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Pay attention to the headline of today's blog. That's exactly what I plan to do. Instead of airing out any kind of rational predetermined thought process, I decided I'd just write without purpose or direction. I went and read what I wrote last night and for some reason, I REALLY liked it. If y'all hated it then I hate it for ya, but damn I really liked it. That's the way my mind random thoughts and recollections that eventually form my day.

Not much happened today. I worked, came home, ate (probably a little too much for my diet) and I'm in the process of drinking my last Corona after watching a lackluster 24.

Speaking of 24, I love the show. I mean I really love the show but ever since the network ratings sweeps have been over, both 24 and The O.C. have kind of fell off the map as far as intriguing storylines. I got a feeling that 24 is going to pick up soon. Since it's a non-stop season, please believe they're about to really throw the thing into overdrive. As far as The O.C. is concerned, I expect about a huge surprise and then a month break to really drive interest in it before the season ends.

And now that I've proven my complete non-gay love for The O.C. let me make one thing abundantly clear. The O.C. is a wonderful show and I love to watch it, but the MUSIC in that show is phenomenal. I mean really. Whoever picks the tunes to match the moods of that show just rock my face off.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I think I'm going to open each blog with some type of quote that I find relevant. What it will be relevant to, I'm not quite sure yet, but it'll serve some purpose I'm sure. Hopefully it won't be some kind of cheesy quote that you'll find in some AOL Instant Messenger profile, but a much less celebrated quote, lodged in obscurity.

"Lodged in obscurity"...good line.

Anyway, I thought I'd take a minute or two to weigh in on Terri Shiavo. There are two ways to look at this story, morally and legally. I have weighed in on the moral side of things which is VERY biased towards Terri. If you read the facts of the case and the testimony of her husband, it paints a shady picture for a man who supposedly "loves" his wife enough to starve her to death. However, legally, I'm not sure that what Congress has done by creating a seperate law just for Terri is actually constitutional. I'm not sure where it's at but I heard on one of my news shows today that there is a part of the Constitution that limits Congress from making a law that is relevant to one person. If anyone reads this and knows what I'm talking about, please feel free to put me in my place.

The problem I have with the Terri Shiavo case is how her husband has acted. Had he not been the shady worthless man that he is, I would take his word and probably agree that Terri should pass. However, once I watched videos from and saw her responding and obviously not being the vegetable that they claim for her to be and THEN finding out the FACTS of her "husband's" actions, I'm all for Congress saving her until a federal court can make an honest ruling. Just keep in mind kids that politics are ruining our world. It's a known fact that Michael Shiavo has donated to Judge Greer (the man that has sentenced Terri to starve to death repeatedly) and his campaign.

Whatever your stance is on this situation, just make sure it's well researched and based in fact. This isn't the election. My tolerance for propaganda has drifted to zero.

Anyway, thoughts and comments on any social issue are more than welcome here. I'm become somewhat of a newstalk junkie and if my stint in Savannah is long enough, there has been talk of me getting my own radio show. It'd mainly be to talk about sports but to be honest, I'd like to mold it into kind of a man-based show with average guy opinions. Too often are we innundated with radio show hosts trying to one-up each other by playing grab-ass in the game of "who's the smartest." What they lose site of is the average person who wants to hear views from someone just like them. Which is the main reason I must say that Glenn Beck is the BEST program on radio and/or TV right now. If you have no idea who I'm talking about, go to and find an affiliate near you. Listen for one week and I promise you'll love him.

*For those in Atlanta, WGST just dropped Glenn from their lineup but I'm positive someone will snatch him up soon. He's just too good to miss*

Ok, I think I'm done for the night. However, here's a homework assignment for you all. Tomorrow or the next day, find a person and strike up a conversation with them. Consider it a little experiment and a gauge on society. Then report back if you don't mind. I'd like to hear how it went.

Be safe.