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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Much like yesterday, still no one kicking each other's ass and talking shit.

A few surprises around the various conferences though. Duke has earned themselves a No. 1 seed along with a shocker in Washington. Since I've entered into a friendly little pick 'em challenge with ole Russ and Company, I won't divulge into my own personal madness right now but I will soon. I will go ahead and say, though that I would be very surprised to see Washington do something with their No. 1 seed. My guess is they won't even make it to the Elite 8. Because the Pac-10 sucks, Washington cruises to the No. 1 seed, just like USC made it to the Nat'l Championship in football.

And how about Florida? They go to not beating Kentucky in ages to winning the SEC Championship and beating Kentucky 2 times within about 3 weeks. The sad news is those posers won't make it very far either. Losers.

How about them Dawgs??!!??......ok put the crickets away.

The house is clean as a whistle after I got news that Beth and Kyle will be here on Tuesday as well as my old roomate and another friend coming down on Thursday. If any of y'all want to make a last-minute run for Savannah, I'll make room.

Until next time, peas.

Blogger galarza said...
you know that usc deserved to be at that national championship ... just b/c they're pac-10 doesn't mean they suck. (ucla maybe, but not usc. they beat the hell out of OU, didnt they?