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Sunday, December 02, 2007
Let's do this in bullets...

  • I have always thought a National Champion contender should have to win their conference in order to earn a shot at the title. However, the RULES do not state that as a factor.

  • If pundits are saying it should be between LSU and USC, then it's merely because they're trying to ultimately be right in regards to their preseason ballots. Most of them had USC playing LSU and there is no reason in the world why LSU deserves to go play in any bowl but the Sugar. They didn't finish strong and if all were on a level playing field, I think they'd get destroyed by seven of the top 10 teams in YESTERDAY'S standings.

  • The voting should be treated like the Blogpoll voting. You have to look at it as "on a level playing field, this team would be this team and therefore they should be ranked higher." If you try to get into all this extra-game bullshit, you lose sight of the reason you have a poll in the first place. The voters needed to ask "could UGA beat LSU?" If they said anything but "yes," they're full of shit.

  • As Mark Richt put it yesterday on ESPN, "we were ranked fourth in the country before today when everyone knew we weren't going to win our conference." The man's got a point.

  • It's 11:00 AM and I have no idea what's going to happen. There are three things I'm certain of, though:
1) Whoever plays UGA in the bowl is in for a rude awakening.

2) If LSU jumps us, I feel sorry for them when we play them in 2008.

3) No matter who plays in the title game, about seven teams have
legitimate reasons to say "we got screwed."

You people yearning for a change in the system got your wish last night. There's no way the BCS looks anything like it currently does come next year.

Until later tonight, kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Paige said...
The more I read about this crap the more ticked off I get. I hate the BCS passionately. How the hell does LSU deserve to play ahead of us? That is complete and total bs. Everyone knows that we are by far the hottest team right now. This is going to suck big time!!

Blogger Matt T said...
I've seen your comments over on some of the other blogs, and you make some of the best points.

What exactly did LSU do yesterday that made them jump 5! spots? Anyone who watched that game has to know that if Ainge doesn't throw that pick 6 we they are a 3 loss team. (and then we'd be going to the Rose worst case scenario)

I think honestly that ESPN has caused this. Everyone on their network last night immediately said LSU.

Anonymous RedCrake said...
Thats exactly the problem. The people who get a vote haven't watched 90% of the games. They just check the box score and cast their ballot. Anyone who has watched LSU play the last 5-6 weeks (and I have) and can make a case that they are the "best" or "most deserving" is delusional. They are neither.