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Saturday, March 12, 2005
First of all I apologize for airing out all my dirty laundry about my job. Shit happens, and I'm on the hunt for a new one. That's the 10 peso version you guys should have gotten the other day.

Moving on, it's Saturday and I'm stuck with no football and crappy championship games on TV. At least later today there should be some decent ones before selection Sunday tomorrow. I think UGA is gonna get a high the Oklahoma beach-front-property Bracket. I suspect their first game will be against Savannah State (the team that didn't win a game this year).

Thanks to everyone that has posted comments so far. Feedback owns. Anyway, I got my suspicions as to who "Georgiagirl" is and I think it's someone whose name rhymes with "Gellin." I could be wrong though.

Update on the diet. As of this morning I have lost 8 pounds which means I ate Krystals today for lunch. So now I'm a whopping 7 pounds less I'm sure. Fucking Weight Watchers cut my points too so now I gotta cut back even more. Just random FYI out there for you guys, every shot of whiskey is 2 points. So that means ONE drink of any regular UGA fan is probably about 4 or 5 points a piece.

I might update this once more if I think of something to write about. Maybe, maybe not. Since it's Saturday and I have no football, I might just write out every boring damn thing I did all day.

I know y'all can't wait for that shit.

Blogger Weird Alaska Freak said...
You could always try the diet I'm on. It's called the "Eat anything you want, then go kill yourself at the gym every other day" plan. It kinda sucks to have to do all that cardio, but you get to check out the women in workout gear...

(WOw. That sounded a lot more desperate/lonely/stalkerish than was intended.)

(Oh, and the downside to the gym thing is having to see old saggy guys walking around the locker room completely naked with all their junk-- or what's left of it-- hangin' out.)

Blogger Damon said...
Good luck on the diet. I may have a good opportunity for you also but that's a far cry since I don't exactly know what you do. I will say this, I work in the same building as 99x and Q100 in atlanta. Another thing is that we have a lot of advertising upstairs where I work. Just let me know if I need to check into this for ya.