too?!"

Well, Jim. Apparently we do need rules regarding the whole "conference champion" thing. You see this type of scenario has happened before. In 2001, a non-champion member from the Big XII (Nebraska) played Miami and lost. In 2003, a non-champion member also from the Big XII (Oklahoma) played LSU and lost. You see, it had happened before and if it was such a travesty then, it should have been made a rule.

Now, we're not talking about life and death right? We're talking about football where there are rules and regulations. Of course, if you're comparing football to life and death matters (I mean isn't "starving" a problem in today's world? I'll bet you hurt someone's feelings in a Third-World Country), you probably wouldn't have any problem with what Nick Saban said about his team's loss to Louisiana-Monroe. I mean that's about life and death too, right?

"Hey Mark…they don’t make rules where common sense applies. They don’t need to! There isn’t a single person walking around on this planet, besides you and your players, who thinks that Georgia, a team that didn’t even win it’s own division, should be playing in the BCS Title game over LSU, a team that won the SEC!"

Granted, I see your point, Jim. I don't know of a truly rational football fan that DOESN'T see your point. However, my beef with the whole thing is that if we had no shot, completely undeserving, and shouldn't even SNIFF the national title, why did the media vote us ahead of LSU the prior week? Why were we in position to claim one of the top two spots if everyone knew we shouldn't be there? I mean didn't the voters have good enough sense to know that when they voted us at fourth, we HAD NO SHOT at winning the SEC Championship?

The answer is...well, there is no good answer. None. If you give me one, I'll take you to Ruth's Cris Steakhouse in Atlanta and buy you whatever meal you want. I'd love to hear one of you media types explain why Georgia is one of the two best teams in the country (by your own admission, I might add), but not one of the two most deserving teams.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not bitching about missing the MNC. Trust me, I'm not. I'm just asking are we to assume the "most deserving team" is being voted on the last week of the regular season, as opposed to the "best team" in the other weeks? If the reason for the polls is to help place the two teams in the MNC, then why wasn't LSU ranked ahead of us the week prior? Oh yeah, we won our last game and they lost theirs. But they did play one extra game, didn't they? Surely their lackluster performance in the SEC Championship wasn't better than OU's absolute domination of Missouri.

So, is the most deserving team the one that played the extra game? Out of the teams that Ohio State beat, only one of those is currently ranked in the top 25 (Wisconsin for those scoring at home). The SEC has five teams currently in the top 25, with LSU and Georgia both beating two of the five. Oklahoma beat the one-time No. 1 team in the nation TWICE, and one of those times was in an extra game (*cough* conference championship *cough*). So wouldn't Oklahoma be more "deserving" than Ohio State?

I got it, let's just do away with the polls altogether and vote on the whole damn thing after the last week of games. That way I don't have to hear assholes like you talk out of two sides of your mouth just to try and be "right."

Moving on. In your other article, you kept going with the same argument:

"How about this: if you don’t eat…you’ll die! Do we need a rule for that too?! Hey, if your car runs out of gas, it won’t run….not true! Not true! There’s no rule for that! No, there’s not…it’s just a fact! Just like a team that doesn’t win its division doesn’t get to play in the BCS Title game over a team that won its conference is a fact!" (emphasis added)

We've actually already covered this above. Do your research.

More from the second article:

"If you can’t even win your own division, you don’t get to play for the National Championship. That’s the new rule! I just made it! Feel better now, Coach! It’s now in the Jim Rome “Book of Rules”!"

Wow. Is it just me or does this "man" sound like he's having a hissy fit? Rome, you're the kind of dad that uses the "because I said so" technique aren't you? Way to take some higher ground, asshat.

And finally, from the "one of these things is JUST like the other" file, I give you the last paragraphs from the first and second articles, respectively:

"Stop crying about something you don’t deserve and start worrying about your Sugar Bowl match-up with Hawaii! Because no matter how much you win that game by, it still won’t be nearly enough! And if you lose, it will stick to you, your program and the conference forever! The ultimate “lose-lose” proposition!"

"Instead of crying about something you don’t deserve, you better start focusing on Hawaii. You better just be careful you don’t get “bitten in the butt” like Oklahoma did by Boise State last year in the Fiesta Bowl. Enjoy your “lose-lose” proposition, Coach!"

Damn, and I thought the writers' strike was only affecting Hollywood. To think that you can be successful by recreating the same article TWICE and idiots will read it thinking it's brand new. I guess I could've breezed through journalism school had I known that. And here I was writing all these ORIGINAL arguments and shit.


Rome, I'm tired of hearing you go on and on and on "smack talking" your way into better ratings. Say something rational. Say something people can sit back and think "damn, i never thought of it that way." Of course, you won't need to do that. You've made a living of being a blowhard bitch who couldn't argue his way out of a paper bag.

Too bad it's a shame you'll never see this post. I'd love to be on your show and watch you "destroy" me with your logic. In fact, I can almost write the interview for you if you'd like:

Rome: "So Kit, you think UGA deserves to be in the title game."
Kit: "I never said that."

Rome: "So you agree that I was right."
Kit: "No, I said you were wrong in your logic. UGA was unfairly jumped after what I believe was a quick cover up to the 'no one thought Pitt would upset West Virginia' debacle the media had to experience and then make up for."

Rome: "So you're saying UGA doesn't deserve to be in the title game."
Kit: "Deserve? No. But yes, I do think we got screwed when Pittsburgh found an unintentional loophole."

Rome: "And there you have it people! By his own admission! I'm right again!"

Save me the time, Rome. I'd rather wipe my ass with porcupine needles covered in hot sauce than to hear you talk about this "travesty" again.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.


Blogger Russell said...
Wow. I'm impressed.

And that is coming from the guy who called the NBC newsroom to bitch about the Amber Alert that drowned out the Foo Fighters on SNL.

And they say I have no soul.

I think you should email him you rant and then call him. just make sure you're ready when you do.

Blogger shliknik said...
Jim least favorite talk radio guy EVVVVVAAAAARRRRRRR!

No really...I've hated him long before his comments about UGA.

He's the only talk radio person who will actually make me turn the station to classical music on NPR.

He's the only talk radio guy who after an interview, will repeat THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW saying in between comments, "That's GREAT!" or, "What an interview...rack 'em". DOES he stay on the air? But what baffles me more are the people are call in and 'rant'. Of course they're following by Rome saying, "you're got to come harder than that."

Douche....for sure. I just wish Everett would have put him outta Television/radio biz for good.

Blogger Brett said...
I refuse to listen or watch.

Anonymous Danny said...
I love how everyone's so quick to point out that Tennessee beat Georgia and then lost to LSU while no one says Kentucky beat LSU and then lost to Georgia. Maybe its different because Tennessee ended up winning the east but I think, if anything, that's more of a case for UGA than LSU.

Anonymous JoJo said...
I Totally Agree but you got to hand him one thing CMR's argument was shitty. I mean come on why talk about the lack of rule shit when you could point out to the guys your talking too that ALL of them agreed that if GA/LSU was in the SEC title game UGA would whoop that ass. or the Fact that if we did not play a conference championship UGA would have won the SEC by having the highest ranking breaking the 3 way tie. I mena if your fighting for a spot in the championship you need to go for the jugular not make some lame ass rule reference. Its like calling fouls when your playing the Globetrotters theres no rule against it its just not the way to win over the crowd!