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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
There's a new coach you can add to my List of Ten Coaches I'd Like to Kick in the Nuts.

Today, Bobby Petrino quit the Falcons to go be the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. It's a great hire for Arkansas who was REALLY having a hard time trying to lure potential replacements for Houston Nutt. Apparently most coaches have a problem with boosters rummaging through your business.

Not Petrino, though. His motto is "if you can't beat 'em, take your ball and go home."

I tried to write something funny here, but I can't get over how much this picture SCREAMS "bitch ass pouter."

You know, I was willing to give the guy a shot. He came into an impossible situation and his offense looked like it might have life in the future, but the always apparent off the field issues and personnel problems kept him from even getting three wins out of the team.

But to quit like this? Are you serious? One season? FOUR MILLION F*CKING DOLLARS? For a QUITTER? The questions and ironies surrounding the situation absolutely kill me. How can he ever look a player in the eye ever again and tell them that he consistently wants their best effort? Seriously, do you think any Razorback donning that uniform is going to take Petrino at his word when he says to "always give it your all?" Do you really think those players are going to keep going when they're getting throttled in the second quarter?

This whole situation, combined with the ridiculous stunts pulled on MNF last night reeks of a team that absolutely hated this coach because he wouldn't let them get away with their half-assed attitude and thugish ways. It's a shame that good guys like D.J. Shockley get caught up in a mess like this and have to suffer through the media scrutiny that will inevitably come as people realize that Petrino turned his back on his team after he realized they (yet again) had already turned their back on their coach.

I pay taxes in Atlanta and I have even paid to see a game or two of the Falcons, so I believe I have the right to say this...I hope the front office of the Falcons organization dismantles the team, rebuilds it from top to bottom, and restores some dignity to a program that, honestly, hasn't had any for quite some time. This is the football representation of the city I call home? Are you f*cking kidding me?

Thank God I'm a Dawg.

Oh, and Petrino...

Take this dipsh*t with you, PLEASE.

I have a college education in journalism and even I'M at a loss for words.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous JoJo said...
I think we should just give up with the NFL and take our shot in the Arena league. I hear they hate defense too. If it comes to it we could always start tading with NFL europe and get some better talent!

Blogger Matt T said...
I listened to Buck and Kincaid on the way home, and Keith Brooking was on. He was pissed. He bought into this guy, even though he wasn't sold form the beginning and put everything out there and the guy screwed the team.

He's a joke. Rude said this morning on 680 that if he's a parent there's no way he lets his kid go to play for that bum.

As for Roddy, that's just stupid. Maybe a we still love you MV would be ok, but the man did a crime, he has to pay.